Discovering Vedic Meditation


Meditation tends to find us when we need it most. I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety and was running low on what I now refer to as ‘adaptation energy.’ In other words, I was finding it difficult to adapt and respond creatively to life’s challenges, which was leaving me feeling inadequate and....

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The magic of a Balinese purification ceremony


  By Jacqueline Shaw, retreat leader at Oneworld Retreats I first stayed as a guest at Oneworld Retreats over 10 years ago. Since then I have returned many times and now have the absolute privilege of teaching my own retreat, this year in conjunction with an amazing teacher, Wayan Partawan. A highlight for me is the....

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The Art Of Cleansing Your Body


By Mark Ament I have loved mountain biking since it first became a thing in the late 1980s. Growing up in Colorado, a new way to get out into the mountains got me really excited. My first bike was a bright yellow machine that I rode over stones and roots, through streams; in the rain,....

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The Mindful Self


Beating ourselves up on things can be really draining for our physical and psychological balance. Daily routines and situations make us easily exposed to the negative emotions in our surroundings. Instead of living in the present moment, most of us often let our thoughts control us when it would be better to have an awareness....

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A Big Step in Life’s Journey


Yoga has so profoundly affected me and changed my life for the better that I cannot help but want to share it with others. Seven years ago I had reached a place of stagnation. I could no more easily have decided which way to go along my career path than I could have chosen what....

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Building Compassion


Compassion is the light that disperses the darkness of the soul. It is the energy released by the nature to all human beings so they can feel respect and take care of each others. However, the inability to stay at the present moment is indicated as the cause of the failure to feel compassionate to....

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The Power of Faith


Sustaining our yoga practice, whether at home or attending classes, is not always easy. We get lazy, we get busy, we make excuses…and we postpone. A week off leads to a month, and before we know it a year has passed and we haven’t rolled out our mats. We know yoga is good for us,....

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A Path to Wellness


Interview with Natalie Bondine Understanding our bodies’ reactions to food and making the necessary adjustments in our diet can have a profound effect to our energy system. It can also be a key to shift our mind into a state of greater clarity. Natalie Bondine explains how we can adopt a wellness lifestyle. What inspired....

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Interview with Marije Paternotte


Marije Paternotte was leading her retreat recently (30/04/2015) and the ONEWORLD retreats team managed to secure a few minutes to talk to her about various things, such as Bali, yoga and detoxing. On social media you indicated that you were really enjoying your job here in Bali. So, what do you find most magical about....

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Detox Your Life


By Marije E. Paternotte When hearing the word “detox” I used to think of endurance and anguish. Back in the 80’s my dad would do a detox by just drinking warm water with lemon juice and maple syrup for 3 days. It sounded horrible. I have also seen juice cleanses advertised as “energizing and super....

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