Guest Reviews for Escape the World

Our guest’s words of recognition… Thank you!
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I came to Oneworld Retreats to escape the world and I stepped into paradise. The staff, the details, the place, the massages, the group and especially Iyan and Desy have outwitted to me. The place is magic. I found more than I was looking for–freedom and love and much more.

Nathalie, Taiwan

Oneworld Retreats provides an opportunity to unplug from the world and connect with yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are a yogi or a beginner, the programs are designed to give you these opportunities in ways that work for you. Claude, Iyan and the entire team treat you like family – every detail is thought of and you cannot imagine a paradise more calming and beautiful than Kumara. I loved it so much I am already planning to come back next year!

Melissa, USA

The Oneworld Retreats Escape the World was so much more than I have ever dreamed of. Just enough active days combined with relaxation, spa treatments, yoga, meditation, all in a very beautiful and spiritual environment. Staff is attentive and kind, the resort is filled with little surprises! Loved it.

Joy, USA

Escape the World is the quintessential retreat experience for those looking for re-enter and reconnect with self. I was able to completely disconnect from the chaos and noise of everyday life and take part in this life changing week. I am so grateful to the entire staff for everything they did to make this an unforgettable experience. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Robyn, USA

The care and attention that goes into the experience at Oneworld Retreats is unlike anything else I have personally experienced before. They strike the perfect everything. From the paradise that is property to the caring competent and friendly staff, the delicious and healthy meals and the thoughtfulness and attention put into the yoga classes and excursions. You can really tell this place is Iyan and Claude’s baby.

Trevor, Canada

If you want a perfect balance between a retreat and a vacation, I highly recommend Escape the World program. I learned a lot both of myself and the Balinese culture. Everyone from the staff to teacher to the students were so friendly and welcoming. My favourite experience for the whole week was the bike ride. Everything was truly unique and inspiring. Terima kasih. Thank you.

Stephanie, Canada

What memorable time! Well thought out program with amazing details of activities. Staff’s dedication, kindness and courtesy are delightful, a big thank you to Iyaan, Wayan, Claude and their teams for making the time at Kumara so special and unforgettable.

Katrina, Switzerland

The name Escape the World really sums up the experience; A week full of wonderful people , relaxation, peacefulness and good vibes only and a place where the only worries are if you will be able to eat all the amazing food and how to fit in another one of the amazing spa treatments. And more than that you really get a glimpse at Balinese life, their traditions and their hospitality. If traveling alone, it is the perfect place to meet likeminded people from all over the world. I think I have never felt this relaxed before and am a bit anxious to enter the “real” world again. And if it all gets too much again out there, I will be back for sure.

Katharina, Germany

Yoga, silence, meditation to escape and just enough activities to keep you in touch with Bali.

Dominique, Switzerland

I could write all day and still not be able to convey the depth of Escape the world. Unexpected delight and treasure at every turn from the entire team, I feel like part of their family now. Did I mention the fun? A lot of fun with new and diverse friend from all over the world. Finally a healing experience. I would recommend Oneworld Retreats to anyone and everyone.

Peggy, Australia


With Dr. Aparna & Irina Verwer, Live healthier, happier and grow younger the Ayurveda way. Longevity is one of the aims of Ayurveda. Aging is natural process but there is a lot we can do to make it smoother, to maintain good health and prevent illness.


With Jo Amor
In today’s modern world we accumulate stress, tension and fatigue in our bodies, which over time can leave us feeling depleted and overwhelmed by life.


With Jean Labbé
The Bodhynosis technique induces an effortless deep meditative state in just a few seconds allowing for instant inner peace, provides tools to find balance and deal with stress and pain, improves sleep and overall health.


With Maxine Yeates
Often in our busy lives we find it challenging to find stillness and this can leave us feeling depleted, drained and lacking vitality and joy.


With Iyan Yaspriyana
This retreat is designed for anyone desiring to touch base with the self, practice daily meditation and soft yoga while enjoying a unique and relaxing Balinese vacation.


With Wayan Partawan
This journey of 7 days and 6 nights is designed to go deeper in the yoga and meditation practice and discover Bali.


With Iyan Yaspriyana
If you enjoy walking and hiking, this retreat is a real treat for you. During the week, you will discover Bali on foot as we will take you on different walks every day. In addition to these exhilarating treks, you will enjoy daily yoga or meditation, spiritual rituals, spa treatments, healthy food and much more. Truly a wonderful way to get to know this beautiful island.


With Martine Bounet, this week is about balance. On one hand, the yoga and meditation will bring you closer to the Self, on the other we do not forget to have fun and play also, to enjoy and indulge ourselves.


With Iyan Yaspriyana and Claude Chouinard
This retreat/workshop is designed to discover the hidden passions within, to draft a fresh road map and to learn how to reach our most valuable dreams.


With Irina Verwer
Every once in a while, you might feel like you’re stuck in a pattern that does not really serve you. For you, this pattern might be working too much, always caring for others without taking care of yourself, or maybe you are being overly critical and harsh towards yourself.


With Irina Verwer
So often in our daily lives, we’re busy doing. Maybe we are working too much, or we are always caring for others without taking care of ourselves, or maybe we are being overly critical and harsh towards ourselves.


With Karina Chavez Galnares
This retreat is designed to bring your energy levels back up, to give time to recharge the batteries, to forget the busy daily routine for a while and connect with yourself in a more conscious way.


With Jan Green
This retreat is your time for rejuvenation, nurturing and reconnecting with your true self, for laughing and having fun with life! Experience the powerful energy of Bali and a teacher dedicated to your transformation.