Traveling – A Passion or an Obsession?


In 1992, 26 years ago, I made travel a priority in my life and it has brought me happiness, allowed me opportunities to be fully there, to totally live in the present, and to stop and look. Inhaling and exhaling in the world’s most beautiful places, to share, to feel, to be, to discover by....

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Komang Desiani – After the Training – (Part 5)

  It feels so good to be back home at Oneworld Retreats. Having been away for almost a month made me miss my team, all the retreat activities going on, everything! But the break was very important to me—I gained so much knowledge and wisdom about yoga, which in turn is now helping me on....

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Yoga to release neck tension and relieve headache & migraines with Wayan Partawan

  In this video, Wayan Partawan, yoga retreat leader at Oneworld Retreats in Ubud, Bali, takes you through a sequence that will help release the tension in your neck as well as relieve headaches and migraine. These are increasingly common health issues and due to our lifestyle—long hours sitting in front of the computer, constantly....

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The Meaning of Daily Offerings in Bali


If you have been to Bali, you will have noticed the small square offerings that are everywhere—in front of houses and shops, on motorbikes, at crossroads and of course, in the temples. They are known as Canang Sari, something that is small in size but of great importance, and making them daily is mandatory for....

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Ayurveda, the gift from India


I am often asked how I ended up creating an Ayurvedic Panchakarma center in Bali. It was indeed a challenging project to develop as it was most important to do it right and as authentic as possible. As for Oneworld Retreats many years ago, the vision became clear through periods of deep silence. Oneworld Ayurveda....

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Yogic Breathing—Technique and Practice with Martine Bounet

  In this video, French yoga teacher Martine Bounet introduces the three-step yogic breathing technique which will help get aligned with the different parts of the spine and unblock energy centers, thus supporting the yogic practice. She first explains how the breathing technique works and then incorporates it into the movement by using Sun Salutation....

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5 Special, Spiritual Places To Visit In Bali

Mount Agung Mount Agung is not only the tallest and one of the most majestic volcanos in Bali, but it is also honored by the Balinese as the dwelling place of the gods—especially Mahadewa, the supreme manifestation of Lord Shiva. The people on the island also believe that Mount Agung is the replica of Mount....

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Komang Desiani – Me and My Yoga Teacher Training – (Part 4)


  After months of waiting—excited and nervous at the same time—, finally, the training began. As this was one of my dreams, I had prepared myself seriously. For me, it was more than just a yoga teacher training, but also a great starting point to an inner transformation. Having gone through a difficult phase in....

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Six rules you need to know before entering a temple in Bali


A visit to Bali would not be complete without visiting at least one of the thousands of Hindu temples located all over the island. The Balinese are more than happy to welcome you to their temples, however, please remember that they are holy places, and there are some rules you need to be aware of....

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Komang Desiani – My Yogini Guru, Louisa Sear (Part 3)


  Louisa Sear, the founder of Yoga Arts from Byron Bay, Australia, has been practicing yoga since she was an adolescent, inspired by her mother, who often took her and siblings into the yoga classes with her. Yoga soon became her life and she started teaching others. Louisa says that it was not a conscious....

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