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This was a truly wonderful retreat. It had a beautiful welcoming and serene atmosphere. The staffs are highly trained and professional. The accommodation is private and comfortable and the surroundings was lush green and cool. The yoga is very accommodating to all levels and the teacher highly competent, friendly and supportive. The outdoor activities and inclusion offered a genuine taste of Balinese culture. Thank you, I'll continue to spread the word so more people can enjoy the peace, yoga, and tranquility. Namaste!

Claire, Australia

This was an amazing, nourishing, physical, emotional and spiritual retreat. The yoga was fitted to various level of participant and got progressively more dynamic in flow as the practice went on - it was challenging over for a regular practitioner. The meditation, prayer, chanting, ritual were uplifting and also allowed for many moment for mindfulness and reflection if you are seeking to look inside yourself or find an answer. The answer I sought came also from the Balinese healer - a wonderful experience. Words can't describe the spa treatment, honestly up with the best in the world as was the overall service and accommodation. I felt everything was thought of and there was no need to lift a finger. I'm very grateful for this whole experience.

Danielle, Australia

What a fantastic retreat in such a serene setting. Janet and Wayan complemented each other in their teaching style - both catering to all levels of ability with ease. Will definitely want to return.

Sharon, Andrews

Thank you so much for the informative and helpful tips with my yoga practice. You've inspired me to continue my enjoying journey. I loved the meditations, the accommodation is lovely, and the grounds are beautiful. Your staffs are happy, friendly and helpful. Your massage and treatments are just magical; the therapists are informative with beautiful hands, so friendly. This retreat is full of memories forever. Thank you for a delightful week.

Marian, Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed the time and space in order to make some really important life decisions.

Roslyn, Australia

I loved the 1:1 yoga sessions. I gained so much - thank you so much Janet! I love Wayan's beautiful aura and Kirtan! I Love the spa and the staffs were all so lovely.

Karen, Australia

Yoga is catered to the strengths and weaknesses to all those in the class. Everything is explained in great detail and help is always on hand if needed. Meditation sessions are extremely relaxing. Staffs are very friendly and helpful and spa treatments are first class. Thank you Kumara Sakti, ONEWORLD retreats for an amazing escape from reality.

Jenny J, Australia

The retreat was just as wonderful as the first time. Yoga, food and spa treatments all 5 star. Kumara Sakti is a very special place - it warms the heart and soul in the beautiful views of the jungle and the view of the rice fields from the balcony. Yoga was relaxing, fun and energetic at times. Janet and Wayan make a great duo. They are full of love and kindness. We are so lucky to have had their company for the week. All staff at Kumara Sakti is very friendly and accommodating. I will comeback again for the third time. Namaste!

Jenny W, Australia

This was a very beautiful plan for a retreat. I felt so peaceful here. The staff were exceptional dealing with enquiries. And were so friendly. The yoga and meditation session were great and both teacher demonstrated a true dedication to yoga & healing. I I particularly loved the agniholtra ceremony and the closing ceremony - very manful and showed the great spiritual connection of the place . The spa treatments were amazing and the staff there very caring and competent.

Karen, Australia.

An amazing experience ! The yoga and meditation were fantastic and I felt very supported by Janet and Wayan. The experiences ( day trip activities) were lots of fun. The spa treatments were the best I've ever had! The staff at One world have the most beautiful hearts they are so caring and will do anything for you to make your stay more comfortable. They make the place so special with their big smiles.

Julia, Australia.

Being quite new to yoga. I have now fallen in love with it, and look forward to continue practice when I came home to Norway. the teachers were very professional and the staff at the One World were amazing! The hotel staff at the One World were amazing! The hotel rooms and surroundings are like a dream come true, and I still can't grasp that I have actually been staying in this beautiful place. This is an experience that I will never forget, and it will libel in my heart forever. Thank you for creating this amazing opportunity to everyone in the world to experience! I will recommend this to anyone that need some inspiration and new beginnings in their lives!

Lene Birkeland, Norway.

If you are stressed, down, exhausted and need a break from life or need to connect with yourself again. Kumara is the place to come. I came here a very unhappy person out have smiled more in the last 6days here than the last few months of life. The retreat reignited my passion for yoga, taught me how to look after my mind with meditation, how to look after my body with healthy raw food and how to find happiness in my heart again. The facilities staff and spa services were first class all whilst being in the middle of the jungle - just wow!! thank you so so much, I'll be back.

Zavia, Australia.

I loved the meditations and the yoga sessions. Both the energetic in the morning & the beautiful restorative classes at night. Kumara is really an escape from the bustling outside world where it is set in lunch and green surroundings. Bali is love - so is a retreat at Kumara. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, inspiration, energy and calmness.

Katrine Selvik, Norway.

This retreat has been a fabulous journey into mind, body and spirit. It is so very important to connect with ourselves and with each other & each part of our experience helped us to do this. In these 5 days we depend not only our yoga practice but our spiritual selves, our compassion, our connection with nurture and with each other. Thank you so much Janet, Wayan and everyone for creating such a sacred & graceful space in which to find ourselves & reconnect with life. This was an incredible experience in learning more about yoga practice & myself, meeting new people & beginning to learn about the Balinese culture in a tranquil & beautiful setting. I'll be returning.

Rosy, Australia.

It is one that integrates the body, mind and soul. I now walk out a recharged person ready to face my new path/ journey a head. I am revitalized in my heart & spirirt to move forward to realize my dream.

Tan Mei Mei, Singapore.

An incredibly recharging retreat - with inspiring and knowledgeable teacher and attentive and thoughtful staff in a beautiful + tranquil environment, with amazing spa treatment, the classes .. the right challenge for every level of practitioner, from first time it aspiring teacher and built such a connection between our little group that there were tearful, good bye + plans for reunion. Thank you.

Stefany Golding, Australia

Too many words and feelings come to mind when I think back on the last 6 days that its hard to know where to start ! The place of activities was energizing and relaxing. The retreat resort was the perfect balance of up to date amenities and absolute raw reality, practicing yoga facing a jungle is beyond description captivating, awesome and spiritual. Janet is wise, charismatic and wonderful teacher of the spirit & yoga. I feel blissful and so happy to have met such inspiring women and gentleman. I have made new friends, discovered Bali and rejuvenated on a very deep level. Thank you , Suksma!.

Nancy Fareed Moreno, U.S.A.

This retreat is suitable for anyone looking to expand their horizons. Deepen their passions or that just need some time for themselves. From the accommodations to the food to the hospitality to the practice to the spa, the experience is unlike any other in one of the most beautiful environments in the world. I highly recommend this retreat or any other One World Retreats as you walk away not as you come. You walk away more gratefully.

Shannon Kossick, U.S.A.

A wonderful experience in a gorgeous setting! I am very glad I did this for myself and very grateful to the team of ONEWORLD retreats for their wonderful job.

Vero, Australia

It is a very wonderful place to practice yoga as it is outside and in the jungle, which means we connect very strongly with nature. I improved my yoga asanas and would get deeper into them. The healer helped me to get rid of worries. It was such a wonderful experience. The two yoga teachers male + female were like a yin/yang to me also in their way of teaching. Wayan is more gentle and Janet more strong!

Isabel, Switzerland

The retreat was very well organized and a lot of attention has been paid to details. From the personalized booklet to the programs lined up, to the food selection and even down to the details of maintenance of the room such as drawing of curtains at down and ensuring the room is neatly made up. The yoga and meditation sessions were suitable for everyone in the group, despite the different levels of practice each individual might have prior to the retreat. The retreat instructors were able to give all of us ample of attention and the private session was particularly helpful for my own practice. The spa sessions included were a very nice touch as well. All in all, it was a great retreat. Thank you. Ps. thank you for the birthday flowers. I love them.

Jessica, Singapore

The retreat was amazing. The staff is phenomenal and willing to do anything to make sure the retreat meets your expectations. It's like a week of pure pampering, self-exploration and spiritual awakening. The activities are both culturally enriching and active.

Lauren, USA

The retreat was wonderful and enlightening. Yoga classes were challenging and instructed according to your level. I will definitely be returning.

Grace, USA

My experience at ONEWORLD retreats was of the highest quality from the moment I contacted the retreat. The service was efficient and considerate right down to the minor details. Yoga was challenging, varied, the instructors provided personal attention so I really was able to “deepen my yoga practice”. The food was superb, healthy, tasty, and energizing. Staff were lovely, helpful and respectful to guests’ privacy. I had an amazing time here. I feel restored, positive, looking forward to returning home and applying some of the techniques and knowledge I've gained here. I'm also looking forward to returning to another retreat in the near future. Thank you.

Marni, Australia

A great retreat – being my 3rd retreat, it had some different experiences which were great. I especially noticed several minors but important improvements since my previous retreats. Bagus. Thank you! I will be back. Namaste.

Marnie, Australia

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