5 Special, Spiritual Places To Visit In Bali


Mount Agung Mount Agung is not only the tallest and one of the most majestic volcanos in Bali, but it is also honored by the Balinese as the dwelling place of the gods—especially Mahadewa, the supreme manifestation of Lord Shiva. The people on the island also believe that Mount Agung is the replica of Mount....

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Six rules you need to know before entering a temple in Bali


A visit to Bali would not be complete without visiting at least one of the thousands of Hindu temples located all over the island. The Balinese are more than happy to welcome you to their temples, however, please remember that they are holy places, and there are some rules you need to be aware of....

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Rio Helmi, one of Bali’s originals


Many things come to mind when you try to explain who Rio Helmi is—photographer, expat, Buddhist, biker, writer, moderator, gallery and coffee shop owner are just a few of them. The son of an Indonesian father and a Turkish mother, Rio has lived in Bali close to four decades and is probably one of the....

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10 Facts* About Bali


At 3,142 metres above sea level, Mount Agung is not only the highest elevated point on the island but also its most sacred place and it is home to Bali’s largest temple, Besakih Temple. On the Balinese New Year, otherwise known as Nyepi, the whole island shuts down for 24 hours – no working, no....

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Four Upcoming Ubud Festivals


Ubud’s festivals are a great reason to visit this cultural and spiritual centre of Bali, also known as a destination for yoga and healing. Over the years, internationally renowned annual events celebrating food, culture, music, yoga and books ad ideas have put Ubud firmly on the cultural map. Check them out!....

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Interesting Facts About Bali


  Bali is an island and province of Republic of Indonesia. Indonesia is the largest island country in the world by the number of islands , with 17,508 islands.       With more than 4 million population, 83.5% of Bali’s population adheres to Balinese Hinduism and is renowned for its highly developed arts.  ....

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Penampahan Galungan Day


Galungan is an important Balinese holiday. It is celebrated every 210 days due to the Balinese Calendar system. The word Galungan means victory or battle. It is a day when goodness won the battle against badness. Galungan is a sequence of celebrations starting with Sugihan Jawa and ends with Kuningan Day. The day before Galungan is called Penampahan – a....

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