Yoga to release neck tension and relieve headache & migraines with Wayan Partawan


In this video, Wayan Partawan, yoga retreat leader at Oneworld Retreats in Ubud, Bali, takes you through a sequence that will help release the tension in your neck as well as relieve headaches and migraine. These are increasingly common health issues and due to our lifestyle—long hours sitting in front of the computer, constantly checking our phones, bad lighting conditions for hours in a stretch. If you suffer from these symptoms, try to integrate this session into your daily life, you will soon notice an improvement. While going through the poses, do not forget to let your breath to be your guide and be very gentle, do not force anything!

Wayan Partawan will be leading the Immerse Yourself in Bali retreat in 10-16 November 2019 and 22-28 December 2019

Wayan is a lover of yoga and of kirtan. Over the past couple of years, Wayan has been the assistant and student of many retreat leaders at Kumara. He doesn’t miss an opportunity to go deeper in his practice. Wayan is a certified yoga teacher after completing the Yoga Arts teacher training in 2010. Read more »

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