Escape the World

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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This is truly a prince’s palace where you will be treated like royalty. The service at Kumara is impeccable. The spa treatments are second to home, but the view of rooster and ducks waddling through the rice paddies while having your massage is unforgettable. The yoga was phenomenal. Challenging yet nurturing. I developed a new confidence deepened. My yoga practice on + off the mat. Jennifer was born to teach. A holistic, fun and very memorable experience.

Lauren, USA

Jennifer Prugh is a master teacher, love all of her instruction. The food, spa, facilities, etc. were all superb. Thank you.

Rebekah, USA

The retreat exceeded my expectations. I came expecting to do yoga. I learned so much more and it is the beginning of journey to be yoga in all aspects - not just the asanas. The people at Kumara Sakti also contributed to the experience by their constant and reassuring presence. The light that continually emanates from within them was a source of inspiration, comfort, acceptance, and a quiet strength, last but not least - Jennifer is an amazing leader - teacher and the other people in the group are all wonderful souls. It was a privilege on - and Claude - story teller extraordinary - wanted more.

Tracey, USA

The attention to detail was unforgettable. The yoga was challenging for me but the great sense of achievement I felt due to progress I made over the 5 days was wonderful. The spa is a bit of heaven on earth. I felt respected, nurtured, pampered, and very relaxed. The therapists were heaven's angles. The rituals were like little jewels of insight into the culture along with the day to day lives of the locals. How blessed we were to be allowed into their lives at such close range. The leaders were so honest and 'real' with us. Filled with gentleness, wisdom & compassion. Every sense is constantly being treated . Food, sounds, scents, visual delights + physical sensations. You can't help but be in the 'now' . Thank you for every little bit of it.

Lucille, Australia

A wonderful week in a beautiful setting, with empowering yoga for the mind, body and spirit, delicious meals, amazing massage and such care and nurturing in the attention to detail. Thanks to Iyan for his wisdom, Wayan for his beautiful singing and all the staff for their smiling and friendly service and enriching experience.

Justin, Australia

Escape The World exceeded my expectations. I thought I would find relaxation but what occurred transcended that it was truly remarkable experience.

David, Australia

I never thought I'd feel at ease so quickly in a place so very different from my own country! The friendliness, politeness and warm smile of your staff made me feel at home straight away. The room and balcony are huge and offer a stunning view across tropical vegetarian and rice paddies. I thought practicing yoga 3 1/2 hours a day for a 5 days in a row would be difficult and tiring. But it just the opposite. I feel relaxed, energized, aware and a live! And if you do feel tired, the amazing ( signature) spa treatments will extraordinary, the purifications ritual was very special. A unique experience yoga at Gunung batur was marvelous, even on a cloudy day. The bicycle tour was a perfect way to get in touch with the real Bali. And to enjoy magnificent scenery. This week I escaped my world and made a deeper connection with myself an invaluable gift. Thank you so much. My compliments to all staff for making everything so easy, everything runs so smoothly!

Marieke, Netherlands

Namaste Iyan & Wayan (I feel so privileged to have met you). The universe unfolds at exactly the moment it's meant to, this powerful, blissful & truly touching retreat thought me, to let go, to absorb every moment as if it were sacred, because it is. This time is a gift , this moment as if it were sacred, because it is. I feel such gratitude, to the staff , to the teachings, to the luscious vibrant nature surrounding me. But I also feel gratitude towards myself for bringing/ allowing myself to be in the moment. To be moved as deeply as I have this past week. I feel such, love & compassion for Bali for Ubud, I did not want to come expecting a transformation of the self, I have transformed every morning, noon & night, I hear Universal song & I felt her flow trough me .

Melissa, Australia

Time to get back your self . Experience to recognize what you have. My answer may not be a right for your question because some words not understand. My English problem sorry about that.

Yoshiko, Japan

An excellent balance between culture, yoga & pampering. The attention to detail for all activities made the week most enjoyable.

Tomoko, Japan

We came on this retreat at the start of a 7 month trip exploring new parts of the world. We soon realized though, that in order to fully experience all the world. Has to offer you have to learn to escape the world first. Iyan & Wayan’s patience kindness and knowledge made what could be quite a scary task all the easier. A huge thank you also to all of the staff who were superb.

Kevin, UK

The perfect mix of time to journey inwards & time to connect with others. Escape the world offers all the elements for deep relaxation & profound healing if you want it.

Claire, UK

This retreat truly allowed me to escape the world. This was my first retreat and it has completely awakened me to my self, the earth nature and new people. The yoga rituals and variety of activities absolutely compliment

Katherine, Australia

The retreat 'set me up' with certain changes that I needed to do after my presort lifestyle. My challenge is to ensure that I do not ever back to the 'old days . Anthony and Kym gave me a new dimension in life, that with time and energy will give me a better healthy and rewarding life. It will take away with me many memories, and a long with this daily 'Affirmations'. My sincere thanks go to 'all involved'. Thank you once again. N.B - Would love to open our home to all our 'new friends' anytime.

Peter, Australia

Everything was beautiful looked after, my health, nutrition, and the views are spectacular. The staff were very professional and a delight.

Belinda, Australia