Escape the World

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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Iyan, Wayan and Claude, the whole experience of this week has helped me rediscover my inner smile. I couldn’t have expected this as it has been hiding for so long! I can’t thank you enough for this. Everything seemed to be timed and balanced beautifully; from activity to stillness to group to joy to challenge. In the place I live, everyone has a second name... mine is “princess”! (Yes, there’s a funny story about this!). This place has made me really feel like a princess. Thank you all and Kumara Sakti and Bali. Terima kasih.

Fiona, Australia

Enjoyment for the senses and wellbeing.

Veronique, Australia

Just what I needed now! So nurturing, pampering and good hospitality. Thank you.

April, USA

My second time at “Escape the World” yoga retreat and it definitely will not be my last. The personalized attention to valued guests is wonderful. The content of the retreat; from the yoga classes, to excursions and cultural activities, is so well thought out. The food is absolutely divine. Kumara is a beautiful and serene place to stay and I love the view from my balcony. The BEST part of my stay was the friendship formed with other guests and staffs at Kumara. I cannot say highly enough of the wonderful people at Kumara. Claude, Iyan, Wayan, you guys are the best! Oh, and how can I forget the spa treatments?! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! Thank you all so much!

Marie, Australia

Yoga is well balanced for all levels, the staffs and food are amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend this retreat to anyone! Thank you!

Emma, UK

I could not improve this retreat. Thank you so much for accommodating us at as such late notice. This was so generous of you! Iyan and Wayan; you’re the best!

Chris, UK

A complete immersion into myself that gave me tools to help me to stay calm and peaceful in my real life. An amazing way to take time for me only.

Karine, Canada

Escape the World retreat exceeded my expectations! Everything from the challenges, meditation and yoga sessions, to the healthy food, to the indulgent spa treatments, to the activities—all pushed my senses to a higher level. The staffs created a very safe and nurturing environment for self-exploration and self healing. I was grateful for the strong sense of community; among my fellow retreat participants, leader, staffs, and the Balinese people. I leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Balinese culture, which contributed to my deeper spiritual awakening.

Fiona, USA

It is hard task to summarize this retreat because, for me at least, it was full of unexpected marvels. When we arrived, I was delighted by the architecture, the setting, the organization of the physical space. I have not stayed in a more beautiful place than this indeed, it is rather difficult to think of any more aesthetically pleasing place anywhere. I knew almost nothing about yoga and had had only a few peremptory massages. “Escape the world” opened my eyes to entirely new bodily and mental experience. This may seem overstating, but the experience has been utterly memorable, unlike any previous one. I will not forget it!

Christine, Australia

Brilliant! Beautiful Balinese staffs, accommodation, food, and services. Actually, PERFECT! Total mind, body and soul cleansing.

Nicolla, Australia

How grateful I am to be able to keep coming back here. My soul, my love for everything, my equanimity are restored every time I returned here. I feel that God has smiled at me and said “you don’t have to wait for heaven” and he allowed me to return here time and time again. I am so grateful to Iyan and Claude for bringing this “heaven” into existence. I am so grateful for all Kumara staffs that care for me so well, and give me their beautiful smiles. I am so grateful for all the beautiful people that I have shared this with and the laughter they have brought into my life. I am so grateful to be able to come to Bali and experience this wonderful paradise. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Namaste.

Jacqueline, Australia

This is indeed a RE-“TREAT” for myself. I loved everything about “Escape the World”; friendly team with so much dedication, comfortable accommodation, inspiring yoga sessions, heavenly spa treatments, food, the list goes on. The most precious thing about this retreat is I can meet like-minded participants and build lasting friendship. Thank you Claude and Iyan and Wayan for taking so good care of me in this out-of-this world retreat.

Judy, Hong Kong

I found my experience with ONEWORLD retreats at Kumara, to be enriching and relaxing. The yoga was challenging and relaxing, leaving me satisfied and comfortable. The spiritual and emotional journey was further enhanced by serene rituals and activities. I concluded my experience at Kumara feeling fresh and renewed....

Chadla, Australia

Truly an escape from the world! The retreat has given space to gain clarity of mind and heart. I felt very grateful to have found such a gentle, humble retreat leader like Iyan. Thank you to all the dedicated and gracious staffs of Kumara Sakti.

Julie, Australia

The planning of the retreat was exceptional; I enjoyed all aspects of the retreat. There was a perfect mix of yoga and activities and the accommodation and food exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much to Iyan and Claude. I walked out of the retreat feeling so much better than when I walked in. Thank you.

Rohan, Australia

I felt privileged and lucky to have chosen and experienced this retreat. The integrity of the product is truly number one. A perfect combination of yoga, exceptional food, and activities! Through the activities, you gain an insight into Balinese culture.

Christine, Australia

The staffs were incredibly welcoming and accommodating our needs. The atmosphere was perfect for making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. An escape that should not be missed! Thank you to Wayan, Iyan and the Team.

Lisa, Australia

This was a week that surpasses my expectations; every detail was taken care of. The staffs were excellent. The experience was truly an escape from the world. This has been by far the best birthday gift I could ever give myself. It took me 63 years to finally do something like this. Much gratitude to all who made it such a rich escape!

Andrea, Canada

Thank you! I had a very beautiful, personal experience. I found out what yoga really could do to my body; balancing mind, body and soul.

Diana, the Netherlands

The wonderfully relaxing days spent in a peaceful and beautiful setting. The yoga was challenging and all other activities were lots of fun. The cleansing ceremony was a wonderful experience. An interesting insight into the Balinese culture. The food was just delicious and always so healthy. I enjoyed every minute of it. I would definitely recommend it.

Helen, Australia

This has been one of the most fulfilling weeks of my life; spiritually, physically and emotionally. The yoga classes are structured so that they cater to a wide range of abilities, the menu is healthy and delicious and I felt like a queen I did my soul a favor by experiencing Escape the World.

Sharen, Australia

It was beautiful like a palace in the jungle. All the staffs were great; I highly enjoyed the spa treatments. I feel like I have really improved in my meditation and yoga. The food was great and I can’t wait to get the recipes so I can cook some at home. Just the overall vibe was really positive and uplifting. I feel I have gained so much more than words can describe and I will definitely recommend it and would love to come back again. Thank you so much.

Sarah, Australia

From start to finish I truly felt as though I “escaped the world” and I “saw the world” all at once; from the blissful spa to the wonderful yoga to learning about the beautiful Balinese culture. I will definitely be back! Special thanks to Iyan and Wayan; inspiration at its best!

Kylie, Australia

When I arrived and found that I could shower under the stars, I knew this was a special place. I wanted a serious yoga experience but also combined with fun and some decadence. This retreat exceeded my expectations. Iyan and Wayan cooled the morning and evening yoga sessions. They are experienced, patient, gentle, and encouraging. They also guided us through more exotic cultural experiences, such as the purification ritual at the Holy Spring. We also had the unique experience of doing yoga whilst watching the sunrise across the Batur Volcano. Then, a cycle of 18 km home, downhill! This was followed by lunch and a massage and floral bath—a sheer bliss! Food and spa treatments were always tended by devoted staffs. One can taste and feel the smile in them. In a place with only ten rooms, all the staffs knew our names and catered to our unique needs. Finally, the lush surroundings, serene ponds, the spectacular yoga hall and beauty of the rooms all added to a five sense experience of the body and mind. Thank you!

Emyo, Australia

Iyan and Wayan were great yoga teachers, with great words of wisdom during the meditation sessions. The visit to Batur Volcano for our early morning yoga session, followed by the informative tour of a local village and the cycle ride, was very well organized and involved a lot of people who made the whole day so special. Thank you for a memorable and fun retreat.

Karen, UK

I have taken my yoga to another level, being encouraged into positions I never thought possible. I feel stronger physically and mentally. The rituals have deep affected my faith that all is as it should be and is very very well. I loved the variety of activities and doing things outside of my comfort zone. The bike riding was fun and we were blessed by the weather. The spa treatments have been amazing, very professional and rejuvenating. And in particular, my gratitude goes out to the Balinese people who are inspiring in the way they remain devoted to their rituals/traditions/gods/religion with all the outside influences they have daily. Special thanks to Iyan and Wayan who made this retreat so special.

Leandra, Australia

From the moment I arrived to Kumara Sakti I felt I was “escaping the world”. It has been an unforgettable experience. The rooms are beautiful and the food is simply amazing! Everyone makes you feel happy and at home. It has a great balance between yoga sessions and getting to visit Ubud and around.

Natalia, Spain

The picturesque setting, comfortable accommodation and attentive service will relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. You will love everything from the yoga session to the spa treatment, the well organized tours and sumptuous meals.

Adelia Mu Prasad, Australia

The retreat is a wonderful place to soothe the mind body and soul. Claude, Iyan and the team exceed in giving each and every person the opportunity to really take time out for themselves. Iyan and Wayan provide inspirational education programs on Yoga and an introduction to the culture of the Balinese people, the personal service of the whole team goes a long way toward making the retreat a memorable one.

Teresa Ganley, Australia

It's a different way to celebrate my Birthday... something just special....


This retreat is possible the best gift I have ever given myself, I arrived stained and tense and thanks to the carefully thought out program of yoga, spa treatments and general nurturing environment I am feeling more rested and content than I have in years. Iyan is a great teacher and the staff at kumara did everything to make me feel at home. Every detail, from the greeting at the reception with lime juice, to the lighting of incense of your doorstep and the gentle morning wake up with tinkling bell is designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. A little piece of paradise.

Nadia, Spain

I came to Escape the World to let go of my issues that I'd been hanging on to from my past, I needed to stop worrying about the future & needed to start living in the present. I not only succeeded in doing this, but I was also pampered, nurtured with beautiful food, learned some exciting tools trough yoga & meditation & I have also made lifelong friends. My spirit is cleansed; I'm going home to book again! Thank you Claude, Iyan, Wayan and all the beautiful girls from the spa & all staff at ONEWORLD. I'm smiling again. Your friend Anita. Namaste.

Anita, Australia

I appreciated that Iyan is authentically joyful and inspiring once I got familiar with his style, I really loved the yoga classes, it actually was not hard to get up so early in morning the morning. Wayan was also a terrific support - they both have special personalities. The Kumara grounds are lovely and the yoga room is epic. Thank you for a fantastic introduction to Bali and guidance to further enhance my yoga practice.

Cathie, USA

I came on this retreat with an open mind not really knowing what to expect. I feel like I will be leaving as a new person and looking at the things differently from a new positive angle. This retreat has helped to bring some personal issues to the service and let them go and move on. For that I have changed for the better and hopefully change for good. Meeting so many wonderful people on the retreat who each have their own journey to take and own intention to identify has made this experience even more fantastic. These people who I now call my friends have helped me in a sense also as I feel I can relate to them and I am looking forward to keeping in touch on the outside. The location of this retreat has just been perfect. It is such a magical place and I have been able to make changes in my life that I never thought could be possible from this wonderful experience and for that I am internally grateful. Thank you with all my heart. Until next time, Namaste.

Michelle, Australia

My time here has exceeded all my expectations. I never knew it was possible to experience so much joy, happiness & personal growth in such a short period of time. The friendly, hospitality & supportive nature of Iyan & the team helps to create a peaceful & nurturing environment in which to relax recharge & truly connect with your deeper self. I am leaving a changed person, who is more happy, balanced & fulfilled. Thanks to my time spent at the Escape The World retreat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jordan, Australia

Perfect, perfect, perfect. Anyone who wants to get away from life and re – evaluate: this is the place. Iyan, Wayan and the rest of the staff are beautiful. The place just makes you feel you have in fact escaped the world. Definitely a must on anyone's bucket list! I will be back.

Karen, Australia

An amazing week of Yoga, spa treatments, spiritual journeys & meeting new friends. What an experience.

Gillian, Australia

The yoga, spa, rituals, accommodation, activities, lectures and service cannot be faulted. The overall experience was fantastic and I hope to keep this wonderful happy and positive feeling when I return home. I'll be back ASAP. Thank you all for the support and dedication.

Laurel, Australia

An all round experience to be remembered forever. So varied, professional, such happy, efficient, helpful, caring staff that they almost, felt like old friends within a few days. The food was healthy, delicious, and beautifully presented by smiling staff. The accommodation is first class and the setting is paradise. The highest possible recommendation.

Glenda, Australia

I loved the retreat because it included all my favorite pleasures in life ! Beautiful scenery, scrumptious food & drinks, lots of yoga, lots of massage & alone time.

Lorna Pickering, Australia

A perfectly harmonious balance with a special touch around every corner: the setting and standard of cleanliness provided a true holiday feel. A beautifully synchronised schedule with every detail thought of. a great blend of activities and exquisite during experiences each time. Very caring and attentive staff. It was wonderful to be treated like a princess for 5 days. The massuese girls have beautiful nature and know their stuff. The landscaping of the property is like a wonderland, and I loved returning to an immaculately maintained room each morning. Thank you.....

Lyn Stirling, Australia

The entire experience is beautiful, the jungle surrounds,  the nature of the people & their warm smiles that work at Kumara Sakti, the way you feel after yoga & meditation, the energy & philosophy of Iyan our teacher.


Thank you for a great week.

Emma, Australia

Amazing, wholesome, nourishing... a short trip and a million miles away from Kuta. Thank you it was such a beautiful week.


The retreat exceeded my expectation. It had the right amount of activities & own time for ourself. The spa treatment was excellent and the therapist had very good energy that extended to the treatments. I could not get enough of the treatments. The food was healthy, well balanced and delicious. The rooms could be upgraded and definitely need mosquito nettings for the beds. I would definitely return.

Rachel Thong, Singapore

Never having been to a retreat before I had no expectations but this entire experience has really been an "escape the world". From the first contact with the friendly staff, waking up to realise the incredibly beautiful lush location & wander through this intimate resort to the yoga which was both challenging yet accepting, and of course the food, so thoughtful, delicious, healthy & abundant. I'm leaving looking forward to incorporating all I have learnt about myself into my daily life - and leaving planning my next " escape the world" retreat. Thank you so much to Iyan - you are an inspiration.

Vanessa Broadfoot, Australia

"Escape The World" was the most relaxing, enjoyable well run retreat. The yoga, rituals, activities, service & food were all amazing. Iyan's gentleness, humor & knowledge was enlightning. If you want to get away from your busy life and experience something magical "Escape the world" is the retreat for you. Well done Claude, Iyan, Wayan & staff.
I rang my husband & said it was like an '’oasis/ sanctuary of goodness". What impressed me most was the energy of right intention inherent in the retreat. The retreat (+ team) actively serves / honors participants. The energy ( intention + outcome) is honest, dynamic, caring, nurturing, & sweet. Purity. The retreat energy certainly helped to raise my own energy & enabled some gentle & loving realisations. Hope to be back soon. Thank you so much, Iyan for facilitating & holding the energy with the group. Thank you also to all the team ( seen & unseen) & Claude too (nice to meet you also). May you all be peaceful & happy. Om peace, peace, peace.

Amanda Laverty, Australia

I rang my husband & said it was like an '’oasis/ sanctuary of goodness". What impressed me most was the energy of right intention inherent in the retreat. The retreat (+ team) actively serves / honors participants. The energy ( intention + outcome) is honest, dynamic, caring, nurturing, & sweet. Purity. The retreat energy certainly helped to raise my own energy & enabled some gentle & loving realisations. Hope to be back soon. Thank you so much, Iyan for facilitating & holding the energy with the group. Thank you also to all the team ( seen & unseen) & Claude too (nice to meet you also). May you all be peaceful & happy. Om peace, peace, peace.

Fiona Dutton, Australia

This was my first trip to Bali and what a wonderful introduction it has been. Thank you to Iyan and Claude for creating such a wonderful space to nurture all aspects of oneself. The rituals, spa treatments, yoga and activities were very balanced and supported my attention for being at this retreat. A big thank you to Wayan, the wonderful girls at the spa, and all the gorgeous staff at Kumara for making my stay here such a memorable one. I hope to see you all again someday soon.

Jennifer Wisdom, Australia

Exceptional, above + beyond expectations which were already high. P.S. Iyan made all the difference, his openness of heart encountered of heart encourage us constantly.

Ming Ding, Australia

I loved the retreat from the first moment till the last. A huge compliment to Iyan and his co-teacher Wayan for the yoga class, it was perfect.

Andrea Drubert, Switzerland

I entered the retreat quite fearful & skeptical & I leave totally relaxed, re energized & ready to go back to my life at home with a new found energy. Iyan & Wayan were so patient & kind, as I pushed beginner yoga poses to a new level. The service I experienced at ONEWORLD retreats is world class, every single staff member was helpful & friendly at all times. The spa treatments were a slice of haven! I truly felt indulged. My six days here have absolutely been a life changing experience for me. Thank you, to each & everyone of you!

Sharon North, Australia

Thank you for the most enriching experience of my life. I have always struggled with spiritualism; during this retreat I've begun to see it in my yoga practice & the way I wish to lead my life. It would not have been the same experience without the amazing teachers and incredible staff, not to mention the idyllic scenery & accommodation. I will never forget this incredible experience and will return someday in the near future.

Kate Ritchie, Australia

Delightful mix of yoga, extending your limits, with spa / massage treatment to balance, restore and invigorate. I came with no yoga experience, but left converted to the benefits for my body.

Edmund Olszewski, Australia

I leave with a peaceful smile and sense of ease with my body. As a complete beginner for yoga I found the yoga sessions a lovely experience. I came to the retreat feeling very stiff and irrepressible and not comfortable in my body. My mind, body and spirit were not yet at home with each other. Through the yoga sessions and the gentle, caring spa treatments, I have recovered trust in my body. I'm now living in my body instead of outside it - it brings a profound sense of peace. The ritual of letting go and watching the flower petals float down the river left me feeling lighter. We were blessed to be surrounded by smiling, gentle, helpful people and stayed in a lovely, private cottage, with a large balcony overlooking the jungle and rice paddies. Meals were delicious - and healthy as well. The 22km bicycle ride downhill to Ubud was a joy, even though I hadn't been on a bike for 20+ years! All in all a fantastic experience and a wonderful gift.

Hilary Olszewski, Australia

Wonderful experience - even better than I dreamed of when looking at the website, everything is perfect, the staff are amazing, especially Iyan & Claude. The yoga and meditation is pitched at the perfect level no matter your experience. The activities are the right mix of fun, active & spiritual. The spa treatments are amazing - just bliss on earth. What can I say about the food! Healthy, tasty - plenty to eat & plenty of variety. I can't really describe how wonderful this experience has been for me, but I know I definitely want to come again! Maybe next year!?

Helen Tehan, Australia

Yoga was excellent and I found it challenging and freeing. The spa was wonderful as I don't usually allow myself to feel pleasure in my body. The accommodation was comfortable, and private. The activities were fun and catered well. For the group I especially liked the bike ride. The lectures were informative and gave some context, and understanding to Balinese culture. The service was wonderful, attentive , and mindful of my wife and my personal space.

Simon Judge, Australia

This retreat and place were unique, it was so special. Iyan is such a good guru, he is amazing, the place has its spirit. Words are not enough to describe everything here, people, spa, yoga hall or the food it was excellent and I cannot wait to come here again. Thank you all for making this experience so special for me. I'm sure I'll be back for the same retreat. With lots of love and peace, bless you all and each one. Om, Miranda.

Miranda El- Shentinawi, Egypt / Germany

This retreat absolutely exceeded any of the expectations I had. The accommodations were lovely, the staff were wonderful, not a single detail was missed. The excursions were well worth it. You learn a little about Balinese culture traditions, etc. Can't say enough about how lovely this retreat has been. Absolutely and completely blissful. Thank you!!

Christie Howie, Canada

A haven from the world where you can be totally pampered & looked after by beautiful people. Everything is perfect, beautiful surroundings, beautiful food, perfect mix of activities & the staff & organization of the retreat. mean you want for nothing. Every detail has been taken care of. A fantastic retreat, I'll be back! Thank you. P.S; Ketut & Ayu are fantastic therapists & worth their weight in gold! Thank you!!

Paula Johnson, New Zealand

A place that you feel you have been before and look forward to return to. Iyan ,look forward to meeting you again. Thank you for being you. The openness and the child. The whole package could not be better. And thanks Claude, can't wait to taste the wine bar. x

Ms. May, Australia

Escape the World retreat is a great place to be immersed amongst the true Balinese culture., breathtaking beauty, while participating in beautiful activities, yoga & meditation and much more. All the time looked after, supported & pampered by wonderful staff & management. It felt more like a generous family, always ready with heart & joyous smiles to guide us in stretching and reinforcing not only our bodies but our souls as well. I thank them all for their generosity.

Paola McNally, Australia

Escape the World retreat definitely lives up to its name. The team here at Kumara made my stay very enjoyable and fulfilling. It's the perfect balance between yoga, meditation and spa treatments. The setting is very beautiful - a good place to heal and recharge one’s energy.  I have to commend Ketut on her massage skills as I’m going home with very few ‘knotts’. The food was outstanding, so much I’m going to learn more about ‘raw food’ meals. Hope to return next year in Bordeaux!!!! For the wine retreat.


The retreat offers a very healthy balance for your mind, body and soul. I entered with fears and some exhaustion - mentally and physically and emerged feeling clear and revitalised. And the staff are so warm and helpful - you begin to feel part of the family. The yoga / meditation is amazing and spa treatments are perfect - compliment. I hope to return in the not too distant future. It was a special experience in my life.

Renelle, Australia

Everyone experienced it in a different way. For me the most powerful experience was the healing/ purification ritual at the spring. I enjoy prayer, the place felt sacred, and i believe that some healing occurred in my body. As a yoga beginner I had to explore and find my limits. I feel strong and healthy and my asthmatic breathing has improved. The massage coupled with the yoga helped my aching muscles to relax. The room and staff are excellent. The staff is pleasant. The room clean, comfortable with a view comparable to paradise. Walking in the rice fields and observing Balinese daily life was a lovely counterbalance to the yoga. And finally the food - well prepared, healthy, beautifully served and enjoyed amongst good company.

June Bayard, USA

It was a very personal experience. I met wonderful people on my journey of self-discovery. I connected my mind and body. The yoga/ meditation sessions were invigorating. The teachers were good at explaining, showing and correcting my posture. I looked forward to the exquisite cuisine. The menu here is so flavorful and healthy - even though the food is so delicious tasting you doubt it once or twice. I experienced the Ubud culture walking through the market and seeing the breathtaking nightly dances. The activities at the retreat were very surprising - both enjoyable and completely unimaginable. All-in-all I loved it here. Claude, Iyan and the staff are fantastic. I'd return just for one massage :)

Natasha Chishti, Canada

"Escape the World" is exactly that. This is my second retreat in 6 months and after 5 days I feel like I have been here 5 weeks. I often let my highly stressful job get the better of me and burn me out. In November, my last retreat I returned to Australia like a new person, like I had been reset. I was buzzing for months, feeling energized and positive - the healing effects of the Ubud jingle and the sound of Iyan's calm, affirming simple words still playing in my head. The retreat is truly an enlightening experience. It took me back to basics, back to my soul, my self. The downhill bike ride is so liberating, feeling the wind in my face and passing by gorgeous children and locals calling "hello!!". The rice field walk, so fresh, green and really refreshing, soaking up nature, clean air, life/ The food, so fresh, tasty, tantalizing., the taste buds with each mouthful was always something to look forward to. I have booked in a cooking class to take home the Balinese secret. I was very well looked after at Kumara when I had the flue, the extremely friendly staff provided me with fresh orange and ginger juice + fresh mint tea as well as setting up blankets + sheets on the day bed for me to recover, I felt so special and looked after. Finally, Iyan, the beautiful, soft spoken, calm and kind hearted yoga teacher ans guide. What a wonderful and honest person to spend this healing week with. Thank you for an amazing spiritual experience. I will take home your words, your guidance and advice and treasure it - making sure I use it every day so that I don't get so stressed out again. Much Love Iyan & Claude

Carly Hopkins, Australia

This retreat has been a life inspiring, life changing experience. We have been blessed with the most beautiful surroundings in which to enrich our lives, nurture our souls and let our spirits fly! Every aspect of this retreat has been second to none; from the warm smile you receive the moment you arrive to the even warmer smile you receive when you leave. Iyan, Wayan and the team at Kumara could not have made this experience any better. I'm grateful! Thank you.

Suzanne Davies, Australia

I came here to rest + revitalise, and this happened. I felt " held " + "nurtured' down to the tiniest detail. The sessions were all superb, the flow was well planned on our behalf. The passion for our well being from the owners was evident at every stage. The staff were inspiring, gracious + friendly + even loving. My appreciation for them is great. Ps: Desserts were to die for. amazing food!

Jannine, Australia

Once in lifetime experience ! Magical, mystical & spiritual getaway.

Aziza Habib, Germany

Thank you ONEWORLD for a me experience allowing me to rebalance & rebuild with all the "treats" you have to offer, a surprise only to be experienced in a slice of Bali haven.

Narelle Sattler, Australia

The retreat was excellent, there was enough challenge to make me grow, enough love to nurture my spirit & enough seeds planted to ensure lasting change. Plus the food was plentiful and sensational.

Joanne Messenger, Australia

Very glad I came back, gave me exactly what I needed, down time, pampering + an amazing progress in my yoga practice which will follow me home into my daily life.

Tricia Durrant, Australia

The peace, tranquility, surpassed my expectations. The staff were exceptional in all ways. The daily program had so much variety that each day was a new experience. One week here is like a three week back to elsewhere. I hope I am able to return! Thank you.

Lesley Bull, Australia

The friendliness kindness shown by the staff was very humbling. I have had a most awesome first time experience in Bali particularly at Oneworld retreats. I will never forget this special week! Thank you so very much. It was my very best birthday ever!!!

Kathryn Clyburn, Australia

You were all fantastic!

Jan Green, Australia

Very nice wonderful staff, all smiles ,so kind, beautiful outlook. Food lovely, spa treatments so good.

Jocelyn Boyd, Australia

I feel alive again, relaxed, overwhelmed by whole experience.

Ade Kelly, Australia

Breathe in Bali has been a wonderfully fun and rejuvenating experience. as well as being truly spiritual. The setting is sensational, the rooms comfortable, the staff are awesome and the food is amazing!

"Escape the world 16 - 21 May 2010": One of the most amazingly joyful and freeing weeks of my life. Everything has simply flowed. I feel so grateful and blessed to have had this experience. Truly heaven on earth! Thank you Iyan, Wayan, Claude and the entire wonderful team!

Tyle Locke, Australia

Well what can I say? It was fantastic. This was my first trip to Bali, I have been to Europe and other countries, but this is the best experience I have ever had. It is sad it has come to end but I will always remember my first trip to Bali. Because of ONEWORLD retreats, Claude, Iyan, Wayan and the rest of the team are very kind and have wonderful energy. Going to miss them and the beaut

Tyson Hodge, Australia

My whole experience at ONEWORLD retreats was fantastic. The massages, yoga, rituals, activities, accommodation, was all excellent. The staff at the retreat exceeded my highest expectations. They were very courteous, thoughtful, friendly, and helpful. The retreat was great because it opened me up to a Bali experience that not many people will ever discover. Well done team. Thank you very much for having me at the retreat.

Jarrad Hodge, Australia

The only word I can say for the retreat = yoga, spa, ritual, accommodation, meals, activities and services is ' professional', 'well organized', '100% confidence'.

Eva Ip San Ching, Hong Kong

I found the retreat perfect for practicing yoga & contemplation. Nothing but the sounds of nature & beautiful surrounds. it was like being transported back to the real Bali (and I have been to Bali many times). The food was fantastic and the staff were always attentive and available when needed but never intruding. Our visit to the sacred springs for the purification ritual and mount Batur were highlights. All the activities were great.The retreat was throughly enjoyable & felttotaly relaxed yet energised & could have stayed even longer. Thank you team. Iyan, Wayan and the staff were brilliant and professional.

Peter Dunne, Australia

The retreat lived up to all my expectations and more. Claude, Iyan, and your staff were simply amazing. The energy of the place, the beautiful meals. The peace and serenity made me feel so relaxed. Loved the yoga at mount Batur, the visit to the holy springs, just everything about the retreat was inspiring. I hope to come back one day in the future whenever I'm feeling a bit stressed. I will think back to my time at Kumara and smile especially remembering Iyan laugh. Thank you/ Love & peace to you all.

Janette Hodge, Australia

I've travelled the world and I must say that the experience provided by 'Escape the World' retreat is unsurpassable. The price of the retreat for what was provided was more than reasonable. The staff were just beautiful in their gentle management of my needs. I particularly enjoyed the personal touches where I'd came back from a yoga session and the rooms would already be made up and the quote for the day left on my side table. The gifts of a sarong and incense sticks were very touching and it seemed nothing was too difficult as the organisation of all excursions to the volcano, the bicycle ride down and the walk across ride fields to a beautiful organic restaurant were meticulously planned. Thank you so much!

Linda Tan, Australia

I am so impressed with the thought and effort which has gone into planning this retreat down to the last detail. It feels like a top end luxury experience but at a very economical price which makes it affordable for many. I really appreciated the personal touches like a cup of ginger tea after your spa treatment, the "thought for the day" in your room, the fresh flowers after the room had been cleaned. The food is absolutely fantastic and for me as a vegetarian I felt that my meals were not just "meals without meat" (as so often happens) but were nutritionally sound, varied and extremely appetising.Guilt free desserts were a bonus. The yoga was really good. Iyan's demonstrations and explanations were exemplary teaching. Maybe in time there could be the introduction of some of the others practices e.g. a kirtan session in the evening in the yoga room would be really special. I think fundamentally the success of this resort and the yoga retreat is down to the commitment and sincerity of yourselves (Iyan and Claude) and the extremely high standards of service displayed by your staff.

Arlene Chattakar - Aitkins, Australia

A really excellent way to escape the world By the end of it. I came out more appreciative, calm, relax, fit & healthy!

Susanna Qlintang, Australia

I have seen many beautiful natural panoramas in the world but yoga at gunung Batur was he most heart filling experience. The humility of experiencing such a sight will stay with me forever. The day of silence, painting a mandala, allowed me to truly experience being in the moment, an experience that came again many times in the subsequent days of the retreat. I feel truly honoured to have had this experience and to share such fun and laughter with fellow participants. Namaste

Susan Sach, Australia

The most fabulous place to relax, rejuvenate & spiritual energize yourself. Iyan, Claude and all the staff really caring & committed to making your retreat a very memorable experience. My 2nd time, will be back for more.

Lesley Donohoe, Australia

The retreat is a nurturing place to be yourself & find your own truth. It allows you to find your inner strength which is needed to make changes. it is a spiritual experience that is enriched by the environment, Iyan & the other beautiful & lovely people that are in the group. It gives me clarity of thought & the insight needed to continue through this beautiful life. Thank you xx

Michelle Lilley, Australia

As a novice to yoga, meditation, spa treatments and direct involvement in rituals, when asked by my partner to join her I was just a little hesitant. Certainly without an open mind the experience would have been very confronting, with one I was introduced to life changing exercise & skills that i will continue to develop. The aspect of the experience that stood out most to me was the genuine concern the staff had that the participants were nurtured from the position they were at. I never felt as a novice I had to aspire to anything other than what I was ready for. There were no 'Holy Grails' presented as a goal. The retreat has set me on a path of self care that lesser places may have had me running from. Thank you

Arthur Tooth, Australia

I was not here really to "escape the world", just have some yoga experience & new activities just for me. But being here you realize how important it actually is to escape our world. It is far too busy, so to find some calmness was so appreciated - thank you. It is something you will take home with you!

Deborah Timbs, Australia

Just the perfect balance between learning more about yoga and meditation, having some insights about the Balinese way of life and culture, and discovering healthy and amazing gastronomic delights.

Erica, Switzerland

I cannot say enough about the excursions and the impact they had on me this week. They were very relevant to my journey and the order was perfect. But most of all the care and attention to detail and our comfort was amazing and so subtle that it minimized for me a sense of imbalance that i feel when being constantly attended to by others.  Thank the universe for Claude and Iyan! To the staff of Kumara: Every single one of you helped make me feel wonderful. Thank you so much for your care!

Erin, Australia

Arriving at this peaceful, very beautiful place I felt the powerful energy and let myself relax in it, like a warm bath. Iyan's gentle way of teaching yoga helped me a lot to soften and open up more. I'm grateful for all the very beautiful, very nurturing days we had. Claude, Iyan, thank you so much!

Miriam Schumacher, Netherlands

I did have the intention to make my three week visit to Bali a spiritual journey. Coming from the rational guided west Europe I opened my self for some new input, new perspectives. Like a bird I could touch the Bali ground for a moment. ONEWORLD retreats was a such a giving place that it will be impossible for me not give more too in my daily live: it was so inspirational that want to create in my own way the ONEWORLD experience for other people and myself. I love the vision you guys have. I love your courage, smile, and persistence; Iyan thanks for your physically packed wisdom: Your yoga is teaching  the language of love!

Bart Mantel, Netherlands

From the beginning to the end; everything just fits in perfectly. A true experience thanks to the great staff, program and professional organization. Many thanks and hopefully I will get a chance to visit this great place again.

Arlette, Netherlands

A wonderful place to escape the real world, rejuvinized & recharge your batteries, so you’ll be able to face it again with a strong & great attitude.

Sheryl Buchwald, USA

A truly amazing experience. A retreat from the world in the true sense of the world !

Kate Milburn, Australia

Came back for the third time……need I say more…..?

Simone, Netherlands

Very good retreat, will come back

Randi Spieler, Norway

The second time visiting Kumara: again fantastic! The retreat is a true gift to yourself. The spa treatments were amazing: the girls know how to relieve the tension in your body. Thank you Iyan for the ‘opening’ yoga sessions, Claude for the hospitality and the whole staff for this wonderful week. Keep up this perfect work!

Simone van der Heiden, Netherlands

Great balance of activity, yoga and ritual. I felt like I received a truly wondrous Balinese experience combined with a relaxing yoga setting. Overall, a fantastic experience and opportunity to meet great people and share great food and yoga!

Melanie, Canada

I am forever grateful to have been recommended this experience from my friend, Chris (a yoga teacher). I’m not sure how, but in one week’s time I have been rejuvenated, challenged, inspired, and loved. I’m not leaving here the same person as I arrived; I have found what I was searching for + more! Yoga + meditation with Iyan in the beautiful yoga hall is a gentle, fulfilling experience but physically just challenging enough as well. The spa treatments were refreshing, especially the Ayurvedic Chakra Dhara massage. I had never imagined participating in a purification ritual, blessing ceremony or Balinese offering class and ceremony. I will keep these cultural pieces with me forever. Accommodations were quaint but included all comforts one would ever want. Also, details were never forgotten, that end up making all the difference (art, incense, candles, architecture, furnishings, etc). The activities were masterfully woven into the week from the rituals to the day of silence to the sun rise yoga at Gunung Batur and a fun bicycle ride to eating a delicious organic lunch in the middle of a rice field. By far, this was the best overall service during vacation due to not only the attention to detail + work ethic, but more importantly the gentleness + genuineness found in every single person on staff ( including of course Iyan + wayan ). And how could anyone leave here without memories of those sincere smiles at every encounter?. Also thank you for sharing the healer with me.
I can confidently say this was the best week of my life due to the self-exploration achieved in such a short period  of time with so many beautiful, supportive people around me at every turn ( including my fellow yoga devotees in our retreat :). Please keep improving + changing lives here because you have a very special slice of life at ONEWORLD retreats + it truly is ‘escaping the world’ as we all so desperately need at times.
Much gratitude + peace

Angie M, USA / Japan

“Escape the World” has far exceeded my expectations. The environment, the people and the service has been truly amazing. I have never felt this good than during the week of this retreat and hope that I can continue this feeling on my return home. The yoga, the food and the cultural activities have been exceptional and have enabled me to see the true beauty of Bali and Balinese culture.

Brooke, Western Australia

My 4th  time here and each time it gets better. The attentive staff makes you feel so cared for – and they cannot do enough to ensure that your stay is perfect. Iyan – I learn more in the yoga in 1 week here than 6 months at home and have learnt some amazing things about myself in the process – Thank you.
Claude – you go beyond necessary to ensure the best experience and you are continually listening and improving. Thank you.
It goes without saying that I will be coming back and I am so excited about the retreat in Thailand –
2 ONEWORLD experiences in 1 year – I am truly blessed and grateful.

Jacqueline, Australia

I came to this retreat not knowing what to expect, even a little bit scared that the whole week could end up a disaster BUT it was AMAZING! The people, the service, the gastronomical delights that emerged from the kitchen, the yoga or the extra activities were all sensational! Can’t wait to do it all again one day very soon!

Elizabeth, Singapore

Dear Iyan, Claude & Wayan + all your wonderful staff, what can I say about My “Escape the World” visit to beautiful Ubud, and in particular Kumara Sakti. The retreat was the most amazing, life changing experience and I embraced every minute of it! This is a truly special place, and the perfect setting in which to begin healing my heart. I will always remember this special week spent with all of you in this supportive, peaceful + nurturing environment. I only wish my stay was not coming to its end, but I will definitely return to Kumara to continue my spiritual journey. Words cannot explain how wonderful you have all been in allowing me to truly “Escape the World“, and your kindness will not be forgotten. My first visit to Bali was fabulous. Namaste! With much love + gratitude

Jacqueline Dobrilla, Australia

The setting of Kumara Sakti is not only visually stunning, but the vibe is one of healing and renewal. The Kumara Sakti team is world class as every detail is accounted for. I will mostly remember how everyone smiled with their eyes and their hearts! Thank you for an unforgettable week! With love,

Teresa Giustino, Japan / USA

My Escape The World retreat: A wonderful rollercoaster ride, emotions, beauty, silence, shedding thoughts that don’t serve me well, reflections, joy, realignment of much!, confident gentle touch, indulge, blissful moments!!

Shannon Coyne, USA, living in Saudi Arabia

It was a magical experience. Coming off the busy road one enters a little paradise. Peace and tranquility reign here. Personnel and place are both perfect!! I was transported into another world during the massages and yoga. All – in – all = wonderful! Thank you! I’ll be back

Nicole Damen, Netherlands

The retreat was fantastic. It was a beautiful yoga experience with a great cultural insight into Balinese culture. I had a wonderful time & would recommend it to anyone. Thank you!

Fiona Gough, Australia

Amazing experience in a gorgeous setting surrounded by beautiful people who will be with me for a lifetime!

Christine, Ohio, USA

I spent two weeks here at Kumara Sakti and loved it. The staff were amazing and the spa treatments were fantastic. Yoga with Wayan and Iyan was amazing as well. They both had a great sense of humor yet were very informative as well. They made the yoga beneficial, informative and fun all at the same time. Thank you Wayan, Iyan and Claude and the rest of the staff at Kumara for a wonderful time.

Angela, USA.

If heaven exists, then ONEWORLD retreats creates the path towards this special place. Embrace yourself for an amazing journey that consists of relaxation, peace, happiness, friendships and the most amazing yoga instructor by the name Iyan who commands respect, love, honesty and is most amazing person you will ever meet in your life and that will make an impact towards you forever. I am grateful to Iyan and his amazing + sincere staff, my advice: don’t think about it and just book it!!!

Bill Kosmopoulos, Australia.

Great escape for body and mind in heaven on earth.

Ilse Siewers, Netherlands

I enjoyed every second here with you. Staff is so caring and doing everything possible to make our stay even better. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and enjoy the Swiss chocolate (Easter eggs)!

Martina Salomo, Switzerland.

This experience allows you to get outside your box and feel a sort of peacefulness you have been craving. Iyan not only leads you through some of the most fulfilling yoga sessions but also provides insight on how to improve and change your thinking - it provides a foundation to begin,  to reach a move calm, complete free life back home. Also, I was always curious bit skeptical about meditation. Now I see it is part of the puzzle to bring happiness and calmness into your life. I also appreciated the opportunity to explore my emotional baggage and how to free negative thoughts and habits. Now imagine doing all of this in one of the most beautiful places and properties in the world. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of heaven and helping me to start living a more purposeful and peaceful life. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart!

Melissa Hehn, USA Washington D.C.

The Escape the World retreat enables you to explore your inner world.

Ross Springolo, Australia.

Exceeded any expectations. So pleased I took part in this retreat.

Robyn Mc Dougall, Australia

Thank you Claude, Iyan and hotel staff for a brilliant retreat. A perfect balance of activities resulting in a peak level of wellness, harmony and love. A must for the reconnection to the inner self.

Douglas Hobbs, Australia.

This experience has been life changing. I knew as soon as I came through the gate that this place was special - the energy of the property, the aura of the staff - it’s like I found of special piece of paradise. It’s hard to describe it, but it is as tough this was how it was meant to be - the way the room face the sunset and the open air yoga studio + spa treatment rooms, each one with its specially made view. And the staff - you can truly tell that they work from the heart - and it’s a beautiful aura that surrounds this place - it is made with love and you can just feel it. The way the retreat has been organized - it is just so organic from the waking up bell to the time I put my head on the pillow. Many people I have spoken have experienced something magical here - many have made the choice to start living in different way as a result. It is beautiful and I feel blessed and I feel blessed to have been a part of this experience. Namaste

Susannah Khan, Canada / Switzerland

From booking I was very impressed with the website, booking email & feedback. It was very good to receive a free night & spa treatment; that was a wonderful surprise. We were met at the airport by a delightful man who drove us safely and we felt very safe. At the resort my first impression was of peace & tranquility, this was made possible by quiet, peaceful staff, beautiful ambience and a view that is the epitome of tranquility from my room. Claude & Iyan made me feel like a very important relative. The welcome was so warm and heartfelt. Our first meal was memorable because of the fabulous food and meeting wonderful people from around the globe. The yoga was awesome and I feel I have learnt so much - from the yoga and meditation. I will take with me a new attitude - of being deserving of peace and happiness and learning not to be too ambitious!

Martine McDougall, Australia.

Relaxing - the most amazing cultural experiences combined with yoga, amazing food and great company. - Truly unforgettable - definitely.

Bianca McDougall, Australia.

The Escape the World retreat was a wonderful gift I gave myself to help me through this period of deep grieving.  Each experience, the yoga, treatments, cultural activities and meals were totally nurturing. Thank you!

Virginia Choy, Australia

Thank you again Claude, Iyan, Wayan and the team. I feel wonderful thanks to the loving, gentle care from everyone at ONEWORLD retreats and Kumara. Sampai Jumpa Lagi!

Ros Peterson, Australia

This was truly a life-changing experience for me. It affects every aspect of my life from the physical, mental, emotional and on through the spiritual no matter what force you believe in. Also, along the way I learned a lot about Balinese culture and traditions that I can share with others. The staff, Iyan and Claude have done a fabulous job in creating this experience. And the attention to detail is nothing less from amazing. I will definitely return with friends!

Eddie Crocker, USA

I absolutely enjoyed my time here and am so glad I came. Not only was it great to get away but I feel like I really learned something from the kindness and gentleness of this place and the wonderful people who work here. I hope to take some of that home with me as well as return again one day.

Rachelle Torres, USA

The retreat was so much more than I expected. Extremely well run, with careful attention to detail.
You really do “Escape The World “, so much that it is hard to leave. I’m now going into the world with much more awareness of the world around me but importantly with the knowledge of how to keep body and mind as one.
Thanks to Iyan, Claude, your team for a truly amazing experience.

Amanda Marron, Ireland/ Australia

A wonderful experience, the planning is meticulous and effective. The service efficient yet unobtrusive.
The hosts were fantastic and the staff extremely friendly. I cannot recommend this highly though.

Matthew Green, USA/ Kuwait

The retreat is so varied, there is something to stimulate every sense. I thought, previously a retreat would be too intense and spiritual but this really gets the right balance between the fun and spiritual side. I feel totally rejuvenated.

Emma Milne, England

This retreat left me feeling whole again, able to face the world with a whole new attitude +perspective.
I felt nurtured, supported + part of a group of like-minded individuals all searching for peace + tranquility. Claude, Iyan + the team have put together the program that includes yoga/meditation, outside activities and plenty of time for relaxation + reflection . I highly recommended this retreat, in fact,  it should be a mandatory experience for all.

Laurie Drozdowski, Canada

A truly rejuvenating experience. I did escape the world for 5 days and in that time had a most rewarding personal journey. I will “re enter” the world with greater positivity and purpose.
Kumara Sakti is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of busy life. It is tranquil and peaceful. This is made so due to the yoga, meditation, delicious food, indulgent spa treatments and staff who clearly love their work. They show this trough their attention to detail, joyful friendly demeanor and generosity of spirit.
I hope to return and I will certainly recommended to my friends that they too threat themselves to “Escape The World” .
Thank you so much to all the staff at Kumara Sakti for a very special 5 days.

Nicola Davis, Australia

Thank you so much for taking care of me. I truly appreciated your attention to the smallest details. I love the variety of the experiences of the opportunities to learn about the life and culture of Bali.
Most of all it was a great yoga & meditation experience. You have enriched my world by sharing yourself.
Thank you so very much, Namaste.

Roxann Filaseta, Singapore

The ‘Escape the World” retreat is a wonderfully balanced mix of things: Yoga, spa, rituals and activities that allow you to immerse yourself in the Balinese culture while practicing yoga and relaxing. The hotel facilities are very good as well and the staff very attentive and cordial. If you want to reconfirm your yoga practice coming here is a definite. Iyan will make you rediscover your own capabilities while enhancing your knowledge on this wonderful exercise for mind and body. Ask Claude for advice about the Ubud scene and your will definitely end up making the best of your stay in this rich city. I will definitely come back and bring friends and family!

Maria Gabriela Gonzales, Venezuela

 What an amazing experience. This is the best gift I could have ever given myself. Thank you for helping me to nurture my mind (by way of meditation, relaxation + cultural activities) and my body (by way of yoga, spa + not least the “clean” + beautiful food). I have come away from this retreat with everything I’d hoped for and way more. I am going to tell anyone who will listen about this place. Thank you to Claude, Iyan, Wayan, Iluh, Ketut, and the rest of your amazing staff for an amazing week.

Deana Jokanovic, Australia

A very caring environment, non judgmental and respectful of different levels of ability and types of objectives.  The yoga was well-faced, and the Ayurvedic  treatment particularly  powerful.  The Balinese purification ceremony was wonderful, I felt the effect immediately.

Erin Mackay, Australia

Escape the world offers so much: lovely nature surrounding all week,  great experiences, delicious meals, impressive activities, careful staff (really sweet, warm and helpful), amazing cultural experiences.

Maud Göttgens, Netherlands

A great mix of the expected and unexpected!
I’ll be going home feeling great and with a smile on my face. What a fabulous experience “ Escape The World” is. This is the place to go when you need to regather your wits about you, get rid of bad habits and embark on new wellness era in your life style. Equiped with knowledge & enthusiasm. The gentle program subtly meant at the end of the time, I was able to look back and find I had improved physically and on other levels as well. This unpretentious comfort is luxurious whilst still being value for money – not easy to do.
The beauty of the surroundings is equal to its other strength - The staff.  Iyan is approachable & affable & knowledge and he obviously knows how to pick the right staff.
At the end of the retreat I felt, well, good about myself. I would have liked a few more days but I can come back again when I need too. Thanks.

Sharon Daniel, Australia

I came here with not much perception or idea of how this retreat will be like and what to expect; yet I’m leaving this place feeling emotionally and physical enriched. I now know what realizing one’s inner peace is all about now. It’s been a life changing experience the last 5 days, and I’m glad I came here.
This is the first time I truly experienced total service quality in this resort. Awesome

Rachel Lim, Singapore

This retreat is the complete package. The service, meals, activities, accommodation and surroundings are all exceptional. An “Escape The world” retreat is an investment in yourself.
Thanks to Iyan, Claude, and all the wonderful staff.

Jo, Australia

I found the experience at Kumara ONEWORLD Yoga Retreat to be one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. There is nothing I can think of that could make it any better. The setting is amazing, the rooms are beautiful. The quality of yoga instruction is fantastic. The spa treatments are incredible. The staff is over the top friendly and service oriented. And the retreat itself is a perfect blend of yoga, introspection, cultural experience and making new friends. Couldn’t have been nicer. Thank you.

Diane Rakocy, USA, Japan

Thank you ONEWORLD retreats,
Fly 22 hours for a 5 day yoga retreat and vacation. I wondered how much of Bali I would really see and experience. I’m completely satisfied. The yoga classes were fun, challenging and powerful. The spa treatments, best I’ve ever had. The resort, beautiful, quite and private. Thank you, I highly recommend this retreat. Best vacation I ever had.

Lorraine De Groot, USA

This retreat went above my expectations. It really embraced and nurtured my body, mind and spirit.
It’s great that it offers real diversity with its services and experiences.
Fabulous food, divine spa treatments, amazing cultural experiences, beautiful setting surrounded me by exceptional people allowed me to really have a break, rest, and recharge, whilst still pushing me with the physical activities! Well done for such a well planned retreat

Wendy Watters
20/1/10, Australia

The yoga is perfect – powerful in the morning, relaxing and room for discussions in the afternoon together with the purification ceremony, the silence day and the visit to the healer made the retreat perfect.

Antje Hepkema
22/1/10, Netherland

I came with my wife who organized everything. I had never done yoga in my life but came a long for some “ US” time. I’m leaving after having a fantastic time and loving yoga as a couple it has brought us closer. Thanks for everyone at Kumara

Geoff Watters
21/1/10, Australia

I came here courtesy of my mother Geraldine. We aimed to spend some quality time together while getting fit & healthy. The activities & yoga challenged our physical strength while rituals, spa and the accommodation gave us space to unwind & relax. The wonderful service made our trip the most beautiful experience. It has brought my mother & I much closer. I recommend it to anyone who needs a break from their busy schedules.

Theresa Thomas, Australia

The retreat met and went beyond my expectations. All staff were professional in their duties, and the food was exceptional.

Geraldine Thomas, Australia

Yoga was great for a beginner. Instructor was excellent. Provided great support for someone that was learning. Rituals provided great insight to the Balinese culture. Accommodations were very clean & comfortable, activities were enjoyable, Spa was excellent. I loved the bike ride and walk. Food was excellent, very healthy and great for a semi – vegetarian. Service was outstanding. Great staff!!!

Leslie Martinez, USA

The Escape the World Retreat was a great experience. I really enjoyed the yoga classes with Iyan, he is an excellent teacher and has a warm , fun, loving personality. Additionally, the activities provided the opportunity to get a glimpse of the Balinese people and culture. What a beautiful country. And the food was incredible. I looked forward to each and every meal. Thank you for hosting this retreat.

Lisa Meade, USA

Thank you for a perfect week in paradise! “Escape the World” retreat has been a wonderful week full of amazing adventures to places I never expected to be going. “ Escape the world “ has given me a great insight into Balinese culture, their beauty + way of life. The yoga sessions were very good, very informative + catered all levels only to be followed by delicious meals which I want the recipes for! The spa treatments were to say the least, addictive. The staff were beautiful people + so thoughtful, is what made my trip perfect. I felt like a “princess”. After saying all that I’d have to say I would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone wanting a break from the city life. I’m ready to tackle the world!!

Justine Owens, Australia

This retreat went above my expectations. It really embraced and nurtured my body, mind and spirit.
It’s great that it offers real diversity with its services and experiences.
Fabulous food, divine spa treatments, amazing cultural experiences, beautiful setting surrounded me by exceptional people allowed me to really have a break, rest, and recharge, whilst still pushing me with the physical activities! Well done for such a well planned retreat (spiritual boot camp)

Wendy Watters, Australia

The yoga is perfect – powerful in the morning, relaxing and room for discussions in the afternoon. Together with the purification ceremony, the silence day and the visit to the healer it made the retreat perfect.

Antje Hepkema, the Netherlands

I came with my wife who organized everything. I had never done yoga in my life but came along for some “US” time. I’m leaving after having a fantastic time and loving yoga. As a couple it has brought us closer. Thanks for everyone at Kumara.

Geoff Watters, Australia

“ Escape the world “, yes I was really on another planet……or it was it heaven?! I have had a wonderful time. I feel privileged to have been here and to be a part of it. I will never forget this beautiful place, service, food, people and feeling.

Sabine Blok, Netherlands

The genuine warmth of the staff makes this retreat a special experience. The atmosphere, the rituals, the entire program: perfection, powerfully moving transforming. Iyan exudes the essence of yoga. How blessed and honored I feel to have crossed paths with him.

Carla Abrams, Netherlands.

A blissful week of contemplation and indulging of the senses.

Maree Foran, Australia.

My stay at Escape the World has been one of the enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had. The relaxed environment and beautiful surroundings, coupled with the thoughtful yoga instruction, excellent food, and ‘eager to please’ staff seems to be hard to beat anywhere in the world.

Forbes Alcott, USA.

This was my third retreat at Kumara Sakti and as both before, this fully met, if not exceeded my expectations. Yoga mit Iyan is unbelievable and he shares his positive energy in an impressive way. The spirituality of this week is almost touchable. Many thanks to the team at Kumara and of course to wonderful Claude.

Ulla Zumbuehl & Mariane Leber, Switzerland.

Escape the World exceeded all my expectations. I have never done this type of retreat before and now I can’t wait to do it again! This was the perfect combination of yoga, meditation, reflective time mixed with group activities. The purification was so special. I want more ‘days of silence’. Yoga by volcano was magical and the ride through the villages back to Ubud amazing. I feel like I got to see a side of Bali that I would not normally see and that is all thanks to you! Iyan is such special, lovely person and I feel changed for the better thanks to him. The staffs were so friendly. I love, love, love the massages especially the chakra one. I cannot rate this retreat highly enough and I are planning to come again next year!

Michelle Swenson, Australia.

Practicing yoga every morning and evening at the most beautiful yoga studio I have ever seen was like a dream. The sound of the creek and Iyan’s voice were totally relaxing and I wished it would continue forever.

Kurumi Fukaya, Japan.

This retreat has been the most wonderful experience and I am glad to have shared it with my family. Iyan contributed so much to my spiritual growth and as so gentle (yet challenging) with his teaching. Escape the World offers a great balance of culture, comfort and self exploration. I whole-heartedly feel that the past five days have been life changing.
“Mother provides and I am grateful.”

Madeline Alcott, USA.

Amazing location, fantastic yoga, beautiful staffs, a stilling experience.

Michael Stevenson, South Africa.

Simply ‘wow’, what a powerfully rewarding experience!

Suzanne, Western Australia.

After 20 years of running my company I sold a part of the share and stepped out of the daily management and took a sabbatical of 6 months. This yoga bliss took place in my last sabbatical month. I am confronted with myself and learned there is a lot more in me. I am happy to start the second part of my life. I feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Free in myself.

Cor Geertsma, Netherlands.

For me this retreat just came in time after having a stressful period at work! Especially the balance of activities like the high leveled yoga and Pranayama in combination with the spa treatments were great. Not forget to mention the immaculate location surrounded by paddy fields and the fact its part of the good prince palace gives it highly spiritual and truly pure atmosphere. This provided me all the energy and focus I had lost.

Stevie Manuputty, The Netherlands.

A time out from the real world in the tranquil oasis of palm trees and frog songs. The only disturbance is being the occasional thunder storm and falling coconut! What a welcome change from the fast, insular life of city dwelling.

Kirsten Jensen, South Africa.

A fantastic escape - relaxing + revitalizing.

Penny Caroll, Australia.

On my last day at the retreat I was thinking of what I would tell my friend and family on my return and the continual phrase running through my head was “I’ve been living like a queen!’. The retreat surpassed my expectation on every level – the location and accommodation are beautiful, the yoga and meditation truly inspiring, the meals absolutely exquisite. But above all I think it was the beautiful, friendly, attentive and professional staff led by Iyan and Claude that made it such a special and memorable experience. I hope to come back again in the near future.

Thank you so much for the last week :)

Isabelle Lee, Australia

Excellent retreat – relaxing, refreshing and reenergizing. Time passed so quickly. Highly recommended.

Alex, Switzerland.

The first pleasant experience was meeting the driver at the airport then arriving at Kumara at 11:30 at night after 26 hours of flights and airports, I immediately feel refreshed by the very calming atmosphere. It got even better when I woke up the next morning by the sound of breakfast being put on the table on my private terrace and when I discover the beautiful nature surrounding me. It stayed perfect from then on. What touch me when the attention to details …in my everyday life I tend to give much more easily than I can receive so it was all time over welcoming to fell all the love and serenity within this place. From the beautiful staff to great yoga classes, from the soothing effect of the places itself to different activities that made us discover part of Balinese culture and spirituality everything was perfect I felt like a queen. And it was a perfect place and time for own self awakeners. Iyan and Claude you certainly are where you love to be, to be able create such harmony around you, Namaste.

Pascale Fouron, Canada.

It was a true escape. Big thank you!

Maia, Georgia

The tranquility, the peace, and the spiritual feeling of the retreat is so beautiful. Great food and wonderful staffs. We savior the memories of our stay here! Keep up the great ideas Claude & Iyan. May we all follow our dreams.

Bruce Muffet, Australia.

My ‘Escape the world ‘retreat was a truly amazing experience, just what I needed to help reconnect and heal myself. Surrounded by nature and beauty, you cannot help but feel of peace here.

Tanya Robinson, Australia.

This retreat is for you if you want to experience the spiritual Bali and connect with yourself and others through yoga, meditation and cultural activities. It really surpassed all my expectations, from the staff, accommodation, food, instructors, spa and all the little surprises that made me feel special. Thank you to at all at Oneworld, I will always remember the week I entered another world.

Marie, Australia.

Escape the World retreat is truly space and time that is self nourishing, empowering, relaxing, invigorating and peaceful. The food is healthy delicious and beautifully presented. The environment is paradise of lush tropical forest with the physical building, displaying the creative and beautiful Bali architecture. The yoga is presented in a way that is inclusive, so no matter what your experience or ability you achieve and are challenged. Most of all the people are always smiling, friendly and polite. They intuitively know when it is the night time to do the things. This experience will stay with me forever. I will always hold peaceful and wonderful memories that I will share with others by what I do. A truly exceptional once in a life time experience for yourself.

Karen Edwards, Australia.

The Escape the World retreat was truly that, accommodated in beautiful jungle surrounds of Ubud with lovely rooms allowing comfort and downtime in between yoga and activities. It was exhilarating doing yoga sessions in an open flow over looking in the lush green jungle. We were well spoilt with amazing food and given opportunity to witness some very special and beautiful part of the Balinese culture with the additional activities offered as a part of the retreat. I would love to recommend this to any yoga lover. I will certainly be back.

Amanda Maynard, Australia.

Although the setting and design at the ground is wonderful, your staff is truly your great asset! Graceful, charming, attentive and genuine, truly all go out of their way to help above and beyond expectations. Trapped in the nice fields by storm they went all the way back to the hotel and walked out to save us, bringing umbrellas! Thank you all!

Brendan Powell, Canada.

Overall I think the retreat was great. The staffs are amazing and the experiences were perfect ways to learn about Bali.

Melanie Piche, Canada.

The lodging is beautiful and in a beautiful setting. The staff is outstanding, thoughtful and kind.

Karen Sieverkropp, USA.

                In an idyllic tropical garden setting, Kumara Retreats offers to those fortunate enough to attend, a chance to truly find what they may be looking for. Whether this is merely a little bit of luxury, or if you want to find deeper meanings and satisfaction from your stay.  A most enjoyable experience, on so many levels, serviced by attentive / friendly staff. Beautiful healthy food. Instructive yoga sessions tailored to all levels. Iyan and Claude are both delightful hosts and guides.

Michael Smith, Australia

On my last day at the retreat I was thinking what I would tell my friends and family on my return and the continual phrase running through my head was “I’ve been living like a queen!” The retreat surpassed my expectations on every level - the location and accommodation are beautiful, the yoga and meditation truly inspiring, the meals absolutely exquisite. But above all I think it was the beautiful, friendly, attentive and professional staff led by Iyan and Claude that made it such a special and memorable experience. I hope to come back again in the near future. Thank you so much for the last week!

Isabelle Lee, Australia.

Excellent retreat - relaxing, refreshing and re- energizing. Time passed so quickly. Highly recommended.

Alex, Switzerland.

A fantastic escape – relaxing + revitalizing.

Penny Carroll, Australia.

The first pleasant experience was meeting the driver at the airport. Then, arriving at Kumara at 11:30 at night after 26 hours of flights and airports, I immediately felt refreshed by the very calming atmosphere. It got even better when I woke up the next morning by the sound of breakfast being put on the table on ‘my private terrasse’ and when I discovered the beautiful nature surrounding me. It stayed perfect from then on. What touched me was the attention to details. In my everyday life, I tend to give much more easily than I can receive, so it was at times over welcoming to feel all the love and generosity within this place. From the beautiful staff to great yoga classes, from the soothing effect of the place itself to the different activities that made us discover parts of Balinese culture and spirituality, everything was perfect. I felt like a queen and it was a perfect place and time for some self awareness. Iyan and Claude you certainly are where you have to be, to be able to create such harmony around you. Namaste.

Pascale Fouron, Canada.

In an idyllic tropical garden setting, Kumara retreat offers, to those fortunate enough to attend, a chance to truly find what they may be looking for. Whether this is merely a little bit of luxury, or if you want to find deeper meaning and satisfaction from your stay.  A most enjoyable experience, on so many levels, serviced by attentive/ friendly staff. Beautiful healthy food. Instructive yoga sessions tailored to all levels. Iyan and Claude are both delightful hosts and guides.

Michael Smith, Australia.

It was true escape. Big thank you!

Maia, Georgia.

I’ve experience heaven on earth trough the Escape The world Retreat at Kumara Sakti .
This little slice of paradise is the ultimate in escape, pampering, rest and relaxation. The retreat provides a perfect balance of beautiful guided yoga, ultimate spa treatments, glimpse into Balinese cultures and the serene & tranquility setting for self reflection. The combination is representative of Balinese culture – balance, beauty, and love. I’ve done many retreats in the past 15 years and this is by far the best! Thank you for allowing me to witness & experience paradise!!

Suzy Spivey, USA

This was definitely one of the most relaxing experiences I ever had. Being new to yoga I was worried I would have difficulty. Iyan tailored the class to suites everyone’s need from beginning to be advanced. His spiritually was not only amazing but contagious. The staff was there to accommodate each & every need. The food was out of this world absolutely delicious. I came to the retreat looking for some spiritual guidance life. This retreat has helped guide me back in to the right path. Thank you for allowing me to escape the world with you Kumara will definitely be back.

Shayda  Behbahani, USA

It has been beautiful!

Dominique Saunders, Australia

Escape The World was truly a fantastic, invigorating and spiritual retreat.
Thank you

Lauren Watson, Australia

Thank you for my peaceful journey through this magnificent life!!
Elizabeth Mc Cormack,  Australia.
It exceeded all my expectations. The yoga was amazing.

Gemma Dyllen, UK

Iyan is a great teacher, calm, serious, funny, patient and with a lot of humor. I loved the variety of the classes.

Rose de Witte, Holland

Great facility, beautiful people, outstanding services and an overall heart opening experience. This island is filled with abundance of love and spiritual energy. I will never forget my time here. If I knew how joyful and life changing this trip was before now, I would have brought my family with me. Coming alone was perfect for me, however I hope to come again with all the people I love. Truly, Bali is a magical and unforgettable place. I’m so thankful. I experienced my first trip here with the help from all the wonderful people at Kumara.

Sarah DeBuhr, America, USA.

Escape the World retreat was a true mind, body and soul retreat. The mind not thinking about nothing but the now. The body feeling relaxed and renewed with the spa treatments, and the spirit connected with mind and body. I have had a pivotal experience in my journey of spiritual enlightenment here at Kumara. Thank you.

Angie Orwig.

We travelled from Washington, DC in the USA, many miles to our ‘Escape the World’ retreat. The meditation/yoga session with Iyan were excellent. I enjoyed waking up early every morning and the activities which exposed us to Balinese culture. I would highly recommend the retreat and would love to participate in another ‘Escape the World’ retreat if offered in another part of the world!!     

Jason S Smith.

To date, this has been the most amazing, relaxing, enjoyable and enlightening experience of my life. The retreat is in, possibly, the most beautiful part of Bali. The accommodation affords extreme privacy, quietness and tranquility, whilst being unpretentious yet luxurious. The food is simple, wholesome, healthy and a culinary delight. Each meal prepared with care and presented beautifully (not to mention tasting divine). The spa treatments were relaxing, rejuvenating and total bliss making me feel like an absolute princess! The yoga and meditation catered for everyone, allowing us to either build on our knowledge and/or develop a routine to hopefully continue throughout the rest of our lives. The additional activities provided an insight into the life and culture of this beautiful country and the team of One World were friendly, attentive and exceptional.

Zoe Dawson, Sydney, Australia.

This retreat was paradise! The yoga lessons, the foods, the treatments it’s wonderful. The team is so caring and looking after you. The bonus are the activities like a purifications ritual, bike tour, walk in the rice fields. Very special and seeing rituals from Bali. I treasure this retreat in my heart and I can really recommend this to everybody!

Anneke de Rooij, Holland.

When I arrived in Kumara Sakti on Sunday I took a deep breath in and out. Day by day as I did yoga, meditation, treatments and ate the wonderful food, I could feel a peace wash over my whole being. Iyan, Wayan and the rest of this friendly and nice staff, I want to thank you all for the most amazing experience I ever had in my life, you are all very special and I will never forget this week. Sorry we missed Claude. Tilll next time…….with love and light. Namaste!

Pat Faber.

Rice walk, you could tell us that there you can buy art. It might be a little bit hard for beginners (yoga). But I like it very much it was very many sided. Teach Iyan was very professional; I’ll like the style he teach. It is soft. Many thanks!!
Mia Haapala.
I came hoping to have a relaxing and energetic holiday. What I got took me well beyond any expectations. I have found a true calmness at my very heart that I will carry with me in this life. Thank you to all the staff and people for giving me an experience that shall bear fruit forever!


A really loving and caring experience! The tender adjusting in the Asana’s make you smile.
Maria Annet Joziasse.
The escape retreat consists of the following activities:

  • Main part is the yoga and meditation, it takes about 3 hours a day, the program is for beginners as for the more experienced. That means that some exercises are lighter for beginners. The teacher and assistant take care and correct where needed. During the week a program for the exercises is followed.
  • Other activities. Group activity as sightseeing, walking is well organized and does increase the group atmosphere.
  • There is time for private activities like swimming, walking, shopping or resting.
  • Because of the early start of the day programs, daytime is used in optimal way.
  • The service like spa is optimal These treatments are for many guest a highlight during this week.
  • Dinner and other food/drinks services are at a very high level.
  • The environment around the retreat is beautiful. It looks like a jungle with a big variety of trees, plants, flowers, butterflies, birds, frogs and other creatures, in a safe area. The absent of mosquitoes was remarkable.

To enjoy such a retreat is useful for your whole life.

Ubo Duursma.

It was a great week of Yoga at a retreat in a tropical rainforest overlooking the rice fields in Ubud. I liked the spiritual rituals. Spa was awesome, food divine. True rejuvenation to body and soul. Thank you Vivienne and the team!!!! P.S. First night dessert in the mansion over the Balinese Customs was very special!

Inna Filatova, Australia

Kumara Sakti is a sublime retreat away from the hustle and bustle from the world. The grounds are magical and surround you in luscious beauty. The staffs are friendly and go to great lengths to provide wonderful service. The spa is a place to disappear into heavenly treatments which offer a spiritual flavor. The retreat itself allowed me to centre inward and open up to the presence in me and the meditation techniques were useful. I would definitely comeback to try some of the others retreats on offer. Thank you for nurturing me!

Emma Ashcroft, Australia.

Present moment, Soulful moment was a truly wonderful experience – beautiful surrounding, daily yoga and sensational spa treatments. It was a very satisfying week of personal  reflection, rejuvenation and pampering.

Edwina, Australia.

Si vous voulez vous gater, vous faire gater, faire prendre soin de vous en pratiquant votre activite favorite (yoga) de facon intensive, dans un decore enchantan, Kumara Sakti est l’endroui tout a fait indique pour participer a une retraite.
Une site peu commun, en pleine nature, un pavillon de yoga avec toute les commodities et pas surcrait, une vue sure les rezieres, une nourriture  santé de grande classe et un personnel des plus avenants pour repondre a vos besoins. En plus, un magnifique spa est a notre disposition avec des soins tout aussi interessants les uns que les autres et ce a cout excessivement abordable. Kumara Sakti et sa retraite de yoga est l’endroit qu’il vous faut si vous voulez vivre une experience hors de l’ordinaire!

Louise Genereux, Canada

Good combination of body, mind + spirit. The treatments were brilliant for clearing physical blockages, whilst the meditation and guidance was powerful in reconnecting with my higher self. The food service + general nurturing topped it off.
P.S Absolute beauty of the resort and gardens, was also very healing.

Kirsty Ross, Australia.

The whole experience was truly amazing. We wish we could take the whole place and everyone home with us. Thank you for everything.

Carolyn Rowland and Tanya Smith, Australia.

A true Balinese experience. Hearing from each of the proud people about their customs, traditions, family and life. I have learned much this week and will take home special memories of the smiling faces of the staff of Kumara.
Sampai jumpa lagi, selamat jalan!  Miss Margaret.

Margaret Spear, Australia.

To summarize my retreat I wrote this: Have you ever been still enough in your life to sit + watch a leaf fall from a tree? I have. It felt slowly & then faster & then glided onto the ground where it lay still waiting for its next journey. This is how I feel right now, like I’m on the ground waiting for my next journey.  I feel my fall from the tree was much more gruelling. Maybe I will be picked up in the very next breath of wind & blown over the patio balcony or maybe just gently blown along the ground for some time. I wonder if I landed on my back or facedown. This is what I need to decide on my journey to the ground. I choose face up + onward.

Julie Ronchi, Australia.

What a truly magical place to “Escape the World”. The people and service here is outstanding, the yoga relaxing and a nice way to open your awareness and tap into the energy of Bali. The bike ride and walk through the villages was a highlight. I wish I could have stayed longer.

Serena Leong, USA

An escape of a lifetime, experiencing activities and true Balinese rituals in traditional style and serenity. I have travelled over 40 years and nothing compared with this experiences. Terima kasih.

Geraldine Luck, Australia.

I love every minute of the retreat. It is such a magical setting and the yoga was absolutely brilliant – not to mention the yoga room….wow what a view!! All of the staff were so welcoming, gentle and helpful. The spa treatments were amazing – and again what a view from the treatment rooms!! I came to ‘Escape the World’ after a difficult year, and am so thank full that I did in fact escape the world. I feel revitalized and energized from the healing range of yoga, activities and treatments. Thank you in particular to Iyan and Wayan for your kindness, humor and friendship.

Michaela Abay, Australia.

Superb relaxation experience. A place to centre oneself and renew. This retreat offers an extraordinary spiritual cultural and sense filled experience. I could not speak more highly of ONEWORLD retreats!

Robert Brunton, Australia.

The location is idyllic and instantly relaxing. The staffs are the best I have ever encountered. The politeness and courtesy is genuine. There is real love here.

Lewis Adey, Australia.

This retreat will meet all your expectations and more. The attention to detail is amazing and the resort is difficult to pull yourself  away from. I came for 5 days and left so relaxed it could have been a month. Thank you so much, I will definitely return.

Curt Mason, Australia.

What a wonderfully thought out retreat. With a beautiful balance of yoga, Balinese traditional experiences. Each item on the itinerary had a real element of ‘class’ about it and was done with style. The final morning’s ritual was a very ‘fitting’ emotional experience for all and was beautifully done. And last but not least… the spa treatments - wow! Fantastic therapists, divine treatments, with a stunning setting, overlooking the rice fields – magic!

Elaine Reynolds, Australia.

My Escape the World retreat experience is something that I will cherish for many years. From the moment I arrived until the last day, this retreat exceeded my expectations in all areas. The staff are so friendly and help full, the accommodation is stunning and the food is so healthy and refreshing. It was the perfect combination of culture, yoga and meditation and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks so much to Claude, Iyan, Wayan and all of the staffs for making this a memorable trip to Bali! I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated (not to mention a little more flexible!).

Joleen Nielsen, Canada.

Kumara is absolutely amazing and exceed all expectations. From the lodging, to the scenery, to the serenity, to the food, to the staff, to the yoga / meditation classes, to the spa treatments and the cultural discovery excursions. This environment is a true gem and does nothing but encourage peace in one’s life and motivate a healthy lifestyle. Thank you kindly for this wonderful experience.

Andrea Germann, Canada.

Beautiful setting, beautiful people.

Karen, Australia.

Fantastic retreat: very friendly, helpful staff, beautiful settings, delicious meals, great activities, top teacher. In a nutshell a wonderful, relaxing + amazing experience.

Jeannine, Switzerland.

This retreat struck a wonderful balance between advancing and yoga skills and experiencing aspects of Balinese life carefully chosen to complement the yoga. There is a lightness of touch about the delivering of the yoga sessions. The choice of activities, the variety of nutritiousness of the meals, and the attitude of the staff that creates an immediate felling of being welcomed. While you are always treated with the utmost respect, there is also laughter and feeling that you are made welcome like a friend of long standing would be. The explanation of chakras and Ayurvedic practice gave the yoga practice a deeper spiritual  dimension.

Helen Tilbury, Australia.

Ideal place to get back to the core path of being yourself. The title says it all! Thank you! Amazingly friendly staff!

Petra Petrovsky, Holland.

Rejuvenating, uplifting and fulfilling. A once in life time experience that is sure to make positive changes in your view of yourself and the world.

Milli Wright, USA.

Escaping the world is like in between dreams, dreams of being connected with yourself by unifying mind and body. Beauty is all around. Many answers can be found by listening to the rice growing. Purification in the temple is the one of the most mystic and magic experiences I have ever lived in my life. Thanks for such good food. I feel pure, I feel organic and magnetic. I will be back soon and all the lovers of serenity should come here to live this unique experience. I couldn’t leave, I extended my stay.

Aurelie Drouets, France.

This has been the most wonderful gift I have ever given myself. Every single aspect of this retreat – from the yoga classes to the spa treatments, accommodation, food, and planned activities - was perfectly planned and executed, with every detail attended to and with a wonderful personal touch. I feel so blessed to have found Kumara Sakti and the Escape the World retreat. Claude, Iyan and the staff are so warm and welcoming. Everyone here clearly takes such pride in this place and it is amazing offerings. I would highly, highly recommended this retreat to anyone looking to experience yoga, see beautiful Bali and further connect with themselves + others in a spectacularly gorgeous setting. During my time here, all of the stresses and demands of my regular life have just melted away and I feel very quiet, very peaceful, very present. I will treasure my time here forever and do my best to take a little piece of Kumara + Bali home with me in my heart.

Amy West, USA.

The whole retreat was beyond my expectations. The setting of Kumara in this wonderful environment, the friendliness of the people, the quality of the massages, (and I am a massage therapist myself), the great food, all of the excursions etc. etc. I felt at home and welcome here. I also felt peaceful and close to myself. If there is heaven on earth, Kumara get really close! Thank you Iyan, Claude and the rest of the team!
Namaste! Love,

Ella van der Aa, Nethertlands

Kumara is truly heavenly. On the website it sounded too good to be true, but it really has been everything it promised to be. I felt truly nurtured and appreciated the respectful and appreciated the respectful and caring way all the team treated me. I noticed improvement in my physical strength and flexibility, but Iyan’s willingness to share the spirituality of yoga with us was excellent.
The silent day was an excellent way for me to ‘unwind’ and the other highlights were our bike ride downhill, but especially our last day of ceremony. It has really inspired me to include more ceremony and ritual into my daily life. To share with a lovely group of likeminded people was truly a blessing, and the group camaraderie at the end was difficult to leave behind. I am so glad I booked this retreat, a significant step in my self development.

Mandy Price, Australia.  

Exellent. Trully amazing. Everything from the booking service, first rate service, excellent food, excellent accommodation, very friendly staff, great yoga teacher, aazing activities, 15/10, top mark, thank you.

Grant, Australia.

Very recommendable! A different way to enjoy the island of Bali.

Cristina Hinrichsen, Spain.

“Escape the World”.. ..I didn’t expect it would be possible within 6 days. But already on the third day in Kumara, I felt an absolute peace within myself and I felt myself living and enjoying the moment. It felt powerful and quiet at the same time. Everything within the retreat program stimulates you to be here in the now and to forget about your work, your home, your job, your past and even your future. The yoga, the meditation, our teacher, the rituals, the activities, the food, the care, the friendliness, the service, the staff, the environment….it all makes a contribution to this amazing concept. I see it as a true privilege to have spent my time here and to experience my own escape of the world. I hope that I can take the power of that feeling with me to that other world that is more busy, more hectic, more stressy sometimes…and you know, I have the feeling I can! “Escape the World” within Kumara Sakti is a pure gift for your inner self. Thank You!

This entire week really does feel like a blessing. I came to Kumara to ‘Escape the World’, to immerse myself in my yoga practice, to find some peace. I have left here taking home with me a new sense of well being, strength in my body from yoga, strength in my mind from meditation and a sense of happiness in my heart thanks to Iyan’s open kindness + humor + humility and thank to all of the wonderful new friends that I have made here on this retreat. The spa treatments were amazing, the excursions + activities I adored. Everything feels and looks brighter now, with an open heart and an open mind. Thank you so much!

Natalie, Australia.

I think that this retreat was one of the most special experience in my life so far. It made me feel again, awake again, enjoy life again! It was exactly what I dreamed of.  A fantastic balance between yoga, meditation, doing cultural activities, and just having fun. The people I have made here were so diverse and special.  There was such a good interaction. The service was in one word perfect, so considerate and thoughtful. Thank you for that. Iyan was a fantastic, patient, warm teacher I wish I could take to Paris with me to feel save. Wayan completed Iyan perfectly. They are two wonderful, warm persons. Thank you all for this amazing experience.

Sarah D’eer, Belgium, France.

It’s an awesome claim…”the experience changed my life”…”felt like I was living in Paradise”…but if you trawl through the testimonials for ONEWORLD retreats, you will read this over and over again.  My own ONEWORLD experience was at Kumara Sakti and guess what folks…I DID feel like I was living in Paradise and the experience DID change my life.       The Why and the How if it goes like this..
At Kumara Sakti you live in an environment of sun-dappled light filtered through rain forest, of mossy ferns and exquisitely created stone paths that lead to magical and serene villas, food that is so fabulous it ought to be sinful but is in fact healthy, and all the while the ever-present sound of the happy gurgling stream that runs below the Retreat.    A team of dedicated Balinese staff with the highest work ethic I’ve ever experienced will, under the guidance of Claude and Iyan, know what you need before you are even aware of it.  You will be offered purification, physical challenge, joy, fun, laughter and adventure and you will be made to feel very, very special indeed.
Gently led by Iyan, you will experience meditation and yoga that will take you deeply back into those neglected parts of yourself that will spring to life with the joy of being acknowledged and recognized.  The best of what you are will flourish in this nurturing environment.  Clarify and strength will return.  You will take the amazing gift of peace and serenity that you have been given, back to your busy stressful lives and your one thought will be… 
I will return.

Annie Howard,  Jaspers Brush NSW Australia

Yoga – Fantastic facility and location. As beginner I loved the yoga (even the pain endured).
Spa  - the best I have experienced to date.10/10.
Accom – lovely rooms and ambience – quiet, lots of nature, private, the food was excellent – clean, fresh, diverse.
Activities – rituals, bike ride, culture advice, - all excellent 10/10.
Service – friendly, helpful, accommodating staff 10/10.
Namaste! Claude and Iyan thank you.

Brent Macaulay, New Zealand.

From the warm, personal welcoming, through the spiritual guidance, cultural exploration, yoga instruction and practice and unbelievable food and service, everything about this retreat is beyond belief! Thank you!

Grace McMillan, USA.

When I arrived in the evening, the front desk, Balinese man, said something about me feeling like a princess the next day. Well, this became my reality for a week at ONEWORLD retreats at Kumara, “the source of life experience” indeed. This truly was a wonderful life experience in body, mind and spirit. The program was already thoughtfully designed, the food divine and the service exquisite. I felt treasured as a guest and enveloped with unconditional love via the hands of the spa staff. What more could a princess want.

Kelly Kaye, Canada.

A wonderful warm bath for body, soul and mind!

Chantal de Haas, Holland.

A wonderful ‘get away from the world’ experience. A fantastic introduction to Bali’s culture and customs. Activities were planned and conducted in very thoughtful & creative way, ensuring a holistic feeling of adventure and well being.

Eva Gardyn, Australia.

I had a bad start of the retreat when the driver failed to pick me up from the airport, however I had a really great time and learnt so much during my stay. It has been a very interesting experience being a person who has never done yoga before and now I am beginning to enjoy it and would like to do more of it when I get back to Melbourne. Everyone here has been amazingly friendly and helpful. Thank you Iyan, Wayan, Claude and everyone else in the resort, God bless you all.

Vonny Turamali, Australia.

L’endroit est fabuleux, le personnel est adorable et professionnel. On se sent complètement en vacances, comme dans une bulle, on ne s’occupe de rien! Le contenu de la retraite est très bien pensé, j’ai vécu une expérience exceptionnelle que m’a permis de me ressourcer  autant mentalement que physiquement. Les activités permettent aussi de découvrir Bali et les Balinéens. Pour finir la nourriture est absolument incroyable !
Merci à toute l’équipe !

Carole, France/ Canada

The programs are eloquently eloquent! It is a must for anyone to experience the “Journey for inner self discoveries” in yours giving for others to experience! And more! Wonderful! Thank you!

James Kwok, Australia.

My summarization of my ‘Escape the World’ was exactly that – a really wonderful escape. Here, following your program I gained so much - my yoga definitely improved, my ability to focus during meditation certainly improved. The accommodation, activities and service all surpassed my expectations. I would like to thank you for giving me a most memorable 6 days in which I learnt self discipline, time to destress, to calm my thoughts and actions, spiritually be more aware and fine contentment. I will always cherish and remember fondly my ‘Escape the World’ retreat.

Sheelagh Windrum, England/Qatar.

“If you have 5 days to spare, it’s 5 quality days well spent”

Kat Pollard, Australia.

My week here has been amazing. The yoga has allowed me to push my body to certain limits and I am delighted with the results. The spa treatments brought a touch of sensuality to my afternoons and the food was simply fantastic. Wow, I really do need to brush up on my cooking skills! To Iyan and all the team at Kumara One World retreats I would like to say thank you. Your haven here has brought me inner peace and the experience has truly been uplifting.

Alexandra Windrum, UK/Qatar.

This has been the most wonderful experience! We really have ‘Escaped the World’. The staff has been amazing the treatments refreshing and the activities enlightening. Thank you so much for giving me this beautiful taste of Bali!! I am happier, more relaxed, and glad to have met such a wonderful group of people. Namaste!

Kara, USA.

My escape the world retreat was excellent from start to finish. The yoga and other experiences were varied and some of them took me out of my comfort zone, which was good. It was a great experience for me, the team members were fantastic, one of the best I have ever met. It was a very special experience for me. Thank you!

Lorraine Lavery, Ireland/NZ/England.

A week of fantastic indulgence in an oasis of peace and tranquility.Well done and thank you to Claude, Iyan and your team of 26 happy smiling Balinese staff.

Stephen Valentine, Australia

Delightfully surprising full of wonderful memories influencing my now.

Ibby & Jasmine, Australia

I only have one thought considering the massage. I have learnt that tapment (the tapping) should not be done on your soft part of for example your back. I could be wrong but I did not feel comfortable with the hard tapping over my kidneys. If I am right maybe the staff should know about it !?.
I usually say… no tapment under the rib cage, as I said just a thought. I am very pleased with my treatment and the mandi lulur with the laughing duck to study was tip top.

Tina Haraldsson, Sweden

It has been an exceptional life changing + life enriching experience. A multi layered gift which was strengthening + nurturing to my body, opening + clearing to my mind and releasing + understanding to my emotional wellbeing.
Claude and Iyan have very cleverly integrated a path for all to not only give to ourselves but to give an opening into the world of Bali.
What a precious and unexpected gift.

Miranda, Australia

The retreat has been incredibly relaxing, indulgent and touching. I have loved learning more about yoga, my spiritual side and the Balinese culture. Along with the friendliness displayed it has been very beautiful to observe.

Elizabeth Cassella

A life changing experience…!!!!
Having never done yoga, I was apprehensive but I can assure you it was not a problem and highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking at Escape The world…..!!! Words cannot explain the value of the experiences gained from this retreat.

You will just have to try it and see..

Kirsty McDonald, Australia

Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a yoga retreat can be… I liked the yoga, the food, the people, the heavenly treatments at the spa and how well all the activities were balanced. And of course the location is magnificent. Thank you very much for a beautiful week Claude and Iyan, I think it is one of the best gift you can give to yourself.

Nathalie Peters, Netherlands.

Do not hesitate…Just book it! It is a divine intervention from your hectic life and you will not regret it any second.

Miriam de Vries, Netherlands.

Iyan, Claude, Wayan, and staff at ONEWORLD retreats “Escape the World”: thank you for providing me with the experience of my life. I found myself immersed on a journey where I simply watched the world go by. I emerged with a clarity of thought that I had not been able to achieve before.
Thank you so much.

Wendy Mutton, Adelaide, Australia.

The Escape the World retreat has been a wonderful experience. I was a beginner in yoga but I now feel much more confident. Iyan and Wayan were good instructors and gave a lot of individual attention. The other activities were great! The staff in kumara makes you feel at home and are always smiling. Last but not least we had amazing food! I feel sad to leave Kumara..Thank you all very much!

Sandrine Berrez, Netherlands.

The tranquil jungle setting of the retreat allows you to leave your normal life behind giving you the fine and space to focus on yourself. With the expert help and the instructors you are able to retrain both body and mind making you a stronger person both physically and spiritually.

Henry Forwood, United Kingdom.

After a bad Christmas, I booked “Escape the World” – it definitely was. I was calm and relaxed. The yoga was fantastic, meals superb and I had the best facial I have ever had. I am sure I will return.

Melinda Flynn, Australia.

I give the Escape the World retreat a big fat D
D – Vine
D – Lish – Us
D – Lite – Full
D – Scovery
D – plee Satisfying
Every activity is planned well and executed with confidence and sensitivity. From day one I was made to feel welcome and at home. I leave rested and restored. I have had a taste of what it must be like being royalty as they have treated me like a princess – especially as I received a crown massage.

Angela Rice, Australia.

Awakening, reveal of inner health, healing, amazing, tropical, a truly beautiful experience.

Ashleigh Morris, Australia.

Escape the World is a wonderful retreat to experience. Kumara is a paradise, the delightful staff are kind and helpful, and the food is delicious! The menu is very well planned and everything is a taste treat! Kumara Spa is superb and staff excellent. Iyan is wonderful retreat leader and the yoga was great - and challenging too! I would love to come back here soon!

Tricia Clarke, Australia.

Quiet, peaceful, friendly. Everything was taken care of, I felt like a princess. Thank you very much for giving me this retreat that I needed so much. It was just great!
Namaste! Terima kasih,  Selamat tinggal.

Muriel De Beer, Holland.

Escape the World is about bringing it all together – mind, body and soul. It is a unique, uplifting spiritual journey that indulges the senses in an amazing setting filled with everything that you need to be yourself. Iyan is absolutely amazing, his warmth and light radiates. And friendly staff offers the most divine body treatment & the food is just delicious! What an amazing experience! Thank you.

Kristy Reid, Australia.

I know expectation often lead to disappointment, but Zen Bali was everything I expected and more. The beds were comfortable, the staffs so gracious, happy and willing to help, the food both healthy and delicious. View from every room of rice terraces, coconut palm and tropical forest. The yoga room - open air and positioned above a flowing creek also with beautiful views. The yoga and other activities were well organized and very educational. I full relaxed, rejuvenated and fulfilled. Thank you Zen Bali.

Andrea Gabriel, Australia.

Everything was wonderful!

Lisa Antony, Australia.

Claude & Iyan - The retreat wouldn’t be so outstanding if it wasn’t for you both and your wonderful staff. There are always things in life to learn and more awareness to be had and I always find these things at your retreats. Being here gives you the space from normal life to reflect, dream and to find who you are. See you again soon.
Terima kasih

Michelle Liley, Australia.

I feel I’m really fortunate to be able to spend a week here, because, during this retreat, whole programme and the surrounding environment have guided me to experience a totally different aspect of life; living in harmony with the nature, meditating to reflect myself deeply, getting up early to have a good and gentle exercise, having healthy food and drink in a regular manner, discussing with teacher and friends on various topics of life. I decided to came here to forget my daily busy life,and now I am fully prepared to get back to my daily life, having in mind that, if needed, there is always place like this which makes me realize the important things in my life. Thank you for all the staff who made available this wonderful occasion.

Tomonori Tatsumi, Japan.

The retreat is fine I did not have any expectations. I was curious. I wanted to find rest and a certain kind of place. I find it all.

Monique Meurs, Netherlands.

All wonderful - Again!

Jane Miller, Australia.

This was the most amazing experience.

Olga Binman, USA.

Going into me. Getting time for myself, time for my heart and my soul combined with very lovely people, perfect treatments, nice activities, a good teacher and a great nature. Relax means to have time, to enjoy and to escape the (your own) world. Thank you for helping me with this!

Fabienne Heyne, Switzerland.

Claude, Iyan and the team
Your warm kindness and genuine acceptance of your guests is what made this retreat a very comfortable and nurturing experience for everyone and I believe this is not so common in this industry so I thank you for this special experience. It was the best of what I hoped for and more. Terima Kasih banyak.

Lauren Gallagher, Australia.

Today I wrote in the guest book
I don’t believe in a God but here in the gardens and nature, you feel the creation. It is perfect as it is, like paradise and here, I have found the happiness that I have dreamed of.....

Gertrude Rietueld, Holland.

I came here hoping for time out and got that and so much more. The peace and gentleness of the retreat and the people who work here are soothing to the soul. Thank you.

Pam, Australia.

Never in my life was I so close to paradise as here in this retreat at Kumara Sakti. Its loving, surrounded by nature so incredibly beautiful that it too k our breath away. We are sitting on the veranda and looked for hours into the beauty of nature. I would love to come back. It is hard to leave this place.

Aby Scheitons, Holland.

It was just what I was looking for. Iyan was a brilliant teacher with the perfect energy to lead the retreat. And Claude’s warm welcome and wealth of local knowledge and experience set the tone. The accommodation and yoga platform are in the lushest surrounds... amazing. Overall the retreat had the same flow from start to finish that you experience with Iyan in one of his meditation and yoga lessons were just right. I am glad and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to experience this week.

Carey Garland. New Zealand.

I loved every minute of the retreat. There was just the right balance of yoga, massages, free time and time lunging by the pool! The day of silence and ceremonies were important parts but perhaps nothing was more wonderful than the beautiful attentive service and attention to detail of the team: flowers laid out in front of your yoga mat each morning, endless pots of ginger tea, incense lit every evening, beautifully presented rooms and the bike ride of my dreams! 22 clicks of downhill bliss through the Balinese countryside. Thank you Iyan, Thank you Claude and thank you to all the Wayans and Ketuts who made this such a special experience.

Kate, Australia.

This magical place on earth made it clear to me that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Being here to totally escape the world has been one of the best lessons in loving me in a very deep way that comes right from the heart and goes right into the heart at the same time. I am so thankful for this experience. Thank you all at Kumara Sakti and thank you to Iyan and Claude.

Carlyn Krielaars, Netherlands.

From someone who has done relatively little yoga after almost 4 hours of yoga a day on this retreat, I am thankfully not put off- to the contrary I am hooked. This was my plan and with Iyan and Rachel’s expert guidance to start my journey I look forward to a new life with yoga a permanent fixture. The retreat is so well thought out. I had some pain (trauma) locked deep down inside and I have felt very safe here working through and dispelling my demons. By far my favourite day and well worth getting up at 4.30am was the yoga in front of Gunung Batur – the best bit freewheeling (with no hands) on the downhill bike ride. We must never forget the child inside. Accommodation, spa treatments impeccable and always, always, service with a huge smile. Thank you so much Claude, Iyan ad your team for making this possible.

Sophie Sorensen, UK.

Very special modification Yoga in beautiful Shale. Heavenly spa, unique rituals, beautiful accommodation, fun activities and good service.

Mikko Harma Finland.

The retreat allowed me to forget about everything. Not having to worry about where or what the next meal or activity would be was very satisfying.

Stephen, Australia.

A perfect way to distress, relax but still feel energised and healthy. I love the mix of yoga with massages. I really feel I am doing something very good for my body. On top of that I am loving meeting everyone and I am loving Iyan’s laugh.
Carey Mercer, Australia.
Iyan has a unique ability in an idylic setting to touch, open and impact busy career people. His energy and ability will reconnect people with life and I recommend this retreat to anyone with a keen sense of self-exploration.

Andy Lambert , Australia.

In one word ‘Amazing’: a great treat for yourself! Escape the world shows you why Bali is the crown chakra of the world. What a wonderful spiritual retreat where the service is superb as well as the staff of the Kumara Sakti. I loved every minute of it and I will be back again.

Simone van der Heiden The Netherlands

Thank you Claude and Iyan for creating a great concept; practicing yoga with caring and knowledgeable teachers in this beautiful surrounding with very friendly and efficient staff and all special activities outside the yoga was a real treat for all senses and made my heart sing.

Helen Belovics. The Netherlands.

I have not done any yoga for a long time. This experience has enriched my life so much. Half way through the retreat I felt like I never wanted to leave. It feels more like home, than my own home does. It has made me face myself, and to peel away the layers to get to my core. The atmosphere and the way the whole resort is designed are fantastic. I absolutely loved the rituals and the village. I don’t like doing touristy things so I was so happy to be among your people and the places we went. I loved the fact there was no TV or Radio. This has helped me know me. The spa was the real treat, many, many thanks for just being here.

Darlene Richards. Australia

I came to the retreat with relatively little information and quite new to yoga. Whilst I found the 2 hour morning and 1 hour evening sessions each day rather exhausting it was all perfect for the place I was in. The treatments helped with the ‘Recovery’ and being looked after so well by teachers and staff meant all I had do was think of my reasons for being here. The location is perfect and the intro to Balinese culture really helped me see why this is such a special region of the world. I will never forget this place, the people, the other guests and I hope to return on a regular basis to keep growing spiritually and build my yoga abilities. Thanks to all!

Ness. Australia

This is the first time in Bali and the first time to get in contact with yoga, yoga was recommended to me by my doctor against stress. I was using my inhaler everyday and sometimes twice a day. I came with an open mind, did not really know what to expect the yoga and meditation was unbelievable. Ii didn’t use my inhaler the whole retreat! The breathing made me so relaxed. I would never have thought that I would sweat during yoga! I mean I hardly do when I work out at the fitness school. But here... The spa is so much relaxing bringing you in total relaxation. Imagine a massage for 2 and half hours!! After retreat is finish I want another one...!! The service and the staff are so great. I travel a lot and see many hotels even did recruiting for cabin crew. These staffs however really know how to handle the guests and pamper them. Thank you so much Iyan, Claude and the rest of the Zen Team for you kind hospitality. It was an honour being here.


Escape the world was beyond my expectations. The atmosphere of the place and the friendliness of the staff were excellent. As soon as I stepped on the ground I felt safe and complete even though It was pitch dark I could feel the beauty and tranquillity. I am definitely coming back.


It is actually true that you forget the rest of the world! This could have lasted forever. Many thanks to all the staff members that made this trip a real paradise.


In days you truly “escape the world” and forget you ever had a job! I enjoyed the morning and evening yoga and meditation with a gorgeous view of the jungle! The spa treatments were a perfect complement to the yoga and the staff knew where to find and release my tightest muscles. Our teacher , Coach, guide Iyan was so cheerful, encouraging and inspiring, he made the whole week an unforgettable experience. This all would have sufficed to make this an amazing retreat but then there is the fantastic location, country side, wack through rice patches....! I cannot wait to make this an annual event!! Thank you!

Eva Guenther, Washington DC USA

A wonderful secluded, refreshing and powerful escape into Bali and Self!

Amanda Blessing

I have practiced Yoga on and off for most of my life. In the past 3 years, I became so busy with my career that I didn’t make the time to continue with Yoga and as a result, had become very stiff and emotionally blocked. In the past five days, I can honestly say my body feels 10 years younger and I have regained movement in my body I forgot I once had. Iyan is an excellent and patient teacher, grounded in the work he does even outside of yoga. I’ve had a wonderful weekend, will recommend to others. The week was more than practising yoga. Iyan is a very gracious host!

Michele Deane

Fantastic beautiful retreat. Being able to lose yourself in the views and the sounds from your terrace was priceless. The staffs were great and courteous always ready with a smile! Yoga was exhilarating- our teacher Iyan was very competent at his art! I will be back!

Kit Madahar

I would like to make a special thanks to the staff who looked after me incredibly well whilst I was sick especially KT and Iluh! Thank you Iyan for a most wonderful stay, you are a very gracious host and have brought peace to my body and mind that I have not known in a long time! I would like to return and share my experience in the future with my friends. This will be the start of my “ Yoga Journey” which will start from here! Thank you and bless you!

Trica Durrent, Australia

The retreat exceeded all of my expectations. I “Ommed and Ahhhed” for a few days after I found your website through a Google search, having never done anything like this before. Iyan’s teaching was excellent. He is also such a beautiful person. I am sorry I didn’t have the same opportunity to meet you Claude. I will definitely recommend this experience to others at home. It was so worthwhile mentally and physically!

Linda Admyara

I had been telling myself for ages that I needed to get away on my own but life always seemed to get in the way. Eventually everything fell into place and I found myself here in beautiful Ubud. I was wrestling with a major issue in my life and thus in a very destructive headspace when I arrived at Kumara, but by the end of the time I spent here I felt the clouds had lifted and I could finally see the start of a way out! The serene surroundings and friendly staff coupled with the incredible spa treatments make it so easy to relax and forget any stress in your life. However, what made my experience here so exceptional was having Iyan as a teacher and guide. His still and patience as a yoga instructor is matched by his abilities to ensure you develop a connection between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the discipline and in turn, your life! The great emphasis he placed on self-acceptance and self appreciation had a profound effect on me, something I shall be eternally great full for! Thank you to Iyan and all staff. With much love.

Phillippa Smith, Australia

Not only was it an enriching experience for the body and soul, it also gave me an opportunity to see and experience parts of Bali that I had not seen before, and probably would never have seen on a normal holiday to Bali.

Jan Valentine.

I arrived at the resort and was immediately overwhelmed by its beauty. We had a really fun group and I enjoyed meeting new people from around the world. Yoga was great. The evening restorative class was a great balance with the stronger morning practice. Accommodation and food were wonderful and the staff extremely friendly and warm. The spa treatments were very luxurious. I especially like the floral bath- it made me feel like a real princess. My favourite activity was the downhill bike ride from the Volcano. It was a great way to see other parts of the island but most of all, just plain fun! Thanks for the great 25th birthday. It will be a memorable one for sure.

Grace Jackson.

After seeing some pictures in this magazine, I wondered if it could really be so beautiful. It really is. The treatments are very high quality- truly relaxing for body and soul. My favourite bit of the day is the yoga class. Iyan teaches a well balanced class with attention to all different levels of participants. From the first second on you feel that he loves what he does and he knows what he is talking about. So far I have had a great time here- a fabulous time here.

Helene Pieren.

It was the perfect start of my holiday. A start of a new beginning with more balance and relaxing in my body and my life. The combination of great yoga class; delicious food; friendly staff and the beautiful place-environment made it nearly heaven on earth!

Mariehe Sprietsma.

A really wonderful retreat. Iyan is a gentle and knowledgeable teacher with one of the most infectious laugh I have ever heard. The silent day and the trip to the volcanoe were unforgettable. This retreat was much more than I expected and I hope I am able to find the time to come back.

Corinne, Australia.

A lovely relaxing and spiritual retreat. Thank you.

Virginia Hottes, Australia.

Dear Iyan and Claude, thank you for the wonderful retreat. Everyone has been so kind and friendly to me. It was hard working on myself but so worth it. I will definitely come back and follow this retreat again.

Lots of love,

Maria Hofstre, Netherlands.

The Escape the World retreat is the most perfect mind and body experience. The Ayuverdic treatment was the absolute highlight to me and a gift I so badly needed. My complements to the professional and service minded staff.

Bianca Brouwer, Netherlands.

A true escape from my world with a glimpse into the Balinese world- an unexpected gift.

Wendy Mactaggamt, Australia.

This is Heaven on Earth! The expertise, the genuine support, the yoga, the views, the facilities, the food, the ease and harmony, the beautiful and respectful gentle staff. It’s all here. If you are genuinely not wowed out then you need a mind transplant- come and be refreshed.

Margo Field, Australia.

Excellent value for money. Like coming home and very comfortable. Professional and welcoming staff. A retreat that offers more stimulus than just yoga but also provides a healing environment.

Mark & Kausar.

The combination of yoga, meditation, the spa treatments and the optional programme was very well balanced. We were really pampered after having been pack backing for 3 weeks. For me it was wonderful for me that other people arranged everything and that I did not have to worry about where to eat or sleep. The food was good and the room was fantastic. The yoga sessions were inspiring, sometimes hard (in the morning without breakfast) but always rewarding and I learned new things I would like to apply in the future. Iyan is an enthusiastic teacher with many words of wisdom in between. I loved my accommodation and am really sad this all will end tomorrow. Maybe I come back some day. Other people did which is proof for the quality of this spa resort and Zen retreat. Many thanks


Being in Bali for the first time (after dreaming of going for ages), I started my 4 week trip off with the Escape the world retreat. I am totally overwhelmed by the impressions I have gained within this short timeframe. This is only my third day here and I have already come to love the nature, the hospitability of the people (including of course the Zen Bali Team), the food, the culture and spirit of Bali. The Escape the World retreat not only helped me to a quick insight into Balinese culture but also made me enjoy every single minute and was a perfectly relaxed and relaxing start to my trip. Perfect place, perfect people, perfect yoga, perfect food but not least, great excursions (I loved the bicycle ride) and awesome spa treatments. Thank You.

?, Germany.

Claude and Iyan describe the Zen Bali Retreat as an experience to give pleasure to your five senses- and that’s truly what it is. No detail has been spared to creating a sensory and spiritual retreat in a location that is quite simply magical. Beyond expectations and highly recommended.

Richard, UK and India.

It was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. The retreat pampered my body, spirit, soul. I loved the attention to detail, the staff, the design of the retreat, the location and design of the place-everything was just perfect. Thank you for making the week an incredible experience.

Proja Warier, India.

The hospitability and service are first class and the accommodation is wonderful. The resort oozes spirituality, calmness and peace. The activities are also wonderful. If you are looking for peace and beauty, together with fun and lovely people, this is the place. Well done and thank you.

Robert Brunton, Australia.

The retreat has been what I imagine heaven to be like; this is heaven on earth. The standard of service truly exceptional. Kumara cottages an exceptional place to stay, built in the Balinese style amongst beautiful gardens fountains, pathways, walls and stairways. Our yoga teacher Iyan has guided us through mornings and evenings of caring instruction, inspiring the development and expression of our full yoga potential. Thank you so much for an experience of my life time.

Cherie Mercado, Australia.

This retreat is one of those you always dream of but think you will never have. The place is magical. Everything (the yoga, the spa, the rituals, the resort, the activities, the service) has been a tremendous joy for the six senses ! It is all so inspiring. I would like to have Iyan’s voice on a cd saying “inhalation, exhalation, your face very relax, thinking of nothing!” Even though I have been practicing yoga for some years already, Iyan’s classes gave me a new look on yoga and how to do the poses. I am very grateful for that and it makes me want to do more yoga every day now. Claude and Iyan, you really know how to make the retreat the perfect escape the world. I admire how you think of all the small details that makes the retreat so special. The flowers in the room, at the yoga mats on the volcanoe at 6.00am!. the drink after the bike ride, the fact that the lights are on in my room when I come “home” at night. Thank you so much!! You really have touched me in more ways than I can describe here. I wish I could stay, I will be back.

Maiyi Paternotte, Netherlands.

What comes foremost to my mind is that I felt so well taken care of in every way. The attention to detail, the genuine hospitality of all staff and of course Iyan , who not only turned out to be a great Yoga teacher but a terrific host as well. The combination of the strong morning yoga with the softer restorative evening session was well thought out. The body sessions were the frosting on an already sweat retreat. I feel really blessed, Bali Blessed, to have had the opportunity to be here.

Judith Jackson.

A beautiful week surrounded by kind people and the right atmosphere to relax and to practice yoga lessons in a wonderful surrounding.

Ida de Jager, The Netherlands

This is the first time I have joined a yoga retreat. At the beginning I was afraid of going to a retreat alone, but guess what? I am glad that I am here. I don’t feel alone at all with a group of nice people who are so friendly here. On the arrival day, I received very warm welcome from the receptionist then stepped into my room and I felt so good and impressed by the view outside my room, - it was beautiful out there. And the yoga sessions were great too. I was worried I could not attend all of the yoga sessions but Iyan was really nice. He encourages us allot and he explained every detail in each of the postures so we wouldn’t get injured. The partner yoga was also fantastic, we had a lot of FUN!!. And doing yoga with a view of the volcanoe Batur was an amazing experience too. Every meal served by Kumara was delicious- I ate more than usual because the environment was so beautiful. My experience in here was truly wonderful. I am sure I will come back with my friends in the future.

Justina Lai,

Iyan, Claude and the team need to be congratulated for the creation and highly professional execution of the “Escape the World’ retreat. The concept is imaginative and offers participants the ability to completely surrender and indulge all the senses. The yoga sessions are challenging, restorative fun and variable. The setting is serene and the energy of the environment, the decadent spa treatments, nutritious and carefully prepared meals, the genuine desire of all team members to please, the diverse activities and attention to detail, result in a truly unifying mind-body experience. Thank you for a truly unforgettable experience. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

P.S Make Sari Organic a must.......most impressive !!!

Samantha Baskin, Australia 17/10/2008

The whole retreat has been beyond reproach. Magnificent from beginning to end. A truly holistic and healing experience where the service and attention to detail worked together to produce the end result- healing and relaxation for body, mind and spirit. It would be difficult to have this experience and not walk out of it much the better for it. Thank you Iyan, Claude and staff.

Candida Vassallo, Australia. 2/10/08

As a complete beginner I was initially a bit apprehensive about keeping up. That was one of the great aspects of this retreat- it didn’t matter and Iyan is so patient and gentle and provides the means to allow you to reach your own potential, regardless if expert or not. Top that with a stunning location, some fantastic activities and treatments provided by a wonderful team. It really was an escape the world retreat!.

Elise Ly, Australia. 3/10/08

A wonderful get-a-way with a variety of opportunities to explore and discover within and without and with excellent leadership in a magical setting – worth repeating.

Melody Hausman, Philippines.

What a wonderful week this has been. Thank you Claude for exploring some of the Balinese lifestyle to us. I now have an overview of the customs, rituals etc. Speaking of rituals- our evening at Tirta Empul was a mystical and spiritual experience. Dressed up in traditional ‘temple wear’ our team really looked the part. If there is a reason to rise early it should be to sunrise over Batur. What an awesome experience and an amazing backdrop for yoga. Our ride (mostly downhill) down the mountain was fantastic. For me our quiet day was perfect. Iyan, thank you for sharing your divine wisdom and yoga expertise with us- plus your sense of humour!. The treatments have been out of this world, plus all the staff was ever helpful and always smiling. I have also met some interesting and wonderful people who participated in the retreat. I leave refreshed and feeling enriched. Namaste.

Gaye Jewaskiewitz (Josky), Australia.

A fabulous escape for your four senses!

Alejandra Campos, Spain. 1/11/08

When you chose time for yourself, this is the best present you can give yourself. Spas are great, rooms are little houses with terraces with great views, much privacy and nice swimming pools. Its small enough to get to know your group. Food is excellent and surprises you every time. The people serve with their heart and you feel you can do whatever you like. The program has good dynamics and you feel reborn and will allow yourself more in just being you. Don’t hesitate, this is the best thing!

Danielle Kleyn, The Netherlands. 21/08/08

After three days here, I am lost for words. I am still drinking in the serenity, peace, smiles culture nature and pace of this special experience. A memorable experience to share and is now a part of who I am – lucky me. Thank you all the staff for over and above the call of duty.

Margo Rowe, Australia. 21/08/08

Revitalizing , recreated faith in the goodness and spirituality of people- especially in Ubud.

Kim Parkes, USA. 31/08/08

I had a wonderful time at the retreat. The facilities especially the yoga hall was a very appropriate area and space to do yoga overlooking the beautiful and peaceful scenery. The accommodation was better than what I expected and it was maintained very clean by the staff. The yoga was challenging and it enabled me to push my boundaries. However, at the same, I was able to get to know my strengths and weaknesses and accept them. The spa treatments I greatly enjoyed and the therapists were attentive and wonderful. Thank you Iyan – your friendliness, knowledge, and yoga sessions are very much appreciated. Thank you to the team at Escape the World.

Sonia, Australia. 24/07/08

Marvellous retreat. Beautiful rooms with terraces overlooking the rice fields, palm trees, the gurgling of the river, voices of frogs, smell of incense- yes they do please our five senses- then the treatments, loving care, and skilful managers, healthy tasty food- one could go on like that. Being a first time yogi, the class brought me to my limits, thinking of nothing, enjoy the position- it isn’t easy to do but I hope I can take the challenge on and continue once I am back home. What touched me most was the attentive manner – not a single place without a flower, an offering ; what a wonderful way to thank for all our blessings. A beautiful thank you to Claude, Iyan and everyone at Kumara Sakti.

Gabriela Graf Switzerland. 19/07/08

Perfect location with spacious rooms and balconies with a view of the rice terraces and jungle. Ideal package to rest, recuperate and unwind. A great chance to touch base with yoga again after an absence from classes in a safe caring environment. Paired with sumptuous massage treatments in the resorts restful spa. This is a great treat for the body. I would love to bring other friends here in the future. It is difficult to leave and get back to the real world. However, I do leave refreshed and feeling spoilt by the wonderful service and treatment during the retreat.

Lisa Lanzi, Australia. July 2008.

The retreat was excellent. Just what I needed to rejuvenate my mind and body. The people are extremely friendly and hospitable and the quality of the yoga was superb.

Anneliese Urquhart, Australia.

The whole program really helped me to escape the world and I needed that. It helped me to put in the right perspective, let bygones be bygones and let go of old “holding-ons” who infact blocked me to getting on with my life. The beautiful surrounding jungle and a serene atmosphere supported the process, as did the impressive Hindu rituals; the offerings, bathing at the temple, seeing old Balinese villages, rice tour. The whole staff are very kind and helpful people.

Ineke, The Netherlands.

A most beautiful setting, fantastic friendly staff, “fun” yoga, and sometimes more challenging yoga. It was made very easy to flip straight into a quieter frame of mind by the thought and care to receiving us warmly and showing us to our lovely rooms.

Kathy Fogarty, Australia 24/07/08.

A delightful, relaxing and culturally rich experience led by a very fine yoga teacher. Iyan’s deep connection with Balinese-Javanese rituals and ceremonies really added something special to the whole retreat. Claude is also a gregarious and warm host. Together they are a great team.

Maura Kenny, Australia. 25/07/08

Escape the World is truly a wonderful experience. The setup and location of the retreat are beautiful. The retreat is very complete in that the level of yoga classes fits beginners to advanced students and unlike most yoga retreats, it also includes meditation classes, an excellent selection of relaxation, riding and walking activities that give us the opportunity to experience Balinese life at a very leisurely pace. The management and staff are efficient, warm and very friendly. This was excellent value. It’s obvious to me that management and teacher are in this because of their passion and that’s really wonderful.

Monica Gonzalez.

A complete experience- mind and soul from reconnecting with yourself to experiencing some of the most intimate of Balinese traditions, a world away from the Bali of Kuta . Having lived and worked in the city for the past few years, “Escape the World” really helped me to remember who I am, my aims, goals and desires. Back on the path I desire- thank you.

Ceri Smith.

The experience was great : sitting in front of your room at night, hearing the river and all the sounds of nature, getting in touch with the beautiful culture of Bali, the purification ritual, the fantastically relaxing massages, the silent day, the 100% service, the beautiful nature and the great food. And of course the yoga and meditation sessions: they were sometimes hard, sometimes relaxed, sometimes great fun, but always very satisfactory.
I feel so much relaxed and flexible after this retreat. For me it was not escaping the world, but feeling as one with the world.
It’s clear that this retreat was set up by two guys with a dream and a great passion to fulfil it. Just look at their faces and there’s only one option; smile back and feel happy.

Jan Willem ten Hagen

Escape the World retreat allowed me to do just that..... Escape the World ! (having no mobile reception also helped!). I found the retreat a perfect balance of fitness (yoga, food, activities, spiritual, meditation, purification ritual, silence day) and cultural experiences. Not to mention the relaxing beauty treatments that accompanied the retreat. A truly holistic experience. It allowed me to nurture myself, my soul, my needs. Friendly, presentable, professional, helpful and attentive staff. Yoga that supported, encouraged, and developed strength and skills and was fun !. Beautiful surroundings and attention to detail, amazing and plentiful food, awesome spa treatments, fantastic activities. Thank you so much for a truly unique, balancing experience.

Shani Johansson.

Escape the World is the perfect name for this retreat. The location is beautiful, staff and spa fantastic and the daily yoga and other activities combined to make a well balanced totally enjoyable “Escape”. I look forward to returning often to repeat this experience.

Karla While, Sumbawa, Indonesia.

Thank you for providing a sanctuary of peace and quiet in which to reconnect with my physical and emotional being. The day of silence was a revelation, having the luxury of time to think and contemplate. Iyan’s yoga is a wonderful balance of physical exertion and fun. He is an extremely competent and caring teacher who ‘s words of wisdom I shall take home with me.

Carol Luca.

The week was set out brilliantly with a great balance of yoga, spa treatments and activities. It was a spiritual, physical and emotional experience I will treasure forever and to share it with Mum was very special. Thank you Claude, Iyan and everyone for creating Escape the World. Until next time,


I came not knowing what to expect ,but looking forward to having special time out with my daughter. She leaves in Australia and I am in Scotland. This experience has been so special in so many different ways. Claude, Iyan and without exception are very special people- thank you all so much. Iyan met my special needs at the yoga sessions expertly (next time I mean to surprise him !). I met interesting lovely people (the others in our group) and I leave ready “to face the world” again. Love to you all,

Angela Tilstone, Scotland.

This retreat really exceeded my expectations. The yoga was great, the spa was great, the food was great, the staff were great and the activities were great. I think the retreat was very good value for money and all of the services were top notch. Iyan was a fantastic teacher – he helped me meditate for the first time and helped me to improve my yoga postures. He also had a very good sense of when to push us and when to give us breaks. All of this combined with his wonderful personality make him a first rate instructor. The spa services were also a great way to relax and the spa employees were all lovely. The staff at Kumara Sakti were also extremely friendly and attentive- they made everything so comfortable and made the retreat a really wonderful, unforgettable experience.

Erin Lum.

The Escape the World Retreat was one of the best experiences of my life. The yoga teacher, Iyan, was just fantastic. We all loved him and we learned so much from him- including yoga techniques- breathing, meditation, and spirituality. Just as enjoyable were all the excursions we participated in. The 16 mile bike ride was exhilarating, the sunrise yoga class at the volcanoe was a once in a life time experience. I loved the walks through the villages which gave us a view to how Balinese people live their daily lives. The staff were also the best hotel staff I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and the masseuses in the spa were also incredible. I would like to come again soon.

Dede Lum.

The most wonderful enlightening experience I could have asked for- outweighed all of my expectations and has ignited a flame inside of me that will help fulfil my life’s journey. Thank you so much.

Sara Marchingo, Australia.

It has been an amazing experience for me. I wanted alone time and yet time to feel free and happy and that is exactly what I got. All of the people were amazing. I believe it was something about this place that brought such a diverse group of people and developed such a great bond. The rituals for me were absolutely special and incredibly divine. Every activity was wondrous even for someone who doesn’t ride a bike. The herbal spa, oh my God, because I am normally not a massage person, but this was out of this world. I like the nonstop supply of fruits I have never felt so healthy, rejuvenated, and energised. I will not only come back, I will also bring my friends.

Karen Kuoo, Singapore.

Excellent program to get away from it all. Great service, food and resort that is lush, green and beautiful. Just the right number of activities to keep you active and engaged. I also appreciated the inspirits into Balinese tradition and rituals.

Thank you very much.

Rosalind Pereira, Singapore.

I experienced to feel satisfied and relaxed. The yoga, the friendly staff, the delicious food, the beautiful and pure nature, the comfortable bungalows etc. made this week an unforgettable experience. I want to comeback. I really feel peace and silence in my heart and mind. Challenge to keep this positive emotions and sensations up in “busy” life back home. Practicing Yoga and meditation will certainly support this. I want to continue studying yoga.

Arianne Van Mil, Netherlands.

PERFECT. Beautiful setting and service. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated!
Can’t wait to come back!! Thank you!
Your staff is so accommodating and so lovely – always seem to be able to put a smile on your face!

Jody Skipper, NEW ZEALAND.

The little says it all, I definitely escaped my life stresses & worries and relaxed at the retreat, we were made to feel so pampered and were well looked after. I will leave feeling healthy, refreshed and rejuvenated.
The staff were all beautiful and friendly, thank you so much!!!

Jacqui, New Zealand.


Ros Peterson, Australia

It’s hard to put into words how beautiful this retreat was!! Everything down to how the tables were set for meals was done with such love, attention and detail. Such a wonderful way to experience Bali for the first time. I don’t want to leave but if I have to, which I will, I’ll take such beautiful memories of Iyan + his caring nature + all the caring staff, the divine view of the rice parties + the awesome spa package.
Thank you!

Lauren Down, Australia.

This is the perfect retreat to combine with a holiday: not too hard-core, but enough yoga (asanas) to appreciate how strong and flexible you can be, and enough meditation and other kinds of ritual to remember how wonderful it is to just be still. A beautiful way to reconnect with nature and with yourself – and to remember that that’s the same thing. Also plenty of time for yourself / your own activities, to get to know new friends, and, importantly, to learn more about this wonderful place, Bali. A treat for all the senses.

Di Kilsby, Australia.

I promised myself not to go a second time to places where I had a wonderful time and never will forget about it - Instead of this place! I will be back for sure!

Jutta Rossenboom, Germany.

This has been the most special holiday of my life! The staff and management are friendly, professional, helpful and generous of spirit. The rooms are spacious clean + well situated & the resort is breathtakingly beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga experience from both physical & spiritual perspective and the cultural experiences were truly special. An amazing place filled with special people!
I will be visiting again!!

Kim Jory, South African  living in Dubai.    

This retreat more than exceeded my expectations. Iyan and the team literally thought of every detail. The yoga was a good, solid practice, and the schedule worked well at relieving jet lag right away. The spa treatments were amazing experiences, and overlooking the rice paddy field only added to the extreme pleasure. The excursions were not your typical touristy type - each one was well thought out to include and respect the culture while showing us a glimpse at Balinese life. My favorite was the nature walk through the rice fields. The view was spectacular and the food at Sari Organic was incredibly fresh and delicious. Finally, it was incredible to get to know others yogis from all over the world.

Andrea Rizzo, USA.

A perfectly balanced program of activities with enough solitude to leave room to tune into your self. A place of nurturing and healing which only nature & good intentions of people can provide.

Gillian, Australia.

I came to Kumara tired and burnt out. I feel renewed and healthy and rested. The setting is so beautiful. I felt at one with nature. The Balinese staff is wonderful. Iyan’s commitment and gentle relaxed nature makes it easy to fit into this very special place. I will be back with some friends who will love it here.

Thank you Claude, Iyan and all the team. Xxx Angela

Angela White, Australia.

This truly was an escape from the world especially from the pagentry of Christmas. I have not only met a great group of people, I expect the friendships to continue after the retreats. The silence day was an emotional experience for all and has given me a deeper knowledge of my self. It has been a place and time to evaluate and embrace myself and my path in life. It has enabled me to achieve an emotional project that I had been procrastinating over and for that I am grateful. The time has gone way too quickly and I can only wish for a longer retreat and more yoga! The staff was impeccable - above and beyond what I expected.

Jo Farrell, World.

Very relaxing and amazing opportunity to meet like-minded souls from all corners of the globe.    

Heidi Meyer, Australia.

How could I not ‘escape the world’ and relax in a place of such exquisite beauty and accompanied by the symphony of nature.

Sarah, Australia.

A big week of blessing where I came again in contact with the big universal love. Glade I gave it as a present to my self.

Mariska, Netherlands.

Everyone should have the opportunity to experiences this retreat. It completely exceeded my expectations. The yoga was challenging, the activities were perfect and the spa treatments were divine. Iyan’s infectious upbeat personality was a highlight as were the friendships I have made over the week. I can’t wait to go back out into the world to share the love.
Thank you Iyan, Claude, Wayan and all the staff. It was an amazing week that I will cherish forever.

Kristen Day, Australia.


Beautiful surrounding, peaceful location, and a truly amazing experience. Beautiful friendships made ….an escape from the world….
Yoga practice for all levels, spa treatments -pampering- blissful-ritual-truly amazing, once in a life time experience. Accommodation –heavenly. Activities -nice surprise, yoga at sunrise, cycling through local villages was a great way to meet the locals. Service- Indonesian hospitality can’t be beaten.
Terima kasih Banyak!!

Anita Foster, New Zealand.

It’s been a wonderful experience practicing yoga in such a sublime and very spiritual and energetic place. It’s the time to slow down, listen to your heart, feel yourself and soaking up all the beautiful surrounding as the sounds of mother nature, the smell of the exotic plants, simply the taste of a small wonderful paradise. Open up and feel.

Petra Klepac, Switzerland.

This retreats is ideal for intermediate to advanced level yoga practitioners. The setting is truly breathtaking with gorgeous views of rice fields and tropical gardens. I really enjoyed the water purification ceremony. This was a totally authentic cultural experience. Claude gave an outstanding talk about Balinese customs which gave us a clean picture and better understanding of this fascinating culture. Overall this was a fabulous retreat!

Michelle Cempaka, USA.

I came here to relax & push reboot on my system as I am busy all year long. I was able to completely relax and reconnect with my self. I normally do yoga 1-2 times per week and was thrilled at how much yoga we have done and at the right level for everyone. I now feel great and ready for 2009! The hotel was great- very friendly, helpful and professional. Iyan is an outstanding yoga teacher, very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend his teaching to anyone at any level!
Thank you for your help, motivation and guidance!

Heidi Heron, Australia.

A true treat to myself; this retreat. In the best place of Bali one could be!
Ubud; If you’re not ‘spiritual’; you will be after this retreat!

Claudia, Holland.

A meeting of minds from the most diverse backgrounds; doctor to aroma-therapist globetrotting author to French shoe-maker! To reach common goals- relaxation away.
From the mundane, rediscovering one-self physically through yoga and mentally and spiritually through facing mount Batur at sunrise, walking along padi fields and immersed in Balinese ritual. This place is a true gem!
Thank you Iyan and Claude!

Pearlie Tan, Singapore.

I highly recommend everyone to try the “Escape the World” retreat, at least once in their life. Try it once and you want to comeback. It’s a life changing experience that somehow made me discover myself and to truly live, to be fully in the present. And it’s not from the program itself but also from the people you meet. The whole week makes you reflect on many things and in the end, you are a new person. Claude, Iyan and the rest of the team also redefine hospitality and service. The service is immaculate with smiles and sincerity. The staffs who always greet us with our names makes us feel we are at home. Also the little touch here and there, like the flower in front of our yoga mat, below the massage table adds magic to the whole experience. The program itself is also a perfect balance between yoga/meditation and discovering Ubud/Bali. I have been to Bali so many times but this time I really discover Bali, their lifestyle/ritual and even places I don’t know exists. The spa treatment were heavenly and the meals were also superb. I never though vegetarian and healthy dishes could be so tasteful. Iyan’s also the best teacher I ever had, who really taught me what yoga is all about. It was a treat for all 5 senses. Worth every penny and definitely will comeback and spread the word.
Thanks heaps, Claude, Iyan and everyone. Merci. Terimakasih. Matur nuwun. Matur suksma.

Chandrawidhi Desideriani, Indonesia.

The notion of ‘escaping the world’ is what will bring many people to this retreat but what you will get from it will ultimately help you to embrace the world. A holistic, nurturing and enriching experience which aims to unique mind, body and spirits whist deeply acknowledge and including what is unique about Balinese people and their culture.
Thanks so much to everyone, here at Kumara Sakti for being so generous and gracious in making my time here memorable.

Lizanne Knights, Australia.

This Escape the world retreat was a great experience for me as it has taught me how to really connect with my meditations. The ritual was a very spiritual and beautiful experience that I would highly recommend as a must do. Overall this was a most wonderful and enlightening experience.
Terima kasih to Claude, Iyan and Martine – Namaste.
Sampai jumpa!


Thank you from my heart for a retreat that far surpassed my expectations. I love the intimacy, the surroundings, food, yoga, the whole experience. A truly spiritual experience.
“Escape the world” and you may not want to come back.

Gerard Andrews, Adelaide, South Australia.

I know that 5 is the highest rating, however all the staff were very accommodating. The rating I gave is necessary to me for the standard as a whole was well worth it. I will return one day but hopefully been more flexible. Best regards to all and very best for the new year.


A rewarding, rejuvenating, and refreshing experiences. Martine’s good humor combined with a sharp attention to the detail of both the physical and spiritual dimensions of yoga practice made the classes enjoyable and beneficial. The staff at Kumara Sakti were outstanding and Claude, Iyan and the rest of the Zen Bali team really went the extra mile at all times to ensure the comfort of guests and the quality of our experience. Thank you one and all.


Yoga + spa + good food with the rice field view is the best ever!

Emilia Widjaja

A glorious ‘handsfree’ escape from the hectic pace of modern western life - more than I could have hoped for. Just having fun being myself - great yoga, relaxation, meditation, commercial activities, people, great food, charming culture, polite and friendly service.
A blessing to have been a part of it all. Thank you and Namaste.

Judy Mills

The practice of yoga is to teach one flexibility but “Escape the World” does more than that. I come away feeling as though life was more flexible then when I had arrived. That once you surrender to it the world and around it is exactly what you want it to be, exactly what you create it to be. Like a yoga pose, life can more shift in any direction. That’s flexibility.
Thank You!!

Stephanie Jagger

This retreat is a chance to replenish the mind, body and spirit. The challenges that can arise from an intensive yoga practice are balanced with an abundance of nurturing, delicious food and sublime body treatment, that nourish all levels of your being. As the mind become free of the responsibilities of everyday life, the senses are stimulated and heightened. The lush green landscape and the sounds of nature provide an ideal backdrop to stretch the body, free the mind and heal the spirit.
Claude and Iyan have created a sanctuary to attract people from all corners of the world to come together and journey through these six days. With a touch of magic and lots of laughter this retreat is an opportunity to re-evaluate your life and make the transition into the next phase with a renewed outlook.

Katie Burke

My utter delight at the room I was lead to was only the beginning of wonderful experiences to encounter. The yoga setting was breathtaking and Iyan’s experience in his style shone as he worked our body, stretching our limitations, and understanding our boundaries. Back in the physical body, the spa treatments, nurtured our soul under the expertise of the therapies. The culinary delights bring our taste buds alive and health to another level. I now know where heaven is and I am able to return when I desire. Love and light.

Michelle Little


A deeply nurturing process with a surprise in how strong my body and mind have become in just 5 days. Thank you for your love, respect and care towards us all.

I cannot believe I was given the opportunity to come back again so soon. Iyan and Claude you are such beautiful people. You have created an experience here that is absolutely awesome. I was so happy to see you both. There is nothing in the world that could make this experience any better. Every sense is bathed in beauty and depth. I will be eternally grateful that I am able to come here.
Iyan you helped heal my hearth the last time I was here, thank you. My retreat this time was indulging and being kind to myself.  I cannot express how happy I feel deep within me but I have had this since I was last here and I know it will be with me forever – Thank you – Namaste


It was really amazing. I have got great inspiration. Thank you very much.

Tatiana Rogova.

It was a very nurturing and relaxing retreat where I was able to go very deep into myself. Iyan the instructor is the best teacher I ever had, I will start doing more yoga and meditation as a result of this experience. It was a gift I gave to myself and it worth every penny.


Kumara Sakti has made me feel like a beautiful goddess, I have been here for five days, yet it still seems too beautiful to be real. It has been the perfect Bali experience.

Vanessa Sumner, Australia.

I had a fantastic experience at the retreat. Iyan’s yoga was the best and ritual was wonderful. The staff are very friendly and accommodating, great service.
Thank you very much. See you next time!!

Liane, Australia

Staff could not do enough for me!! Every little detail was attended to from cleaning my room each day to food service. I felt very special and like I didn’t have to lift a finger. For me the beauty of this accommodation, peacefulness and warm courtesy of staff made my experience.


To Claude, Iyan and all in Kumara Sakti retreat. This was my first retreat to your retreat and it definitely  won’t be my last. I have used many retreats in Bali as I run regular journeys from groups from Australia and this is one of the best. The organization and sensitivity of management goes a long way to help.
With love – till next year.

Debra Schembu, Australia.

The total experience was amazing. From the moment we arrived, we got thoroughly spoilt by the resort staff. The yoga space is brilliant, with its views across to jungle and rice fields, and the tranquility punctuated by bird calls and gecko sounds! The activities outside of yoga were extremely well organized. I especially loved the bike ride through villages, jungles and varying landscapes, giving us a taste of Bali not experienced by most tourists. I hope I can come back!

Fiona Anderson, Australia.

This retreat has been an incredible journey. From start to end we have been treated like royal. Our every need has been catered for .The activities were amazing, I really felt I immersed myself in the culture of the Balinese. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to see the medicine man, participate in the purification ceremony and doing yoga on an mountain , in front of a volcano, at sunrise, was out of this world. One word sums up this trip. Amazing, Thank you and Namaste.        

Jacqueline Palazzo, Australia.

The yoga is conducted in a peaceful verdant setting with very well qualified teachers. Attention to detail as Kumara Sakti is excellent, the staff are gracious and helpful. As well as yoga the extra activities provided give an extra dimension in understanding the spiritual side of Balinese life, in particular the visit in Tirta Empul. The spa treatments were rejuvenating , complemented the yoga and more active parts of the retreat.

Celene Lawlea

Prior to my coming here I was exhausted and strung out. From the moment I came through the gates I knew that this was the right place to retreat to. The staff were wonderful, the yoga classes exhelerating and the architecture buildings themselves (the statues, the sound of trickling water, the stairs!) all seemed to be aligned to create a blissful experience. From the first day when I had the Ayurvedic massage I knew I had part myself in the right hands.
Thank you, Namaste!

Judy, Australia.

The staff are beautiful, attentive, friendly, helpful. They help Iyan to have a good time because they seem to enjoy being here too. It was lovely to have them along on our excursions- not just for the logistical support but also for their pleasant company and local knowledge, it really made it special, more personal. Doing yoga among the sounds and sights of the jungle was an amazing and memorable experience – a dramatic contrast to the traffic noises and cityscape at home! I hope I can keep a little bit of my Kumara Sakti savasana with me always.
Thank you for a wonderful, memorable, unique and restorative retreat.

Robyn, Australia.

The retreat is more than I had hoped for. The surroundings were superb, the food fabulous, the Balinese staff without fault. I would thoroughly recommend this retreat.

Lynn Holt, Australia.

Your staffs are real gems and have made our stay a very personal experience – retain them at all cost! When we leaved we want to leave an experience interest with local people – we have noticed this is the same for many people who visit our retreat in Australia. This is what will enhance your business. You have all the ingredients to give people such an experience. Keep up the good work! See you again soon. 

Philip Williams, Australia.

Overall beautiful and enjoyable. Saw a lot! Treated well by the staff. Great food, awesome participants!

Lori Shapiro, USA

The food was delicious. The staff is super friendly and very helpful. The location is gorgeous. If you are looking for a unique yoga experience, this is it.

Rafael Hernandez, USA

The ‘Escape the World’ was exactly that - a true escape!! A beautiful experience with beautiful people -hosts and guests alike. Every activity was memorable and gave true insight into the Balinese culture - how so beautiful if only my everyday life was like this. The spa treatments, the food, the views, the accommodation, … words can‘t explain. An experience I will not forget.
Thank you Claude & Iyan.

Tanya, Australia.

A complete nurturing experience. Fantastic yoga, food and people in a truly magical place.

Gemma Wilson, Australia.

Great experience, great holiday.

Sarah Williams, United Kingdom.

I read the article in Yoga Magazine. So it was hard to come here ‘without expectations’.
I expected a beautiful experience, but it was even better than expected!
It was perfect combination yoga, relaxing, activities. I thank Iyan, Claude, Rachel & I thank the staff and Wayan for this wonderful week with so much love, care and yoga!!

Mandy Tanis M. / Nederland’s 19 - 25 April 2209

The attention to all the small details took the retreat to a whole different level.
The love and care that went into the food, the set up and the yoga room
The activities were fantastic. Everything ran like clockwork.
From the time I sent my first e-mail until the very end.
Congratulation to all of you

Ms.Ingrid Van Den Berghe / Australia 19 - 25 April 2009

This has been the most magical experience. The setting, the yoga and the wonderful charm and energy of Kumara have finally made this an unforgettable “Escape the world”
journey for me. I can’t thank Iyan, Rachel, and Wayan enough for their patience,
wisdom and expertise in guiding me through my daily yoga practice.

Thank you also to Ketut, Iluh all the drivers and the staff at Kumara for their wonderful generosity and hospitality. Without doubt, the massage I received at Kumara is the best I have ever experienced!

Terima Kasih for the magical memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will definitely be returning!!!  

Ms Mandanna Daemi/Australia 19 - 25 April 2009

To me the experience of “Escape the World” is perfectly in balance, with something to feed your body, mind, & soul. It was as if someone placed a slice of heaven at Kumara Sakti for us to enjoy. I will take memories from here and always remember the friendly people, new friends and the fabulous team whom have made this such a wonderful experience.

Ms. Gai Comans / Australia 19 - 25 April 2009

Eyes for details, splendid food, yoga and meditation that touched me.
Highly professional staff with superb service!!
Thank you all for wonderful and relaxing time!

Ms. Fransien Brasser / Nederland  19 - 25 April 2009

Well rounded experience – a balance of exercise, culture, and fun. I am very impressed with how much patience everyone had with me. I am going back home to tell everyone I know of this fun place.

Mr. Julio Harrera / USA 25 April 2009

Our life are often so full that we feel curiously empty. The most amazing life here is to see how people from completely different backgrounds, countries, cultures have so much in common. A lot of us realized that six days cause enough to press the self futon – some understood that they have to make changes in their life.

And what if you find the world in escaping it? Everything is beyond expectation!    

Martina / France 19 - 25 April 2009

We found a caring and thoughtful retreat, every minute of the day and night was filled with moment that strengthened our physical body, awakened our senses and reconnected both of us to time with ourselves.

Even for those not seeking for a spiritual experience, the retreat gave us the time to escape from our daily lives and homes. I can’t say enough wonderful things.

Ms. Stephanie and Mr. Lee / Singapore 19 – 25 April 2009