Yogic Breathing—Technique and Practice with Martine Bounet


In this video, French yoga teacher Martine Bounet introduces the three-step yogic breathing technique which will help get aligned with the different parts of the spine and unblock energy centers, thus supporting the yogic practice. She first explains how the breathing technique works and then incorporates it into the movement by using Sun Salutation including Pigeon pose and Forward bend. The explanations are very thorough and give you some options in the poses as well to adjust to your personal level.

Martine has been leading yoga retreats for Oneworld Retreats for several years, in Ubud, Bali as well as in France and Portugal. Her signature retreat is called A Life of Balance during which she shares her two big passions yoga and wine. In addition to being an experienced yoga teacher, Martine is also a wine expert. During the week, yoga and meditation will bring you closer to the self but there will also be time to have some fun and play!

Martine Bounet will be leading the A Life of Balance retreat, 24 – 30 November 2019, 1 – 7 March 2020 and 22 – 28 November 2020


Martine Bounet

Martine is a certified yoga teacher. Born and raised in Bordeaux, France, she also lived a long time in London, UK. Here she was able to combine the two big passions in her life, yoga and wine, and to attain great command of both. She greatly enjoys sharing her passions and combines them in her daily life – practicing and teaching yoga and meditation as well as acting in diverse roles in the wine business. Her philosophy in life is that one moment not lived is a moment lost. Read more about Martine »

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