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The Follow Your Dreams retreat is an incredible holistic experience. It is enriching to your soul and to the body. The workshop, meditation and rituals are wonderful tools to help you or being you further in a process of inner-reflection. The yoga session and the spa treatments are really healing for the body. The food is delicious and the whole staff is so kind and attentive. The retreat is really a treat and you come out feeling revived, more balanced and healthy. This is was my second retreat and I'm convinced I'll come back for more.

Monique, Netherlands

A unique, immersive, multi-sensory retreat and experience from the yoga session and workshop to the day of silence and purification to Tirta Empul. A truly memorable workshop and stay at ONEWORLD retreats. Thank you also to the entire team for the personal and discreet care and attention to individual preferences and limitation. I hope to "re-treat" sometime. Matur Suksma.

Amit, Canada

I loved everything. Each day was paced with a full program of yoga, workshop and spa treatment. The staff is super friendly, the food was beyond amazing - it shows you how delicious and healthy food can be. The rooms are great and the views are stunning. I met some amazing people here and we are already planning to go to another retreat. Thank you for everything!

Jennifer, Germany

This yoga retreat is located in a marvelous piece of land in Ubud, perfect to let go of the busy things from home. The team is so kind and perfect, that is why you feel very comfortable being here. Delicious food, very professional yoga and meditation lessons, with a big outlook to the local culture. For me it was the right way to get an insight on Balinese offering, temple and rituals.

Joke, Netherlands

The whole retreat is an experience which is hard to describe: the friendly and inspiring like-minded people you meet, the healthy yet delicious food, the yoga. Its all perfect and so inspiring and relaxing, feeds you with new ideas on how to follow your dreams.

Eva, Netherlands

Don't wait another day to live your dream, just go far for it! Life is too short not to.

Bianca and Michael, USA

This retreat exceeded all my expectations. The divine accommodation & surrounding, the well-prepared workshop, the warmth & love from everyone, the quality spa treatments, the sublime yoga & meditation. Thank you & Namaste.

Philippa, Australia

It was such a refreshing experience to be allowed and encouraged to dream. Everyone was so warm and helpful. It made it easy to focus on myself because I had a safe, loving space surrounded by like-minded people. I loved the Day of Silent and the purification ritual. Wayan"s voice was so relaxing. Thank you so much for being part of my journey.

Andrea, USA

I didn "t know my life could change in a week, but it has. I met people whom I will remember forever. I’m going home with renewed spirit, feeling hopeful for new beginnings. I learned so much about myself and I am so thankful for this experience. Thank you.

Autumn, USA

A fulfilling and rewarding experience. Can"t wait to comeback.

Mark, USA

Magic happened on this retreat. Every detail was well thought out. Everything worked in synchronicity. I feel cared for. I made new friends and am working on realizing my dreams.

Julie, USA

It was amazing to take a couple of days to truly unwind, both physically and mentally. This doesn’t feel like a resort or a hotel but more of someone"s home with caring family members. They feed you well, they teach you patiently and they make you smile. These are a key to focus on your dreams.

Philippa, UK

Personally, this is a little heaven on Earth.

Ronald, the Netherlands

It is hard to put such a wonderful experience into words. There is a special energy at Kumara that is peaceful and revitalizing. Thank you everyone who made this transforming experience possible. I feel blessed and I will hold these treasured memories.

Lamia, Kuwait

Thanks for the workshop and yoga & meditation. The traditional ceremonies really deepen the workshop and experience. Thank you very, very much! I felt like a princess here.

Rosaline, the Netherlands

This has been a life changing experience. I get to know myself much better and know what I should pursue now. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. See you soon.

Philip, the Netherlands

A fantastic retreat with great people in paradise! The knowledge and experience of Claude, Iyan, Wayan are very extensive and inspiring! I had an amazing time of self-exploration. Please do many other retreats and share this with others! I will be back soon.

Sandra, Switzerland.

My second time at Kumara did not disappoint. It was everything I remembered and more. The meals were fresh, healthy and delicious. The retreat leaders were inspiring and the spa treatment out of this world. The team are friendly, professional & helpful and no doubt I will back for the third time.

Lauren, Australia

Do not hesitate. Book your "Follow Your Dream" retreat now! It was the best thing I have ever done to myself in years The whole experience has been rejuvenating. From the location to the facilities, the staff and the retreat leader, the whole experience has been amazing. Every detail has been attended to, and every effort made to ensure each guest is very satisfied in their individual way. Simply superb.

Susan, UAE

My first attempt in yoga and meditation and they went out of their way to make me feel confident and comfortable. Slicker than many international 5 stars resort and everything was done with a smile.

Arlene, South Africa

This is not only a workshop but a paradise. Love it from deep of heart. Thanks for everything and to everyone.

Emma, Taiwan

Taking the "Follow Your Dreams" retreat is like giving a great personal gift. It’s more than just a break from your life – it’s a challenging, thought provoking, inclusive, fun filled, active time out in a slice of paradise! I feel like I"ve been in an amazing alternate universe for a week and the only down side is that it’s just too short.

Renata, Australia

The overall experience has been way above my expectations. I have loved the quietness of my room, the site and the spa. There is just so much discretion. And I have also loved all the little details that were provided. This whole experience has been a blessing and I have had the chance to meet great incredible persons that, in different ways, all wanted to follow their dreams. This has been fantastic and with you give a new direction to my life. Namaste!

Michelle, Canada

Six days of stepping off the “business” treadmill and become a human being rather than a human doing: evaluating, reflecting on, prioritising and planning for the next chapter.

Ali, Australia

The perfect way to refocus and recharge your energies, something we need to do occasionally.

Robert, Canada

Enlightening! It was an amazing opportunity to breathe and to have space to think about the future. Everyone was so welcoming & warm. Can’t wait to come back.

Hannah, USA

I really enjoyed this retreat, I feel relaxed and connected with myself - I liked the yoga sessions which were adapted to the different levels of each participants, the food that was very tasty & healthy and the kindness of all the staff. The spa treatments were amazing, particularly the Ayurveda Chakradara – it was two and a half hours of pure relaxation. The purification ritual at the temple was a unique experience, I am so glad to have this opportunity. Thank you again for this retreat!

Sandra, France

Overall – a beautiful experience. The spa services were excellent! Iyan & Wayan have great yoga wisdom and their simple presence is both kind & welcoming. A great way to stop, think, let it go & be!

Cindy, USA

The "Follow Your Dreams" retreat gave me a break from my busy life and focused my thoughts, meditations, and yoga practice. The environment of the retreat is perfect for this kind of self-evaluation and self-actualization.

Ravyn, USA

A once in a life time life-changing retreat. As a complete yoga novice the yoga sessions were adapted to make me comfortable. I would like to thank Claude, Wayan, Iyan, Tekok and the staff for an exceptional week and for getting me to focus on what is important in my life.

Michelle, Canada

The Follow Your Dreams retreat is a luxury retreat and a life-lesson in one. As a guest, you escape the world"s hustle and you enter a world of goodness and lush tress with a stunning view over rice fields. Daily yoga classes which work your body as well as energise your system, wonderful spa treatments and colourful healthy meals make up the luxurious part of the retreat. While the "Follow Your Dreams" workshop make you stop and think about life or rather the gift of life, they also teach you how to make the most of it. You are reminded of the fact that you are in charge of what happens in the future and that only you can change it. Moreover, you learn and remember to be grateful for what you have.

Eva, Germany

It"s excellent to have the time away from home to really think about things that you really want. It"s especially nice to do it in such wonderful surroundings. The workshops really made you think and clarified what you really wanted. Everyone at ONEWORLD retreats is lovely and very professional. I will return again & again.

Lorna, UK

I came to Bali to follow one dream that has now been accomplished. I wanted to find balance and the empowering workshop, amazing spa treatments, sumptuous food & the ambiance provided by the ONEWORLD retreats team helped me achieve that. Thanks to Wayan and Tekok for your sweet smiles and attentiveness. A really big thank you to Wayan for your beautiful voice and for what I considered as the perfect yoga class. A big thank you to Iyan as well for helping me disconnect myself from my chatty mind and of course, my gratitude to Claude for your vision and authenticity. I left Bali with a peaceful mind and an action plan to achieve my dream. Life is good! Terima kasih banyak to the whole team for making this happen!

Erica, Switzerland

A real retreat where we felt cared for and looked after. The workshop was well-thought. The rituals were a fabulous experience.

Julie & Christine, Australia

I needed to find myself again after a frantic period of intense work. The retreat offered me the space to breath and let go of the accumulated stress. The attention to detail and care that underlines all of the activities, meals and yoga sessions are amazing. You are truly looked after which makes the retreat a beautiful experience. Thank you and see you soon.

Alan, Australia

I really liked the personal & cultural experiences. There was always something different to look forward to everyday. The attention to detail was amazing. Everything was organized perfectly. A very rewarding experience.

Anea, Australia

If you are not doing anything else with your life and you have the chance, attend a "Follow Your Dreams" retreat at ONEWORLD retreats Kumara in Ubud, Bali! The rooms are very comfortable and has amazing surroundings with so much wildlife and nature. The food is delicious and so healthy. All the staff are always smiling and helpful. My gratitude to you all for making my week one of the most interesting of my life. I have also made 17 new friends from all over the world thanks to this retreat. Everything was really taken care of and I would like to say a big thank you to all of you. I will be back to see all your smiling faces.

Marcia, New Zealand

The "Follow Your Dreams" workshop was beyond fantastic! Not only did we enjoy the most wonderful yoga and beautiful meditations, we were also given the tools and support and to identify our goals & dreams for our lives. Where else in the world can you receive the time and peacefulness for this? Only at Kumara and always at Kumara. Love & Namaste.

Leigh, USA

A truly fabulous experience with amazing attention to detail. Gorgeous space, fantastic teachers, everyone at ONEWORLD retreats were so welcoming and lovely. I can"t recommend this place enough!

Deborah, UK

The retreat went beyond my expectation.

Sharon, the Philippines

I came to the "Follow Your Dream" retreat mainly because I wanted to rest, recharge & develop a taste for yoga. I thought I was already following my dreams but I was pleasantly surprised to acquire so much out of the workshop. It was a such a positive & productive experience. Empowering. I will return to Sydney feeling energised, peaceful & motivated. I am very impressed with Claude & Iyan and the stunning retreat they have put together. Thank you so much. Namaste. P.S.: You have amazing food too!

Sally, Australia

From the second I was collected from airport until my last day here I felt like I could call this place "home." The staff are some of the kindest people I have ever met and nothing is too much trouble for them. Each day was planned out perfectly with enough organised activities and free time. My life has been changed for the better because of this retreat and I can"t wait to go home to start following my true dreams. From the bottom of my heart thank you Claude, Iyan, Wayan and Tekok for just being beautiful people and giving us your all throughout the week. Namaste.

Sarah-Jean, Australia

Truly one of the best weeks of my life! Amazing setting, fabulous staff, food and program. I "m looking forward to coming back!

Joanne, Ireland

The "Follow Your Dreams" retreat was an amazing experience. It exceeded my expectation, the entire retreat was very well thought out with lots of attention to detail. The workshop helped me think deeper into what I want for me. This will be a place I would never forget. The purifying ritual and closing ceremony was very spiritual for me. The yoga was great because the instructors were knowledgeable and gave attention to everyone in the class. The retreat leaders and everyone at Kumara were wonderful.

Catherine, USA

From the moment you arrive every detail has been careful thought of. It was in the smallest thing that I noticed how caring and thoughtful all the staff are. I really cannot fault my experience here. The workshop was also truly a special experience and the setting of Kumara really allowed me to explore my dreams in a peaceful setting. Thank you to the team and everyone who made the week such a magical experience.

Lisa, Australia

5 of 5 stars reviewed on Tripadvisor You would be hard pressed to find another retreat with the same level of service, attention to detail, amazing accommodation and food and retreat leaders who live and breathe their work. This is my second retreat and I will go back again. The staff are beautiful and the experience of coming home to yourself through yoga, meditation and nourishing the soul is one we all could do more of. I have just returned from the Follow Your Dreams Retreat and will be working on those dreams now I have returned home. It is time now to follow my dreams and I am thankful to Claude Iayan and Wayan for their genuine warmth and sharing their knowledge.

Jenni, Australia

A wonderful journey of dream, yoga, meditation, wonderful, food and friends. The best gift anyone can give for himself or herself.

Maddep, Singapore

The whole experience was packages up to perfection. The staff, the workshop, activities and spa treatments, it exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful to everyone who helped me through my journey. Thank you so much!

Georgina, England

Wayan is a wonderful yoga teacher and you can tell he only teaches from his heart space. He incorporates philosophy into the session without it being a lecture; it is an absolute pleasure to his wealth of knowledge, each time on the mat. Rituals of offered are very profound and left a deep impact on me and will continue something at home as a reminder. All the wonderful staff at the spa are heart centered and very good at delivering a seamless and relaxing experience. Claude and Iyan delivered a wonderful way, quite simply to follow your dreams. Reading over my notes will inspire me to take actions really follow my dreams, not just say I will, but doing it! Thanks to everyone here ONEWORLD retreats. I loved it!

Jennie, U.S.A.

The experience was incredible truly empowering and life changing! I needed time away from everything and I"ve always enjoyed yoga. Coming here alone gave me a chance to extract myself from everything; something I have never done before and I didn"t have to worry about anything. Each day, a beautiful schedule was set up for me, ritual and enough free time. The retreat has been an amazing opportunity for introspection. The yoga and meditation were like nothing I have ever experienced before. Wayan and Iyan are very special. They are an inspiration to me to create and maintain my own yoga and meditation path when I get home.

Vicky, U.S.A.

Follow Your Dreams has been one of the most memorable experiences in my life so far. Everything was well planned out. I loved how much attention to details is put into everything from the change of the quote at the desk, the neatly arranged sheets, the fine presentation at food to the friendly and courteous service. It"s always been a service with a smile.

Peh, Malaysia

All aspects have been amazing! The staff and workshop leaders were friendly, helpful and each took an active role in our journey. The yoga was well guided with interesting and varied moves. It was appropriately targeted for both beginners and intermediate levels. The accommodation was perfect and comfortable without being too glamorous or too modest. The food was delicious and nutritious, the perfect sustenance for our body and soul! The rituals and activities provided a great insight into the culture and were great accompaniment to our spiritual journey. The workshops were structured in a way that allowed us to individually open up our mind and our hearts to discover what our true dreams in life are. Overall, the retreat offered a beautiful perspective on life and how to appreciate and enjoy our daily existence.

Alicia, Australia

A little Bali spirit in Holland.............A year after my Escape the World experience on Bali, surprising news! Bali was coming to Holland! I mean, Iyan & Claude were traveling through Europe and they organised the Follow your Dream workshop in Scheveningen, in my country! I immediatly invited my friend Lucy from the USA, who I met on Bali, to come to Holland as well. An oportunity for us to live the Bali spirit again, but this time in Europe. So we booked an hotel together in Scheveningen. It was again a warm welcome, with a weekend full of memories of Bali, a lot of yoga and relaxing, it was so nice to share again with other people who had been on Bali. Ofcourse we had to work as well this weekend, especially on following our dreams and think about our goals in this life. The typical duth weather was the only thing that was different from Bali, but the bycicle tour was still part of the programm. As we were used to on Bali, Claude and Iyan gave us the personal attention we needed and I felt strong and relaxed after this weekend. For me it was a weekend with a little Bali spirit again, thank you very much.

Maria, Netherlands

I have been to Bali for the Escape the World retreat and have come back for a second time, and I know that I will someday return for a third time... Claude and Iyan are the best hosts! So when they came to Holland in 2009 for a weekend workshop Follow your Dreams, I didn"t hesitate to join them. Doing yoga, meditation and special exercises to become aware of my dreams and priorities and setting the right intentions has helped me to focus and take the first steps to make my dreams come true. One of my dreams was writing a book. I have since then created a possibility to take some time of work and I am now (july 2011) working on my book and will publish in 2012! Thanks guys!


When your mind starts to stretch, your soul can breathe and your muscles are giggling, you know you"re on a retreat with Iyan and Claude. They care and actually mean it, their attentiveness is touching. I had to go halfway around the world to know how to feel just like myself. A great escape, a true blessing. Thanks for everything.

Katharina, Austria

Having already had an exceptional experience attending an Escape the World Yoga retreat at Kumara in Bali, I did not hesitate at the chance to once again join Iyan and Claude on a yoga and insightful adventure in Thailand - adding the follow your dreams workshop to the mix was an added bonus. The retreat is well rounded including yoga, meditation, great food, adventure, spa treatments, cultural discovery, self reflection and re-connecting with inner peace. Not to mention Iyan is an exceptional and mindful yoga instructor that adjusts to all levels of experience, and Claude is an excellent host. The follow your dreams component allowed me to take a step back from my hectic life and truly reflect on what is important to me in life; important components that I had been pushing to the side. If anything, this component allowed me to have an opportunity for personal reflection and reconnect with the self in order to move forward in an enlightened direction. I highly recommend experiencing a retreat with OneWorld as it is an exceptional experience.

Andrea, Austria

"I have joined the "Follow your Dreams" workshop in the Hague in 2009 with Iyan and Claude. It was a special time for me, having them around in my hometown! By that time I had just returned from a long journey around the world, including a visit to New Zealand. I fell in love with this country and my dream was to go back and live there for a few years. Which was one of my topics in the workshop. Now (July 2011) I am in New Zealand for already quite a while and busy applying for a workvisa etc. The energy I received in this retreat was an extra "go" for me, I have followed my heart and I believe my dream comes true ! "

Karin, The Netherlands / New Zealand

I was luckly enough to Escape to Thailand & Follow my Dreams Each day the yoga practice, the meditation & the chanting, allowed me to find more balance, strength, compassion & mental clarity. By the end of the retreat I was feeling happier & more relaxed, my body & mind was feeling much stronger. Fantastic experience for anybody of any age....

Jan, Australia NSW

Last November I had the pleasure to participate in the Follow your dreams retreat in the north of Thailand. It was the second time I followed a retreat with One World Retreats. The first was at Kumara in Ubud and therefore my expectations were high! As in Kumara Iyan and Claude arranged everything tip top. Iyan"s yoga was very good and although I do not practise yoga every day, I enjoyed it very much and after a week even I was more flexible and relaxed. The excursions, elephant riding and bamboo rafting, and the Loi Krathong ceremonies are never to forget, visiting and talking with monks and yoga near a temple very special, the follow your dream sessions inspiring and the cooking class great!. I can recommend the follow your dream session to anyone who wants to be inspired, surprised, stretched and pampered.

Esther, Amsterdam

After experiencing Escape the World in Bali with Iyan and Claude I was so excited about being able to make my first trip to Thailand with them. As a solo traveler it was great to have this experience in a group of lovely like minded people. One of the elements I love of the Bali retreat is the experience and learning of the culture and I knew that the Thailand trip would also offer this. I was not disappointed - the itinerary was amazing. We experienced many different aspects from chanting with monks in Buddhist temples, riding elephants in the jungle, rafting down a beautiful river and experiencing an amazing festival "Loy Krathong". Claude and Iyan along with our beautiful Thai guide Nym ensured that our experience of the country and culture was exciting and interesting. The programme was varied and full but still left time for yoga and "me" time. Part of the retreat included the "Follow your dreams" sessions. Identifying our important life goals, moving past the blocks and visualizing our success - because we were in such a relaxed, supportive environment it became easier to do these things. Although I am focused and positive usually, these sessions gave me a greater understanding and confidence of how to move forward with my life. They certainly helped, since the retreat I have patented and started production on a concept I had prior to going, this has also included setting up a company and going on a huge learning curve involving industrial design, patenting, production and marketing - not bad for someone who has spent her working life as a nurse! I have also returned to my studies and will finish my Masters degree in November this year. I cannot really put into words how incredible the Thailand retreat was - from exciting experiences shared with lovely people to life changing internal shifts. It was an experience of a life time and I remain forever grateful to Claude and Iyan for providing this.

Jacqueline Shaw,

My husband and I have attended two retreats with OneWorld. First, Escape The World in Ubud and a year later Follow Your Dream to Chiang Mai and Pai. We use it as a time to reconnect and share the adventure and yoga together. The comfort of travelling with Claude and Iyan make it so relaxing and enjoyable. We know everything will be perfect with no attention to detail spared. This allows us to just BE present in the moment, without any plans to make. We just travel along and enjoy the ride that Claude and Iyan have so carefully prepared. We loved the mix of cultural offerings as well as the down time to sit and enjoy each other and of course we go for our love of yoga. Although my husband was a first time yoga student in Ubud, now he comes with me once a week at home and still it remains our "husband and wife" time away from the busy world or work and parenting. Thank you OneWorld, you know we will come again soon. I have, and will continue to recommend Escape the World. We love it. A perfect way to discover a new place with a mix of yoga.

Wendy and Geoff, Western Australia

The Escape to Thailand and the Follow your Dream workshop was an unforgettable experience. In addition to learning a lot about the northern part of beautiful Thailand I got to meet a group of wonderful people from all over the world. The excursions provided were very interesting, insightful and a lot of fun. There was a lot of activity but the two wonderful daily yoga sessions with Iyan were a great balancer and got me back to center every time. The Follow your Dream workshop was great in that it got me into realising how important it is to have a dream. And to Claude and Iyan, what can I say - simply the best. I loved it.

Ulla, Zurich

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