Yoga Sequences to Reduce Stress with Maxine Yeates

In this short video, Maxine Yeates takes you through two variations of Sun Salutation and a hip opening sequence. The benefits are improved range of motion and circulation, good pelvic alignment and a deep sense of release. The practice helps reduce negative emotions as well as stress and anxiety through the energetic shift that takes place. It can also benefit those with back pain.

Maxine’s love of yoga has been instrumental for taking a leap from a busy corporate career to a full-time yogi. She enjoys teaching different yoga styles including Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Philosophy, pranayama, and meditation are always skillfully interwoven in her classes, thus providing a complete yoga experience for the participants.


Maxine Yeates

Maxine is a regular yoga teacher at Oneworld Retreats. She has led a number of Urban Retreats in her home town Melbourne, as well as running her own Corporate Yoga business and teaching in several popular studios. Read more about Maxine »

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