The Art and Science of Living

Food Cuisine

A Gourmet Radiant Health Weekend Retreat

With Mark Ament and Leah Rinaldi

Living food consists mainly of vitamin packed fruits, mineral filled vegetables, chlorophyll rich greens, nutritious sprouts, sea vegetables, fermented foods, nuts and seeds.
Discover why eating a diet based on living foods leads to numerous health and environmental benefits. And learn how to prepare delicious living food dishes for yourself and your family in this educational, inspirational weekend getaway.
All food is 100% uncooked, vegan and organic! That means no animal products and no ingredient heated above 43 C or 118 F.

All Inclusive Retreat
  • Transportation from / to Airport / South Bali
  • 2 nights’ accommodation
  • 5 organic 100% living food meals
  • 2 morning Yoga Classes
  • 1 Spa Treatment – Relaxing Massage – 1 h. 15 min.
  • 6 hours hands on living food instruction
  • 3 hours informative talks on living food nutrition
  • Government tax and service

The Price

The price is inclusive of everything described above.
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Currency Single Twin
US$ $485.00 $365.00
Indonesian Rupiah
Rp 4,578,400 Rp 3,445,600
€331.148 €249.215
£298.351 £224.532
AUD 532.049 AUD 400.408

"The Art and Science of Living Food Cuisine"

Weekend Getaway

General Information
Ultra healthy gourmet living food cuisine, practical instruction, inspirational talks and time away in a beautiful, peaceful retreat setting. This program offers a fresh approach to living that will give you tools to improve your own health and the health of those you love.
In it you'll learn the principles of living food nutrition as well as how to prepare several great tasting living foods dishes that you'll be able to incorporate into your daily life.

Your Hosts
Living Food Nutrition Expert Mark Ament

Mark Ament
Mark Ament is an expert on living foods nutrition and internal cleansing. He has spent the past 15 years studying the subject with some of the most well known teachers in the world, including David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousens, MD. Mark has eaten a diet of 95% raw vegan foods for the past 9 years and has been sharing the benefits of this simple lifestyle in classes, workshops and retreats for the past 6.
Mark is the author of several books on living food nutrition and internal cleansing, in addition to 100s of articles on the topic of health and healing. His weekly "Conscious Living Newsletter" goes out to over 2000 readers and is available on his main website,

Gourmet Living Food Chef Leah Rinaldi

leah rinaldi
Leah Rinaldi is a living food chef who creates beautiful live food cuisine that both satisfies and sustains mind, body and soul. Her delicious food is created with love and joy. Leah has apprenticed with living food chef Elaina Love of “Pure Joy Planet” and has designed the living food menu at a few popular restaurants. In addition to teaching healthy lifestyle and living food preparation classes, Leah also caters

ONEWORLD retreats at Kumara


zen retreat  zen retreat balcony  zen ubud retreat

The ten bedrooms Holistic Retreat is located 1.5 km from the heart of Ubud in Bali. Bordered to the west by a small creek the eco-friendly retreat is surrounded by jungle and rice fields. The centre offers 2 swimming pools, dining room, Spa and a splendid yoga pavilion facing the jungle!


bed  bed  living room

Each room is air conditioned, has its own terrace with garden mini-bar, bathtub and shower. Comfortable yet unpretentious.
For our guests' ultimate serenity, children under 14 are not permitted at the retreat.


meals    meals

All food is 100% uncooked, vegan and organic! That means no animal products and no ingredient heated above 43 C or 118 F.
As part of the retreat you'll be assisting in the preparation of 2 of the 5 meals as outlined below.


meals    meals

Part of “The Art and Science of Living Food Cuisine Retreat” is enjoying the luxury of our skilled therapist’s massage treatments. During your stay be pampered with a complimentary 75 minutes relaxing massage and you may choose other treatments for more pampering. See spa menu

Inclusive - Herbal Massage - 1 hour 15 minutes

Our herbal massage is based on Ayurvedic principles, and uses warm oil and professional hands to balance the chakras, the key energy points in your body.


Day 1

Transfer to ONEWORLD retreats at Kumara, Ubud
From the airport or anywhere in South Bali
Welcome drink and visit of the property.

17:30 Retreat Welcome and Orientation

Dinner – Italian Theme

    Leafy Green with Italian Vinaigrette
    Rosemary Flax Crackers with Olive Tapenade
    Garlic Sage Marinated Vegetables

Talk - Living Foods Explained
    What are living foods?
    What are the health benefits of living foods?
    The science behind the living food diet.
    How living foods help heal the body.
    The environmental benefits of living foods.

Day 2

8:00 Wake Up Yoga – 1 hour

9:00 Breakfast

    Coconut Yogurt with Buckwheat Muesli
    Fresh Fruit
    Green Tea
    Ginger Lemongrass Tea
    Coconut Water Infused with Vanilla

10:30 Introduction To The Living Food Kitchen

    Special Tools Needed For Living Food Preparation
    Organic Food – why it's important and where to source it
    Specialty ingredients and where to get them
    Nut Pate Making Demo

Spa Treatments – Free Time


13:00 Lunch

    MooShu Vegetables in a Chard wrap
    Chili Ginger Pate with Crudite
    Leafy Greens with Miso Dressing

Spa Treatments - Free Time

16:00 Living Food Preparation Class

    Chili with Sour Cream
    Marinated Broccoli
    Lavender Pineapple Cobbler
    Coconut Yogurt
    Carrot Currant Muffins (for breakfast)

19:00 Dinner

    Chili with Sour Cream
    Marinated Broccoli
    Leafy Greens with Vinaigrette
    Corn Bread
    Lavender Pineapple Cobbler


20:30 Talk – Enhancing Living Foods with Medicinal Grade Essential Oils

Day 3

7:00 Wake up Yoga – 1 hour


8:00 Breakfast

    Coconut Yoghurt
    Carrot Currant Muffin with honey coconut butter
    Fresh Fruit
    Green Tea
    Ginger Lemongrass Tea
    Coconut Water Infused with Vanilla

09:00 Check out of your room

09:30 Living Food Preparation Class

    Asian “Stir Not Fry”
    Teriyaki Nori Rolls
    Leafy Greens with Honey Mustard Dressing
    Coconut Lemongrass Macaroons
    Chocolate Truffles
    Coconut Yogurt

12:00 Lunch
    Asian “Stir Not Fry”
    Teriyaki Nori Rolls
    Leafy Greens with Honey Mustard Dressing
    Coconut Lemongrass Macaroons
    Chocolate Truffles

13:00 Closing Talk – Making Living Foods Practical
    How to transition to a living food diet
    How to easily put more living food into your normal diet
    Eating locally – living simply

Participants privillege
Extra night prices prior or after the retreat

Twin/per person
$78.20 $43.70

Other Destinations

Sidemen North Bali Munduk