Jean Labbé

Originally from Quebec, Canada, Jean Labbé has been living in France since 1999. His early endeavors were athletic and artistic but in 1984, he had a life changing experience when he received his first holistic massage from his best friend. He then realized that one could have a spiritual experience through the body and, fascinated by that, started exploring the relationship between the body and the mind, and made it his life. His lengthy research and wide experience led him in 2012 to the astounding discovery of Bodhypnosis®, a body hypnosis technique allowing to access the soul through the body.

He is confident that his method will find its way to hospitals and nursing homes helping to relieve pain and anxiety for patients and allowing surgeries without complications. It also has the power to revolutionize the practice of acupuncture because there is such an amazing synergy with Bodhypnosis® that one of his acupuncturist colleagues now considers it a waste of time not to combine them.Ultimately, every home could adopt Bodhypnosis® because there is no other approach as simple as this.


Three Questions for Jean Labbe


1. Why Bodhypnosis?
Bodhypnosis came as a reward after 25 years of observing and exploring the relationship between the soul and the body. I came to realize that using hyper slowness and contacting bones were extremely efficient ways to neutralize the mind and alter consciousness. This is a delightful way to achieve a life fully connected to the present moment and its magic.

I did not have to work hard to create the method. Bodhypnosis gently imposed itself on me over time. That is why when many connected people tell me this comes from a very ancient practice, I am not surprised.

I feel Bodhypnosis provides my clients and my loved ones with the ultimate gift, reconnecting to their Inner Self for a healthy, unique and creative life.

2. How do you return to your inner peace?
I cast my gaze into the infinite, as one naturally does, instinctively distancing oneself from what is overwhelming. This blurred parallel vision, contrary to the convergent vision that consecrates duality, induces the experience of Unity spontaneously without effort, just a total relaxation.

Being aware of all the soothing tools that Nature has given us allows me to use them at will, instead of only in very critical situations, to avoid collapse or explosion.

3. Your top wellness tip?
For me, it is the practice of the present moment through the senses. And that is exactly what Bodhypnosis teaches us, since a simple sensation has the power to bring us into such a sweet ecstasy.

I accept everything life brings to me, good or bad, always marveling at the beauties of life. I am constantly grateful for it all. The best way is to remain in the moment, calm and relaxed, with the infinite intelligence of the body ensuring perfect health.

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Interview: Bodhypnosis with Jean Labbé


1. What first drew you to body hypnosis?
When I was performing very deep tissue massage with extremely slow movements, I noticed that my clients were going into such a deep sleep that I thought there was something abnormal going on! First, they would go into deeper relaxation with light snoring, which soon became louder when I started working on the shiatsu points related to their actual condition.

2. Tell us a bit about your discovery of Bodhypnosis and the method behind it.

I combined the idea of massaging extremely slowly with the intuition I had sensed for many years that the skeleton, the structure of our being, might be a privileged way to access the soul. According to Chinese medicine, the bones are the depositary of ancient memories. This was beautifully confirmed in 2012 when I started exploring with a very experienced yoga teacher. She told me that my bone compressions followed by hyper slow decompressions were inducing a meditative state almost instantly!

I kept exploring and applied the idea of the golden number––which inspires beauty and harmony in nature, architecture and paintings––to the rhythm of the vibrations and frictions I was using intuitively. Beginning very slowly and then progressively increasing the pace until a short peak of very fast movements, then slowing down again very progressively until total stop. This procure induces the same state as the compressions-decompressions had done.

The idea behind all this is that one single unusual physical sensation for the brain neutralizes the mind instantly. The hyper slow decompressions, or very progressive slowing down of the maneuvers until tiny invisible, quasi imperceptible movements, result in the brain diving even deeper into the sensation up to the point of becoming the sensation. That is when we enter the realm of pure existence, when we connect to our soul and experience Unity.

Remember the metaphor of the water bottle floating on the ocean? What prevents the water inside the bottle from feeling unity with the ocean? The bottle, right! Well, the ego–the mind–is the equivalent of the bottle and Bodhypnosis dissolving it allows the experience of Unity.

3. What is the difference between traditional hypnosis and Bodhypnosis?

Bodhypnosis neutralizes the mind through a physical sensation rather than using the visual, auditory or verbal inductions of traditional hypnosis.

4. After attending your workshops, will everyone be able to access this technique and provide it to others?

Absolutely! That is the beauty of Bodhypnosis. It is an extremely easy technique to master and one of the quickest ways, if not the quickest, to reach for oneself or induce a meditative state for someone else without any effort. Even children can learn it!


5. How would you describe the experience of a regular patient coming in for a Bodhypnosis® session?

Right away with the first maneuver a sensation of weightlessness is felt, the diaphragmatic breathing starts happening automatically, without requiring any effort, the mind is silenced and a great calm is induced. The sensations of time, space and even the body disappear like in the state of ecstasy described by Plotinus in the beginning of the third century, similar to what the Tibetan monks and Carmelite nuns reached after having practiced for years!

The person feels supported by the pressure and keeps feeling that way even after the hands are not touching anymore; the pull-away is so slow that their imprint remains on the body. Bodhypnosis is performed in a way that really feels like a work of Love. And it is Love!

People leave with the impression of floating, the sensation of having been cleaned and renewed, they feel centered, are able to take distance from the difficulties or distress they were experiencing before the session.

For many, Bodhypnosis has the impact of an awakening, and that explains the pun on Bodhi, which means exactly that. It allows for a possible, new way of being since the person realizes that this state is hers or his. I am just a facilitator helping them access their true nature. I also give them a few easy moves to perform on their own to remain or recapture that state. That state should not be occasional, it has to become what it is: our natural state of being.

The present moment has never been easier to be feel and live. Bodhypnosis teaches that sensation is salvation. Life is to be felt not thought. Reconnecting the body and the soul is a beautiful accomplishment of Bodhypnosis.

6. Why did you choose Bali to hold this retreat?

I know Claude Chouinard and his high standards of quality when it comes to natural beauty and memorable experiences for travellers, and his retreat centre Oneworld Retreats confirms my perception. The spirit and the peacefulness coincide exactly with what I wish for my participants. Added to that the lush vegetation, the love and care of the Balinese people, the comfort of the housing, the quality of the food, the yoga classes and the sweet excursions that are proposed, I cannot imagine a better setting for my Bodhypnosis workshop.


7. Who should join this retreat?

Massage therapists, acupuncturists, psychomotor therapists, pediatricians, dentists, nurses, midwives, carers, sport and life coaches are amongst the wide range of professions that are enhanced by the knowledge of Bodhypnosis.

It is also most appropriate for oneself, for couples, for parents, for relatives of people experiencing anxiety, life tensions, chronic pain or depression, and of course for those individuals themselves.

But really anyone interested in the body-soul connection and hoping for a fuller and more peaceful experience of life will delight in the discovery of Bodhypnosis. No special training or anatomical knowledge is required.

I would like to add that there is an amazing synergy between Bodhypnosis and acupuncture. The relaxation induced is so profound that suddenly nothing interferes with the action of the needles. The treatments are thus extremely potentialized, to an extent that an acupuncturist colleague argues that not using both in conjunction is an unfortunate waste of time. I hope, that Bodhypnosis will eventually become part of a regular acupuncture treatment, it is destined for that.

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Jean's retreat

bodhypnosis retreat in bali with jean labbe

Accessing the Soul through the Body

During this retreat, you will learn a full body protocol (around 50 maneuvers) of a body hypnosis technique called Bodhypnosis®, which induces a deep meditative state in a few seconds without any effort from the beneficiary.

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