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  • Escape the world with ONEWORLD retreats has been an incredible experience. I came with very little yoga experience, however that did not matter, Iyan and Wayan were encouraging, supportive, calm and great teachers. Thank you so much for your openness, wisdom with yoga and spirituality. The staff every day amazed me with their continued kindness, understanding, patience and helpfulness. All the "small things" went a long way to make me feel comfortable here. Everyone always has a smile on their face. What beautiful people I have met this week. Lifelong friends made from Bali and many other countries. Thank you, thank you! Peace, unity, love.

    Emily, Australia

  • Everything is so organised from the beginning. The teams do not miss any details and you feel welcome and respected as you are. My room was even better than I could dream about, with a gorgeous view. The yoga was just wonderful. The teachers are so nice, knows how to be very friendly but never private. They are so respectful when they help you to understand the yoga spirit. I met very nice people since I was here by myself. From all my heart, I recommend you that wonderful paradise part of the world.

    Virginie, France

  • This Escape the world retreat certainty lived up to its name. I need a wonderful, relaxing and fun time. A big thank you to Iyan, the two Wayan's and the rest of the team for making this retreat a wonderful trip and memory I will have forever. Thank you so much, we will be back again.

    Juleanne, Australia

  • I believe the week was more than special - it was magical full of information, activities and lovely guests. I would love to come back.

    Claudia, Australia

  • The retreat exceeded miles above my expectations! It was brilliant and I loved every minute of it. All the extra special little touches were greatly appreciated and so unexpected, fantastic service, great classes, brilliant cultural and spiritual activities and rituals. Lovely food and beautiful accommodation. Simply couldn’t ask for more! I will definitely be coming back for another retreat and recommending it whole-heartedly to everyone I know. Thank you all so much for a truly life-changing experience.

    Alicia, Australia

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful experiences during the retreat. Words can't express fully how impressed and enlightened I was by all the activities in the program, yoga, treatments, staff members, Iyan, the Wayans and Claude! I was pleasantly surprised that all the staff members know my name and always showed beautiful smiles. The whole program provided me with great opportunities to reflect myself and think about what I want and what I don't want in my life. It went far beyond yoga, but truly a treat to both my body and soul. I'll also cherish the great energies from everybody here and from friends in the program. Thank you again! These will surely be great memories in my life.

    Keiko, Japan

  • The Escape The World retreat was an amazing experience that surpassed my expectations! The staffs were always smiling and helpful. I can't praise Iyan and Wayan enough, they really made the experience everything that it was. I'll be back for another retreat soon! Thank you.

    Nicky, Australia

  • An enlightening experience! From the yoga, spa treatments, to the healthy food, this retreat allows you to be placed in a position to truly find yourself or whatever you are searching for.

    Shaun, Canada

  • I appreciated the booklets, the incense and the sarong. The booklets were very informative, the yoga was varied (which I liked) and I loved how restorative yoga incorporated chair, partners and props. The rituals were lovely and a pleasant experience. The activities were amazing especially the blessing at the temple. The whole program was well structured and well organized overall beyond amazing. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience Iyan and Wayan(s). Your teaching and adjustments were incredible.

    Jazmine, Canada

  • Escaping the world for me is entering a parallel universe, one in which you are allowed the privilege of concentrating solely on your well-being taking time to look after your emotional physical and mental self. From food and kindness shown by everyone, it is a truly a wonderful world to Escape into - providing strength to face the other world. Namaste!

    Loretta, Australia

  • Escape the World Yoga retreat is essentially a weeklong cuddle. A nurturing experience for the mind, body and soul.

    Rachel, Australia

  • This retreat is a blend of spiritual and physical activity. The yoga sessions are challenging but very carefully constructed. The extra activities give the guest a unique experience of the culture such as the purification ritual at the Tirta Empul temple. The setting in tropical gardens on the side of the river valley is stunning. All in all, a memorable experience.

    James, Australia

  • This retreat was like being cocooned in love. The staff, the retreat leader, the food and accommodation made this experience one that I will never forget. You are doing something very special here - I will be back. Thank you Claude, Iyan, Wayan and Tekok. Special mention for Tekok (little Wayan) - he was so kind, lovely and happy all the time. He is a real asset to the retreats.

    Fiona, Australia

  • I feel totally rejuvenated and purposeful. I can't believe how flexible I have become and I feel that I've received so many diverse rewards. I'm feeling very grateful to the entire Kumara Team.

    Louise, Australia

  • A unique experience with a good mixture of spa, yoga meditation, trips, healthy food and lots of fun. The possibility to see the culture was fantastic. I liked to do my own offering. The day of silence was very special and gave us all a good opportunity for introspection and self-reflection. The healthy food is amazing and so is the service. The organization of the trips was always extremely proportional and I deeply appreciate all the little caring gestures. The purification and the closing ritual were both haunting and emotional. The additional highlight was the presence of Dr. Bali, 91 years old and still practicing yoga! I will recommend this retreat to all the western stressed people! Hopefully I can afford to come back! Thank you again for everything.

    Petra, Germany

  • This was my second retreat at Kumara and I was not disappointed! It was a different experience from the spiritual healing retreat. Again the food was amazing, the yoga incredible and the activities such as the healing springs, volcano, bike ride and rice paddy walk were unforgettable experiences. On the last night, Iyan and Claude hosted an intimate cocktail in beautiful surroundings which, topped of our trip superbly. I will definitely come back to Kumara.

    Debra, Australia

  • A wonderful relaxing retreat, which exceeded my expectations. The friendly staff provided an atmosphere of fun, peace, tranquility that allowed everyone to immediately relax and enjoying their time at ONEWORLD retreats. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you Iyan, Claude and everyone else who made us feel so special and thank you to Dr. Bali.

    Laine, Australia

  • Excellent experience! I would like to come again. Very happy to recommend to others. Very impressed with the attention to detail, and the smoothly run/efficiently organized activities. Resort staffs were very friendly and helpful.

    Michael, Australia

  • I would strongly recommend ONEWORLD retreats if you are looking for a different experience. It’s filled with surprises - physical and emotional. Spiritual journey to be discovered and attention to detail. The organization and its people are fantastic. I will be sure to attend again. Feeling very relaxed and fitter as I leave these lovely surroundings.

    Terrina, Australia

  • A thoughtfully, professionally put together yoga/ meditation retreat by a team that clearly care about people. The yoga prepares the body whilst the meditation clears the mind for a week of bliss. The spa treatments complimented the practice, whilst the amazing food enhanced the experienced. To Claude , Iyan and team, I truly thank you for your thoughtfulness and care you took for each and everyone of us and I congratulate you on a fantastic business.

    Donna, Singapore

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