Becoming a Yoga Teacher – with Louisa Sear, founder of Yoga Arts

While there were 18,000 yoga schools registered with the Yoga Alliance at the end of 2016, only a small percentage offer a thorough teaching and understanding of all eight limbs of yoga. Teaching yoga is a growing profession according the Yoga Journal USA, with well over 50,000 yoga teachers in the US alone, and the numbers are growing daily!

Louisa Sear, a pioneer of yoga teacher training in Australia, and the founder of Yoga Arts to learn more about her school. Here are excerpts from our discussion.
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Both our teachers Iyan Yaspriyana and Wayan Partawan have gone through their teacher training at Yoga Arts. And in July, our yoga teacher assistant Komang Desiani – or Desy – will be undertaking her yoga teacher training with Louisa.

For further information, and/or bookings on any of the above trainings please contact Liz at:
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Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Self Inquiry, Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Course Coordinator, Founder & Director of Yoga Arts

Louisa has dedicated her life to the practice and teaching of Yoga. She is passionate in the inquiry to find ones true nature and freedom.

In her teaching, Louisa encourages the understanding and acceptance of life, finding the teacher within and acknowledging the Divine in all. Louisa has been teaching yoga for 34 years and has had a committed Yoga Sadhana practice for over 37 years. She teaches the principles of Tantric Advaita Philosophy and specializes in Self Inquiry, Therapeutic Yoga, Ayurveda Lifestyle, Mindful Vinyasa Asana, Pranayama & Meditation. Louisa is the Lead Teacher on the Yoga Arts’ Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Retreats and Yoga Workshops in Bali and around the globe. Louisa encourages students to develop inwardly by diving deeply into oneself to awaken through mindful conscious practice on and off the mat.

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