A retreat that makes a difference

Children of an orphanage will also be participating in the Family Yoga Retreat, taking place from August 8 - 13, 2010 at ONEWORLD Kumara in Ubud, Bali.

Ketut Sadia from Bali started the WINS project together with Gill Rijnenberg from the Netherlands. WINS is an acronym for the Dutch phrase ‘Weeskinderen Indonesie naar School’ which translates loosely into English as ‘Education for the Children of Indonesia’. Their primary goal is to give the children of Bali the opportunity to obtain an education and to break the cycle of poverty.

Getting an education in Bali is not free as it is in many other countries throughout the world. As a result, going to school is often not an option for children from poor families. Without an education these children are doomed to poverty. The WINS project is determined to break the cycle of poverty and give the children of Bali the opportunity to live up to their full potential.

In 2005 the WINS project began to implement the Child Sponsorship Program in Ketut’s village in Bedulu (just out of Ubud). They started with 12 children who got sponsored by a direct donation system. The sponsorship donations cover school fees and other related costs. Both sponsored and non-sponsored hildren can attend a WINS Learning Center in their area for classes in English, computers and Balinese culture. These classes are in addition to their regular schooling. An education and therapy program for children with physical, mental and emotional disabilities was started at the WINS Learning Center in Bedulu.
This program has enjoyed great success.

At this moment 93 children in Bedulu are sponsored and 32 children are still looking for a sponsor. 5 of these children are orphans and 37 have a single parent. The WINS project is also implementing similar programs in other villages in Bali. Many of these children are still waiting for help to provide them with the education they so desperately need. By making a donation of any amount, you are giving these children the opportunity for a brighter future. Please visit the WINS project website in the USA to make a donation (tax deductible):

Sponsor a child - WINS project USA

family yoga

Children of the WINS Learning Center of Bedulu will be participating in the activities of the Family Yoga Retreat taking place from August 8 – 13, 2010 and part of the profit will go to the WINS Project. By mixing with less fortunate Balinese natives, western kids have the opportunity to discover a reality that should undeniably the opportunity to discover a help them express feeling of sharing, compassion, open their eyes and hearts to gratefulness and thankfulness.

Participating in this retreat vacation will help everyone; besides a portion of the retreat profits going to the foundation, the more privilege kids are invited to bring over to Bali what is no longer a must in their personal lives and can spare to someone else that will appreciate it.

We sincerely hope to have you and your children for an enjoyable alternative lifestyle that is designed to satisfy all your senses!

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