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Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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As soon as we arrived, we were totally blown away by the way this retreat blends seamlessly into the tropical jungle valley it sits in. Even the quirky shower and luxurious bath were a sight for sore eyes. Yoga was challenging, but still relaxing amidst the jungle. The spa facilities are also quirky and luxurious overlooking rice paddy fields to the north and private fish pond for couples. There were also quite a thought - provoking experience. Ultimately, this retreat is an ideal location to enable us to engage in some serious Havel gazing, if you'll pardon the yoga fun!

Craig Williams, Australia

A wonderful experience to chill out, release and be at peace. The perfect balance of healthy eating, yoga and experiencing the culture of Ubud. such a beautiful setting and attention to every detail, thank you i will be talking about this one for a while.

Paula Holmberg, Australia

An unforgettable experience, which every should try! The people are so beautiful and we have learn so much over the last 5 days.

Elle & Deborah Carr, Australia

Hosts amazing, surroundings serene, facilities, special, the whole experience nurturing and enlightening. Balinese such beautiful, culture, and spiritual people and I intend to share some of that spirit with those at home.

Suzanne Waterson, Australia

A small moment in time that shifted everything.

Ingrid Rhule, Australia

Excellent retreat for me : 1) raw food meals were well prepared and delicious which I never try before. 2) The retreat center is well managed and staff are well mannered. And the activities are well organized. 3). This is the first time I travel on my own through internet booking. I feel like at home to me here as the group members and staff are caring and nice people.

Yoon Hun Loh, Malaysia

Bali I will come again, the staff. The staff here and everywhere we went were all friendly, courteous, happy and generous people. The retreat has been a truly memorable experience for me. Iyan , Nathalie, Sean, Wayan - excellent. All my experiences here at the retreat have been brilliant - and the other participants - all extraordinary wonderful people.

Jessica Garvin, Australia

The perfect way to rediscover who you truly are and nurture your soul in beautiful surroundings.

Jane Sutherland, Australia

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