Komang Desiani – Me and My Yoga Teacher Training – (Part 4)


After months of waiting—excited and nervous at the same time—, finally, the training began. As this was one of my dreams, I had prepared myself seriously. For me, it was more than just a yoga teacher training, but also a great starting point to an inner transformation. Having gone through a difficult phase in my life before the training made me want to immerse myself fully in it, to help detach from the past. I even got a new haircut and did purification, just to remind myself to focus fully!

During these intense 28 days of training, my emotions went a bit wild. I felt optimistic in the beginning but was also distracted by feelings of uncertainty. In the middle of the training, I reached a critical point—my body was tired due to the full schedule and dense lessons, my mind was questioning if I was good enough. Do I manage to transform myself, do I really know what I want? So many questions that made me critical of myself, bringings tears, feelings of guilt, shame and anger.

But I was so supported! Our amazing teachers, their patience and understanding of my highs and lows, the lovely group of people sincerely having my back, motivating and reminding me to love myself, to accept who I am, embrace my flaws and be proud of BEING ME. Knowing that I was not alone, that the others felt the change as well—coming from all around the world, they also brought their luggage. Being together every day, sharing the same experience made us bond and become a family. I will never forget the moments when we revealed our feelings and opened up about our progress.

In this video, I am talking with two of my inspiring new friends, Ethel and Liddy. Hearing about their yoga journey made me grateful for knowing that I’m on the right path. It has been a privilege to learn so much—about alignment, anatomy, meditation, and pranayama, not to mention the eye-opening philosophy, mythology, and emotional experiences. Now I understand that REAL transformation happens every day and to enjoy the ride.

I am looking forward to sharing the abundance of knowledge I gained during the training. And I will continue to share my daily journal during the training on our IG and FB fan pages as well as more yoga tips, so don’t miss it!

Sending you love and light,



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Komang Desiani

Komang Desiani—or Desy—was born in a small village near the beach in East Bali to a family of farmers. She grew up being in the nature and familiarizing herself with the Balinese traditions.
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