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Words from our leaders


martine bounetI own U Studio Yoga in Los Angeles, and had not been to Bali prior to my June 2009 retreat. The idea of taking a group so far away, to a place you yourself have not yet been can be intimidating–but that evaporates as soon as you meet Claude and his staff and feel the magic that is Kumara.

No matter where you are, this is a place that you want to be. My group and I, weeks after we have come home, cannot stop emailing each other to say how much we want to return, to wrap ourselves up in the stories of our adventures once again, and to swap photos and slide shows that allow us to linger there for just a moment longer. The attention to detail is impeccable.

Whether it is the artistically arranged mats and props in the glorious yoga pavilion, the coffee and fresh juice on your patio as the roosters crow and the jungle awakens with you, the idyllic spa that overlooks the rice terraces or the exceptional variety of activities that Claude has in store–it is the Bali that everyone dreams of experiencing. Claude adds depth by arranging moments to explain the cultural implications of where we are, and what we are doing as the week progresses — something transformational happens, and you are left wanting to make sure you carry some of Bali with you always. I can not recommend Kumara more to those considering a retreat in Bali–and I can’t wait to return to Claude, his magnificent staff, and the glorious grounds of Kumara in the near future.

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Karina Chavez GalnaresOneworld Retreats Bali is simply a magical place and the retreat was a wonderful experience, from the planning of the retreat to the feedback after was professionally organized. The centre is always clean and looking for the comfort of the guests and teachers with the simplest details that make the difference in your stay.
The location of the retreat centre allows you to feel isolated from the noise, makes it easier to connect with yourself; and at the same time you are really close by to town if you feel like spending sometime as a tourist.
The food has a good balance between tasty and healthy, and always attentive to the nutritional needs of the guests.

The staff gives service with love and kindness, providing every guest with a wonderful experience, which makes my job as the instructor much easier. Thank you for inviting me again, it is an honor to be part of your team.


Marleen van LaerLeading a Retreat at Kumara Sakti as a yoga teacher is very rewarding because you see your yogis change and grow. You feel that your teachings are supported by very beautiful, pure activities and rituals.
So besides the physical part that you offer as a teacher, the pranayama part (connecting with the breath), the meditation part, they are led into this amazing experience of feeling the Power of the Silence. For some of them it is the first time they are able to quiet the noise of their minds and find the space to listen to their hearts. Of course you guide them into this nice connection with the body, letting them feel how it becomes stronger, more flexible.

For me being their retreat leader, witnessing this growth is an honor, to see the change happening, to guide them, also learning from them makes it very precious.


Vivienne O'BrienThe first retreat I lead at Kumara Sakti was in 2009. I was completely taken back by its exquisite beauty and the care I was given. Its strong magnetic pull has brought me back every October. Over the years I have observed the sweeping changes taken place in Bali as it has modernized. However, at Kumara Sakti they have held tightly onto the genuine authenticity of the Balinese culture that they value and I enjoy so much. Each time I arrive I’m greeted with the same friendly open smiles.The wonderful ethos of the management towards the staff, flows through them and is felt by every retreat participant. The organisation of the activities, meals, spa, house cleaning, gardening and the preparation of the yoga room are all done with such an eye to detail and beauty. Effortlessly and reliably Kumara Sakti runs smoothly like clockwork so all my energy can be channelled towards teaching. I feel very privileged to have found Kumara Sakti and recommend it whole heartedly!


Jacqueline ShawI had been a guest many times at Kumara. Each time I stayed there I felt so cared for. I would return home centered and felt like my soul had been restored.

When I was invited to be a leader on a retreat I was beyond happy – I teach yoga to share my love of it, and now to be able to do that at Kumara was perfect.

Having been a guest so many times I knew that the participants would have a retreat experience that would be beyond their expectations, being part of the team that would deliver this was so exciting.

Leading a retreat overseas can be a daunting experience. The logistics of accommodation, organizing food and activities from a different country is not easy. Then there is the promotion to ensure you have guests and all the work involved in making sure the booking process is easy for them.

Being a leader with Oneworld Retreats makes this process so easy. As they are already well known for running great retreats and have a good internet presence, this ensures that the marketing is seamless. The marketing team communicates through the lead up to the retreat, providing advertising material that is professional and easy to use.

Their online booking service ensures ease for participants to confirm their retreat – all the bookings/deposits are handled by ONEWORLD. Each time a participant books they send an email – it is so exciting seeing your guests booking and where in the world they are travelling from. It is always a very cosmopolitan group when I have been at Kumara.

The retreat program is well set up with yoga classes, excursions and still leaves the guests with some relaxation time for themselves. It is a program that works well and gives the guests a cultural as well as a spiritual program.

I felt well cared for as a guest previously – I also felt equally cared for as a retreat leader. I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at Kumara, they are warm, friendly and helpful. Having them on hand to also assist your retreat guests is invaluable.

The teachers room is beautifully laid out, spacious with an outdoor bathroom. All meals are taken with the guests in the dining room, and the food is excellent.

I am so happy to be returning to Kumara in October to co-lead a retreat with Wayan (their awesome in-house yoga teacher). I know my guests will have a memorable experience and I am so happy that I can help them experience the magic of Bali here.


Andrea Marcum
This is the second year running that I am leading a Yoga & Lifestyle retreat through Oneworld Retreats. The retreats have been a great success thanks to the whole team working on the project and especially at Kumara where the retreats are being held.

I love the location which is amazingly inspiring and gives a definite spiritual edge to my retreats. The employees are trained to high standards of service with an eye for details. They are most charming and always keen to cater for any of the participants ‘needs. From a retreat leader point of view, I find this most important as it helps me focus on delivering my teaching without having to worry about logistic related concerns.

From the wide range of activities I can choose from to include in my retreat program to the quality of the food on offer I know that I can rely on the professionalism of Claude and his team to help my retreats become a blissful experience.

One non-negligible advantage for me to work through Oneworld Retreats is that they handle all the marketing of my retreats which alleviate the problem of finding participants and leaves me with a peace of mind. I am looking forward to having my third retreat at Kumara!

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Jennifer PrughI have been running retreats with Oneworld Retreats since 2008 for a reason: the retreat center is impeccable, beautiful, the food is outstanding, the staff is welcoming, friendly and thorough. The spa services are the best I’ve ever experienced. The yoga studio looks out on a palm forest. The retreat is in walking distance to downtown Ubud, and yet totally private. I run retreats all over the world and have revisited this place by far more than any other, because I know that my students will be treated with the utmost care and respect. You couldn’t ask for a better place to press the pause button and transform people’s lives.

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Linda Madani

Dear Oneworld Retreats crew, I would like thank each and every member of the staff of Oneworld Retreats for all the support that was given to me during my yoga retreat. I truly enjoyed the experience. Front desk clerks were always willing to assist me. The housekeeping staff was always helpful and made the yoga shala everyday so beautiful and comfortable. The restaurant service was very efficient and the food was so delicious. All the yogis that attended the retreat loved to be surprised by the food every night. Spa treatments made every participants so relaxed. They also loved the comfort of their room and the secluded atmosphere of the premises and the fact that it was not too far from Ubud.

I will definitely come back to lead a retreat with Oneworld Retreats.

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Alanna KaivalyaAs a yoga instructor, you hope to provide a sacred space for people to transform through their practice. No space I have encountered has been more sacred or more transformational than Kumara . Between the atmosphere, the loving staff, the overall vibe of the island, this place is truly a retreat – one that will allow you access to the deep reaches of your heart.

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Cathy GotfriedSince 2008 I have had the ultimate pleasure of hosting 10 Babes in Bali group retreats at Oneworld Retreats. We are unquestionably pampered during our one week stay at this gorgeous boutique hotel, located just outside of the cultural and artistic mecca of Ubud. The rooms are beautifully appointed and comfortable beyond our expectations, with most having stunning views of either rice terraces or tropical foliage. And talk about delicious meals – everything is so lovingly prepared, using the freshest local ingredients and served with gracious care and attention to the guests. My biggest compliment would have to go to all the staff for truly caring about their guests. Nothing is too much to ask, and believe me, after 10 groups we’ve pretty much asked for everything! They always grace us with those beautiful big Balinese smiles from morning ’til night and treat us with special care. I can’t imagine staying at any other “home” in Ubud. They really know how to cater and meet every need of my groups which is so important to me as a retreat leader. Their attention to detail is a testament to the ongoing training and commitment the management has to providing top notch service to all of their guests and retreat leaders.

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Mark AmentI’ve led several retreats over the years at OWR center and can say that each and every time it’s been a wonderful experience. The staff is friendly, very competent and has always worked quickly to resolve any little issues that come up. The facilities are very nice as are the programs on offer. I give OWR my full recommendation for anyone seeking a quiet, intimate and beautiful place to run a retreat.


Rebecca BaraOneworld in Ubud, Bali is my absolute favorite place to host a yoga retreat. I can’t say enough about the fabulous experience had by all. The attention to detail, the beautiful, pristine environment and accommodations, the delicious food, the well thought out life changing experiences and adventures. You feel like you are being well cared for and loved every step of the way by the excellent staff. Claude and his staff understand customer service like any 5 star resort, such a treat and a great place to let go of the stress of life. We return from Oneworld Retreats rested and rejuvenated, life is good in Ubud!I look forward to running more workshops with Oneworld in the years to come.


Wayan Partawan is passionate about yoga and Bali and loves to share his passion with yoga retreat participants in Bali.

With Wayan Partawan
This journey of 7 days and 6 nights is designed to go deeper in the yoga and meditation practice and discover Bali.

Iyan Iyaspriana is the co-founder of Oneworld Retreats and leads the signature yoga retreat Escape the World in Bali.

With Iyan Yaspriyana
This retreat is designed for anyone desiring to touch base with the self, practice daily meditation and soft yoga while enjoying a unique and relaxing Balinese vacation.


Komang Desiani or Desy
was born in a small village near the beach in East Bali to a family of farmers. She grew up being in nature and familiarising herself with the Balinese traditions.


With Rachel Roberts, A week of self-exploration in the most spiritually beautiful place we know. Discover Bali, dive deep into the ancient practice of yoga and widen your understanding of its healing benefits. Be immersed in daily rituals in a way that will have lasting benefits and inspire positive personal change.


Maxine Yeates is the leader of the Moving into Balance Yin & Yang yoga retreat at Oneworld Retreats.

With Maxine Yeates
Often in our busy lives we find it challenging to find stillness and this can leave us feeling depleted, drained and lacking vitality and joy.

Iyan Iyaspriana is the co-founder of Oneworld Retreats and leads the signature yoga retreat Escape the World in Bali.

With Iyan Yaspriyana
If you enjoy walking and hiking, this retreat is a real treat for you. During the week, you will discover Bali on foot as we will take you on different walks every day. In addition to these exhilarating treks, you will enjoy daily yoga or meditation, spiritual rituals, spa treatments, healthy food and much more. Truly a wonderful way to get to know this beautiful island.

Jan Green has been leading her popular yoga and wellness retreat for several years at Oneworld Retreats in Ubud.

With Jan Green
This retreat is your time for rejuvenation, nurturing and reconnecting with your true self, for laughing and having fun with life! Experience the powerful energy of Bali and a teacher dedicated to your transformation.

claude chouinard

With Iyan Yaspriyana and Claude Chouinard
This retreat/workshop is designed to discover the hidden passions within, to draft a fresh road map and to learn how to reach our most valuable dreams.

Jo Amor teaches vedic meditation at her yoga retreat at Oneworld Retreats. She believes meditation is for everybody!

With Jo Amor
In today’s modern world we accumulate stress, tension and fatigue in our bodies, which over time can leave us feeling depleted and overwhelmed by life.

karina galnares

With Karina Chavez Galnares
This retreat is designed to bring your energy levels back up, to give time to recharge the batteries, to forget the busy daily routine for a while and connect with yourself in a more conscious way.


Jean Labbé is teaching his signature Bodhypnosis technique during Accessing the Soul through the Body yoga retreat.

With Jean Labbé
The Bodhynosis technique induces an effortless deep meditative state in just a few seconds allowing for instant inner peace, provides tools to find balance and deal with stress and pain, improves sleep and overall health.