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  • This retreat was perfect from start to finish! I was pleasantly surprised to find my room was immaculate, spacious, and had a great view of the jungle. The staff were always warm and helpful and very genuine! The instructiors knew how to push you to your potential, while also being very supportive of a beginner to yoga. Spa treatments were amazing and such great value for money! We had just the right amount of spare time to allow us to relax between activities. The excursion allowed us to experience Bali in very unique way. I loved everything!

    Sarah, New Zealand

  • From the moment you arrive at Kumara you are well taken care of. The yoga is varied each day and very accommodating to beginners and more advanced alike. The schedule and flow worked really well. The reception were very helpful in organizing pre-arrival and were amazing at providing extra support for our departure plans. The dining staff and housekeeping staff were attentive and excellent. I cannot speak more highly of this experience! The spa was also exceptional and the Chakra Dhara massage is a must.

    Courtney, Canada

  • The retreat was rejuvenating, relaxing and yet meaningful. It was more than what I had expected.

    Aparna, Hong Kong

  • In one sentence: I wish the retreat never ended. I am already planning my next visit and am practically trying to move work and private life around to be able to do my next retreat soon. The Chakra massage opened something up in my lower back and after years and years of yoga practice, finally I feel that I am starting to be flexible and stronger. Poses, which were never available to me, are now easier and with the help and guidance of Iyan, Wayan and Tekok, I feel that I have managed to deeper my practice. Thank you!

    Aniko, Hungary

  • Before I even arrived at Kumara, every detail had been thought of. From the meals, yoga, staff and activities, there was not a moment where ONEWORLD retreats wasn't in tune with my needs - body, mind, and spirit. The result of such excellent is an experience where one can just be - and that is the greatest gift. Thank you, mercy. Namaste!

    Meghan, Canada

  • This retreat is so beneficial to all people. I found it very refreshing and an excellent kick-start to a healthy life. It teaches you to be kind to yourself - hence: re-treat, teaches you to treat your body better, and teaches you that with all things in life, you have to take baby steps in achieving your dreams/ goals. The team here is phenomenal: Iyan, Wayan and Tekok have stolen my heart forever and Bali has a special place in my heart now. Their knowledge of yoga, professionalism and sense of humor keep you going back to yoga to see what the new laugh will be. Don't think about coming, just do it! Peace and love to my Balinese family.

    Alexandra, Canada

  • This retreat has provided a perfect opportunity to "Escape The World" by delivering the highest quality accommodation and surroundings, a diverse program of yoga, world class cuisine, fascinating insight into Balinese culture and the friendliest, most welcoming staff you could ask for! It has been total bliss and I can't wait to come back and do it all again. Thank you!

    Tessa, United Kingdom

  • If you are looking for a place to reset, refresh and retreat, ONEWORLD retreats is the place. A level of 100% more relaxed + enchanted of One World . Thank you Iyan, Wayan, Tekok, + Claude

    Sheila, Australia

  • The Escape the World retreat exceeded my expectations. I only started practicing yoga one month before. The retreat; I was a little nervous that I would not be able to keep up in the classes that were completely appropriate for people with all levels of experiences yet Iyan did a great job of offering modifications for beginners. The beautiful surroundings, relaxing spa treatments and delicious food only added to the wonderful experience. I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    Dana , USA

  • This retreat was more than meeting my expectations! The yoga was challenging and modifications could be made for those who were less flexible and strong (such as the use of chairs, blocks, and straps). The spa treatments were glorious! It was fascinating to join rituals that were wonderful. The view from the balcony to the jungle was so peaceful. The food was outstanding! All in all, a great experience and one which I would highly recommend to others!

    Ann, USA

  • Awesome escape out of my daily life! Great food that I will miss when I'm back in Singapore. Great job! Thank you everyone who make my stay so awesome!

    Jason, Singapore

  • I didn't much escape the world. I just lived in the extremely happy, wise, and beautiful one for the perfect six days. Truly eternally grateful!

    Jim, UK

  • My stay was a gift for my 50th birthday. I had never done yoga before but I consider myself fairly fit. I attended all the classes and was amazed how much I could do in a short time. Iyan and Wayan were wonderful people; they were so helpful and caring. The accommodation was beautiful. I would lie in bed overlooking the rice paddies and the jungle. The food was amazing and they catered for me a gluten free diet. Very sweet! Tea, coffee and water were supplied in the dining room at all times as well. Will definitely be back.

    Carol, Australia

  • This retreat has given me so much inspiration to go home and deepen my spiritual practice and my yoga practice as well as. Renewing my passion for eating healthy, nourishing food. Everything at the retreat from the yoga, the food, activities to the staff was perfectly planned out. I loved the little touches as the staff remembering our names, leaving incenses for us to take home on our last night. Nothing was too much for the staff. Really felt like a home away from home.

    Megan, Australia

  • This is a beautiful experience - tranquil, picturesque setting, courteous, well trained staff to assist. The activities are well planned with the intention to provide experiences of Balinese culture, a way different from Kuta experience. Hopefully the beauty of Ubud can be preserved. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

    Bev, Australia

  • I had a wonderful, relaxing, and meaningful time on the Escape the World retreat. The yoga was excellent. The staff were friendly and helpful. They were always checking in to see if I needed anything. The rooms were beautiful and clean. The entire retreat center was a beautiful place full of greenery and creativities. I will definitely recommend this retreat to my friends.

    Joanna, USA

  • Pure bliss! This week, I have given myself a gift in terms of health, mental space and spiritual awareness. The food has been amazing and healthy. Yoga has been challenging, rewarding and has taught me more about my body. Meditation has been deep. The location is serene. The accommodation is A-grade. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend this place enough. Give yourself the same gift and visit!

    Mahdi, Australia

  • The natural beauty of the surroundings and the wonderful people at this retreat created the perfect environment for total relaxation and reconnecting with your soul. Although I had never done yoga before and have some fairly serious health issues that limit by mobility, Iyan and Wayan adopted the yoga for me so that I could still participate and improve my flexibility. I loved the whole experience and look forward to returning again in the next 6 or 12 months, when my yoga skills have improved and I can learn more skills and movement.

    Denise, Australia

  • The accommodation is wonderful and what makes the retreat, for me, was the staff. They were always smiling, so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. From the minutes I was greeted by my driver at the airport until my last day, the service of the staff was amazing! I am going home, very relaxed and well nourished, both physically and mentally.

    Jacqueline, Australia

  • It was really a fantastic experience; the atmosphere was just right and the staff were extremely attentive to details. As for the meals, they totally dispelled any ideas that vegetarian meals have to be dull and boring. I'm looking forward to trying some of those recipes at home. The Silent Day lunch salad was particularly creative, striking and delicious as were all the meals! I came away with new insights into old questions after listening to Iyan and sharing conversations with him. Thanks to Wayan and all the staff who helped to make these wonderful 6 days!

    Robert, Canada

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