Three Questions for Jean Labbe


1. Why Bodhypnosis? Bodhypnosis came as a reward after 25 years of observing and exploring the relationship between the soul and the body. I came to realize that using hyper slowness and contacting bones were extremely efficient ways to neutralize the mind and alter consciousness. This is a delightful way to achieve a life fully....

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Three Questions for Jan Green


Why do you practice and teach Yoga? Yoga invites us to journey deep within and find a place where we are comfortable with our true, authentic self. It’s not about twisting our physical body into pretzels! It’s about loving our body for the incredible vehicle that it is, carrying us through our lives and experiences.....

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Escape the World with Iyan Yaspriyana


Have you ever wished you could escape the world for a week to rest and recharge? A life-changing retreat is not only possible, it’s accessible. Now in its 15th year, Escape the World retreat offers a revitalising week of yoga, meditation and ritual in magical Bali. The retreat has been designed especially for people who....

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Interview: Self-care & Self-love with Irina Verwer


1. How has Yoga changed your life? In so many ways! One of the most important ways is that thanks to yoga, I listen much more closely to my heart’s desire and can find the courage to actually follow that desire much easier and quicker then I used to. Yoga also helped me to move....

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Three questions for Irina Verwer

1. Why yoga? Through the practice of yoga, I reconnect with myself. I find that this helps me to be more relaxed, centered, grounded and energized. It helps me to move through patterns and ideas so I can listen more clearly to my intuition – and this helps me to make the choices that are....

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Interview: a Life of Balance with Martine Bounet


1. Please introduce yourself Hello, My name is Martine and I am a French native 2. What brought you to yoga? I think I started to develop an interest with anything to do with spirituality from an early age. I am not coming from a religious or spiritual background but I remember always having lots....

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Three Questions for Marni Pogachefsky


1. Why yoga? For me Yoga is a holistic practice that nourishes and supports body, mind, and spirit. I grew up in a house of Yogis / Yoginis, exposed to different practices and teachers from a very young age, so in a way when I step onto my mat it feels like coming home, regardless....

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Discovering Vedic Meditation


Meditation tends to find us when we need it most. I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety and was running low on what I now refer to as ‘adaptation energy.’ In other words, I was finding it difficult to adapt and respond creatively to life’s challenges, which was leaving me feeling inadequate and....

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Three Questions for Danielle


1. Why yoga? Yoga is an all encompassing practice; a holistic yoga practice feeds and addresses the body, mind, and soul. For me, the practice of yoga is a constant, with lessons available for me to learn whenever I show up on my mat. My mat is a safe environment for me to explore the....

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Interview: Bodhypnosis with Jean Labbé


1. What first drew you to body hypnosis? When I was performing very deep tissue massage with extremely slow movements, I noticed that my clients were going into such a deep sleep that I thought there was something abnormal going on! First, they would go into deeper relaxation with light snoring, which soon became louder....

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