Jo Amor

Jo teaches Vedic Meditation to mums, dads, professionals, creatives, athletes, retirees and even kids – anyone seeking more calm, clarity, energy and wellness in their lives.

Before becoming a meditation teacher Jo worked in rehabilitation. She sought out meditation when she was experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety and fatigue in her life. With meditation increasingly recognised as a tool to alleviate her symptoms, she began practicing various techniques, but it wasn’t until she discovered Vedic meditation that she noticed a significant improvement in her physical and mental health. 

She soon found herself flowing through the day with more energy, more clarity and more compassion for herself and others. She noticed she was more productive in her work, more patient with people and was handling stressful situations with greater calm and elegance. It soon became clear that knowing how to integrate silence into her day and how to access deep rest quickly and efficiently, had been the missing piece in the puzzle of her health.

Jo became passionate about helping others experience the benefits of Vedic Meditation and trained as a teacher graduating in India in 2015. She loves debunking the myth that meditation is difficult (it’s not!) and teaches people a very simple, yet powerful technique to incorporate into their lives and make a change for the better.

Jo is a mum of two and lives in Mosman, Sydney.


Three Questions for Jo Amor


Why meditation?

Because knowing how to access deep rejuvenating rest is the missing piece in the puzzle of health.

How do you come back to your inner peace?

I meditate for 20 minutes twice a day. This has the desired effect of removing more stress from my body than the stress going in. As stress decreases, inner peace increases!

Your top wellness tip?

Meditate daily! Make it the ONE thing you do every day, because by removing stress from the equation, we can apply other wellness tips like exercise and nutrition with much greater ease.

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Interview: Discover Vedic Meditation with Jo Amor


Why did you begin practising meditation?

I found myself having an intimate relationship with stress and anxiety and was feeling overwhelmed by life! Meditation kept coming up on my radar as a tool to alleviate these symptoms, so I began to delve deeper and I’m so grateful I did!

What is Vedic Meditation? 

It is an ancient transcending technique developed in India which pre-dates all other forms of meditation. However it remains hugely relevant today given the immense benefits it delivers and the ease with which it can be squeezed into our busy schedules!

How is Vedic Meditation different to Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of training the mind to come back to the present moment, often using the breath or an activity. Vedic meditation is the practice of effortlessly thinking a mantra (a charming sound) which acts as a vehicle for the mind to transcend beyond thinking altogether. This process liberates rather than trains the mind, allowing it to settle into profound silence at times. The physical body then follows into deep states of rest and is able to let go of it’s deepest stresses. Both techniques compliment each other, however one of the benefits of vedic meditation is in fact mindfulness! Because when we rid our body of the vast majority of it’s stresses, we become naturally more able to enjoy the present moment.

Why should we make time for meditation? 

Because it eliminates stress and fatigue. These are the thieves in the night robbing us of our better selves which reside beneath an ever repeating stress response. Meditation moves us into rest mode, which is where our sophisticated bodies can get busy healing themselves! Meditation brings the mind and body back to homeostasis, where it can function optimally and we can enjoy a more creative, compassionate and happy state.

Why did you choose Bali to hold this retreat?

The natural beauty and spiritual energy of Bali makes it an ideal destination for immersing ourselves in learning meditation. While listening to the sounds of the jungle around us we can give our full attention to resting deeply, which is a lovely way to begin the healing process from the inside-out.

And what can we expect from this retreat?

You will enjoy all the delightful pampering experiences of a Oneworld Retreat AND come away with a powerful meditation tool to apply in your daily life back home. I like to keep meditation real and relevant to our modern lives and equip people with a practical skill, because when we return home to the frenetic pace of life, that is where we need meditation the most!

What makes you a qualified teacher for vedic meditation?

I trained as a vedic meditation teacher in Sydney for 12 months. I then travelled to India in 2015 to graduate in Rishikesh, the sacred and spiritual place from where this meditation practice originates.

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Jo's Retreat

Jo Amor yoga retreat leader in Bali

Much too often our lives are full of stress, tension and fatique, making it difficult to cope with the challenges life throws at us. We do not take the time to stop to rest or relax, harming ourselves in the process. If you are looking for more calm, clarity, energy and wellness in your life, this retreat is for you.