15 Years of Gratitude and Sharing


This is a story about a man on the journey of Life. Life is constantly changing and moving. As a man grows he has to move on, taking steps to start his journey. In the beginning he didn’t know his destination. There were too many destinations and every path was unclear. Sometimes it was pouring....

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Escape the World with Iyan Yaspriyana


Have you ever wished you could escape the world for a week to rest and recharge? A life-changing retreat is not only possible, it’s accessible. Now in its 15th year, Escape the World retreat offers a revitalising week of yoga, meditation and ritual in magical Bali. The retreat has been designed especially for people who....

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The power of mind over matter


People say the hardest part of meditation is focusing the mind. As soon as we sit silently, the brain starts creating a constant flow of thoughts. It is tough to stop these thoughts and to make the mind still—this is the reason why people tend to give up or are not interested in practicing meditation.....

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Sharing is giving and receiving


What often gets the attention of our guests on our walks through villages or rice fields are the offerings or seeing someone making the ritual by the road side; a beautiful woman kneeling elegantly and praying in front of her family’s gate. People love to learn more about this and keep remarking about seeing people....

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Thank you for noticing!


It is funny how difficult it can be sometimes to respond to compliments. We do get many from the guests retreating with us and they always make me very happy. Normally, I will just reply with a simple ‘thank you’, but what I really mean inside is ‘thank you for noticing!’. For noticing all those....

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Metamorphosis of Butterfly


One morning, a butterfly flew in and landed on my hand. I believe that it represented the soul of a loved one who had passed away – my dad – and that he came to say hello to me. I was so happy and kept staring at it, remembering learning in the elementary school about....

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Travelling the Majestic Himalayas


Reaching Mount Triund, one of the many summits of the Himalayas, was an awesome and memorable feeling. Even more so for me as I had been trekking the 2,872m mountain over four days with a knee condition and risk of high blood pressure. Once I reached the top I said to myself, “Iyan, you made....

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When I was still quite new to Bali, a local friend whom I had met just few weeks earlier invited me to join him for the full moon ceremony in a temple. I was amazed how he treated and guided me through the praying, not like a tourist but just like a friend who was....

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The Evolution of Escape the World Retreat


I believe that life has to have a purpose; one must know its destination, just like traveling. When we decide to travel, we first must have a destination, otherwise we don’t know how to prepare, which map to follow and which obstacles we will encounter. This is what happened to me twelve years ago! When....

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The Power of Subconscious Mind


When I was a kid, most of my friends wanted to have fantastic careers in their future – to become doctors, engineers, pilots. And me? I wanted to be a teacher. A really good teacher opens the mind of the students, coaches their journey, gives inspiration, motivates and shares. Now, being a yoga teacher, I....

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