Escape the World

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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On arrival the embracing, supportive environment enabled me to recognize how I had been mechanically organizing my world. Thank you for the sacred sanctity that safely brought me home into my human form. Our love is divine.

Sean Jago, Australia

All was very good. My English is not too good to write more, but I’m satisfied.

Wilma Looijschelder,Holland

Escape from everyday life

A.Wensing, Netherlands

Excellent yoga retreat in a peaceful and harmonious surrounding, resulting in a One-Universe-Retreat.

Egidius van Aarnhem, Netherlands

Beautiful location and people at Kumara Sakti. Stunning views, nice amenities, amazing food, most important were the staff that worked so hard, and the new friends I made.

Cheryl Gregory,USA

I was deeply touched by my experience at Kumara. Every part of the spa was so well considered, every detail, every meal, the yoga and ceremonies were all given such dedication of the staff. It allowed me to relax, rejuvenate, contemplate and fully “escape the world”. I was overwhelmed with the pure beauty of Bali. Thank you to the team at Kumara for their kindness, care and desire for this to be a wonderful week.

Alicia Burton,Australia

Overall you know I love you guys and I love the thing you have created here! I will be back….some day!!!


I have learnt the skill and techniques to attain a peaceful and calm mind in the face of daily pressure and work stress. I have acquired the knowledge and know how to find the balance in my life. These techniques tough are very easy to use & remember. I have been greatly enlightened by this retreat. the secluded environment is perfect for recharging the mind & body. food was fantastic that I was looking forward to each meal everyday, 3 times a day!

Jovy, Singapore

A beautiful retreat staffed with beautiful people. the food is the best to be had in Bali and healthy as can be.

Georgie, Australia

This truly is a very special place. I have never been so relaxed or spoilt in my life. Wonderful staff, awesome food, sensational environment. Simply the best. We will be back!!! Memories for life. Thank you

Simon , Australia

The perfect place to recharge your life by facing up to challenges and obstacles and moving forward.

Vaia, Australia

A paradise retreat nestled in a Balinese jungle surrounded by paddy fields away from hustle & bustle of the world. A place where you are encourage to face the challenges in your life with a safe supportive , nurturing environment, and surrounded by first class staff and facilities.

MaryAnn, Australia

I had no preconceived ideas of what to expect. The retreat gave me all would have wanted I had known what I wanted.

Joanne, Australia

What an amazing experience. I meditated, I yoga'd', I laughed, I cried, I ate, I listened, I grew. Such a beautiful place. Beautiful people and a beautiful retreat. Thank you Candida and all the staff!

Michelle, Australia

Leaving behind the destructions of the material world has allowed me to be still & listen & learn. Thank you Candida for all the effort you have put in & for sharing your wisdom & knowledge. The yoga class have been excellent. The manages were glorious & the therapist perfect in every way. Magnificent accommodation in a superb location, service first class. It has been a privilege & an honor to be here. I hope to take home of the humility of the beautiful, gentle Balinese people home with me & I will learn to be a better person because of my experience at Kumara. God willing I will return next year. My love and light

Pamela, Australia

Walking through the gates was like entering another world. It just took my breath away. The perfect place for pampering your body with wonderful spa treatments. Yoga classes were great for balancing of body & soul. The experience of tasting the different flavors & textures of the Balinese food so professionally put together was a wow! factor every time. Service from the staff amazing and always greeted with a lovely smile. It is a pity we have to leave those gates to go an enter the real world. So tranquil will be back again.

Barbara, Australia

What a magical 6 days I couldn't fault it. Staff beautiful- happy - smiling- and accommodating people. Had massage, facial, manicure, pedicure + head massage. All beautiful feel wonderful. This food was something out at this world. I have flavor tasted such fresh food anywhere I am going, to change my cooking + use the recipes. One feels so healthy. What a beautiful place - I want to bring the family back + show them. I will be back soon. Thank you - thank you.

Margaret, Australia

The retreat was the greatest gift I could have made to me! I enjoyed every moment of every day and am very grateful to have met Iyan and to have learned from his tremendous experience. The resort and all its details are done with high care and so are the staff, very attentive and friendly, but always authentic. I spent a great unforgettable week and will for sure come back.

Andrea, Switzerland

A really wonderful experience. The thoughtfulness, friendliness, and organization by all the staff was amazing. The food was incredible - amazing flavors. I now feel stronger, healthier and calmer - and very privileged to have had this experience.

Emily , Australia

This retreat gave me a profound appreciation of Balinese culture and myself & others. It relaxed me to a paint I was not aware in actually achievable. And trough stimulating my five senses reawakened particular creative activities that had long day demand. I cannot thank Claude , Iyan, Wayan and the rest of the staff enough. May my association with One World be long live.

Nadine, Australia

The Escape The World retreat provides an amazing opportunity for self exploration and deep relocation in a very nurturing environment, The food was unexpectedly gourmet. All the activities in addition to yoga and meditation were well thought out and made the whole week exceptional. I loved the cycling, rice field walk and offerings class, the day of silence was revelatory. I can recommend it unreservedly .

Annie, Australia

This retreat has been a life changing experience for me not only spiritually but physically as well. I’m here a person but I am now leaving here as an individual, my own self.  In short I have a found myself.

Sanjita, Australia

An absolutely heavenly experience. Beautiful scenery, beautiful food & beautiful people. A divine experience.

---, Australia

More than a yoga and wellbeing retreat, "escaping the world “exposes you to a rich variety of cultural experiences that awaken at only your senses, but the very foundations of your emotions and connectivenes, from the moment I wound down the window in the taxi from the airport and in haled the aroma of incense, my eyes, ears and soul were touched by the beauty of Bali. The night time healing ritual at sacred Tirta Empul was an unforgettable experience that will always stay with me - it offered the way  for a truly trans formative week shared with a group of delightful people from around the world. The sensational touch of the massage therapist was complimentary incredible taste sensation. All 5 senses enjoyed this incredibly cathartic experience of yoga + spiritual growth friendship + laughter, played a huge past with many joyful moments enjoyed along the way. can't wait to come back.

Jackie Randles, Australia

A true exploration of mind, body, energy. Lovely teacher, lovely helpful staff, "all" things taken care of, even the smaller seemingly simple needs.

Jan, Australia

From the moment I arrived in Bali, it was not just that. I was escaping my world; it was as if I had been welcomed by my extended Balinese family. From the driver to the receptionist to the extended staff at Kumara, everyone made me feel right at home. The retreat was based on yoga, which was fantastic, but it was so much more than yoga and meditation. It was an introduction to a unique and beautiful culture and a chance to open up and get to know interesting people from around the world. Trough daily yoga, massage treatments, trips trough the country side, and outstanding meals. Iyan, Claude and their team have put together a beautiful experience and I hope to join them again in the future.

Valerie, USA

Awesome property, luxury while challenging the mind and body, incredible service - amazing staff. Food was incredible I just need to learn to cook like that. Healthy & oh so yummy. The retreat was my 50th birthday gift to me, I could not have chosen a better thanks to Claude & Iyan's leadership, teachings integrity, and intense warmth of spirits. Namaste..

Alain, Australia

I loved the yoga program - great pace and flow! The view from the resort is magnificent and the staff is very helpful. The excursion program was great, we got to see a beautiful side of Bali (like walking through rice fields) which you would not normally do). We had a wonderful group of people attending which is always an important part of how much I enjoy myself.

Karin, Australia

Day 1, What a view, Day 3, yoga muscles are finally selling in...Day 5, The yoga is great - but the activities are what make the place life changing I really needed this. A massage and floral bath during a thunderstorm topped off a truly memorable retreat. Thank you to Wayan & Vivienne for the best holiday I've ever had.

Megan, Australia

1. Great initiation to yoga from a very competent and experienced teacher in a relaxing & breath taking. beautiful setting supported by genuinely friendly balinese staff. 2. Activities are designed to give everyone a possibility  to discover the full beauty of bali first hand. 3. Spiritual experience & relaxation was best I have had thus far, the right balance to take away whatever one desires.

Michael, Australia

The accommodation and Kumara are faultless and pride in themselves an ideal "retreat" from the world outside. Vivienne is a masterful teacher who will unquestionably guide any persons yoga practice, irrespective  of what discipline you have previously  followed.

Ragni, Australia

Bliss.... I loved the food, not having to decide from a menu, beautifully presented + delicious. Balinese people are excellent at service. The retreat has idyllic views across a river to jungle/ nice paddies seen from our room, the yoga studio and the pool.

Kath, Australia

A beautiful setting, great service and magnificent food. Overall a wonderful yoga experience and a wonderful Bali experience.

Cara, Australia

The entire experience has been amazing!

Kirsten, Australia

If you want a total escape from your busy, stressful life, and want to indulge your self in your love yoga, and develop a greater understanding of it, then this retreat is for you. You will also experience the real Bali. The spiritual, special area of ubud and the hills. enjoy relaxing spa treatments, lovely walks through rice field, bike rides and visits to ancient villages. A yoga sessions at sunrise looking out over the volcano is wondrous. The food is truly wonderful too. But most of all you get plenty of free time!

Christine, Australia

We both thoughly enjoyed our" pure yoga" retreat experience at Kumara Sakti. Thank you to all the fabulous, friendly, gracious staff who looked after us so well answered on many questions, nourished us with sensational meals, massage and pampered us at the spa with their with their beautiful energies and hands. Kumara Sakti resort is  a beautiful place. we loved being on our balcony, able to just sit and rest, surrounded by lush and impressive gardens and views. A definite high light was the early morning trek up to Batur volcano area watch the sun come up. Doing our morning yoga here on the balcony/ terrace was magical, as was listening to Wayan chant a beautiful, moving prayer. Terima kasi banyak.

Ravi & Sophie, Australia

Time stands still in this magical place.

Dianne, Australia

I could not fault any aspect of this retreat at all, from the friendliness + respect of all your team members to the superb food presentation, taste & variety  & freshness to the planned excursions and last but certainly not least Margo's experienced facilitation, presentation & knowledge of meditation which was completely new to me. Claude your physical assets here are perfect for this sort of thing. Thank you very much all for making my personal holiday so enjoyable.

Vicky, Australia

Once you walk through the gates you need nothing else, you are in another world where you are surrounded by beautiful scenery accommodation & people. Let’s not forget the beautiful food!!! Yum.

Claire, Australia