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  • One of the most positive and life affirming experiences I have had. I booked the retreat to seek time, space and peace for myself and the results have been remarkable. Iyan, Wayan, Tekok and all the staff show such love and generosity. I have been nurtured, renewed and rebalanced. The yoga and meditation sessions were sometimes very challenging but so rewarding. I would thoroughly recommend a retreat or stay at ONEWORLD retreats Kumara.

    Rachel, UK

  • I knew this experience would be incredible, but my expectations were exceeded! Besides improving my yoga & meditation practice, we were also able to learn & experience the culture of Bali. Thanks to Iyan & all of the staff for being so detail-oriented. Everything was so well thought & organised. I feel amazing & blessed to have had this opportunity in Bali.

    Maryann, USA

  • ONEWORLD retreats have thought about every detail to make your experience something to remember. Delicious food, interesting outings, informed staff & amazing spa treatments. A once in a life time experience.

    Naomi, Australia

  • It is truly an immersive & heartwarming Balinese yoga experience. It was meticulously planned. The time and effort put in by all staff members at the retreat created a wonderful and welcoming environment, not to mention the amazing spa treatments on offer. I feel absolutely blessed.

    Juliette, Australia

  • The retreat has been the ideal setting for my first discovery of Bali combining my love of yoga with the excitement of exploring this beautiful island (and its even more beautiful people)! Thanks to Iyan and Wayan for sharing your knowledge, laughter and big smiles with us, thanks to the spa team for the divine pampering, and to the whole team for your kindness and helpfulness! My way had been the perfect mix of great yoga practice, delicious food and relaxing atmosphere.

    Carole, Belgium

  • It's an amazing retreat with wonderful staff and surroundings. I’ve learnt so much during the 6-days. And the food was incredible. I absolutely loved every moment.

    Elina, Sweden

  • This retreat is a gift to yourself that you will hold close to your heart and share with many others.

    Anne, Australia

  • I didn't just escape the world on this retreat but also found a little piece of heaven in Ubud. The yoga was for yogis of all levels, the accommodation is superb, the staff are exceptional, the massages were incredible, the rituals cleansing and the activities were just perfect. Iyan and Wayan led an amazing group of people through a very enjoyable week. I will treasure the memories & hopefully be a slightly better version of me when I return home. Thank you for all the work, ONEWORLD retreats.

    Miriam, Ireland

  • This experience has truly reconnected me to my body, mind and spirit. I have rediscovered my true self - the positive energy that flows through me. I am so incredibly grateful to have had this time here. I look forward to going home and seeing my new life unfolds. I left the place as a different person. Thank you for helping me grows. Namaste.

    Brianne, USA

  • Escape The World yoga retreat feeds your soul. Thank you all for your kindness.

    Leanne, Australia

  • Escape The World Retreat was everything and more than what was advertised, all the activities were well-paced and thought out thoroughly. It was a good blend of yoga practice, mindfulness, relaxing spa, great food, amazing staff and first rate accommodation.

    Randy, USA

  • My experience with ONEWORLD retreats exceeded my expectations. The staff are courteous, kind and competent. The food is out of this world. And the yoga, while challenging, helped me by pushing me beyond what I thought I was not capable of doing. I am so grateful for my time here and pray that one day I will be able to return. Thank you for the gift of spiritual rejuvenation you have given me.

    Scot, USA

  • The retreat continues to offer a wonderful experience and total relaxation – an escape from the hectic world we live in. A heartfelt thank you to Claude, Iyan, Wayan & Wayan and the entire team at ONEWORLD retreats. You continue to surpass all expectations. Also thank you to all the ladies in our group of fabulous women.

    Ros, Australia

  • If you want to experience Balinese culture, meditate, do some yoga, eat nourishing food and be pampered then ONEWORLD retreats is for you. My room is opposite the rice paddies and I could hear the birds chirping and possums making noises each day and night. The smell of incense filled my room and I felt as if I were in paradise. I could not highly recommend this retreat enough.

    Desligh, Australia

  • This retreat has been a wonderful experience. It is so well-organised with every detail thought out and taken care of. The staff can't be complemented enough, everyone who worked here is very professional and friendly and most importantly very good at their job. The entire retreat program was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Deborah, Australia

  • Relaxing, spiritual. I found myself and what I believe in. I could not be happier.

    Jade, Australia

  • Such a great experience! The staff are lovely, very welcoming and helpful. The ladies on my retreat were awesome and such amazing company, which I will keep in contact with. I feel like a different person and much more relaxed too. I have loved experiencing the Balinese culture and being a part of the whole retreat. Thank you.

    Daniella, Australia

  • A perfect escape that allows you to relax in your own comfort, get to know yourself or meet some like-minded people. Great space to learn yoga and to discover Ubud.

    Bree, Australia

  • It was really a chance to escape & forget about life for a week. A chance to let go of worries, practice yoga, meditation & meet a great group of like-minded souls. A chance to refresh & recharge and be inspired to take on the world.

    Natasha, Australia

  • Escape The World - the perfect name for this retreat. You can experience so much on this retreat while connecting with the community at ONEWORLD retreats which soon feels like family. The treatments, accommodation, yoga, food and activities have all been meticulously planned and delivered to such a standard. The service from the staff is incredible. You might escape from your current reality but the joy is in experiencing the Balinese way of life. Iyan and his team are incredible teachers who showcase the best of what real yoga is. I have loved the classes! I hope to be back soon, to experience ONEWORLD retreats again.

    Amy, Australia

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