Komang Desiani – Journey to Becoming a Yoga Teacher (Part 1)

Follow Desy’s journey on Facebook becoming a yoga teacher and instagram as she blogs about her teacher training experience at Yoga Arts with Louisa Sears this upcoming July, and stay tuned for her post-training interview.

desy-iyan-wayan-blog-2Komang Desiani or Desy is a teacher assistant at Oneworld and is revered by many of our retreat guests. Inspired by her two seniors, Iyan Yaspriyana and Wayan Partawan, and with sponsorship from Oneworld, she has decided to go deeper into her yoga practice by joining the Yoga Arts Teacher Training program with Louisa Sears this upcoming July.

We recently sat down with Desy to discuss her journey to becoming a yoga teacher.

Desy, how long have you been practicing yoga?
My yoga journey started in 2014 when I was going through a difficult patch in life (loss of mother, problems with ex-husband, etc.). I noticed how the practice helped me through that, although I wasn’t very focused on the classes because I felt that yoga was not a challenging exercise. The journey continued in 2015, when I joined a yoga community which focuses on breathing techniques called Sudharsan Kriya. This technique had a deep inner emotion detox effect on me. Impressed by the benefits I felt, I began to explore yoga and its components some more and started to pursue my passion of yoga. And the universe guided my way through various opportunities to learn yoga philosophy, including its supporting elements—Meditation, Pranayama, Kriya, Ayurveda and Sanskrit. One of these opportunities was the chance to assist yoga classes at Oneworld Retreats. Now, I’m finally on my path to making my passion my profession.

Why do you want to teach yoga, what draws you onto a teachers path?
Because of the amazing physical and psychological benefits that I want others to experience as well. Some people only know yoga as an exercise to boost flexibility. I hope to help them understand that yoga is more than that, yoga is inner-cise and life-wisdom. My working experience at Oneworld Retreats has encouraged me to become a yoga teacher and by starting my teacher training this upcoming July, I believe I’m on the correct path of making my dreams come true.

What do you hope to achieve in your teacher training?
To learn more about the philosophy of yoga, the art of sequencing, how to do proper adjustments, lead classes with precision, and immerse myself into full yogic life.

What qualities do you think make a good yoga teacher?
As a teacher assistant, I’m fortunate to meet many experienced yoga retreat leaders from around the world. From them I learned that to be a good teacher you must understand a student’s physical condition because each body is unique, and the ability to do postures is not the same for everyone. As a teacher, I must be able to teach yoga postures that heal, not injure, and be patient and guide, not monopolize or dominate. Iyan Yaspriyana inspired me to understand the real benefits and objectives of yoga and to of course, teach it from the heart.

How have you prepared for yoga teacher training?
I am preparing by reading more books on yoga, instilling more discipline in my routine practice and listing things I want to learn during my training hours.

Tell us what will your future yoga classes look like? What will you teach?
Hatha and Vinyasa with proper alignment. I picture a yoga class filled with a combination of Pranayama, Meditation, Asanas (movement) and explanations about the philosophy of yoga.

Do you associate yoga with Balinese Hinduism and culture? If yes, in what ways?
As a Balinese, my life centers around Hinduism philosophy and culture. I was born in a small village to a family of farmers, and I grew up in nature, deeply immersed in Balinese traditions. This helps me to further understand the connection between yoga and our way of life. And it works both ways – my belief makes it easier for me to learn yoga as it has the same basic principles of happiness in life, and the magical Balinese culture increases my yoga vibration through chanting and using mantras in meditation.

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Follow Desy’s journey on Facebook becoming a yoga teacher and instagram as she blogs about her teacher training experience at Yoga Arts with Louisa Sears this upcoming July, and stay tuned for her post-training interview.


Komang Desiani

Komang Desiani—or Desy—was born in a small village near the beach in East Bali to a family of farmers. She grew up being in the nature and familiarizing herself with the Balinese traditions.. Read more »

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2 thoughts on “Komang Desiani – Journey to Becoming a Yoga Teacher (Part 1)

  1. Vicki Huxtable says:

    Hello beautiful Desi, wishing you well on your learning journey to becoming a yoga teacher.
    At a recent yoga retreat I was fortunate to have you guide me and the lovely group I met through many yoga techniques.
    You made great conversation and were happy to talk to us about so many facets
    of Balanese life.

  2. Claude Chouinard says:

    During the last year, you have proven to be a very well grounded soul and I have appreciated working with you ever since you joined us.

    We all love your passion for life, in particular for yoga and your desire to please unconditionally and with excellence. You are talented and I am personally very proud of you and I wish you very well during this teacher training, I am sure that you will be so ready by the time it starts on 29 June.

    You are in good hands there and you will return to us in August with much more knowledge and a clearer vision of what yoga truly is. Louisa Sear and her team delivers… I know that for a fact, they rock!

    We are all here to support you Desy, and I will have you on a cover of a magazine one day, promise!
    PakDe !!!

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