Three Questions for Karina Chávez Galnares


Why yoga?
Yoga is the only practice I have found where I feel I am a better version of myself.

How do you come back to inner peace?
Being aware of my breathing, trying to feel the energy and getting rid of your thoughts by focusing in the sensations on your body.

Top wellness tips?
Honour your body, stay healthy. Open your heart, be kind. Keep peace of mind, be happy.

Karina will lead the A Boost of Energy retreat on 16 – 22 June 2019 and 25 – 31 August 2019

karina-chavez-galnaresKarina Chávez Galnares is a certified yoga instructor with 700 hours training. She started her regular practice in 2007 and decided to become a full time instructor when she moved to Dubai. She also majored in Organisational Psychology and is a Certified Business and Life Coach. In 2010 she had her first Hatha Yoga training in Mexico and completed her second training (Ashtanga Vinyasa) in Thailand in 2014. Read more… 

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