Ayurveda, the gift from India


I am often asked how I ended up creating an Ayurvedic Panchakarma center in Bali. It was indeed a challenging project to develop as it was most important to do it right and as authentic as possible. As for Oneworld Retreats many years ago, the vision became clear through periods of deep silence. Oneworld Ayurveda....

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Reaching Your Sixth Sense


Retreats are abundant and available everywhere, and for many, it has become a way of enjoying a more conscious holiday, one with a purpose. There are thousands of retreats on offer, one must ask, which one is the best for me at this time in my life, and what do I want to get out....

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Time is a Gift
Gifts are Meant to be Shared


It is hard to believe how time goes by so quickly, therefore time is a gift. It was in 2003-2004 that we launched our first retreats, it is in my mind as if that happened a few months ago. Iyan, the team and I have done a lot over the last 15 years and we are delighted to see that our retreats have been enjoyed by thousands of participants and mindful seekers from around the world. ....

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Pathways to deeper experiences


What seems so simple can sometimes be most difficult, and meditation can be one of those things. The toughest part of meditation is to sit—preferably twice a day—and have undistracted time just for your self. Once you have taken the time and understand that 20 minutes, twice a day, make a significant difference to your....

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Sharing the love for Bali


  Getting close to the end of the year, we are reminded of love, peace and gratitude. It is a time of reflection, time for introspection, to look back and to look forward. Here, on our beautiful island, the second half of 2017 demonstrated again the unconditional love that is so present in the hearts....

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authentic • magical • inspiring


These three words symbolise the vision and the state of mind of Oneworld Retreats. This is how we would like your stay with us to be and what we proudly specialise in. We have been leading retreats since 2004 and over 7000 guests have participated and enjoyed the authenticity of the experience. Many have returned two,....

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Oneworld Ayurveda Opens in Bali


ONEWORLD retreats proudly opens ONEWORLD ayurveda – A Panchakarma Centre situated in the rice terraces north of Ubud. Greetings from Bali, I am experiencing a Panchakarma (PK) of 28 days. And no, I am not doing it in India but in Bali, at our very own Ayurvedic centre, ONEWORLD ayurveda! This has been exactly what I needed – time to detox, to heal....

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  While Socrates, Darwin, Wallace and many other philosophers have a theory about evolution, Chouinard also has his own! Evolution of mankind is one thing, evolution of each individual is distinctive.  In a person’s lifetime, there is personal evolution – how does it work? Our evolution depends on many factors, first the environment we are....

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Travelling with a Purpose


  Traveling with a purpose rather that just holidaying is usually beneficial and sometimes even life changing. So many times I went on a trip and came back with new ideas and projects in mind and quite often with a different way of looking at things. I guess my real passion for travelling has allowed....

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A love affair with an island…


Anyone who has spent more than a week in a secluded place on this island has probably fallen in love with its people, culture and amazing natural beauty. Bali is like a diamond on a string of semi and precious stones that make an awesome archipelago of over 17,000 islands. The magic on this island....

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