Guest Reviews for Escape the World

Our guest’s words of recognition… Thank you!
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I am a meat eater and when I joined the retreat, I discovered eating vegetables and fruits make your body feel much lighter and that I can do more for my body that I never expect to do. I want to make all that I have experienced on this retreat to be my way of life. Thank you Oneworld retreats for guiding me to another path, to my dreams.

Mac, Philippines

The yoga and meditation with Wayan was the highlight of an retreat. Thank you Wayan for your service and gift of teaching. The staff and hospitality was also exceptional.

Lauren and Judy, Australia

The property is so relaxing and conducive to the yoga and meditation classes. Although food served was vegetarian, I felt like I gained weight because they were just delicious. The rituals really affected me positively. The water ritual at the Tirta Empul temple, the candle meditation and the meditation at the ricefield put tears to my eyes because I felt its power and spirit. I felt so happy for the decision of being in the program. This is one of the best things have done for myself. Wayan, our yoga teacher is so helpful and motivating, Claude has so much wisdom in him, it is such a joy listening to his stories. I could feel he automatically wanted to provide our group the best experience. My retreat was amazing and something I need to do every year.

Marivic, Philippines

An amazing experience! The entire staff is so lovely, each of them have contributed to making this experience flawless. The facilities are beautiful and located in an area where all you hear is the sound of nature. I had no yoga experience the retreat leader made this such that every pose was adaptable to any experience level. On top of yoga and meditation, you get to see some beautiful slice of Bali and learn about the lovely culture of the island. This was more than yoga. The retreat leader and the staff made this place feel like home. It was physically and mentally an incredible, glowing, and learning experience. I would recommend this retreat to everybody and I can understand why there is person in our group doing this retreat for the second time. Thank you to all the staff for making this experience unforgettable. Your attention didn’t go unnoticed.

Genevieve, Canada

First and foremost, this has been an incredible experience. Everything from the pick up to the yoga has been thoughtfully worked out. The spa therapists are amazing, and so is the staff. They are friendly and their attention has really made this week one to remember. The food has been amazing as well. I can’t believe how nicely they have adopted all the meals to fit everyone’s dietary needs without making someone feel left out. The gluten-free pancakes were were absolutely divine.

Gina, Norway

The Yoga was fantastic! I learned so much about yoga and meditation in such a short time. I also learnt about my body and a lot of help with my mind during the practice. The ladies at the spa were friendly and always made me fell comfortable. The rituals were very special. The accommodation is clean and always prepared for anything. The resort is quiet and each room has a lot privacy. The activities were very enjoyable, especially sunrise yoga, it was pure heaven! Lectures were informative and interesting, the service was exceptional. I would like to thank the entire team here at Oneworld Retreats along with 7 the friends i have made here. I came here because of my anxiety and depression and I can’t thank you all enough for the support! I am leaving as a better and wholesome human.

Molly, Australia

I am an oncologist and breast cancer specialist for more then 20 years. It has been proven that physical activity prevents recurrences after the diagnoses of cancer as well as prevents the new development of the disease. Besides the activity, a person should build up his/her immune system. Yoga is the key essential activity to strengthen the body and mind. I have been doing yoga since 2013 and try to experience it with different instructors in all over the world. I simply can say that this was my best experience. I can’t find enough words to describe how wonderful the retreat was. I thank all of the team members.

Nuran, Turkey

I came here expecting a relaxing, nature-inspired yoga retreat – what I experienced was a powerful, holistic, nurturing and wholesome opportunity to learn and extend myself, develop confidence and nurture my soul. I am leaving with a newly found soulful and optimistic view of life. I can only begin to thank my new friends for helping me to see this. God bless you all! I am truly blessed and grateful.

Chris, Australia

I arrived with no expectations. The past five days here has been amazing yoga, meditation, food (wow!), trips, staff, spa treatments, the group, room, everything has been wonderful. And exactly what I needed which is time out of life and to be looked after. I will be coming back! I have been dealing with a bad upper back for months and after trying lots of different treatments whilst still continuing with my life as usual was not working, but retreating and taking myself out of the daily routine of life, relaxing, doing yoga and meditation, eating the great healthy foods has really helped my pain! I am feeling so much better! Thank you to everyone! I found a way back to having a smile on my face and feeling no pain, just positive again!

Pam, UK

The retreat surpassed my expectations. The food was amazing and well presented. The staffs were just so friendly and helpful. Being a beginner, I was concerned about the yoga classes but Iyan was great and took into considerations the beginners during each yoga session. The spa treatments were just out of this world, done in such a calm manner. There was such a lovely group of friendly people and this is something I will always treasure. The environment was just so relaxing. I would definitely recommend this place for a retreat. An ideal environment to get in tune with mother earth.

Carol, Australia


Wayan Partawan is passionate about yoga and Bali and loves to share his passion with yoga retreat participants in Bali.

With Wayan Partawan
This journey of 7 days and 6 nights is designed to go deeper in the yoga and meditation practice and discover Bali.

Iyan Iyaspriana is the co-founder of Oneworld Retreats and leads the signature yoga retreat Escape the World in Bali.

With Iyan Yaspriyana
This retreat is designed for anyone desiring to touch base with the self, practice daily meditation and soft yoga while enjoying a unique and relaxing Balinese vacation.


Komang Desiani or Desy
was born in a small village near the beach in East Bali to a family of farmers. She grew up being in nature and familiarising herself with the Balinese traditions.


With Rachel Roberts, A week of self-exploration in the most spiritually beautiful place we know. Discover Bali, dive deep into the ancient practice of yoga and widen your understanding of its healing benefits. Be immersed in daily rituals in a way that will have lasting benefits and inspire positive personal change.


Maxine Yeates is the leader of the Moving into Balance Yin & Yang yoga retreat at Oneworld Retreats.

With Maxine Yeates
Often in our busy lives we find it challenging to find stillness and this can leave us feeling depleted, drained and lacking vitality and joy.

Iyan Iyaspriana is the co-founder of Oneworld Retreats and leads the signature yoga retreat Escape the World in Bali.

With Iyan Yaspriyana
If you enjoy walking and hiking, this retreat is a real treat for you. During the week, you will discover Bali on foot as we will take you on different walks every day. In addition to these exhilarating treks, you will enjoy daily yoga or meditation, spiritual rituals, spa treatments, healthy food and much more. Truly a wonderful way to get to know this beautiful island.

Jan Green has been leading her popular yoga and wellness retreat for several years at Oneworld Retreats in Ubud.

With Jan Green
This retreat is your time for rejuvenation, nurturing and reconnecting with your true self, for laughing and having fun with life! Experience the powerful energy of Bali and a teacher dedicated to your transformation.

claude chouinard

With Iyan Yaspriyana and Claude Chouinard
This retreat/workshop is designed to discover the hidden passions within, to draft a fresh road map and to learn how to reach our most valuable dreams.

Jo Amor teaches vedic meditation at her yoga retreat at Oneworld Retreats. She believes meditation is for everybody!

With Jo Amor
In today’s modern world we accumulate stress, tension and fatigue in our bodies, which over time can leave us feeling depleted and overwhelmed by life.

karina galnares

With Karina Chavez Galnares
This retreat is designed to bring your energy levels back up, to give time to recharge the batteries, to forget the busy daily routine for a while and connect with yourself in a more conscious way.


Jean Labbé is teaching his signature Bodhypnosis technique during Accessing the Soul through the Body yoga retreat.

With Jean Labbé
The Bodhynosis technique induces an effortless deep meditative state in just a few seconds allowing for instant inner peace, provides tools to find balance and deal with stress and pain, improves sleep and overall health.