In today’s busy world we accumulate stress, tension and fatigue in the body which can leave us feeling depleted or overwhelmed by life. Deep rest is the antidote to stress and meditation is a fantastic way of gaining deep rest very quickly. When we rely on sleep alone for our rest quota, unfortunately many of us are not getting enough sleep or enough quality sleep for our bodies to work through the backlog of stress we have accumulated in our lifetime, or to decompress properly from the immense demands and stimulation we face on a daily basis. If you are looking for improved health and wellness, more energy, calm and clarity in your life, this retreat is for you.

Vedic Meditation is a simple transcending technique which absolutely anyone can do. With the use of a Mantra, which is silently repeated in the mind, this technique will help your body and mind gain the deep rest it needs to function optimally. The daily workshops will guide you step by step into a practice that you can easily take back home and incorporate into your busy lifestyle. Suitable for beginners or anyone looking to establish a regular meditation practice, you will acquire the tools to begin meditating confidently on your own and start factoring it into your life as an indispensable life skill.

In addition to learning Vedic meditation, you will enjoy relaxing spa treatments, eat delightful, healthy food and experience beautiful Balinese rituals.


Jo Amor  |  Retreat Leader

Jo teaches Vedic Meditation to mums, dads, creatives, corporates, athletes, kids – anyone seeking more calm, clarity, energy and wellness in their lives. Read more about Jo Amor

Price & Inclusions


Single 24,000,000 ±1,782 ± 2,223 ± 1,452 ± 1,282
Twin 22,000,000 ± 1,634 ± 2,037 ± 1,331 ± 1,175


  • Transportation from/to airport/South Bali
  • 7 days/6 nights of comfortable accommodation
  • All meals
  • Daily morning yoga and meditation session
  • Daily evening yoga and meditation session
  • 4 Meditation workshops
  • One-on-one meditation session with Jo Amor
  • 1 Relaxing massage
  • Kirtan
  • Sound healing session at Pyramids of Chi
  • Purification ritual at a Balinese temple
  • Day of Silence
  • Balinese offering class
  • Closing ceremony
  • Free drinking water
  • Government tax and services


  • Personalised water bottle
  • Hand-made canvas bag
  • Balinese traditional sarong
  • Comprehensive information booklet with recipes to cook at home


Transfer to Oneworld retreats at Kumara from the airport or anywhere in South Bali

Welcome drink upon arrival and introduction to the resort


17:30 Retreat Orientation

Vedic Meditation talk

19:30 Dinner


07:00 Morning yoga and meditation with Wayan

09:00 Breakfast

10:30 Initiation to Vedic meditation with Puja ritual

12:30 Lunch

Afternoon to practice self meditation or spa treatment or private meditation session

17:00 Afternoon yoga and Vedic meditation practice

18:00 Early dinner

19:30 Purification ritual
After dinner, we will take you to Tirta Empul, Bali’s most sacred spring pools, for a purification ritual. This mystical place is visited by the Balinese from all over the island, a local mangku (priest) will carry out the prayers. An exceptional way to begin the holistic retreat.

Good night and sweet dreams!


07:00 Morning yoga and meditation session

09:00 Breakfast

10:30 Vedic meditation workshop – Refining the technique

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Vedic meditation workshop – Applying the technique in life

Spa treatment of the day
Relaxing Massage – full body – 75 minutes
Kumara’s relaxing massage is based on Ayurvedic principles and uses warm oil and professional hands to balance the chakras, the key energy points in your body. In harmony with Ayurveda and stone therapy, this massage is designed for deep relaxation and stress removal.

17:30 Evening yoga and Vedic meditation practice

19:30 Dinner


07:00 Morning yoga and meditation

09:00 Breakfast

10:30 Vedic meditation workshop – Diagram

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Vedic meditation workshop – Why we meditate twice a day?

Afternoon to practice self meditation or spa treatment or private meditation session

17:30 Evening yoga and Vedic meditation practice

19:30 Dinner followed by Kirtan


Experiencing a day in silence
Today is a day for contemplation and to concentrate on your inner self. Silence helps one to reach a different level of consciousness and a better understanding of the self. The results are usually very enlightening and can be amazing.

07:00 Morning yoga and Vedic meditation practice

09:00 Breakfast

Time to practice self meditation or spa treatment

13:00 Lunch – Today, enjoy the privacy of your own table and in silence!

Afternoon to practice meditation and to contemplate…

17:30 Evening yoga class and Vedic meditation practice

19:30 Dinner – Candlelight dinner served on your own terrace


07:00 Morning yoga and Vedic meditation practice

09:00 Breakfast

10:00  Vedic Meditation Workshop Expanding consciousness

12:30 Lunch at the Pyramids of Chi

14:00 Sound healing session at the Pyramids of Chi

17:30 Evening yoga and Vedic meditation practice

19:30 Farewell cocktail followed by dinner


06:30 Vedic Rounding

A vedic technique designed to deepen your practice and accelerate stress release. One round includes gentle asana, pranayama, meditation and shavasana.

Light Breakfast.

Balinese offering class 
The ritual of presenting offerings to the Gods is an integral part of the daily life of every Balinese. This interesting class helps you understand the intricate work involved in the simplest offering and explains the meaning behind the ritual.

Closing ceremony

11:00 Brunch

End of the retreat and departing to your next destination


  • Early Arrival Package

    Get more out of your early arrival by enjoying one of the best fine dining restaurants in Ubud on Saturday night and getting into your yoga practice. Our Early Arrival package is inclusive of…

    • three course dinner at bridges restaurant
    • extra night at Kumara (Saturday)
    • breakfast
    Single Regular:
    IDR 2,800,000 (± US$ 217)
    Retreat guests only:
    IDR 1,750,000 (± US$ 135)
    (per person)
    IDR 1,950,000 (± US$ 151)
    Retreat guests only:
    IDR 1,250,000 (± US$ 97)

  • Extend Your Stay with Us

    Enjoy being our retreat guest a little bit longer by booking an extra night prior or after your retreat at the special price below. The price is inclusive of breakfast, tax and service.

    Single Regular:
    IDR 1,900,000 (± US$ 147)
    Retreat guests only:
    IDR 1,250,000 (± US$ 97)
    (per room)
    IDR 2,300,000 (± US$ 178)
    Retreat guests only:
    IDR 1,500,000 (± US$ 116)


  • As a returning guest you will receive an IDR 700,000 gift certificate.

    You can use it for your tuition fee, at our spa or in our shop.

More Info


Oneworld’s holistic retreat lies in the hills of Ubud, Bali – about 1.5 km away from the hustle and bustle of the village center. The eco-friendly retreat is peaceful and serene, bordered by a small creek to the west and surrounded by jungle and rice fields. And it is probably the only retreat centre in the world with a Palace in its backyard!

We offer 14 comfortable and spacious rooms, two swimming pools, dining room, a yoga shala open to nature as well as a spa where you can enjoy high quality treatments. You will find lush gardens and pavilions to relax and indulge in the beautiful views. Should you wish to explore Ubud during free time, we offer shuttle bus service.

Each room is air-conditioned, has its own terrace/balcony and bathroom. Comfortable yet unpretentious. For our guests’ ultimate serenity, we welcome guests of a minimum age of 14 years. See all the facilities.


There will be daily hatha yoga sessions suitable for all levels of practitioners, but the main focus will be on learning Vedic meditation. It is a very simple and effortless mental technique practiced sitting comfortably in a chair with the eyes closed. There is no need to concentrate, focus, or clear your mind of thoughts. There is no need for candles, earphones, books or devices.  Once you have learnt the technique, it can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

Vedic meditation is also known as the ‘householder technique’ due to the ease with which it can be incorporated into busy lives. It is enjoyed by millions of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Absolutely anyone, including children, can learn this simple technique in just a few short sessions.

Vedic meditation is very refreshing for the mind and allows the body to access deep layers of rest and release years of accumulated stress. Twenty minutes of vedic meditation is the rest equivalent of about 3-4 hours of sleep. This is why 20 minutes, twice a day, is all we need to refresh and re-energize.

To practice Vedic meditation you will be given a suitable ‘Mantra’ and shown how to use it.
A Mantra is simply a sound, which is silently repeated in the mind. This sound has a charming quality and the mind is able to settle down in a very natural and spontaneous way.  The mind will move from the active layers of the mind to the more subtle layers of the mind, until it ‘transcends’ or moves beyond thinking and comes to a complete state of rest.

Vedic meditation originates in India and draws from a 5,000 years old body of knowledge known as ‘The Veda’. Modern science is now verifying what the ancient sages of India discovered a very long time ago, that humans need to find a way to de-excite the mind, so the body can rest and restore wellness.


Our chefs are experienced and eager to offer you the freshest, healthiest and most tasteful meals, infused with love. Your special wishes and dietary requirements are taken care of whenever possible. All your meals are included and most of them are eaten together with the group in the beautiful jungle dining room but sometimes are also served in the privacy of your own balcony or at an outside location. Your personalized itinerary will inform you in detail.


Part of your journey is enjoying the luxury of our skilled therapists’ massage treatments. Inclusive is our wonderful Relaxing Massage which is based on Ayurvedic principles and uses warm oil and professional hands to balance the chakras, the key energy points in your body. In harmony with Ayurveda and stone therapy, this massage is designed for deep relaxation and stress removal.

Other treatments are available onsite, you may wish to view our spa menu.


A new retreat happening every week led by experienced retreat leaders from Bali and abroad.

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