Introduction to Oneworld Retreats

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Oneworld Retreats offer personal or group journeys to the source of travel and life experiences.

Through our retreats guests from the world over have enjoyed meaningful time and shared stimulating energy with us.

Starting on every Sunday throughout the year our ongoing retreats combining yoga, meditation, spa, and deep reaching experiences have grown to be rare jewels in the world of retreats.

Besides retreats, we offer individual discovery journeys that take you off the-beaten-track. As either an additional treat to one of our retreats or simply on their own these journeys can take place at any time, depending on availability of accommodation.

Vision and Mission

Our philosophy and our beliefs are that spiritual rejuvenation can be attained through traveling on a different path, meeting different people, laughing a lot and living genuine experiences. Our retreat concept is based on assisting people on their journey searching for peace of mind and connection with the soul.

These retreats are set in lush untouched scenery and combine yoga, meditation, gourmet organic meals as well as therapeutic Spa treatments with focus on Chakra balancing; everything deeply rooted in authentic Balinese culture and traditions.

Since 2003, we have created unique experiences and have become one of the most popular retreat services in Bali and our mission is to ever enhance our services and share with our guests live-long memories and spiritual awakening/guidance.

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