Three Questions for Jan Green


Why do you practice and teach Yoga?

Yoga invites us to journey deep within and find a place where we are comfortable with our true, authentic self. It’s not about twisting our physical body into pretzels! It’s about loving our body for the incredible vehicle that it is, carrying us through our lives and experiences.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and real – yoga challenges us and helps us grow in so many ways.
Enjoy the journey!

Why do I practice Yoga?
When life knocks me off my centre
I only have a small mess to clean up
rather than a big one…
Yoga is my harness on the tightrope
we call Life

Why do I teach Yoga?
To give YOU the tools to do the same

What do you prioritise in life?

Yoga and wellness – I’ve learned that these two things are the most important to me. Don’t run around wasting your valuable time and energy. Your time, presence and energy are precious, and essential for creating a purposeful, meaningful, healthy and happy life.

“Love your body! Do something every day that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of your body.

What will you be doing for your body today?
Life offers a constant abundance for you to receive. Become receptive and open and enjoy my Yoga & Wellness Retreat. All levels of yogis welcome!”

I am passionate about making yoga a practice for ‘every body’ — and I believe it is a powerful tool for strengthening our connection to our body, mind and soul.

What are your top wellness tips?

Live a healthy lifestyle. Do lots of yoga, have lots of love in your life. Be surrounded by like-minded people. Eat well. Live well.

jan-green Jan Green lives and infuses her life with the devotion of yoga and wellbeing, creativity and love. She is an inspirational and passionate yogini who captures the essence of yoga and translates the awareness of breath and movement into a powerful healing experience. Jan has more than two decades of experience and runs her own Yoga Centre, Pranayoga, in Bathurst, Australia where she teaches to both dedicated and new students. Read more about Jan Green

Jan Green will be leading the Jan Green leads Yoga and Wellness Retreat

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