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There were women from all different ways of life, with myriad experiences, which made for a rich, lively and varied discussion. I feel that I was able to gain perspective (based on course work and conversation) was embodied of speech tools and strategies to be more perfect and kind to myself. There were great mixtures of reflection, meditation, group work, outdoor exercise and culture experiences. I feel like my flicker has been re-lit and I'm hopeful for making it bright and shiny again. Tammie - you have a true gift, you have definitely found your calling. Thank you for the balance of humour, lightness, compassion, depths of understanding and revealing of your own truth.

Kate, UK

Women's Mindfulness Retreat is a like a shop of tools that can be used in your daily lives to help you and others around you appreciate the life that's been given to you. It is well supported by the spa treatments, amazing moving yoga sessions and incredible activities in Bali which all contribute to the inner self-development and healing experience. Leave your stresses and strains at the doorway of Kumara and enhance in a week of loving kindness from Tammie, Wayan, and the Team. Kumara is a special place, one that I will always remember. Thank you to the team for a truly heart opening experience.

Alison, UK

I came to the retreat with little or no expectations but found the process incredibly profound. From the first orientation, I knew this was the place I needed to be at this time. Tammie's guidance through the group session was meaningful with touch and humour. The freedom to take the things that were meaningful to me was valued. The whole process was effortlessly aided by the staff of the retreat, who were always polite and helpful with a smile on their face. Nothing appeared to be too much trouble. The ability to be included in ceremonies and rituals which most tourist would never get to witness was humbling and an honour to be part of. A most nourishing, spiritual and wonderful week, which I hope to carry with me forever.

Heather, Australia

I found everything about the retreat meshed together seamlessly to provide the perfect introduction to the practise of mindfulness. From the stunning location, gorgeous accommodation and delicious nourishing food, to the retreat program that allowed for a good balance of time and solo reflection, structure and freedom. The teaching sessions were warm, funny, humorful, and wise. The chance to step out from the habits, routines and noise of our daily lives and allow some room for peacefulness felt incredibly profound. I think we were all surprised by how emotional that experience made us, but Tammie handled it all with grace and equinity. Everything about the retreat was attended thoughtfully with great homour and care. The only aspect that was rough was that it had to end, but I think that we will all take the skill we acquired and use them to transport a bit of that peace back home with us. Thank you Tammie and all ONEWORLD retreats staff.

Ruth, Australia

The overall experience was fantastic with a good mix of theory, practical session and cultural experience. Tammie had thought through the activities well to give us a good experience and she is constantly thinking of ways to change the retreat to make it better. The staffs were extremely accommodating and there was a lot of flexibility whether to join the activities or not. Although it was quite structured there was freedom to do whatever you want. I would highly recommend the retreat.

Ritsoku, Australia

It's beyond my expectations! Well run, fun and meaningful. Meal and accommodation was absolutely wonderful and heavenly and this place is perfect for a retreat. Tammy is simply the perfect facilitator - humorous fun and sensitive to everyone needs. Nothing was too much trouble. I felt at ease from the moment I arrived. I'm forever grateful for this experience. Thank you!

Mary Jane, Australia

I had an amazing retreat. I'm so grateful for Tammie, the team at ONEWORLD and all the beautiful experiences I had. I got the opportunity to rediscover my inner happiness (cliché I know but true), some practical tools for implementing in my daily life and I had a truly amazing insight into the rich culture on this island. The highlight was discovering yoga with a very talented teacher, thanks Wayan. See you next year!

Ragna, Australia

Wayan yoga was exceptional! Everyone enjoyed the gentleness and helpfulness of Wayan's teaching. I particularly enjoyed the spiritual aspect. The rituals and activities were life changing. Thank you so much for introducing me to Balinese culture. Tammie, thank you so much for taking me to the Birthing Centre. Dhamma Brothers was also a splendid surprise. The volcano, Tirta Empul and visiting the Healer were tremendous. I wasn't sure one week would be enough, but I found the retreat immensely restorative and rewarding. All the staffs were helpful and generous. The facilities and location was spot on.

Tamsin, Australia

Tammie, Wayan, and little Wayan were fabulous - always so professional yet relaxed and enjoyable. Our content was delivered in a non-judgmental way so that we could make our own interpretation and develop within ourselves our own needs. Wayan Yoga is fabulous. He is a very compassionate person who I feel lucky to have encountered! And other wayan was always organising activities so well. Completely well organized to every detail especially the temple blessing night at Tirta Empul. I loved this retreat so much and will be back to do another sometime. Highly recommended.

Catherine, Australia

For me this has been a chance to evaluate my life and current situation - a circuit breaker to remind me that I have a lot to be grateful for. I have been dealt some devastating blows - losing my daughters in a car crash but I am who I am because of and in spite of everything. This retreat has exposed me to other women who have their own stories of courage and dreadful episodes of abuse and suffering. Hearing them made me realize that everyone has their stories and life isn't fair but being mindful and gathering tools and strategies to help me cope with my life has been life changing.

Anne, New Zealand

This retreat has been a wonderful experience; a small coming look to myself. Tammie has gently led us with wisdom and gentle humor to re-examine what it is to be happy and to see how we can attain happiness and love for ourselves. I feel prepared and excited to experience whatever comes next in my life. Thanks, Tammie and thanks to the beautiful group of women who shared and who were so enriched during this journey with me.

Leona, Australia

Receptionists, the dining room, the room service, yoga and spa staffs—I can only say they are all at the highest level. The staffs ensured I was comfortable and offered assistance when needed. I had a knee injury on this trip and they ensured I was assisted to my room, to lounge and spa. The quality of service was excellent. I would also like to thank Made whose professional and intuitive massages had helped alleviate my pain and assisted my mobility. It is many months since I have felt pain free—I feel a long with all the other magic that Kumara Sakti offered. I am returning home happier, healthier and more mobile. The highlight for me was a visit to Bumi Sehat and Tirtha Empul. Terima kasih to all team. Once again, I feel I have “come home”… :) Namaste!

Diane, Australia

Kumara Sakti is the perfect place to unwind and focus on wellness and mindfulness. The bucolic setting embodies a spiritual atmosphere and the staffs are exceptionally warm and welcoming. Tammie Day is an amazing facilitator, leading participants through a sound program of self reflection, processing, sharing and grounding us in the meaning of our journey with grace and enough with to keep what could have been to a heavy balanced yet meaningful.  Suksma, peace and love.

Elan, Dubai, UAE

Not having travelled on my own before and being away from my family for the first time, I was certainly worried. However, from the moment I was picked up at the airport and throughout my stay during the women's wellness retreat, I was made to feel welcome, included and totally secure and comfortable. The retreat is a magical place with beautiful people who are ready and willing to do anything to make you happy. Memories of kindness, the beauty and the culture, will stay with me forever. Terima kasih.

Elizabeth, Australia

A very full day starting with a wonderfully rejuvenating yoga class, interspersed lecture, spa treatments and trips out to temple and other places of interest was a very complete experience for my body, mind and soul. What made the retreat very special were the women who shared their soul and hearts and the staffs who were always so kind and helpful. Thank you everyone.

Jayne, Australia

A divine, holistic retreat. A wonderful group. Fantastic staffs. Beautiful surroundings.

Jenni, Australia

A truly amazing experience. Tammie Day touched on so many aspects of wellbeing in such a short timeframe; however the content she provided was powerful and mind changing. The outside excursions were amazing. I will be forever grateful to her for her insight, guidance and wisdom.

Jan, Australia

Thank you, Tammie. Every woman should experience the joy of attending your Women’s Wellness Retreat. The coming together of like-minded women in such a peaceful environment is powerful and releases the spirit of one’s soul and heart.

Rita, Australia

Everything was wonderful and I am leaving full of calmness, energy and love for others and life. Many thanks to Tammy and all staffs! Yoga was excellent. Thank you again, Wayan.

Kirsty, Australia

The course was fantastic. Thank you, Tammie. The yoga was amazing. The Spa was a great experience!

Lauren, Australia

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