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I am often asked how I ended up creating an Ayurvedic Panchakarma center in Bali. It was indeed a challenging project to develop as it was most important to do it right and as authentic as possible. As for Oneworld Retreats many years ago, the vision became clear through periods of deep silence. Oneworld Ayurveda manifested itself the same way – in silence, during my own Panchakarma experience abroad.

panchakarma resort in baliWe first got inspired by the virtues of Ayurveda in 2003 when we had our spa team trained to do Abhyanga massage along with Shirodhara and a few other treatments based on the principles of Ayurveda. Eleven years later, in December of 2014, I needed more than a break; I had just gone through a few stressful years and both my mind and body were in need of change. I was then encouraged by a colleague to do a Panchakarma Detox journey in Sri Lanka.

Upon arrival, I gifted myself with a full digital detox, long meditations and five days of silence. Except for the doctors and therapists, I was not making contact with any of the seventy-five people that were there for the same purpose as me, yet I was the only one in silence. Of course, people think you are a bit weird, but what they thought was definitely not my business! It is surprising what comes to mind when cutting yourself off from the outside world, giving the brain time to relax and to just be, at the moment, without distraction from the outside world.

authentic panchakarma in baliOn the fourth day of silence, during a meditation it became clear that the creation of a similar center with the mission to assist guests to detox both mentally and physically in an awe-inspiring and safe environment at home in Bali was the perfect place to combine Ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom with the hands and hearts of Balinese healing therapists. Our experience and genuine intentions to serve well in what we undertake gave me full confidence and inspiration. The first people I spoke with following five days of silence were two incredible Dutch ladies. When they asked me what I did for a living, I told them about our projects in Bali, and then said, ‘and the next project is going to be an authentic Panchakarma center in Bali’ – they were thrilled and very supportive.

The ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda makes a lot of sense, after all, there has been living in India for much longer than most parts of the world including the young roots of my own home, North America. The Native Americans also had deep knowledge and connection with herbal medicine, yet it was never popularised. Chinese medicine is also based on all-natural ingredients, but they have not made their medicine a way of living like the Indians.

ayurvedic treatment in baliTheir knowledge and studies go way back and the principle of a Panchakarma or Five Actions has virtues little known to the western world. In India, millions of people live the Ayurvedic way which means that they understand their constitution and who they actually are according to Ayur (Life) Veda (Knowledge).

Upon returning to Bali, things fell into place and with the assistance of an amazing team, Oneworld Ayurveda welcomed its first guests in December 2016. The vision had become reality and the new family learned our true mission…in one word, RESULTS.

Choosing to live the experience of a Panchakarma is to give oneself time to rebalance and heal in the most natural ways, to detox of any kind of accumulations. Now that we have welcomed over 800 guests since our opening, we realize that they come for different reasons but the objective is the same – to feel better!

indian ayurvedic doctor in baliWe place great emphasis on the authenticity of a Panchakarma and respect the rules as much as possible at Oneworld Ayurveda. One can expect daily consultations with a resident Ayurvedic physician, treatments from professionally trained therapists, well-dosed natural medicine and efficient therapies in preparation for the next detox. At Oneworld Ayurveda, guests are not allowed to do any touristic visits during the program, nor swim in the main pool as the water is too cold for someone undergoing treatment (a warm pool overlooking the rice fields can be enjoyed prior to the afternoon treatment). Well-balanced and enjoyable meals, twice daily yoga, lectures, nature walks, the surroundings and most importantly a community of caring and nurturing people assure participants experience moments change.

Is a Panchakarma for you? Explore our website to learn more about Ayurveda and Panchakarma. You may also want to watch one of our 40+ videos published on YouTube. Our resident physicians are also available for Skype or WhatsApp Panchakarma consultation calls. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are here to answer.

Once a year, in February, you can join me during my own Panchakarma. 2020 will be my fourth 28-day Panchakarma, and the results are amazing. I feel rejuvenated, lighter, focused, healed and rebalanced!

Do not hesitate to dream, to create, life is all about creation, about giving and receiving.
This is why I built a Panchakarma center in Bali!

Claude Chouinard
Co-Founder Oneworld Retreats | Oneworld Ayurveda

Claude Chouinard

Claude Chouinard

Reaching dreams is not new to Claude Chouinard; over the years he has set many goals and has developed ways to achieve them. One of his dreams was to create a retreat centre and make a difference in other people’s lives and to remain faithful to the concept of letting everyone follow their own path in a simple and non-dogmatic way. Today Oneworld Retreats has grown to be the leader in holistic retreats in Bali. It all started with a dream! Read more about Claude »

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