Irina Verwer

Irina verwerWhen Irina stepped on the mat for the very first time many years ago, she knew she had found her path. She fell in love with the practice and it quickly became her way of life. That was when she also realised that she wanted to share this love for yoga with others.

She traveled the world to study with amazing teachers and completed several in-depth teacher trainings in hatha, vinyasa, Anusara, restorative and yin yoga. Very grateful for and inspired by all of her teachers, Irina created a unique style of teaching that is both intense and gentle.

Her love for yoga and life is tangible in every class she teaches. Besides being an inspiring yoga teacher, Irina is a gifted holistic coach as well. She incorporates her knowledge of Ayurveda, Tantra, myths, and philosophy in her classes and coaching sessions—and by doing so, she always manages to inspire those around her to take better care of themselves.

Irina teaches on the hugely popular Ekhart Yoga platform and writes for several yoga magazines, such as the Dutch and French Yoga Magazine. She has written two well-received yogic cookbooks: Kopstand in de Keuken (Headstand in the Kitchen, only available in Dutch) and With a Pinch of Yoga.


Three Questions for Irina Verwer

1. Why yoga?
Through the practice of yoga, I reconnect with myself. I find that this helps me to be more relaxed, centered, grounded and energized. It helps me to move through patterns and ideas so I can listen more clearly to my intuition – and this helps me to make the choices that are perfect for me in every moment.

2. How do you come back to inner peace?
I need to fill my cup back up regularly. I do this in all kinds of different ways: by spending time on my own, by massaging my body (or getting a massage), by practicing yoga, by going out in nature or by connecting with friends. At least once a year, I go on a retreat to check in with myself and to rest, restore and rejuvenate. Doing this at a beautiful place, such as Kumara, really helps to find and nourish my inner peace.

3. Top wellness tips?
Take time to connect to your body at least once a day. The simplest way to do this is by paying attention to your breath. Just follow every inhalation and exhalation for a minute (or longer!) and notice what that does to your body and mind.

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Interview: Surrender, Open Up & Transform with Irina Verwer

1. How has Yoga changed your life?
In so many ways! One of the most important ways is that thanks to yoga, I listen much more closely to my heart’s desire and can find the courage to actually follow that desire much easier and quicker then I used to.
Yoga also helped me to move through grief, it helps me to connect with others on a deeper level and it helps me to take care of myself in a loving way. It’s also thanks to yoga that nowadays I get to travel the world and share my love for the practice with many amazing humans. I feel thankful for that.

2. With your immense experience in teaching, what valuable lessons have you learnt and how have the challenges shaped you on a personal level?
I started teaching more than twelve years ago, as I wanted to share the lessons yoga taught me after my mother passed away. Of course, since then, life has offered me many more challenges to breathe through and to learn from. Each of them has shaped me in a different way and they all taught me valuable lessons. The challenges I met along the way have only deepened my understanding of yoga. It’s because of this I feel more love and compassion towards myself and others. One of the core lessons I’ve learned and infuse my teachings with, is that truly loving yourself is so incredibly important – not only when you’re facing challenges, but every single second of your life. It’s only through loving yourself that you find a way to set healthy boundaries, take good care of yourself and learn how to follow your heart.

3. What attracts you to lead a yoga retreat in Bali?
I did one of my teacher trainings in Bali many years ago, and fell in love with the island and it’s natural beauty, amazing food, culture and people. I’m beyond grateful and excited that I was asked to return to the island this year to lead a wonderful retreat – I can’t wait to set my feet on Balinese soil again!

4. Who should join your retreat?
My retreat is the perfect fit for you if you’re longing for a time to restore, to nourish yourself deeply, to connect with yourself, to move through and to let go of patterns, to open up to transformation, and to enjoy all of the deliciousness that will be offered to you – from a purification ritual, massage, and amazing food to practicing yoga on one of the most beautiful spots of this planet.

5. What is your favorite pose and why?
That’s a tough question to answer, as it changes all the time. Whenever I practice, I listen in to what my body needs in that moment, instead of letting my mind figure out which poses to choose. Because of this, my practice never looks or feels the same, and I don’t have just one favorite pose. That said, today my favorite pose is bridge pose. I’m spending a lot of time on my laptop filing my taxes and answering emails today, and this pose helps me to ground, it opens my chest, it allows me to breathe deeply and it relaxes the muscles in my neck and shoulders.

6. What are your tips to beginner Yogis?
Let go of your thoughts of what yoga is and how yoga should look. Allow yourself to feel awkward, that first time you step on your mat. And then, keep coming. Find a teacher and a style of yoga that suits you – which is one that helps you to feel at home in your body and connected to yourself and others.

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Irina's Retreat

irina verwer yoga retreat in bali

Surrender, Open Up & Transform

Every once in a while, we feel like we are stuck in a pattern that does not really serve us. For you, this pattern might be working too much, always caring for others without taking care of yourself, or maybe you are being overly critical and harsh towards yourself.

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yoga retreat in bali

Self-care & Self-love retreat – Exclusively for Women

Every once in a while, we feel like we are stuck in a pattern that does not really serve us. For you, this pattern might be working too much, always caring for others without taking care of yourself, or maybe you are being overly critical and harsh towards yourself.

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