Three Questions for Jean Labbe


1. Why Bodhypnosis?
Bodhypnosis came as a reward after 25 years of observing and exploring the relationship between the soul and the body. I came to realize that using hyper slowness and contacting bones were extremely efficient ways to neutralize the mind and alter consciousness. This is a delightful way to achieve a life fully connected to the present moment and its magic.

I did not have to work hard to create the method. Bodhypnosis gently imposed itself on me over time. That is why when many connected people tell me this comes from a very ancient practice, I am not surprised.

I feel Bodhypnosis provides my clients and my loved ones with the ultimate gift, reconnecting to their Inner Self for a healthy, unique and creative life.

2. How do you return to your inner peace?
I cast my gaze into the infinite, as one naturally does, instinctively distancing oneself from what is overwhelming. This blurred parallel vision, contrary to the convergent vision that consecrates duality, induces the experience of Unity spontaneously without effort, just a total relaxation.

Being aware of all the soothing tools that Nature has given us allows me to use them at will, instead of only in very critical situations, to avoid collapse or explosion.

3. Your top wellness tip?
For me, it is the practice of the present moment through the senses. And that is exactly what Bodhypnosis teaches us, since a simple sensation has the power to bring us into such a sweet ecstasy.

I accept everything life brings to me, good or bad, always marveling at the beauties of life. I am constantly grateful for it all. The best way is to remain in the moment, calm and relaxed, with the infinite intelligence of the body ensuring perfect health.

Jean Labbe will be leading the Bodhypnosis Accessing the Soul through the Body on 6 – 12 October 2019.

jean-labbe Originally from Quebec, Canada, Jean Labbé has been living in France since 1999. His early endeavors were athletic and artistic but in 1984, he had a life changing experience when he received his first holistic massage from his best friend. He then realized that one could have a spiritual experience through the body and, fascinated by that, started exploring the relationship between the body and the mind, and made it his life. His lengthy research and wide experience led him in 2012 to the astounding discovery of Bodhypnosis®, a body hypnosis technique allowing to access the soul through the body.
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