Jacqueline Shaw

Jacqueline Shaw - yoga retreat leaderJacqueline Shaw has been practicing yoga since 1999. Having explored many different styles including ashtanga, iyengar,vinyasa flow as well as yin and experiencing the benefits from each of them, she decided to share her love for yoga and completed her initial teacher training with Byron Yoga centre in 2014.

After studying the deep connection between the mind and the energetic body it was a natural progression for Jacqueline to complete her Yin Yoga teacher training with Jo Phee (senior assistant to Paul Grilley) in 2015. She is constantly learning and adapting the practice and has attended workshops with Les Leventhal, Simon Borg-Olivier, Tiffany Cruickshank and Seane Corn.

For Jacqueline, yoga goes much deeper than the asana and her focus is on bringing all eight limbs into the practice. Encompassing these and working on a deep fascial level allows the safe release of past physical and emotional wounds.

Jacqueline is also an Emergency Nurse Practitioner and works in a busy metropolitan Emergency Department near Perth. She has an advanced knowledge of anatomy and pathophysiology and uses this to ensure that her students are safe and well supported in their practice.


10 Seconds with Jacqueline Shaw

1. Why yoga?

My mat is my sanctuary, I can go here when I need, to return to my body, find my breath and restore myself. The lessons I learn on my mat are lessons that I can take into my everyday life. Standing strong in my truth, staying centred and being flexible in both my body and my mind.

My Bhakti yoga (kirtan/chanting) raises my spirit and confirms my connection to the divine.

My Seva yoga serves my community and helps me cultivate gratitude.

2. How do you come back to inner peace?

My yoga practice always brings me back to inner peace. If I can’t get on my mat I will find a quiet spot in nature, sit, be still and breathe.

3. Top wellness tip?

Eat whole unprocessed food. Eat food that at one time in its cycle has seen sunshine (even root vegetables see the sun when they are pulled from the ground). Eat food from every colour of the rainbow every day.

“Let food be your medicine, not medicine be your food” -Hippocrates

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