Three Questions for Martine Bounet

Between Yoga And Wine

Interview with Martine Bounet, retreat leader of Onewrold Retreats


Why yoga?

That is a good question, why yoga? But then why breathing, why thinking, why loving, why do we want to connect with others as well to our inner self, why trying to find answers to existentialist questions, why trying to stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually? So why Yoga? Because yoga is to my mind the absolute platform to probably find answers to all of those questions. Besides, in a world of crazy chaos needless to say that yoga is I believe a perfect way to try and stay sane as well as providing some useful reminders on how to stop, breathe and appreciate the beautiful sides of life.

How do you come back to inner peace?

Hmmmm, I would say I have two favourite ways of coming back to inner peace. One is going to the ocean and just sitting and watching the ocean. Just love it as it feels so peaceful as well as purifying. But since I cannot get to the ocean as often as I would love to (despite not living that far away from it) one other way to come back to inner peace is setting aside a time where I can sit alone and get into a meditative state; I try to do it in the early morning as it helps with my day. I must confess it is not always easy but even a few minutes aside can go a long way with getting me into a right state of mind.

Top wellness tip?

I would mention a few personal favourites. First, drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning and stretch as soon as you get out of bed to detoxify and increase physical well-being. Feel grateful for all that you have as to help support emotional well being. And finally, inhale loving kindness (metta) and exhale loving & kindness to help promote universal well-being! And… last but not least sipping a glass of wine with good company is also great to support well-being… that said and for obvious reasons best to enjoy in moderation and at different time of your yoga practice 😉




martine-bounetMartine Bounet is a certified yoga teacher originally from Bordeaux, France but she has lived a long time in London, UK. She was able to combine her passions for both wine and yoga and attain a great command of both. Her philosophy in life is that one moment not lived is a moment lost. She will be leading the A Life of Balance retreat on 14 – 20 April, 11 – 17 August, and 24 – 30 August 2019.


Watch A Life of Balance retreat experience below:



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