Novina, General Cashier


Novina, often called Novi by her colleagues, is originally from Cimahi in West Java and is the first child out of four siblings. She has been with the ONEWORLD retreats team for five years now as General Cashier starting in mid-2010. She enjoys the friendly and supportive colleagues and the comfortable work environment. And despite....

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Sondang Renata Aroean, Head of Human Resources Department


Sondang Renata has been working as the head of Human Resources and Development for almost three years now. She has witnessed how the company has transformed over time. “The company now has more staff than ever yet the teamwork is getting even stronger. That really fascinates me.” Her job requires her to understand people so....

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Wayan Budarsini, Kitchen Head


Ibu Wayan comes from North Bali and has worked with us for almost seven years. Cooking is a family talent – passed down for generations and it was one of her first hobbies. Working together with the supportive kitchen team, Bu Wayan is very fond of her position as an assistant cook, enabling her to put....

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Sukma Endrajati (Jati), Reservation staff


In today’s world of virtual communication, we often get in touch and build relationships worldwide through various online communication tools available. One of them is email. Jati is probably one of the first people you virtually connect with before starting your retreat journey to Bali. He is behind all those reservation email conversations. Originally from Pekalongan,....

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Dewa Ayu, F&B Serving Staff


Being a Balinese mother of two beautiful daughters as well as F&B serving staff at Kumara, Dewa Ayu has been juggling a career and family life. Since joining the resort’s team in 2003, Dewa Ayu finds the balance to enjoy the benefits of work and finding time to be an involved and caring mom. “Working at....

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Sanusi, Webmaster


Meet Sanusi, our webmaster and the one behind ONEWORLD retreats’ website control. He joined our team in 2008 when our company was just starting out and as the company grew, so did his passion in technology. With a hobby in photography, Sanusi’s passion for art makes him skilled for connecting with the virtual world –....

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Ketut Budiasa, Receptionist


You may remember Ketut, with his ever present smile greeting you at the front desk during your retreat at Kumara. Ketut has been with Kumara since October 2004. He remarks that he loves to meet and greet people and that meeting guests is his way to learn about new cultures of many different countries. What....

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Ani Jumani, reservation staff


Being a mother of two kids is a joy to Ani, reservation staff of ONEWORLD retreats. She is the one answering your emails and handling reservations. She finds herself enjoying both roles; as a mom and a career woman. “Working offers opportunities to learn many new things as well as keeping us to be productive,”....

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