Escape the World

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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This is the retreat for the body + Soul, a beautiful place to be still, reflect, and let it go. the meals, yoga, spa treatment, and activities were outstanding. this has certainly been a life changing week, a week that will resonate within me forever as I continue my life's journey.

Donna, USA

Unfortunately I did miss some of the activities due to ill health, so I couldn’t give a comprehensive testimonial. What I did experience was absolutely wonderful and could not have been better.

Julia, New Zealand

I had a wonderful experience each and every moment, I tried the spa everyday it was excellent. I’m more into spirituality. I gained more and more energy at "Escape The World" retreat.

Pushpa, United Arab Emirates

For me, all the retreat of this nature begin with trepidation - stepping into the unknown. Who will I meet??? Will everyone get along??? Will the yoga/meditation/activities be challenging enough - or will I be unable to keep up??? will this be spiritual enough or too much??? Many question & fears. But the moment we ate together on our first right & shared a little of ourselves, i knew i was going to have a positive, rewarding & perhaps challenging week ahead. One look into Kristin & Marije's eyes and i could see their intention was pure & honest and that there would be no ego involved. It is clear these beautiful ladies have worked on & understood yoga & practice. Not only asana, but the other limbs of Raja Yoga. They have led us all gently on a journey of self discovery and I don't think any of us will be the same again!! The ceremony, little rituals & volcano visit with bike ride were all amazing. As for Kumara & the beautiful staff & amazing surroundings were synergists for the aspect of the retreat run by Marije & Kristin. Wayan's support, explanation & patience was never-ending, Ketut's willingness to help & share of his knowledge was endearing and Kadek's firm but loving hands were a welcoming gift in the Spa.

Kate, Australia

Kumara is a magical place and the opportunity to emerge yourself into this amazing environment while undergoing the life changing process of yoga, meditation, cleansing & prayer is a true gift to the mind , body & soul. Thank you so much for another wonderful week in Bali. I'd also like to recognize Marije's commitment and care to ensure that every aspect of the retreat was wonderful for every individual. Thank you...

Sarah, Australia :)
Gabriela, Spain

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of this experience. I have been blessed. So well organized, So well run, just the right balance of instruction, activities, free time. Staff - unbelievable!!! So helpful and kind.

Gillian, Australia

I enjoyed myself during this week of yoga, meditation, good food, and wonderful encounters with even more wonderful people. I will take those moments with me. Thanks to the 2 beautiful teachers who have intended their best to support our journey. You are both a blessing to the world. I am glad to have met you.

Sonja, Australia

The warmth of our farewell ritual reflects the beauty of our experience during this week. The going - inward of our yoga practice was balanced beautifully by the outings we took together. Heartfelt thanks to everyone at Oneworld retreats and our beautiful yoga teachers Marije and Kristin and Wayan. I shall never forget all the smiles I saw this week. All the hello's from the children who saw these weird tourists with helmets on riding through their villages and who took no offence. It helps me to let go of all the judgments I have been carrying. They went up in smiles at the letting go ceremony. Thank you...thank you... Namaste...

Yvonne, Netherlands

It was a wonderful first time experience of yoga retreat. Not knowing what to expect, i was delighted by the whole experience - the classes, the teachings on the practice, the other planned activities , the teachers, the location/environment, the treatments, the staff, and last but not least, the other attendees. There was a wonderful energy among us and i got a lot of it!!! A lot I am taking back home with me!!!!

Patricia, UK

We loved it. I want to thank you Iyan + Wayan for an amazing experience + for your help, patience and assistance.

Danielle, Ireland

"Escape The World " has far surpassed my expectations. the unpretentious luxury of this place wraps you in a peaceful serenity and safe feeling from day 1 and it is clear that Claude and Iyan have carefully thought about every little details that can make your stay more magical, from the glass of coconut water to treat you after the long bike ride to incense left from the bed to remind you to the place when you leave. Iyan encompasses all the beauty that yoga and meditation can bring to your life and understands it implicitly. He guides you trough your journey with gentleness and taken care of your every need along the way. I am blessed to have meet him and learned from him. If you are open, you will gain so much from this retreat, the magic of this place and the great insight of the team will make sure of that!

Liz, UK

The 'Escape The world ' experience feels like someone took my list of a dream week and turned it into a reality. Nutritious (delicious)food, challenging but gentle yoga, divine spa treatments, cultural experience, outdoor activities and stimulating conversation all put together in an idyllic setting. Thank you for creating this beautiful dream.

Rebecca, Australia

The warmth of the staff was truly beautiful. I have achieved with Iyan's happy gentle guidance, another level of being that feels more sustainable than leaps. I have taken in the past. I have also connected with a wonderful group of travelers from around the world. My faith in humanity is much restored.

Sally, Australia

I arrived excited by the experience but I float away with my experience exceeding all of my spiritual expectations. I have a sense of calm & peace that I knew was inside but am now enjoying the feeling in my body, mind and spirit. I have met some wonderful people of like mind & energy and am looking forward to continuing those relationship post the retreat. Iyan, you are truly special, wonderful, spiritual man. Thank you for your energy and guidance. I am so glad my dream to come here had become a beautiful reality. Thank you both for creating such a positive experience. I am here doing great things for this earth & the soul on it with love & appreciation.

Gemma, Australia

The glory of life is given through the experience of living.

Matthew, Australia

A perfect combination of yoga meditation, food & relaxation. A true meaning to " Escape The World".

Stephanie, Australia

I have nothing to add, I found it wonderful as it was.

Anita, Netherlands

What an experience! This felt so much longer than just five days, this felt so much more intense That I would have ever imagined both physically as well as mentally. Thanks everyone, not only the amazing One world retreats crew but the group as well. I love you all!

Irma, Netherlands

Beloved, love, beloved, love, beloved, love , beloved, love. The staff are also yoga teachers, They teach compassion, kindness, generosity and lack of ego. I did not expect this, nor have I experienced it elsewhere. Add to that the lushness of green gardens and comfortable beds ( ! ), add to that wonderful food. Yoga classes, one can't help but experience a "new" way of life. Humming with love. Thank you.

Amy, USA