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As a return guest to Kumara I have been so excited to feel as if I again saw the retreat with fresh eyes. I actually find it quite challenging with Kumara - the accommodation, food, facilities, staff, treatments, activities - has been 10 out of 10! 100%! Its truly like coming home, so I thank you from my whole heart that you have all created such a place and created a space in my heart to again want to return. I will see you all again. Wayan was the best retreat leader. Thank you again.

Lauren, Australia

This is my second time in ONEWORLD retreats. I absolutely loved every minute of it! What an amazing way to start 2015! I will be back soon. Namaste!

Maggie, Ireland

I had the most amazing time in the Immerse Yourself in Bali retreat. All aspects of this retreat were fantastic. Wayan and his team were attentive and willing to assist at any time. The retreat staffs are all amazing. Thank you for an amazing start to 2015.

Danielle, Australia

We enjoy the balance of experiencing the local Bali people and their daily lives and traditions together with the enjoyment of the yoga experience. The surroundings make this whole experience invaluable to our focus and balance in our normal busy lives.

Simon, Australia

My Immerse Yourself in Bali was truly wonderful. The retreat was so well organized and whilst I had an idea of what was planned, the fine detail and all the extra activities surprised and impressed me everyday! Not only do you exercise and relax everyday, you get to immerse yourself into the beautiful Balinese culture. I cannot wait to come back again one day! A special thank you to our instructor Wayan, Iyan, Tekok and all the beautiful staff. I had an amazing time.

Rennee, Australia

All in all the yoga and the whole retreat was an amazing experience. Wayan was so friendly and helpful and impressive to watch when doing yoga. The food was absolutely wonderful - truly delicious and the outing fantastic as well. It was a fabulous week from beginning to end, which was also very well organized. Thank you so much! Took home wonderful memories.

Ingrid, Germany

Thank you to Wayan and the entire team for such an efficiently run and thoughtful program. I came to this retreat to escape everyday work stress and this retreat exceeded my expectation. The healer did a fantastic job of identifying my stress and helped to set me on a new course. The notes I wrote on the silent day helped for me to release my stresses. I loved all the activities. The entire team is so loving and caring, they would brighten up my day instantly. I also have to mention the amazing cooking class, given I am a novice chef, I was hesitant to try this but the experience was so much fun and delicious. Thank you to all for my new found motivation of daily yoga and eating delicious healthy meals. I can't wait to do it again with you all.

Olga, Australia

Fabulous, a truly relaxing experience! I felt cared for after the whole time I was escaping the world. I will be back.

Mandie, Australia.

If you really want to escape the world for one week, come to ONEWORLD retreats. It will give you a perfect blend of yoga practice, great and healthy food as well as time for yourself. This retreat with yoga and meditation session will give you clarify of mind and peace. The staff is just amazing, the activities are exactly what you need to experience in Bali. You would not want to leave.

Lana, Lebanon.

ONEWORLD retreats staff looked after us with great warmth and sensitivity while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism. Jennifer, Australia. An incredible experience in beautiful tranquil settings. The yoga class is to be as challenging, loving, gentle and amazing as you'd liked to be. Spa is just the right balance of exercising activities and free time. The sunrise Volcano yoga was such a profound beautiful experience that I won't forget. The burning ritual, followed by the river ceremony was truly transformative both intensely personal and deeply communal.

Rachael, U.S.A.

In a beautiful location opposite paddy fields, this is an ideal spot to escape the world. The yoga was demonstrating in a good way. The meditation was gentle and supported by delightful and courteous team. The opportunity to participate in spiritual ritual and activities is an experience that exceeded my expectations. Not to mention the amazing menu of spa treatment expertly administered plus the delicious meals. I do not hesitate in recommending. This is very special and personal retreat. Jackie and Katie, Bali/UK. A lovely retreat in a special setting! The staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome with many personal touches. I was very impressed with the organization and professionalism of this retreat as they thought of everything.

Christina, USA.

It was a blissful week. I couldn't recommend it highly enough. It was a true escape from the world and a deep and insightful journey within. Iyan, little Wayan and all the Kumara staff are incredible - so professional respectful but also fun and warm. I'll see you all again very soon!

Kate, Australia.

A wonderful experience starting from the airport to the final day of the retreat. It is the true Balinese therapy - yoga activities of choice and the most beautiful people. To Claude, Iyan, Wayan and the whole team, thank you for an experience I will never forget. I am back on the road practicing yoga three times a week.

Janie, Australia.

It was everything I was expecting and so much more. I felt taken care of,pampered, very much on my own and quite at the same time. It was such a great feeling. The staff,Claude and Iyan always did their best to make every minute of my stay memorable. I will never forget their smiles. Yoga and meditation were new to me,but thanks to Wayan, they will now be part of my daily life. I've met wonderful people from all over the world. I've done activities, rituals; I could only have cleared of. I am grateful for what I've learned and seen here this has to be in the top 3 trips of my life.

Brigitte, Canada.

I came back for the fourth time...need I say more??

Simone, Netherlands.

The retreat was absolutely amazing! I couldn't recommend it more highly!

Lauren, Australia.

The yoga is wonderful. Wayan is a very good teacher & very patient too. The spa is excellent. One of the highlight of the retreat. The therapist & Staff are very friendly, The room is clean comfortable, the food is delicious, the atmosphere is just perfect. Kumara is one of a kind. At the last night of the retreat, there was a firefly that flew into our circle right after we did the lotus meditation. That's the first time I saw a firefly which I heard is a very rare sight in Bali now. And it flew to my chest, to my anahata which I intended to focus more on because of this retreat. So I take it as a divine sign overall. This retreat is awesome. I'm so lucky to be able to experience it and I'm taking home some important things from Wayan's teachings and from my introspection on silent day that I know will change me to be better. Thank you Oneworld retreats.

Amelia, Indonesia.

What a great " balanced" retreat: inspiring yoga, beautiful Balinese culture and life, combined with the spa = magic. 1000x thanks to Wayan and the staffs!

Geerte, Netherlands.

Truly a trip of life time with the perfect mix of indulgence (at the spa), healthy living (w/yoga & food), education ( w/excursions) and free time. The little touches like flowers on your bed, explaining meals at dinner made it truly special. Meditation + yoga by Wayan is amazing, the cooking class was highlight. Loved how welcoming + open level the class was with no competition or judgment. The spa was world class. Definitely want to come back.

Shanon, US.

I'm soo impressed and touched by this whole experience. So well organized!! So many wonderful helpers and allways with a smile and the yoga was a challenge for me and now I am happy very very! And I am proud of myself , that I've done it. My first yoga lesson at 69! it's never to late. With a big smile, Eva.

Eva, Germany.

Immerse yourself in Bali retreat has been an opportunity for me to let go of my "to do" list and get back to who I really on. The yoga , meditation + chanting have been sublime and I feel fully open, joyful at peace. Thank you Wayan, Iyan & Claude for another amazing experience. Also thanks to all the staff for amazing hospitality + taking care of my every need.

Maxim, Australia.

I have never experienced anything like this week at Kumara. I was impressed with the professionalism of the yoga instructor Wayan. To meer the ability levels of all 17 of us. Everything helped me to grow a deeper understand what it means to be pampered. The meals were excellent and being vegetarian, I had no problem. The accomodation was big and spacious . I loved my view of the rice fields and hearing the sounds of the jungle was quite peaceful. I am sorry to see my time here come to an end. I feel completely relaxed and looking forward to my next visit to Kumara.

Jennifer, Singapore.

Such a fantastic way to experience the true beauty & culture Bali has to offer. The whole teams at Kumara are warm & welcoming with their whole happy smiles. They just exude warmth & love. The spa treatments are total luxury I couldn't get enough of them. And as for the food, I couldn't fault a thing. Fresh, delicious & Nutritious! The daily yoga in the morning as well as the restorative yoga in the evening was beautiful. It allowed me to go deeper into the pastures & find correct alignment with the help of Wayan & Iyan. Thank you One World Retreats! I am one chilled, well rested happy girl! I loved this retreat & I would highly recommend it.

Tenille, Australia.

The retreat was a lovely as the last time I was at Kumara for Escape The World. Wayan is a fantastic retreat leader & every one loved him. His teaching was great, his explanation of Balinese culture was informative & he has a lovely singing voice. As was my experience last time, accommodation service, spa and activitieswere all impeccable. Its a simply amazing experience and I am sure I will be back for a third time soon enough.

Chyntia, U.S.A.

When I think of my first experience in Bali, I will remember One World. Thank you for laying out the foundation for a wonderful experience. Namaste.

Elizabeth, U.S.A.

The experience of this retreat is simply beautiful. Everyday we chant aum- divine - and the experience of being here is certaintly that - the yoga, cultural activities the food and the friednliness and helpfulness of the staff is outstanding. I have leaved my time here- it has been blissful - a wonderful escape.

Leanne, England.

In one word I would describe the " One World Retreat' Immerse yourself in Bali ' Heavenly !! Namaste,

America, U.S.A.

The attention to detail, love and beauty are exceptional, every experience was beautifully executed. Wayans genuine personality, warmest to share Bali, and knowledge of yoga, meditation pranayama was excellent. The entire staff contributed to alovely first visit to Bali. Thank you !

Kendall, U.S.A.

The perfect way to experience Bali! not only are the foods and the sights included on imprtent part of the culture , but also the yoga meditation ceremonies and spiritual elements that make the retreat - and bali - so amazing.

Anne, U.S.A.

This retreat is a window to heaven. The surroundings is perfect. Great but lovely accommodation, luxurious vegetation all around, view on the rice field, peace and quite all along.. total bliss. The food was outstanding, healthy yet joyful with flavours and variety.. great balanced diet! The spa treatments were done by professionals who know their business. The quality of the treatments was very high and so was so friendlyness of the therapist. Last but not least, the yoga meditationsessions were vof high standard too and Wayan , our teacher, brought that authenticity and genuine touch to teaching which I will highly miss when in busy London. It was also great to be interested to the local culture with activities such as purification and offering ceremonies or visit to healer.

Timila, French.

This retreat was so lovely due to be love and care of the staff always a friendly face and such attention to detail. Wayan and Iyan made a great team and held a diverse class with carrying levels with skill, case and attentiveness. The cooking class and volcano excursion were just fabulous. The closing ceremony was very moving and such a gift for Wayan to hold for us. I was overcome with gratitude. I really feel a deep understanding and correction to Bali after participating in this retreat.

Marisa, Australian.

I loved my week here. It was very special. I got to know Bali and some special Balinese people in a special way.

Jennifer, Australian.

My second retreat here at Kumara has surpassed my expectations completely. I really didn't think it could get better. This is a very special place. The yoga is amazing& Wayan & Iyan are the most gentle, yet strong teachers. They really make the whole experience with their humour, gentleness and humanity. The cooking class was so much fun, a real treat and the visit to the healer was enlightening. Alternating between this retreat & Escape the World is a must on my annual schedule from now on. The friendships I have made are very special & the memories will keep me going until my visit - Thank you. I hope to see yoga DVD by Wayan & IYan soon? I would like to buy normal white or grey One World Retreat T-shirt rather than just vest type shirt. Maybe you could stock in your shop?

Michelle, Great Britain.

This retreat was exactly what I needed. The attention and care was evident by all staff from the moment I got picked up by the driver Wayan. The yoga instruction was excellent and the adjustments performed by Wayan & Iyan were very helpful in me being able to improve my practice. The volcano view was absolutely breathtaking and performing yoga in front of it was magical. The bike ride afterwards was a real highlight - I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to ride and stop at the small villages we did. The visit to the healer was my highlight - completely indescribable but absolutely incredible. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to reconnect with themselves!

Amy, Australia

I came to "Immerse Yourself to Bali" Retreat with a lot of expectations to find my inner peace through meditation & yoga in an amazing beautiful resort. It was site a challenge since I never tried meditation before. Wayan has been an amazing teacher, person and human being. But that was not all, we also did activities like the amazing Chakra Dara massage that I will never forget in my life plus learning and seeing the local people through the eyes of a local (Wayan) and eating and cooking with them. The kindness of any single individual in the resort, starting by Claude, Wayan, Iyan and the rest of the team make the stay unforgettable and the very nice people I met, calling them as well my friend now. Thank you a lot for this journey, I will try to come back sometime soon!

Mar, Spain

When I was first asked why I chose to do the "Immerse Yourself in Bali retreat", I wasn't sure - I thought it was to learn more about practicing yoga. I am leaving the retreat not only with fantastic yoga experience, but also with an understanding of the beauty behind Balinese traditions + culture. I am leaving with a greater understanding of myself and leaving after having made such wonderful friends. So while I wasn't sure when I first came here, I know this has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself - and surrounded by such beauty! Further experiencing it all with someone as amazing as Wayan made it all so much more special. I cannot thank Wayan, Iyan and Claude enough. I will absolutely be back! Thank you and especially thank you, thank you, thank you to Wayan.

Isha, Australia

'Immerse Yourself in Bali' was wonderful mind + body experience led by Wayan who epitomize what a retreat leader should be. He has the spiritual and physical presence + knowledge and the patience and kindness to guide you through. EXCELLENT LEADER! We will come back!

Simone, UK

For me, my trip to the retreat was a trip to upload my batteries again and get some stress relief from everyday busy life in Amsterdam. That was exactly what I got and more. It was the first time I travelled by myself so was excited what to expect. The group of people was very diverse and from all over the world and one by one was amazing. Wayan the teacher is truly incredible. He is a perfect yoga teacher but also outside the yoga a warm, helpful and spiritual person. Iyan was great as well and made me smile. The balance of yoga, activities being with the group and by yourself is perfect. And of course the spa treatments where a bliss! I am definitely coming back!

Marieke, Netherlands

I had a great time at the retreat. The yoga was great and as a beginner I felt comfortable, as I knew Wayan was there with me every step of the way. The meals and quality of service was beyond my expectations - everyone was very polite & professional.

Isha, Canada

The Immerse Yourself In Bali Retreat was a magical experience. During my stay I felt e relaxed and motivated to balance and improve my general well being. The staffs were beautiful. It is an exceptionally personal retreat, where you traveling feel like at home and welcome. Thank you One World.

Amy, Australia

The overall experience was wonderful. I would recommend the retreat to my friends family or others. The spa facilities were 5 star, the food was lovely. The yoga & meditation was overall relaxing and informative.

Evelyn, Australia

"This journey was the most special part of my travels to Ubud. The facility is unbelievably beautiful. The rooms are so comfortable and visually breath taking and the treatment rooms are the most beautiful I have ever seen! I dream of my return to Kumara Sakti! Wayan was such a special part of the vacation. His yoga classes were perfect and the studio is the most amazing place to practice. The rice field walk we took with Wayan was educational, beautiful and the lunch at the end was delicious. I am trying to plan a retreat to Bali with two Los Angeles yoga teachers and you're my number one choice."

Debi, Australia.

Amazing experience! Wayan is an excellent yoga instructor. Beginner instruction & tips to enhance your yoga practice while experiencing the beauty of Bali. Food was wonderful!

Christa, Japan.

An experience I will never forget. Special thanks to Wayan for being such a caring and warm person.

Sini, Finland.

Wayan is amazing in teaching yoga - Ashtanga was new to me and I have learned to appreciate this style of yoga. Perfect location - lovely view

Alexandra, Netherlands.

Wayan - your singing voice + infectious smile I'll never forget.

Danielle, Australia.

Lovely escape which surpassed my expectation! Wayan is a professional + the human was appreciated during the many challenging classes!! I look forward to returning again next year.

Finuala, Singapore.

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