Three Questions for Marni Pogachefsky


1. Why yoga?
For me Yoga is a holistic practice that nourishes and supports body, mind, and spirit. I grew up in a house of Yogis / Yoginis, exposed to different practices and teachers from a very young age, so in a way when I step onto my mat it feels like coming home, regardless of where I am physically in the world. I’m always fascinated by how what I’m working on (consciously or unconsciously from a personal development perspective), shows up on the mat. With that in mind, my practice empowers me to take my healing and growth into my own hands, through mindfulness and movement.

2. How do you come back to your inner peace?
Almost always through the breath. When I have the opportunity, I love breathing ‘underwater’ while scuba diving, or focusing my breath to enable singing, chanting, dancing, and exercising. All activities can be turned into meditations that support me coming back to my inner peace.

3. Your top Wellness tip?
Be kind to yourself. Have compassion for your past experiences, stay open for what is to come, and be present in the current moment. From there, everything else can unfold in a way that is aligned with your highest interest. When we move from a place of compassion we vibrate at a frequency that promotes health and wellness.

Marni is an international spiritual development guide, yoga teacher and energy worker who has dedicated her life to traveling the world and igniting consciousness through self awareness and cultural exchange. Previously a management consultant at the largest consulting firm in the world, she switched gears to fully devote herself to the “spiritual path”, studying wisdom traditions with masters around the world. Read more…

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