Luxury Yoga Health Retreat

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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I really didn't know what to expect when I first sign up for this retreat. I thought that I would mainly focused in practicing yoga with little attention on things. Like food and activities outside of yoga. After doing this retreat, I can say that it was exactly what I needed after a busy and stressful period at home. Beautiful yoga practice in an amazing setting. Amazing restaurant - quality food with exceptional service from super friendly staff. Wonderful experiences including a Balinese cleansing ritual and a beautiful bike ride in the villages of Ubud.

Michael, Australia

One World Kumara is an oasis for life - weary travelers. It nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. I come into this experience hopeful for transformation and the result for exceeded expectations. I truly feel like I'm on a clearer path towards being the best person I know I can be. Thank you for a profound and moving week!

Jeniifer, USA

The food was above any beyond what I had expected and the accommodation and service was 5 star. We were truly made to feel like royalty. I learnt a lot about my body and it's discrepancies and the mat and will be taking home a lot ideas and inspiration to my own teaching. Exciting!

Kirsten, Australia

This was the most beautiful, nourishing thing i have ever experienced. Your staff are the most charming I have ever met in Bali. Very sad to go home.!!!!

Ella, Australia

This Retreat was truly amazing. The staff went over & beyond to make us feel very welcome & comfortable. The food was more than I expected & each dish seemed to surpass the last. Our Yoga teacher were extremely professional & made our daily Yoga session fun & interactive. The overall experience is one I will never forget. I will most definitely be back for the peace, beauty & spiritual sense that seems to surround this place. Thank You!!!

Kimberley, Australia

1.) The food is amazing!! how about developing a cookbook for guests to purchase from the gift shop?? I think it would be a best seller!! Yummy!!!!! 2.) To compliment the self development process at the retreat how about this topic & healing yoga, esoteric books etc.
3.) The night I check in it was 8.30pm & the chef had gone home. The man at reception was helpful man, said he would book me in to a restaurant for dinner in central ubud! However i was tired from my journey to Bali & didn't want to leave the retreat. How about a have a healthy snack pack available for guest, that have a late check in? it would be most appreciated.
4.) The bathrooms are beautiful. I would love them ever more if there was a bath too!! The bath at the day spa is divine!! I would be willing to pay more per night if my bathroom had a bath like that one!! I love Baths!!
5.) It is lovely to have optional traditional/ light-seeing activities to do during the day. How about one or two night time activities like viewing a puppet show??
6.) The staff are joy to share the retreat with!! Ketut & Wayan were wonderful & Pleasure to talk to! The day Spa staff are divine & really made my stay unforgettable!! I will tell all my friends to Book a one world retreat. Thank you :)

Lisa, Australia

Uplifting, spiritually inspiring, Gracious, delicious, a golden sublime opportunity it could not of, been better!! Land I can be quite critical!!!

Sarah, Australia

An amazingly beautiful experience created by extremely talented beautiful people.

Nicky, Australia

Food, Spa,Yoga activities, staff, culture wonderful.

Rosemary, Australia

Kumara " One World Retreat " is the most soul nourishing escape. I could have ever dream up. The location within minutes of a market, cafes and many cultural experiences. The accommodations is set in a pictuqese platora of lush green plants. Amongst the thick naural setting are beautiful rooms with everything you could possible need. The staff were gracious and hospitable nothing was too much trouble. And the spa treatment ...out of this world I literally could have floated away...

Nicole, Australia

The staff are friendly & caring - thank you for that wonderful gift. Wayan is a delightful host + yoga teacher. The extra activities - purification + traditional healer were high light of the trip.

Susan & Alison, Australia

I thought getting up 6 for a 2.5hours Yoga/Meditation would be hard. But every morning I woke wanting to go. Yes I found the Yoga at times a challenge but it was the best experience of my life. I want to come back AGAIN!! P.S Sue is Brilliant, I Found her style easy & welcoming. Beat Yoga teacher I've ever had!!!

Nerelie, Australia

For utter relaxation - this retreat is the one for you. From the moment you check in, you get a sense of peace and tranquility. I came to this retreat to reflect and relax and it has delivered on all counts. From the friendly and gracious service to the delicious food, to the breathtaking scenery from the balcony and yoga room. To the luxurious and indulgent spa treatments to the simple and elegantly furnished rooms - met and exceeded all my expectations. I am leaving one world retreats / Kumara Sakti refreshed and energized. Thank you for your hospitality. I will treasure this experience forever.

Ofa, Australia

I'm not sure its possible to feel so nurtured and care for so holistically, in mind, body, and spirit as on this retreat at this place. Magical experience.

Lise, Switzerland

Everything was looked after from the optional extra to the spa treatments, to the turn dawn service to the hospitality of the staff. It was such a phenomenal experience!

Claire, Australia

A very peaceful yet invigorating experience amid tranquil surroundings and lovely people. The staff were very helpful about practical things as well as explaining their culture and model the serenity that I would like to achieve for myself. Special thanks to Ketut & Wayan for the patient and friendly way they answered all my questions.

Susan, England

This experience was way beyond my expectations. The facility is incredible, the staff are gracious and gentle, and the food is a wonderful delight. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for focused yet relaxing yoga retreat. My thanks to all the staff for making this a memorable lifetime experience. NAMASTE!!

Austin, Germany

This yoga retreat has been a journey of the senses. Absolutely stimulating on all levels. The yoga instruction has been excellent, the yoga pavilion is in a stunning location with a wonderful back drop of birds and animals and natural flowing water. The Balinese staff, from the reception to the spa are gentle and accommodating. The spa treatments that are available are very very good. A wonderful accompaniment to the yoga classes. To ease our tired muscles. The Balinese traditional ceremonies have been wonderful it is such a pleasure to see such important drown from simple things.

Kimberlee, Australia

I was so happy to learn about the meditation + relaxing yoga. I loved the yoga, informative, sensible, and patience. Also the explanation of the... nature helped my concentration & education. I didn't use the pool. I feel the food is not conducive to the yoga. Less heavy meals at night and higher protein breakfast and lunches. ( even though I ate differently from other guest I still watched what they ate as well. More vegetables and herbs, more juice would be beneficial as well. I loved the bike ride! The Accommodation is beautiful. All of the therapist were delightful.

Bernadette, Australia

Only one week out of your life could change your life. The week at Kumara was physically & spiritually fantastic. Sue's sessions push you physically which is what you want. But they are also much more. The mixture is great & the meditation was fantastic ( areal discovery for me) Add to this the treatments at the spa which were pampering but most of all therapeutic. The food & staff are just brilliant and the design of Kumara is perfect. For a week of excursion, relaxation, renewal, and such beautiful physical surrounds.

Therese, Australia

Wonderful yoga program supportive , attentive resort staff. Just the right size course and waderful teachers!

Belinda, Australia

A transformative week that helped me rediscover my body, mind & Spirit in a serene & truly beautiful garden of eden.

Julie, Australia

Fabulous energy, joy and love - wonderful environment for my first yoga experience.

Vickie, Australia

From the moment of arriving my being was taken care of. Such love and elegance in how everything at One World retreats is done. It seems nothing missed to make this stay a sensuously healing love fest. The staff are just wonderful, the food amazing and delicious, my room perfect and well stocked with incense paint brushes & paper, comfy chairs to laze in, a wonderful bed and well, love love love. I am fairly fussy traveler and One World Retreats really went beyond my expectations.

Linda, Australia

I just spent 6 days in paradise. The tour at One World Retreats is amazingly kind, smiling, discrete and considerate. The setting of the retreat, in forest, with a view on the rice fields the permanent sounds of nature is perfect destinations for who is looking for a break from the chaos of our energy day active lives. One regret ; not enough information on what to see and do in Ubud.

Sonia, France

A serene and inspiring environment to explore ourselves. Experiencing a safe place to become vulnerable and grow positively. The dash of cultural activities rounded out the overall experience.

Lisa Jouris

It has been a magical + inspiring week. A fabulous escape from reality

Debbie Hindley, Australia

My experience during the Oneworld retreat in Bali was transforming. The setting, staff and participants made for a life altering experience which I will be able to translate back into my daily life. Sue's ability to work with every level of student simultaneously made the group cohesive and supportive. The Kumara staff were so delightful and warm. They showed us the inside experience of the Balinese through the Purification ritual + bike riding to back roads of the countryside with every village child so excited to welcome us with warm smiles and 'hellos'

Kristie Fairchild, USA

This week has reinforced that I really need to be good to myself and take time for myself. The physical strength that I feel coupled with renewed spirituality & calmness is amazing.

Tania, Australia

A clearer mind, I feel uplifted & stronger within myself, a great experience to meet with beautiful women & share so much together. Fantastic Yoga - learnt so much.

Nadia Cowell, Australia

Every aspect of the retreat has been inspiring & rejuvenating.

Julie, Australia

The week has been a real gift for me. It has enabled me to rediscover my spirituality and my true self through the meditations, visualisations and yoga. I have loved every moment - a really supportive and thoroughly enjoyable retreat.

Karen, Australia

Loved being with the group of women (lovely people). Enjoyed getting exercise. Made me appreciate the beautiful place I live in.

Gail Sloan, Indonesia