Traveling – A Passion or an Obsession?

In 1992, 26 years ago, I made travel a priority in my life and it has brought me happiness, allowed me opportunities to be fully there, to totally live in the present, and to stop and look. Inhaling and exhaling in the world’s most beautiful places, to share, to feel, to be, to discover by nourishing oneself, therefore connecting with your spirit is a gift and a privilege.

I am writing “A word from Claude” while visiting Corsica, a magnificent French island located south of Cote D’Azur, a short 40-minute flight from Nice and 90 minutes from Paris. I had heard so many great stories about La Corse, many French Canadians visit the island, everyone had told me how beautiful it was, yet one can not imagine until seeing with their own eyes. People are nice, nature takes your breath away at every turn on the road as the landscape is majestic, the food is delicious and the air is pure!

This journey began in Canada, where I visited my aging parents. The visit made me reflect on many subjects including prominently aging and the importance of aging happy and satisfied every day. It was a wonderful visit, we celebrated my parent’s anniversary, and I enjoyed more time with them than with friends as time for good discussions with my father is shrinking.

Then the journey took me to Amsterdam where I met Wayan Partawan. We traveled to Berlin for a few days to explore and to meet good friends before reaching Lisbon where we got ready for a full week of the Life of Balance retreat in the south of Portugal. Martine Bounet and Wayan lead the retreat and it ended up being a journey where memories were created forever. It was serious yet a lot of fun, we had no choice but to open up all our senses throughout the week. Most guests had previously traveled to Bali for a retreat at Oneworld.

I had never been to Corsica. and now that I am here, I would love to organize a retreat in this part of the world, every day is better than the previous day and the weather is perfect. Next week, Iyan and I will enjoy a few nights in Paris, visit beautiful people and then we are off to Vienna, Prague and Budapest, three cities that we have never been to, more friends to meet, and more things to see. I am very much looking forward to this leg of the journey.

Then, back in Bali, home, where we find the most beautiful people in the world, the teams, the friends surrounding us on a daily basis, the family in Bali. The energy of the small island has a sort of magic that is also hard to describe until it is experienced, and usually not only once as the first time can be overwhelming but the next time when we take in the deeper values of Bali, the island of the Gods. A sensorial and spiritual retreat in Bali is one of the best ways to live a deeper experience and most of you know what I mean by a deeper experience.

Traveling, discovering, feeling with all senses, meeting people, laughing as much as possible, being in awe when you realize that what you are seeing is greater than you can imagine. Is traveling a passion or an obsession? Personally, I guess I am obsessed by this passion 😉

Claude Chouinard

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