Guest Reviews for Moving into Balance Yin & Yang Retreat

Our guest’s words of recognition… Thank you!
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As a first time guest retreat leader, my experience has been wonderful. From the in chat contact with Ani, bookings with Jati & the team this week at Kumara- all have been very professional enabling me to focus on the yoga + workshop.

Maxine, Australia

An absolutely wonderful great experience for all levels. Maxine is a great instructor who supported all the students.

Leonie, Australia

It was an amazing experience! The group we had interacted very well together and felt like a community. The yoga was well planned and executed and the setting was idyllic.

Dimple, UK

Great experience – opportunity to meet some new interesting people – a good start to yoga.

Avni, UK

Well-organized and good balance between the different kinds of yoga practice. Maxine, Wayan and the entire time made it an unforgettable week for me.

Francis, Netherland

I really feel that the retreat has moved me into balance. I will now continue many of the habits I am forming this week.

Fiona, Australia

Such an incredible, blissful experience that has transformed my life. I feel more balanced than I’ve ever felt before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Craig, South Africa

The perfect balance of inward reflection and much needed non-judgmental and loving socialization. It was a healing experience.

Ellen, Canada

My “Moving into Balance – Yin & Yang has helped me gain insight into the importance of living or balanced healthy lifestyle for the mind, body and soul. Each working in “harmony” together to enrich my life and to make me a happier person for myself and for others. From the moment I walked through the gates at Oneworld Retreats, I know I had entered heaven. A sanctuary of love, kindness and wellbeing. I feel like a new person both physically and mentally. I also found the experience to be very spiritual. I am now going to practice my yoga, and I am also going to look after myself from now on. This retreat has helped me see that I am special, and I owe it to myself and to my family to make sure my “Yin & Yang” is well-balanced.

Julie, Australia

Strengthening and empowering the body, mind and soul, while tasting the Balinese cuisine and culture in the most stunning and scenic surrounding, a deeply moving and rebalancing experience. I want to come here every year.

Kim, UK

yoga and wine retreat in portugal

A Life of Balance – in Portugal

Ever been to beautiful Portugal? When Claude and Iyan first visited in 2017, they soon fell in love with its people, the pristine nature and the food and wine scene. It was clear that Portugal was the perfect location for a Oneworld retreat. Martine and Wayan then agreed to participate in the creation of the upcoming week-long journey in southern Portugal.

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