Escape the World

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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I loved: Bali, the incense available in your room, the treatments, the heavy rains, the rituals, the people I met, the food!, the peacefulness, the kindness of the staff, the room, the view, the sounds, the veranda, the yoga, Claude's lecture on the first night, Wayan's beautiful singing, Iyan's laughter, voice & presence. I loved It. Thanks a lot. x

Jeltje, Netherlands

Dive into the lush forrests outside of Ubud and truly escape the world. Delightful staff, delicious food and tantalising spa treatments, you have to be mad to miss Kumara when coming to Bali.

Oliver, UK

From the moment I arrived I know I was somewhere special. Every day of the retreat was different and there were lovely little touches and surprises each day. The staff are fantastic and I can't speak highly enough of Iyan. The yoga program was a great mix and able to be attempted by beginners. the treatments at the spa were fantastic and as I write this I have little frangipanis on my fingernails to remember Ubud.

Jane, Australia

We leave with clear minds + open hearts, with lifelong friendships made + beautiful memories to cherish . Sampai jumpa lagi. Terima kasih banyak.

Ty & Tiff, Australia

Overall Bev & I thoroughly enjoyed our 2-1 week retreats! the above comments are not meant as criticism, but rather observation or where improvement could be made. The food was delicious & well prepared. The quality of yoga instructor was excellent, staff very friendly & accommodating. Thank you for making the past 2 weeks a vacation escape we will not forget.

Bryan & Bev, Canada

I have found this retreat incredibly, rewarding as a beginner yogi. I felt supported, in learning the basics and trust in the teacher in improving. This helped me build confidence and work through my fears. About what I was capable of. I also realized the significance of meditation and the importance of using not just my mind to guide me through my life, but also my other senses and the power of energy. It was also challenging emotionally as i had time to face some truths without the distractions of the world. This was hard but valuable lessons were learn and I found it very rewarding. I will not forget Iyan's incredible smile that lights up Bali even before the sun has a chance to @ early morning yoga sessions. All the staff have also been amazing. Thank you so much, I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity.

Jeanette, Australia

Each and everyone of us is worthy of an escape to Kumara Sakti. You leave harmonious, rested and connected. Iyan and Wayan are gifted teachers. Thank you for again looking after me so wonderfully well.

Andrea, Australia

From the moment we walked in the gate I felt at home. The room in spacious and clean with plenty of room for clothes and two desks in the twin room - how thoughtful! we had two days before the retreat started and the service is impeachable - your needs are practically not before you can think of them. All my spa treatments were amazing& feel so special. The activities are well thought and very well organized - no stress or worries - once again needs met seemingly without effect or worries. Overall a fantastic experience are which & will definitely recommend to like minded friends & hopefully will back with them. Thank you everyone..

Lesley, Australia

I have already said that this week has been like resting in child's pose in the lands of god. All the staff contribute to an atmosphere of safety, support, nourishment a space, space to rest, test, reflect & replenish yourself. Each element of the retreat, contribute to a magnificent whole. The yoga builds daily culminating in all of us doing pose we never thought possible and having lots of laughs along the way. The therapist have healing hearts as well as hands. The food is prepared + served with such attention that it is almost - no, it is art. And the reception ground staff and housekeeping provide an exquisitely clean space in which you can breath and more freely. I know this might all sound a bit poetic and" too good to be true" - but it isn't it. I'll be back for sure.

Tracie, Australia

The retreat was magical journey, I found the basic of happiness is to back to the nature and be grounded. If you like to discover more on yourself, this is the place I would highly recommend with the nice personal touch of the yoga class, the activities to be close to the nature. The kindness of the staffs in the hotel, it was a wonderful and memorable retreat! If you would like to experience a journey of discovery your body, mind, soul, this is the place for you!

Evonne, Malaysia

Quite simply, the healthiest, most interesting and most relaxing holiday of my life.

Nick. Australia

It was an energy releasing journey - a perfect sanctuary from the moment you arrive you are welcomed with love and the staff, Iyan and Claude and the spa therapist make this an enriching experience. They are a fantastic team who make this retreat a memorable experience. The food is excellent very tasty and healthy with a strong creative touch. The yoga and meditation is gentle but effective and each day you feel like there is progression - you leave the retreat with a more holistic sense & yoga. A wonderful escape and time for introspection.


This week was exactly what I needed. From the moment of the pick up until the transfer to my next destination I felt like a princess. You are all so caring and warm hearted, it really made it special. The little things really made the difference, for example when I returned to my room after the evening during the yoga class the umbrellas were brought to the yoga hall, fantastic! The yoga and meditation were a perfect combination and Iyan made it easy to follow and challenging for all the people with their different levels. I cannot express enough how much I liked this week and I’m even already thinking of planning another week!

Sabine, the Netherlands

Thank you so much Iyan + Claude . Your “Escape The World Yoga Retreat" was exactly what I needed. There is no way anyone can return from this retreat still stressed. The yoga classes were great - a real work out for the body so having all the spa treatments were very much needed and amazing. On this retreat you got a great balance between being with other people and also having your own space to do things. What stands out most is the beautiful service and care from the Balinese. Thank you for everything, your warm company. Beautiful and calming surroundings, rituals and accommodations. I will tell everyone about it!

Ingrid, Australia

Attention to detail from start to finish was exceptional. Iyan's teaching was patient, informative and perfectly pitched for both beginners and advanced in the group. He is a credit to the retreat and it was very easy to build trust with both him and Wayan who is also great assistant and teacher. This was a unique and wonderful start to our honeymoon, thank you Claude, Iyan, Wayan and the team for making it so special for us. it was Nick's first time to yoga and his new booked pushes to the practice and support of his teachers! Many thanks!

Zoe, Australia

Magical! You really feel like you have escaped from the world.

Fiona, Australia

This was hands down the greatest gift I have ever given to my self. A truly magical time. Although I had practiced yoga before I had never “discover" it , it will now become a way of life for me. The combination of yoga meditation with the spa treatments and activities, created on the most fulfilling and rewarding holidays of my life. The service was excellent and the surroundings complete paradise. Thank you for bringing joy back into my life and allowing me to gain perspective, this experience will be etched into my heart & soul forever!

Nicola, Australia

The combination of being physical through yoga, the spiritual thread through everything we did the laughter, the activities that were fun while also, enabled reflection was perfect. It was perfect for self reflection & perfect to create beautiful connections with the other people. The connections were special & I’m so grateful to have been given so much love & to also give it to others.

Michelle, Australia

I came to this retreat to simply relax, and without any expectation I am walking away with my mind in balance of what is important in my life and what is not. The education that was provided by the retreat regarding Bali's culture was most informative and has touched me deeper than anything i have experienced. For all the men that never show emotion this is a retreat that will change your whole outlook and life forever. For the men that always work, this is a retreat that will teach you to re - treat!!. For the men that do not exercise much or think that they are fit and flexible this is a retreat that will give you the tools to improve on what you already do for your body. I recommend the retreat to anybody without expectation.

Timothy, Australia

Oneworld retreats - where your body, mind and spirit become one.

Tracey, Australia

This earth we walk on is a sacred place but we forget each life that comes into being is a divine creation but we forget. Each experience we live is a prayer to our spiritual source but we forget. "Escape the world yoga retreat” is not and should not be a retreat from the world it is. an act of remembering. Remembering is to put something back in this place we remember the sacredness of our planet. Each person we connected with is an opportunity to remember the divine creation we meet in them. Each experience we had was a prayer of rememberence of joy, love, celebration, gratitude. Thank you Gaia, Thank you ancestral protectors, Thank you life, Thank you Claude, Thank you Iyan, Thank you team, Thank you..

Mary Jo, Ireland

I came to the retreat just expecting a week of relaxation and what I experience will probably be some life change, The yoga was very professional an I now feel very confident to continue it at home. The extra other activities were fun and informative. Overall I had a fabulous spiritually enlightening week. Thank you to all the wonderful staff.

Karen, Australia

This retreat opened my body, soul and mind. At first I was a little hesitant but once I settled, I felt very much at peace. The yoga opened my body and I felt a new sense of strength and flexibility enter my muscles. The meditation helped to calm my mind and I learn a few techniques to help flush out negative thoughts. The environment and energy of the retreat had a great effect on my soul, helping it feel relaxed and tranquil. Overall a truly enlightening experience that is not to be missed.

Cadhla, Australia

A beautiful, spiritual, experience. I am 14 years old and I didn't find it boring and I was constant complaining that here was not to instead it was a magical and an amazingly rewarding experience I will do this again definitely.

Conor, Australia

Exceeded all expectations. I came here knowing I wanted a different holiday experience but not knowing what to expect. It has been the most & bliss full, peace full, regenerating and invigorating experience. I would definitely recommend it . Thank you..

Janet, Australia

The chakra treatment was out of this world amazing, I have never experienced something like that before nor will I ( until I come back again) The food was extraordinary from the selection of fruit available 24 - 7 appetizers through to dessert. I had to utter one word on my silent day. It was "amazing ", and I had to say it because I could not contain my joy from the taste of my dinner! I know I will take something home from this retreat, kecap manis + chopped green chili. Merci Claude, Iyan, Wayan + Kumara staff.

Caithlin, Canada / Australia

The "Escape The World yoga retreat" is a real treats! Great yoga classes thanks to Iyan and Wayan, After "the effort, the rewarding" as we use to say in French, with variety of treatments at the spa, in particular with the ayurvedic massage, that is just a bliss... Varied and very good food, great activities off site. The rice fields walk is favorite one and of course a fantastic location in Ubud, in the tropical jungle, 5 mins from the center. Many thanks also to the personnel for their kindness, availability and discretion. I definitely will spread the world. Namaste all the best for 2011.

Virginie, France

It's been a blissful week. The yoga and meditation sessions have got me back on track and I will now continue to practice regularly. The spa treatments were all divine, the therapist excellent and the personal attention made me feel beautiful. I was always lift feeling totally relaxed and brimming with happiness and energy. The surroundings lush and tropical, the ruining water, the thunder storms and rain all together made it a fully sensual experience.

Leigh, Australia

This retreat was the most wonderful experience. The attention to detail in every aspect was impeccable. We were nurtured and looked after, and also encouraged to let our insecurities go. Thank you to the whole team for a fantastic experience.

Margo, Australia

The retreat was a perfect balance between physical exercise and discipline and indulges. I know my yoga has improved after the regular sessions this week and the gentle corrections made by Iyan and Wayan.

Christine, Australia

I wish I had to write a proper summary. This retreat has been the most incredible experience! Perfect location, food, yoga + cultural experience... Not to mention the spa treatment! Would recommend this to everyone! The staff have also been beautiful & have made it extremely enjoyable..

Rebecca, Australia

Each day exceeded my expectations what a piece of paradise! the food, the staff ( particularly wayan, Iyan, Claude) made it one of my favorite travel experience. The Yoga was fantastic but the day of silence, the Ayurvedic massage, the environment, the bike ride, the stroll through the rice fields all help achieve what the retreat was all about- escaping the world a big thank you!

Simone, Australia

To live in the now. To live each moment with joy & gratitude & free of the enslaving facers created by the mind is a truly liberating state in which to be. Yoga has greatly strengthen my ability. to live this way. However, it is the amazing Kumara retreats - three for me in two years - which have significantly opened my awareness of the benefit of kiss - keep it simple stupid & the empowerment of letting go life's useless baggage, allowing clarity of mind, soul, body, & not fearing the future.What the holistic experience of a Kumara retreat is truly enlightening , it is the warm & generous hospitality of Claude, Iyan & the Kumara team which makes it so enriching & personal. Everything here is created & shared with love and graciousness which is the true Bali Spirit of this beautiful peaceful island of the gods. Matur suksma.Namste..

Susan, Australia

This was a retreat that embodied the mind, body, spirit and much much more. The title of this retreat " Escape The World" misnomer as you are literally encourage to leave what was and what will be. Behind you and focus on what is. No mean feat for a lot of us who have busy and hectic lines but at Kumara I was able to do just that. "BE" and what joy that was. From the twice daily yoga and meditation sessions, The Balinese ceremonies and the walks in the rice fields, the (downhill) cycling ( what fun) these are allowed me to just enjoy the present moment and immerse my self in what is I leave here knowing that I have received a great gift from the " Escape The World" retreat and I can't wait to return.

Folake, Australia

I love the personal treatments, the service is fantastic in Kumara. The staff are attentive and much better than any 5 star hotel that I've stayed with. The served us with a heart. Best I've ever had. The atmosphere is peaceful & accommodation is very comfortable however I was kind of disappointed with the yoga classes. It was very boring for someone who was looking for challenge like me. But this is due to my different expectations. I think Iyan is great teacher for someone who just started yoga/meditation for beginners. But, this is just for me unfortunately, I was hoping to able to practice some hard core yoga here. But I salute Iyan for his dedication & friendliness and professionalism not forgetting Wayan (assistant) who's done a terrific job. The food was nice but I've had with comparison I'll give it a great (but not extremely great yet). Will be nice if not so much "rice” is served or some other variations. In summary I must say Kumara has the Best & Top Class Hospitality ever!

Chee, Malaysia

The resort is very well designed and organized, with very attentive service by all staffs. If you are looking for a peaceful ambiance with no interruption this would be a recommended program.

Hor Seer Kien, Malaysia

It was my first retreat and i was a little bit worried and scared, what it will be like.. But the team, the surroundings, the retreat group of 16 people from all over the world were just great! And Iyan is so very special and heart touching. Besides all the new things I learned about yoga, meditation and the spiritual experience we simply had so much fun together ! Thank you all for your support, your care and your sense of humor.

Birgit, Germany

When you want to move your mind and your body - come here.

Andreas, Germany

I thoroughly enjoyed this holistic retreat from the dynamic yoga and meditation practice, to the healing spa treatments, to the nutrition and delicious food, to exploring around Ubud, to learning about Balinese culture. Thank you very much Iyan and Claude.

Julianna, Australia

This retreat allows one to fully embrace the Balinese lifestyle (the unique aspect) & customs not as an outsider but as a part of the Balinese Kampung. The evening journey to the temple + burning of the items we are to let go of were very spiritual for me. Thank you. The size of the retreat is just the right number of guests and the intimacy of the resort makes it feel truly like a personal retreat.

Sherry, Singapore / Canada

Vey relaxing and a great way to end the year. Excellent yoga and delicious food. The group was a bit too big - I think 6 is enough.

Sarah, Australia

A wonderful experience that replenished mind, body, spirit & heart. Many of us search for inner peace - a week at Kumara Sakti in an Escape the world' retreat commences that journey in the most amazing surrounds.

Julie, Australia

A wonderful week of activities to bring health + openness into your life, in beautiful surrounds, and with support from the inspiringly warm, gentle + accepting staff.

Genine, Australia

It was a truly transformative experience. The retreat offers a real taste of Balinese culture mixed with spiritual meditation and challenging yoga. The location is perfect for escaping the world to stop and look within yourself. The rituals and meditation enable you to make a fresh start. This has been the perfect experience to have before starting the new year!

Trey, USA

To create a magical breathtaking experience, come to ONEWORLD retreats! It couldn't have been more perfect! Staff was the friendliest, always had a smile on their face. The activities were nicely chosen. Spa treatments were fantastic! Highly recommend trying almost all of them also had a lot of dawn time for yourself which was needed. Very good balance of scheduling to activities and classes. I was quite stressed (just getting to Bali with all our flight cancellations) but I’m definitely recharged! I do not want to leave. Thank you to everything! I definitely have a new family in Bali!

Nipa, USA

This was my first yoga retreat, and the first time I've had a yoga teacher for a while. The yoga practice really provided an excellent opportunity to hone my yoga poses, as well as giving me the support and confidence to try postures I had always believed myself unable to do! The yoga sessions, combined with the spa treatments and the lush, peaceful surroundings really made this one of the best holidays I could have wished for and a much needed one at that! Thank you to all the staff who were so welcoming and generous in spirit, they really contributed to the atmosphere of the retreat. And finally, my room must have been divinely allocated as a not more perfect location for me (especially with the frogs could have been found!)

Laura, England / Japan

I can barely describe it in words. The whole week was such an invigorating refreshing, unique experience. I felt like I was in paradise - surrounded by nature, beautiful people and such positive, uplifting energy. Thank you Namaste!

Annabel, Australia

It was a great balance for yoga, meditation, relaxing, pampering & culture/ information. After one day you start to feel de -stressed, after two days energized & after three days a perfect balance. All the staff are so friendly & willing to help. The food is amazing & very healthy.

Kate, Australia

An absolutely amazing experience! This retreat exceeded my expectations. I feel rejuvenated, fresh. Thank you to the entire team for a wonderful experience.

Natasha, Australia

Paradise on earth. A better present you can't give yourself , Attention and love in everything. The surroundings, the people, the treatments, the food, the class, the decoration. Escape the world but come home in Kumara.

Cecile, Netherlands

Excellent service from the staff. Spa treatment were above average there weren't any room available to add extra treatments if you wanted one got one on Saturday. I liked how the retreat was personalized with your own name on the booklet& your own schedule. Quite, serene, & very privacy even though rooms & garden are design for maximum privacy even tough rooms are close to each others on their balcony as its hidden behind trees. Loved wake up calls but not waking up.

Samitha, Australia

The experience was lovely, but I really was Disappointed in the Yoga. I have practiced with many instructions, and what I have always enjoyed is that most classes can challenge both a beginner and more advanced yogi - i found that in our classes, the poses were never broken down to explain the pose and their many progressions which is important for all levels. The classes lacked a flow. A side from this Iyan is a lovely leader for the offering and activities, the staff were excellent the accommodation lovely, and the food was superb.

Bridget,Hongkong / Canada

Perfect combination with the Fresh Start Cleansing retreat. The staff, Iyan & Claude are fantastic and the surroundings surreal! Thank you,,,,,

Desiree, Switzerland

Everything is so amazing I'am really glad that I decided to go on the retreat, I am impressed with how smoothly everything runs. The staff remember my like/dislikes, and are so attentive. I join the retreat hoping to get more balanced and to clear my head from a busy year. I get so much more than that. I felt amazing after the 5 days of good, healthy, quality food and the yoga classes. I’m like OMG! I can do a headstand and yes, I was very scared + managed to overcome this fear - thanks to Iyan and Wayan. I will definitely come back again and thank you so much to all staff at Kumara Sakti - you guys are real gem!!


You really are escaping the world thanks so much for the experience." I have now dreamt my painting, now all I have to do is paint my dream" thank you..

Carol, Australia

I didn't really have any set expectations about this retreat. But I was very impressed with the entire package as so much more than just yoga it really is an escape from the world and an opportunity to truly relax, heal and indulge in the beautiful natural location and the Balinese culture. Amazing! For me it was the perfect balance of activities relaxation. I loved every minute of it! Thank you.

Sarah, Australia

Fantastic service. attention to detail and delicious clean food. Felt like a part of a little family . Thank you to all staff for such a pleasurable stay.

Renae, Australia

A great alternative to "schoolies" for my daughter. Personally I needed the debrief after a big year. It really is a fresh start and perfect preparation for 2011

Marian, Australia

Thank you for a very special week. We are leaving feeling special and re energized and looking forward to venturing into the world of raw food when we get home. All the best for your future.

Sian & Melinda, Australia

A Blessing! Mark is a fountain of knowledge and Gabrielle the perfect addition. It was Simply incredible and i felt supported throughout the entire retreat, surrounded by sooo much Love.

Desiree, Switzerland

If you are programmed, this retreat will change you in many facets of your person & you will leave as a more complete, happy & integrated person. One of my special life experience.

Mark, Canada

My experience at the fresh start cleansing retreat exceeded my expectations. It was a total fresh a start for my mind, body & soul. Because of Mark and Gabrielle I feel ready to begin a new chapter with new knowledge, confidence and especially new friends. What amazing people you are, Mark & Gabrielle. You are great at what you do and here a real gift to help people! Thank you so much..

Aimee, Australia

Amazing felt like a different person after only a week. The cranosacral therapy was amazing. Have got so many great points to take away to make my life better. Thank you so much..

Zoe, Australia

If you are looking for a non invasive, yet very effective cleanse retreat. Kumara Sakti is the place to do it! The retreat center is an absolute "jewel in the jungle"! Everywhere you look you are treated to lush greenery, flowers and peaceful fountains. My time at Kumara Sakti was a joyful journey within - a great way to detox with other like minded people who understand the value of a cleansing program. Mark Ament is a top match professional who made my retreat one of the most memorable I've ever done. His experience and wisdom gave me the encouragement and inspiration to do things & would normally not try his wife Gabrielle was wonderful too - I loved it all!

Susan, USA

A beautiful experience from start to finish. The team were knowledgeable attentive and friendly, the resort was like a magical, hidden garden where you could discover new treasures at every turn. The yoga and meditation sessions were interesting, challenging and varied. The spa treatments were amongst the best I have ever had and the activities outside the resort were just the right mix. A group of amazing ladies, the wonderful team here, the location, the food, it all added to the retreat experience, which for me was a wonderful, emotionally rewarding journey, I wish I could do it every year!

Lee Ann, Australia

An amazing place to come and explore yourself after my week here, I leave feeling much lighter in heart and spirit. I look forward to stepping back into the real world much stronger, more confident and free. Thank you for an unforgettable experience. The Escape The World retreat allowed me to reconnect with parts of myself that have been neglected too long. The environment, activities and staff have all been wonderful and I couldn't ask anything more. Namaste!

Felicia, Australia

The day we arrived we were told that this is "re - treat", a treat for our bodies, souls and spirits. And in all ways I truly felt those gift each and every day from Iyan, the beautiful staff of Kumara, Bali, Myself and the universe. While I had expected a journey of self exploration. I never anticipated such a warm collective of fellow travelers. Who would, through their openness and acceptance of myself. I can only credit the vision of Claude & Iyan and their integrity for attracting and inspiring this group of souls. After 5 days of escaping the world, my body, mind, and spirit feel alive, awake and ready to rejoin it, utilizing my new found skills and wisdom.

Bridget, USA

Excellent balance of yoga, meditation, life, teachings, Balinese culture and fantastic food. Information always available on request. Beautiful people with exquisite manners.

Sally, New Zealand

I came with the idea of getting closer to myself, deeply my newly found spirituality and to find a way to get away from it all. To escape the world get some time to breath and get a break. I can truly say I found my heaven on earth. The peacefulness, the energy and the spirit that I found here are truly inspiring. And came just at the right time. My stay here affirmed my wish to change my life and it also proofed that my heart is leading myself in the right direction. I also have to say that "my group" was and is truly inspiring! I also found it astonishing that all women are very similar types even if we are all from different countries. Thanks a million for showing me that heaven on earth exists! (at least for me! )

Tanja, Germany

This was exactly what I needed. With the right balance of yoga, spa treatments and time to myself, it has left me feeling migrated. As a beginner to yoga, I was wanted about how I I would have in the sessions, but Iyan was amazing - he was patient and encouraging, making me feel that it is OK so not get at night the first, second or third time. Iyan was great too!

Jagdip, UK

This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, completely relaxing and very spiritual too. We all let go of so much, and made wonderful new friends, with beautiful women from all over the world, who were willing to share and open up so much. There were lots of stories, laughter and tears, and I feel sure we will keep in touch though our photos and emails. I will always remember this week the people, places and experience, as it being one of the best of my life. Thanks to Iyan and all the lovely staff for making it so comfortable and enjoyable. And please send link to photos and all the other participants email addresses as soon as you can!