Escape the World

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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Awakening to know I would really like to live my life thanks to great meditation sessions. Fantastic staff always ready to help with a wonderful smile. Thank you to all who made this a very memorable experience.

Susan, Australia

I didn't have any preconception of what I would experience and enjoyed the hide immensely. Initially I wasn't interested in the day of silence and found it to be all Margo promised. The retreat was also learning & discovering at every day a little a big miracle happened.

Siri, Australia

The staff were courteous, happy professional and could not do enough for us. No matter what was asked of them they would attend to it straight away always with a smile.


What a magical experience! From the moment you enter the gates @ Kumara sakti all the stress of the world is left behind & you feel like a princess in fact I have no idea what has happened outside my retreat, and what a fantastic feeling that is! Leaders and staff are amazing! Accommodation & meals incredible.

Anne, Australia

I had such a powerful experience. The whole retreat will be in my heart for every love to you all.

Hope, Australia

A dance with the Devine.

Jo, Australia

How do you describe Margo's retreat? Fantastic, fabulous & life changing. I'll see you again next year for my 3rd retreat. You are obviously getting this very right.

Lyn, Australia

A life changing experience.

Monica, Australia

The retreat was very relaxing and informative, I liked having a balance of meditation, yoga , Spa, Activities, free time. The staff was excellent - food, service, spa treatments, I felt so special, loved and cared for!

Lisa, USA

I can't wait to come back to Kumara Sakti and attend another " Six Sense Meditation, Awakening & discovery retreat " It was such a fulfilling and beautiful experience. Thank you. Miss Patricia.

Patricia, Australia

Tell people to come to it - you will be awakened & you will discover & experience everything you could imagine.


Joanna (Write and Sell That Book" Workshop) is in the business of turning dreams into reality with her practical advice + extensive knowledge base. The retreat is absolute paradise. Iyan, Claude + all staff are amazing, great food, great location, great company, Great!

Tammie, Australia

The " Write and Sell That Book" Workshop certainly opened my imagination to all aspects of writing. I certainly loved the food, service, and rice field walk. Definitely have the treatment and part of package. Thank you to all the staff for an amazing, friendly service. Thank you to Iyan and Robyn.

Jean, Australia

Lectures and presenters - 10!! Material very relevant and useful!

Francesca, USA

I have heartily enjoyed my stay at oneworld retreats in Ubud. The food, yoga & spa treatments are superb. The retreat allows you to completely relax and forget your everyday wants back home. I will be very sad to leave, although I aim to return to Bali again, As the people are wonderful.

Benison, Australia

The retreat is life changing. This is my experience of both retreat this year. The staff are truly loving - a huge retreat for a westerner. I can't wait to return.

Robyn, Australia

What a good opportunity, to reconnect with my self. I was one of the 60 somethings who had lost contact with the value of daily rituals of self healing. The little things that touch the heart of myself and others with love & attention to detail. I acknowledge myself for allowing the healing. I acknowledge Iyan, Claude and staff for this loving program that took in so much variety of thickness and simplicity. Thank you, Lois

Lois, Australia

All aspects of the retreat matched expectations and was like reason we attended the program for a second time highly recommended for the person needing a complete break from everyday life.

Douglas, Australia

I was just escaping the world and have a special time here and all the people have been very helpful and friendly.

Christine, Switzerland

Oneworld was more than I had expected. I was a little with drawn on first two days but this soon changed due to the energy & human of Iyan& Wayan. Professional when needed & thought me so much. I will definitely take this experience into my day to day lifestyle as I have enjoyed & learn so much discipline & calmness in such a short time. Thank you for all staff & fabulous group - September 2010, It has really changed my outlook on life!!

Fiona, Australia

A peaceful place with warm hearted people who made this retreat and stay unforgettable with deep experiences and a lot of sharing. Namaste.

Marion, Germany

Iyan was a great yoga teacher. Kumara is a fantastic place to stay in with. Extremely dedicated & friendly staff. All the staff truly take pride in their work. I have learnt a lot of new things from Iyan, Wayan, & from the international group of yogis who joined in this retreat. I can go on and on about the retreat & Kumara. Words can not describe my experience. Thank you to all who have contributed to making this retreat such a wonderful & memorable experience. Namaste.

Sandly, Singapore

It is not so much an " Escape The World" but a lovely experience of " entering a different, calms, peaceful world" for a few days. Many thanks to Iyan and Wayan for gentle coaching and encouraging my yoga practice. Thanks to Claude and the team for making the retreat possible.

Kym, Australia