Karina Chavez Galnares

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Karina is a certified yoga instructor with 1200 hours training. She started her regular practice in 2007 and decided to become a full time instructor when she moved to Dubai. She also majored in Organizational Psychology and is a Certified Business and Life Coach. In 2010 she had her first Hatha Yoga training in Mexico and completed her second training (Ashtanga Vinyasa) in Thailand in 2014.

She usually teaches Hatha Flow, Vinyasa and Power yoga, but also likes to spice things up with some challenging asanas. In her personal practice, she begun to combine different styles of yoga and discovered that this was very well received by her students. Karina believes that one of the hardest barriers of the mind is to detach from the routine. Therefore, her conscious intention in her teaching is to create yoga sequences that challenge the students to experience something new and different in every class. Never forgetting about the alignment, coordinating the movements with the breath and awakening the qualities that yoga provides.

Karina feels privileged and proud to being able to contribute in her students’ lives by creating a space and time where they can experience a physical, mental and energetic transformation. She considers her purpose in life to serve with unconditional love. Yoga has become her way to achieve this and to her, it is not only a professional vocation but a personal one, too. ‘By sharing my yoga practice consciously and in a loving way, I seek to be a better version of myself.’


10 Seconds with Karina Chávez Galnares

Why yoga?
Yoga is the only practice I have found where I feel I am a better version of myself.

How do you come back to inner peace?
Being aware of my breathing, trying to feel the energy and getting rid of your thoughts by focusing in the sensations on your body.

Top wellness tips?
Honour your body, stay healthy. Open your heart, be kind. Keep peace of mind, be happy.
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In Conversation with Karina Chávez Galnares

How has yoga changed your life?
Yoga was the first thing I felt passionate about. Even though I had already chosen a profession which I enjoyed and felt happy with my life, yoga gave me a life purpose, a true meaning of feeling unique and with a humble mission to myself and those around me.

What attracts you to lead a retreat in Bali?
Bali is known for being a natural paradise, a place where people learnt how to live respecting nature and making it a priority in their development. I believe nature makes you forget about our possessions and material world, and connect us again with what is real and important – helping to see what is inside you more easily.

Who should join your retreat?
Everyone who is interested in investing time in their inner peace and live the experience of taking care of their body, mind and soul, abandon their routine and renew their energy.

What are your tips to beginner yogis?
The practice of hatha yoga is just the beginning of a self-transformation path. Forget about how the asana looks, instead focus and feel. Go back to calm breathing. Relax the muscles of your face. Find the pleasure in every asana and enjoy the practice just as it is. Make sure you challenge yourself but safety always comes first. Accept your body as it is, love it and take care of it.

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Karina's Retreat

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A Boost of Energy

This retreat is designed to bring your energy levels back up, to give time to recharge the batteries, to forget the busy daily routine for a while and connect with yourself in a more conscious way.

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