Escape the World with Iyan Yaspriyana


Have you ever wished you could escape the world for a week to rest and recharge? A life-changing retreat is not only possible, it’s accessible.

Now in its 15th year, Escape the World retreat offers a revitalising week of yoga, meditation and ritual in magical Bali. The retreat has been designed especially for people who are experiencing stress, burnout, depression or exhaustion. By the end of the week guests report feeling peace and balance.

Iyan, a deeply committed and caring yoga teacher, has been leading this retreat since its inception in 2004. “Whether you are new to yoga or have already been practising for some time, this retreat is a safe, comfortable environment in which to rest and recover from stress,” he says. “There is no need to be intimidated, the practice is appropriate for everyone.”


Yoga is just part of the healing journey at Escape the World.
The soul is nourished by sunrise yoga and meditation in the mountains, walks in nature and cleansing ceremonies. The body is nourished by delicious, wholesome foods made with fresh seasonal ingredients. And the spirit is nourished by the retreat space itself. The spacious retreat centre, set amid lush tropical gardens overlooking Bali’s iconic rice terraces, exudes a sense of deep peace. “There’s a lovely energy at the retreat centre,” Iyan says. “People come here with positive intention and share it with the staff, which helps enhance the energy of place.”


The retreats are limited to 15 guests. This helps create a sense of intimacy as people befriend one another and bond over the days of the retreat. Informal discussions with the retreat leader and each another add another dimension of healing to the experience. The retreat is often a catalyst for transformation. Many people experience a profound shift during the week and are ready for the next step, decision, or challenge.

Iyan’s personal journey of yoga and teaching is inspirational.
“Daily yoga, pranayama and meditation have helped me enormously in spiritual growth and personal development,” he shares. “Yoga is more than physical, it gives me a strong foundation for my spiritual life and brings me balance.

Many years of yoga practice have increased my sense of calm, empathy and kindness. I have more patience, and integrate new learnings not just as information but into my life.

Iyan’s advice to guests who plan to continue their yoga practice after the retreat is to try several teachers until you find one who is engaged and appropriate for your level. Then follow him/her and be guided in what will hopefully become your lifelong practice.


“I learn so much from my students. It’s a privilege to have this role and be instrumental in people’s transformations.”

Join the over 7,000 people who have experienced the benefits of Escape the World. Book a life-changing retreat for yourself soon.

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Escape the World

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