Yogic Breathing—Technique and Practice with Martine Bounet


  In this video, French yoga teacher Martine Bounet introduces the three-step yogic breathing technique which will help get aligned with the different parts of the spine and unblock energy centers, thus supporting the yogic practice. She first explains how the breathing technique works and then incorporates it into the movement by using Sun Salutation....

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Yoga for Back Pain with Karina Chavez Galnares


  Back problems are very common today, very often due to our lifestyle—too much sitting or standing. In this sequence of yoga for back pain, Karina takes you through very helpful poses for lower, middle and upper back problems. She shares many useful tips and tricks and points out common mistakes to ensure that you....

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Yoga Sequences to Reduce Stress with Maxine Yeates


In this short video, Maxine Yeates takes you through two variations of Sun Salutation and a hip opening sequence. The benefits are improved range of motion and circulation, good pelvic alignment and a deep sense of release. The practice helps reduce negative emotions as well as stress and anxiety through the energetic shift that takes....

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Four simple tips to practice yoga at home


Do you struggle to maintain your yoga practice after you return home from the retreat? Here are some tips from our in-house teachers Iyan and Wayan to help you add yoga to your daily routine. 1. How to start off a yoga practice at home Wayan says that one of the main reasons people stop....

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Yoga Standing Posture


By Janet Nicol Where do I put my feet? Virabhrasana 1 (Warrior 1) has four different foot-alignment instructions depending on the style or tradition of yoga you practice. This grouping of Standing Poses is often called ‘closed hip’ poses, or poses where the hip are facing forward. Heel to Heel or Heel to Arch Alignment....

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