Escape the World

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You truly do " Escape the world " the tranquility & solace you find is something to cherish & to incorporate into your "real" life. The yoga with Iyan is sensational. He is a superb teacher. His smile would melt ice! The cleansing ceremony was a very emotionally moving experience. I have been blessed to be here. Namaste.

Beverley, Australia

A magical, memorable multi sensory experience never to be forgotten, inspirational and life changing.

Jennifer, Australia

A very thought-out and mindful retreat that caters to the needs of all. Staff embrace you, provide you with a sense of reassurance and safety that allows you to test your own individual boundaries. The additional activities above the yoga allow you to become more aware of traditional life and lifestyle of the Balinese, combined with this the level of attention to the consumer to ensure it is an amazing experience. Thank you in particular to Iyan & Wayan.

Denise, Australia

A fantastic retreat which helps you to escape the world + to get back to being at one with your self.

Jo, Australia

The Escape The world retreat was the most relaxing, rejuvenating, enlightening & cultural holiday/ adventure we have ever experienced. The staff go above & beyond to cater for your every need ( including your dietary needs) to make Kumara Sakti a haven away from home. If you’re looking for complete relaxation & inspiration to transform your life, then we highly recommend this retreat. We can't wait to come back.

Gema & Eden, Australia

I'm home now for a week and I still have Bali on my mind. It was a big experiment for me because I never have been on a vacation on my own before. When I was looking for a retreat the first thing my eye felt on "one world retreats" but unfortunately it was all booked till December and I really needed a retreat NOW! So I kept on surging but couldn't find anything that I liked. Then suddenly there it was, on Facebook! There was a room available in the week of 1/9 July! I called right away and I got it! Bali here I come! So I when I came to Kumara Sakti I was so impressed by the beauty of the retreat center.... Even by night it looked so beautiful! I stayed in the Teachers room which was so pretty! My enormous bed and my shower under the stars....It was just gorgeous!! And then I met Iyan, Claude, Wayan and the other "yogi's", one by one beautiful people, I couldn't wish for a better group! Everyone was so kind and there was a huge bounding at the end of the week, it was so hard to say goodbye! The retreat was just amazing, the yoga, the massages the purification ritual, the food, the trips. It al made such a big impression. And I loved the way it smelled! I really can say that I was grounded en open hearted by the end of the week.....I laughed a lot and I also cry'ed a lot!!! This was so much more..... more than I ever could imagine!

I really want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart! Al the people who helped to make my stay so comfortable, the people who made my bed every day en put these lovely fresh flowers near my pillow and cleaned my bathroom! The people who cooked these beautiful meals! The lovely people who served us at dinner with a beautiful smile! The people who made my room smell so good! The lady's who gave me my massages and made me feel so good! The taxi drivers for bringing me and picking me up! Claude for his beautiful stories about Bali....Wayan for pushing me in the right direction at the yoga class and just for being Wayan! And of course Iyan who made me see that I am good just the way I am... And Thank you, everyone I forgot to mention! Thank you all for your hospitality your kindness and your loving care! Hope to see you again some day;
Love, Jackie

Jackie, Netherlands

A lovely experience.

Tracy, Australia

This has been a truly magnificent experience. The people and new friendships made make to what has been one of the highlights of my life. To be able to take time out for yourself in such an amazing retreat has restored my soul + left me refreshed and ready to get back to the real world with a new learn and life. Thank you Iyan for all your words of wisdom. You are a true inspiration.

Andrea, Australia

A heavenly experience surprising all expectations.

Kate, Australia

As a beginner of only a few years yoga, I found the yoga a very new experience that challenged my body and mind to go deeper and found the experience totally rewarding. Never have I felt so relaxed and pampered in having three spa treatments. All of the staff were truly gifted with their work. I stayed in the most unbelievable piece in paradise and nourished every part of my mind, body and spirit. I came here a chrysalis and have turned into a beauty. Thank you for all your help to Iyan, Wayan and Claude.

Laura, Australia

I read the testimonial article by the German journalist & my experience was equal. Added trip to the healer was a bonus. Advance to get both out of and into myself. Thank you all - for being an important footprint in my life journey.

Deborah, Philippines

I can’t think of a better place to be, than at this Retreat.. even as a beginner of Yoga! It's a Journey, dig deep and get involved and you will be rewarded. The staff and quality of the accommodation, food is outstanding...... 5 star luxury and very good value for money. I will never forget my time here - thank you!! I did escape the world.

Lisa, Australia

This Retreat has changed my life. It has been a pivotal moment in allowing me to realize how to rejoice in the world & my place in it. It has been release, an intention, a work in progress & prayer. I would recommend it to anyone with a soul! Thank You so much.

Ailise, Australia

The retreat escape the world was an amazing experience. Everything was perfect, surroundings are wonderful, everywhere there is green and the only sounds you can hear are the birds. It was so relaxing. The yoga that Iyan taught was great. Iyan and Wayan pushed you to the max! I loved the partner yoga! I would have never thought I could do those "difficult" poses. And the spa treatments, those were awesome. I loved the treatments. Do as many as you can they are all great & relaxing. and the room I stayed, I loved it. It has stepping stones in the water in front of the room. Every time I walked to the room I enjoyed the stepping stones. Everything combined, yoga, spa, room, activities and the wonderful and sweet staff.

Yin, Netherlands

I loved it here! The yoga classes, the trips and excursions were great. The accommodation is beautiful with a stunning view! The staff is always laughing and friendly.

Lydia, Netherlands

A great Balinese Experience.

Jos, Netherlands

This is a place that radiates such positive energy and love that is impossible not to leave feeling at peace with my self and the world. Iyan and Wayan, your guidance for the yoga is truly appreciated so much for every other member of this magnificent team, you all have hearts of gold. The whole experience surpassed my every expectations and that is because of the love, care and help of you all ! A life changing experience. Thank you and namaste!

Beth, Australia

An excellent way to spend a week in Bali, feeding your body + your mind. Once you walk into Kumara there is a little for you to do except enjoy the experience, the staff here will very professionally take care of the rest. A highly recommended retreat in an outstandingly beautiful location.

Kylie, Australia

Wonderful retreat for someone like me who wants to get away from pressure. Glad that I chose my very first yoga here, very good beginning. Beautiful arrangement for the activities, especially the bike ride! I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed every little detail, Thank you, Iyan, Wayan, and thank you all the staff. I will definitely come back.

Ashley, Taiwan

Absolutely wonderful experience all round, definitely recommend this Retreat. Iyan & Wayan were beautiful and really made the experience special. Thank You Claude, Iyan, Wayan & all Staff,,, :)

Louise, Australia

this weeks to be added to everyone personal"booklet list" i had no idea the typical, emotional, + mental journey i was going on i feel strong, inspired and loved. in 5days my spirit has been renewed. the Yoga was outstanding and Iyan is so intuitive to everyone individual needs, allowing for each of our own expression of ego!! The meditation were going, our spa treatment were two thing on my reawakened body + mind. The ceremonies were a wonderful emotional release + blessing. The chanting raised my energies and being during is from Wayan and Iyan heart was so special it lifted our emotion up a loved!! this has been the most beautiful weeks. Thank you all for making it one of the most amazing experience of my life.

Danni, Australia

If every person in the world could " escape the world" for a week, this world would be a better place - we all need to find. Our self. In doing so - we see others differently. We are all one . Thank you team " Escape The World". I certainly did.

Kim, Australia

Escaping the internal world to encounter your internal world is both wondrous and confronting as your journey thought each day. Iyan is a wonderful "tour guide" who encourages but doesn't push as he opens your eyes to new possibilities, new ways of being. But most importantly, Iyan encourages a "yoga for life " apprised so that yoga is part of who you are but it doesn't define you - which is somewhat limiting..

Jan, Australia

My retreat was like being gently wrapped in a cocoon of peace and beauty. An exquisite setting, strength evening yoga to build confidence, gorgeous massage, delicious healthy food. I have rediscovered my love for my life. I'm smiling inside & out.

Elizabeth, Australia

Kumara retreat is a wonderfully rewarding experience. I would recommend to anyone no matter how much yoga they are practiced. Thank you.

Felicity, Australia

The escape the world experience has been a heavenly wonderful experience. The location, food and special attention from the staff make you feel like you are in paradise. The yoga is great and suitable for all levels. And I enjoyed the spa treatments and all the extra activities. The rituals make it very special and I came closer to being me again. Thank you all for this wonderful week.

Inge, Netherlands

The yoga, very helpful personal attention. The suggestion made to me helped me to move forward. The meditation was amazing - I will continue to practice at home. Both Iyan & Wayan are wonderful teachers! My sister and I both really enjoyed all the spa treatments! All the planned activities were great! We appreciate all the work that went in to the planning our room was very nice - enjoyed the view. Very much enjoyed Iyan He is so warm and friendly, helpful & full of great knowledge in yoga. The meditation, Bali & it's traditions and what a great smile & laugh. Thank you and I hope I am lucky enough to return one day. Namaste.

Kathy, Canada

This has been one of the best holidays I have ever had. The spa treatments were excellent, the cakra balancing massage was ...well it is hard to put into words. The staff were so organized and helpful and so friendly. Accommodations were nice and private, clean, and the beds were very comfortable. Thank you so much obviously a lot of time has gave into the planning of this retreat. Iyan yoga clasess were amazing and Wayan was so helpful with corrections. You are all wonderful and thank you for making this such wonderful experience. I feel blessed to be able to be here and have you share your culture with us.

Terri, Canada

A very magical place in which to enrich and explore the self and connect more closely with the divine. The balance of yoga & meditation, free time and activities was excellent, as was the fresh beautifully prepared & whole food to nurture the body and soul. It was an honour to learn and be apart of the Hindu culture and rituals. Thanks to Iyan &Wayan for their love and attention, once the whole team at Kumara Sakti.

Dee, New Zealand

Divine experience & would love to do it again. Thank you very much

Cornelis, New Zealand

The retreat was so beautiful, i was moved to tears of love + gratitude many times.

Vivien, Australia

Dear staff, Iyan and Claude, the kumara resort is closes to heaven from what i have experienced so far. The staff is kind, humble and treats you with respect and the light. Your busy mind gets into a relaxed staff. You feel very comfortable with the yoga teacher Iyan. Although after a few days, you feel every muscle of your body. You feel energizing, peaceful and relaxed. Claude has though of every detail to make your stay comfortable. Compliments for this "business man" and his gentle staff. to this place you want to come back over and over again!!! love,,,,,

Liesbeth, Netherlands

I loved that the schedule book was all about me!! A truly Beautiful experience - thank you Iyan & Wayan.

Colleen, Australia

The yoga classed certainly strong shed my muscles I found myself doing poses I never expected to do eg - head stand. Them to be pampered at the spa & treated like a princes was just an amazing experience. Great loves learning about the culture of the Balinese people a seeing how happy & contend they are with very little my favorite quote I heard was "Time is my Friend."

Florence, Australia

This retreat provide a complete experience more than just practicing yoga. It was obvious that the aim was to also provide a Bali experience with a knowledge and understanding of the philosophy's and culture to enable one to emerge themselves totally in the whole experience. *Lovely simple rooms with amazing bathroom, *Exciting first time activities, *A very special water purification ceremony, *Diversity in yoga class, *Massage as good as any in Bali, *Seamless service.

Toby, Australia

At the Serenity,,,,, you really do escape the world here at kumara, it's a perfect place to retreat from the world for a time to refocus on what in important in life. The Balinese are a wonderful gentle race who make you feel special - it was an honor to be among them. Spa treatments were a real "treat meant" for me!! Food was sooooo very good - huge meals but you just had to eat every last little bit!! Rooms are huge!! Iyan + Wayan yoga are masters of their trade and it was great to learn from them. Ketut and other members of staff likewise were terrific - nothing was too hard for them. Looking forward to the next one!!!

Ingrid, Australia

My time at Kumara was a truly empowering and enlightening experience. It was challenging in a positive way to learn more about my own capabilities and has been a stepping stone to viewing my life and life in general in a different way. The yoga, spa, treatments, rituals silent day & meditation provided a holistic way to facilitate positive & powerful change some of the most simple, the snail meandering in the glow of the light after a nightfall rain, the creation of my own mandala. The sound of Iyan laughter that brings joy to my heart. Thank you for this trans formative experience in which I learned and benefited from each moment to reveal what the universe has to offer & what I have to offer to the universe, by surrendering the power of is.

Crystal, USA

This was far and a way the best retreat I have been and one of the most beautiful settings I have ever visited.First; The Yoga - being the beginner with some experience in lounge classes packed 12, a way from other members - 5 days at one would has help my form and practice more then weeks in my gym - the adjustment and suggestion are helpful and never judgmental. Iyan and Wayan are truly gift teacher.The staff from House keeping to the front desk to the therapist at the spa greatly exceeded expectations.No details were overlooked and you feel nourished and calm for by people who are passionate about what you do. I see you more One world retreats in my future.

Heather, USA

Everything I expected and more! truly a hedonistic indulgence.

Candace, USA

Escape the world retreat was simply that, an escape from the my real life. From relaxing spa treatments, to restorative yoga + meditation sessions. I truly feel ready to return to my hectic life in NYC. The staff was amazing and nothing seems too little or too big for them. Every need of mine was met with a smile. This place is seriously a hidden gem, you feel as if you are hidden from the world. I would recommend this retreat to everyone, all ages & wont regret it!

Vicky, USA

This escape the world retreat was just that for me. I was able to get away from everyday stresses and reconnect to the basic of life. I can not say enough about Claude and Iyan. So warm and gracious. I really felt like I had a little Balinese family here. The staff is exceptional and really makes your feel taken care of. All of the spa staff was wonderful as well as everyone else. I felt like I got to learn more about yoga and myself in a non judgment environment. Iyan, you are phenomenally gifted in being so knowledgeable. but so approachable. A lot of activities were great. I feel like I got to experience Bali and some of the culture in a really authentic way. I don't want to leave and I know I will be back. Thanks to everyone for caring about what you do so much, it really shows.

Beth, USA

Thanks to God and Oneworldretreats for allow up me to expanded my Yoga practice from a metropolis to the alone with nature practice, for allowing me to enjoy every tiny second of my life and live here and now. For these 6days i have no past and no future, i just pleasure in every moment, in every view, in every smell. It was really fantastic experience! One world retreat not only prose 5 senses, but also do it in most Ideal way! Special very warm thank you to our teacher for these 6days Iyan, it was a big pleasure to practice yoga and spend these out of the world days with you!! Also thanks to all the staff and Claude for making everything for our pleasure, I even can't find more words to describe my impression of the retreat. Namaste,,,,,

Katherina, Russia

I came to your retreat anxiously & with low expectations of being able to participate in the yoga. I had not done yoga before & I have a chronic back condition. Iyan & Wayan showed me that my body is stronger than I thought. I was astounded by being able to keep up. The yoga instruction was professional & respectful & I was adapted to each individual level. I even did a headstand - wow!! The day of silence was revelation for me. The meals were exceptional - so appetizing & healthy & plentiful all the staff were courteous & accommodating. Their smiling faces always a pleasure to see. Nothing was to much trouble. My little home down to bottom of the steps was a wonderful private haven, where I relaxed & enjoyed watching the activities of the wild life before me, from my verandah. The spa treatments were wonderful, the therapist were exceptional proficient with the most wonderful healing herbs. The outing through the rice fields today with lunch at the organic cafe was thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you all for an amazing experience.I almost left out the most important, the letting go ritual. Following on from the day of silence, taking the time for inner reflection & the burning of all my negative baggage was lifted from my shoulders. Also Thank you for teaching us about the Balinese people, their life style & customs. Now I know a little more about Bali, I understand why so many visitors keep coming back. Lastly , Thank you to the wonderful men who drove us everywhere.

Debra, Australia

Thank you so much Iyan ,Wayan, Claude, and the whole team for a truly amazing week. For me the escape the world yoga retreat has been like the magical wood in. A mid summer night's dream a place ( and time) for metamorphosis to get rid of a anxieties and resentments - and to learn how to savoir each moments in the now. Now - as I face the challenge of returning to my 'world' - I shall try to remember the words of Ingrid Betancout, the french Colombian woman, who while campaigning as a presidential candidate was abducted by the terrorist guerilla organization FARC, and who came to the realization during her 61/2 years a hostage that regardless of where or what our world is. We still have " the most" important freedom of all, the freedom to choose what kind of a person ( we) want to be ( even silence has an end).

Carolyn, Australia

My expectations for this escape were well truly surpassed. Everything I know I would receive I did but so much more. From the attentive and kind team of staff to Iyan & Claude, the yoga, the sanctuary a amazing healing hands at the spa - I am not sure that anything will top this experience for me, for a long long time. A personal, relaxing and peaceful retreat with an almost family like touch that welcomes and supports. Thank you.

Rachelle, Australia

"From the minute we stepped out of the airport we we warmly received by our Oneworld Retreats driver for our comfortably and scenic drive to Ubud. Once at the resort we were welcomed with a refreshing drink by Wyan and checked into our wonderful room.
The feel and character of the quaint resort was comforting and tranquil, and the views from the room overlooking the rice paddies was something special. The feeling i felt, was in a strange way, although i had never been there before ... Welcome home to Ubud! The Yoga pavilion has a great relaxed and light energy and i felt it very easy to sink into the meditation and yoga. I love the gong! and the singing bowels too :) Not to mention Iyan and Wyan! These two guys are just fantastic, and soo much fun ... they are now my family in Bali. The purification at the temple ... amazing and moving! The walk through the rice paddies and lunch at the organic restaurant ... wonderful and yummmm!!! Yoga at the volcano ... breathtaking! and the spirit orb photos i took there are the most amazing i have taken to date.The spa treatments ... pure indulgence! The food ... healthy and tasty! To die for! Loved the ginger tea too. The lifestyle, culture and community spirit in Ubud really made me feel like i had come home to something which resonates with me. A special place where everyone and everything is still so wonderfully connected with nature and each other and most of all their spirit ... beautiful simplicity. I loved every minute of this retreat and will be back! See you soon . Lots of Love from Townsville, Australia and Terima Kasih! Sandra Peel."

Sandra & Tamara, Australia


Diane, USA

Fabulous time, I loved the staff, the food, the itinerary, in an ideal world retreat is a full 7 days( 51/2 days is too short). And I hope Iyan teaches a longer retreat in the future.

Betina, USA

It is almost impossible to summarize it all! it is about spoiling, yourself with the re - treat and being spoiled by the ever smiling staff. They absolutely do everything to made you so comfortable the only thing you have to do is focus in your yoga. It is also about culture, within the spiritual surroundings of Bali, you will find your own. What is not to love in One World Retreat??

Alessandra, Netherlands

Lovely program in very peaceful surroundings, people take great care of you. Iyan is a lovely, happy man, Wayan is an excellent teacher to be - gentle, firm and thoughtful, the staff are extremely friendly and hospitable, food is fantastic. My recommendation ; Kumara is a very well organized retreat, a feast for the senses, where you'll work and enjoy attention. marvelous spa treatments and lovely surroundings. Iyan is a dedicated, gentle and happy teacher. Namaste, Inez.

Inez, Netherlands

It was all just one big fantasy coming here!

Annemarie, Netherlands

With three treatments are six day? I have been pampered to an inch of my life. I have also been stretched and pulled in every directory in yoga class, which my body has loved ( and needed ) I have been nourished with healthy food and wise words. Importantly I have learn a lot about Balinese culture and daily life, which has been fascinating. The accommodation is luxurious and the little touches like the frangipani flowers around the room and candles and incense were much appreciated. Kumara is such a thoughtful for a wonderful week of amazing experience, people and places. re entering the real world will be difficult in some ways, but daily meditation and yoga from now on, life will be very different.

Hannah, Australia

I would typically choose a holiday full action and excitement. Hence my apprehension about coming on a yoga an meditation retreat. As it turned out, the meditation brought me long lasting joy and the yoga was challenging in a rewarding way. Further more, I did not realize that very healthy food could be so delicious. Everyday brought delightful experiences and surprises. The location was magnificent which was a further bonus. The spa treatments were also a special retreat and all the staff were super friendly and genuinely helpful. a perfect opportunity to transcend to a higher level of awareness+ joy.

Tony, Australia

My 5th time to Kumara and it just keeps getting better - this is the Bali I love - immersed in the cultural and spiritual - and each time with wonderful diverse group of people who become my newest friends.I will return here again and again a it doesn't get any better than this.

Jaqualine, Australia

I could not have wished or dreamed of an experience as outstanding as the " escape the world yoga retreat." The retreat was simply magnificent. Claude and Iyan were the perfect warm and gracious hosts very ably supported by the wonderful team of staff at Kumara. The combination of Yoga, spirituality, activities, spa treatment and insight into Balinese culture. Not forgetting the most delicious food was in a word "perfection" I can not adequately express in words how much this week has meant to me. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be back again,,,,,,,, Marie xoxo.

Marie, Australia

A wonderful space to just be. Thank you to Claude, Iyan and the Kumara team for creating such a beautiful experience of indulgence, beauty, culture, stillness, peace and hidden discoveries.

Kylie, Australia

We came to Iyan & Claude's retreat on our honeymoon. Dave is new to Yoga and found it a perfect introduction, I have done quite a bit & I found it was like returning home & reconfirming my foundation!! The activities were incredible, the ceremonies completely filled my heart. What a wonderful experience to take forward into our marriage!!!! Thank You,,,,,,,!!!!!

Shelley, Australia

Love it.

David, Australia

Everything was amazing. I especially liked learning about Balinese culture and the Tradition. the visit to the local village helped me to understand this more such a beautiful culture and place!!

---, Australia

From start to finish it was amazing. I can think of any word strong enough to express my experience. All I can say is I need this.

Darlena, Germany

Experiencing retreats is a different traveling style that I have never had before. Explore & re - define your self seems like the evening that you quite long time have not been doing it. During this class, it gave me a change to find the deepest myself. I could not say I have found myself already but at least I found what is my own way.

Feiya, Taiwan

Everyday here is so special time. The staff here are so helpful. They can even remember everyone's name. And I want to thank to Claude, Iyan, and all the staff here. I have the best travel memory & now! The instruction of yoga is so professional, I have done some poses that I hadn't made it successfully before. That was amazing, the food here is really beautiful. I'm quite feeling everyday. I ate all them up. Our room is clean everyday there is nothing to complain about the housekeeping, every activities here is new experience to me. I enjoyed doing all of them. I found I was taken care so well here.
Thank you all again.

Alisha, Taiwan

The experience I had here completely surpassed my expectations. Iyan is a delightful host and has an infectious laugh. His yoga teaching was a great learning experience for me, a relative yoga beginner. I also observed that those who have been practicing yoga for a long time were enthralled by his instruction, explanation and correction. The food is wonderful; I will definitely be hunting for a Balinese cookbook when I get home. I have had many beauty treatments - in Melbourne as well as at other retreats the treatments I received here were by far the best I've ever had. If the yoga practice and the beauty treatments and the food were all that were on offer here, I would have been happy. But the excursions were organized for us were experiences I find difficult to put into words. Each day you fall more deeply in love with this beautiful Bali. And its beautiful, gentle, smiling, cheerful people, always happy, always happy to help. With each excursion, and they were each so different. The word “privileged" kept coming into my mind, I learnt so much about Bali, Its customs, religion, way of life. And we, the visitors to their country were made so welcome, even to the point of actively participating in a ceremony at a sacred temple. Privileged. We were shown around Balinese family home. Privileged, we had dessert and coffee on Ubud's prince's balcony. Privileged, we were lead around an ancient, unique Balinese village and received an explanation of it different culture. Its inhabitants cheerfully accepted us in their midst. They didn't want anything from us. Privileged, it's very uplifting to be on an island where the people are so proud of who they are and are willing to share their beliefs and their smiles. Back at the resort, attention to detail here is extraordinary. From the bowl of flowers under the massage table, to the welcoming cold drink back at the resort after the bike ride, the set of paint in each room, the written words of wisdom changing each day in each room. I could go on! I hope I can come back here. I recommend this place for anyone, even if you've never done yoga before. I don't think I'd be going too far if I said I expect that for me my experience here will be life changing. Thank you Iyan, Wayan, Ketut, all the lovely young men who drove us around and helped us with our cameras and our bikes and our clothes. And thank you also to all of the other staff. Forgive me for not memorizing your names. You're all doing a great job. Thank you everyone for an unforgettable life experience.

Janet, Australia

The retreat lived up to its name - it was a real retreat from the world. Attention to detail was a real hall mark of the retreat and the staff couldn't be more helpful and more helpful and courteous. I've came away rejuvenated and refreshed.

Norah, Australia

I came here with great expectations. My daughter Charlotte, who was here July 17 2010, told me all about the retreat. You really made it true. I escaped the world , and my dearest family, it was time for me. With the rain tears come...rain..useful for the world, tears...useful for my inner soul. This felt like Soul Spa. Soul Spa!

Irma, the Netherlands

Yoga - I could focus on my mat with stillness, I could breathe deeply into my heart and belly. Spa - I could care for my self and rest. Rituals - I could send prayers for other who are suffering. I could ask for help and receive it with gratitude. Activities - lectures - I could find joy in all the little things, and a feeling of inner peace. I thank you all with love and inner peace in my heart. Namaste

Pat, South Africa

I came here with high expectations having checked out reviews and the web site and I was certainty not disappointed. In fact it was better than I expected. Iyan & Wayan were brilliant yoga teachers. I've re-discovered a new love for yoga and meditation. Thank you so much for this wonderful retreat, It's been a fantastic experience. The staff are amazing, the best I've ever seen anywhere. I hope to be back someday!

Maria, Ireland

Escape the World was a perfect retreat to unwind, relax, reflect, get pampered, eat great meals and get fit. The Balinese are beautiful respectful people and I learned so much about their rituals culture. The meals were delicious, the spa treatments amazing, the yoga invigorating. Lastly Iyan the perfect host.

Ingrid, Australia

The whole experience at One World Retreats Kumara Bali exceeded my expectations, every single meal was outstanding, balanced and nutritious. I loved the attention to detail - candles and incense and flowers. The retreat was much more than just yoga and meditation. I wasn't expecting the enjoyment I had from the bike ride and walk through the villages and rice fields. The staff are so loving and educating. And as for the spa treatments, never before have I had such exceptional, attentive therapists who are so gifted at massage therapy. I have a newfound respect for Bali and hope to repeat this adventure soon.

Louise, Australia

It has been a joy all week, from hard work at yoga class, to wonderful treatments, amazing dinners and very nice trips. It has felt as a true retreat with a new group of friends that are very dear to me. Everybody was safe and I believe all of us have been able to make a step in some direction finding what they were looking for or opening up to new things. It exceeded all my expectations.

Kirsten, Netherlands

Iyan was a pleasure as were all staff. Everything ran seamlessly, so it was easy to slide into relaxation mode.

Angie, USA

I shall treasure this past week, it has been so good for my soul. Thank you.

Jillian, UK

Expect the unexpected, during this deeply spiritual retreat. Your senses will be delighted in every moment. The ingredients - yoga, spa treatments, activities and food - come together beautifully. This is the best gift you will ever give yourself. The gift of health in body, mind and spirit.

Henrietta, Australia

A wonderful experience on so many levels. The balance of activity. culture, retreat time and glorious food ticked all the boxes for me. Felt cared for and yet had the space just ‘to be’ as well. I know I will be back to give myself this gift again. Thank you.

Julie, Australia

We had a lot of fun doing yoga. I loved the silent day. My room was perfect. The food was really good. The spa treatments where good, but I have had better. The staff is really nice. I wasn't that impressed about the yoga at the volcano activity, but that can have to do with that we didn't have that great weather. The bicycling back to Ubud was really nice. A lot to see on your way. Visit one of the villages was very knowledgeable.

Jenny, Sweden