Listen to the Pulse Retreat

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

Some guests have agreed to become our ambassadors, you may contact them for further information. In that case, just let us know whom you wish to contact and we will provide you with their email address.

I have had an amazing week and would come back again.

Susannah, England

Yoga was uplifting. A totally harmonious experience. The purification ceremony was a peaceful and very personal experience which left you uplifted and truly connected to the heart of Balinese people.

Kay, Australia

Wow! What a magical retreat and in a place of beauty, peace and harmony at Kumara Sakti. It took me out of my comfort zone; breaking a cycle of habits and including challenge and change; in my body, mind and soul. Sukhjeet and Amjila are "gift" from the universe who opened my eyes and my heart and allowed me to "listen to (my) pulse" and "follow the flow" on my journey in this amazing universe. I am so very grateful. Saat Naam.

Tara, Australia

I have learnt the importance of being connected to SHE; Sky, Heart, Earth, to achieve balance in my life. Thank you.

Julie, Australia

Sukhjeet and Amjila lead us on an amazing journey within ourselves this week. What a wonderful, life changing experience.

Sarah, U.S

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