Yoga Sequences to Reduce Stress with Maxine Yeates


In this short video, Maxine Yeates takes you through two variations of Sun Salutation and a hip opening sequence. The benefits are improved range of motion and circulation, good pelvic alignment and a deep sense of release. The practice helps reduce negative emotions as well as stress and anxiety through the energetic shift that takes...

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Komang Desiani – Counting the Days to My Yoga Teacher Training – Part 2

I am counting the days to the start of my yoga teacher training! There are a lot of things to prepare—physically and mentally. During my spare time in between assisting retreats, I read the pre-training textbooks Light on Yoga by K.S. Iyengar, Pranayama Prana Widya by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati and Functional Anatomy of Yoga by...

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Rio Helmi, one of Bali’s originals


Many things come to mind when you try to explain who Rio Helmi is—photographer, expat, Buddhist, biker, writer, moderator, gallery and coffee shop owner are just a few of them. The son of an Indonesian father and a Turkish mother, Rio has lived in Bali close to four decades and is probably one of the...

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Komang Desiani – Journey to Becoming a Yoga Teacher – Part 1


Follow Desy’s journey on Facebook becoming a yoga teacher and instagram as she blogs about her teacher training experience at Yoga Arts with Louisa Sears this upcoming July, and stay tuned for her post-training interview. Komang Desiani or Desy is a teacher assistant at Oneworld and is revered by many of our retreat guests. Inspired...

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10 Facts* About Bali


At 3,142 metres above sea level, Mount Agung is not only the highest elevated point on the island but also its most sacred place and it is home to Bali’s largest temple, Besakih Temple. On the Balinese New Year, otherwise known as Nyepi, the whole island shuts down for 24 hours – no working, no...

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On Choosing the Right School for becoming a Yoga Teacher – with Louisa Sear, founder of Yoga Arts


While there were 18,000 yoga schools registered with the Yoga Alliance at the end of 2016, only a small percentage offer a thorough teaching and understanding of all eight limbs of yoga. ...

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Four Upcoming Ubud Festivals


Ubud’s festivals are a great reason to visit this cultural and spiritual centre of Bali, also known as a destination for yoga and healing. Over the years, internationally renowned annual events celebrating food, culture, music, yoga and books ad ideas have put Ubud firmly on the cultural map. Check them out!...

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Four simple tips to practice yoga at home


Do you struggle to maintain your yoga practice after you return home from the retreat? Here are some tips from our in-house teachers Iyan and Wayan to help you add yoga to your daily routine. 1. How to start off a yoga practice at home Wayan says that one of the main reasons people stop...

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Three Questions for Jean Labbe


1. Why Bodhypnosis? Bodhypnosis came as a reward after 25 years of observing and exploring the relationship between the soul and the body. I came to realize that using hyper slowness and contacting bones were extremely efficient ways to neutralize the mind and alter consciousness. This is a delightful way to achieve a life fully...

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Three Questions for Jan Green


Why do you practice and teach Yoga? Yoga invites us to journey deep within and find a place where we are comfortable with our true, authentic self. It’s not about twisting our physical body into pretzels! It’s about loving our body for the incredible vehicle that it is, carrying us through our lives and experiences....

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